Thursday, January 08, 2015

2014 Round-Up : Resolution

Happy New Year!!
I was meant to post this as the closing entry for 2014.. Oh well!
Every year I like to go back and reflect on how I did with the resolution I set myself to. (I don't necessarily blog about it, though.)

1. For every clothing that I buy, I must throw/give away a piece that I no longer wear.
I didn't throw away as much as I should, I must admit. But I also didn't buy as much clothes as I normally would! So hey, that's something. I do find myself loving Uniqlo recently. I love that they always have some things on offer during weekends! Love their bra-tops (because really, why wear a bra when there's one attached to your top? haha!) and if the Airism bra-top is on offer -- SCORE!

2. No girly-things splurges unless something really good comes along, or I've been eyeing on that certain thing for more than say.. three months.

I don't think I have much of "splurges" in 2014! *pats back* I mean, sure I have about five unused mascaras in my stash but they're all travel size.. hahahha! Excuses, yes. But apart from that, I think I am over that "I need to try everything!" phase. Kinda. My wishlist keeps on growing but I think that's a good sign -- means that I'm not buying them.
Pretty sure my "splurges" now only comes from NARS.

3. Enough shoes, bags and jackets!
Ooh! I didn't buy any jacket!
I did buy a pair of loafers from Aldo because I needed one that wouldn't hurt my feet. (Had a pair from Clarks for years but they're still as stiff as the first day I bought them! ughh!)
And I got myself a Rebecca Minkoff bag -- for my birthday, so that doesn't count!
I've been good, really. And Encem and Bestie had been good to me too for getting me things that I resolved not to buy myself. hehe

4. Slow down on the cigarettes, Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
err.. I definitely don't go to Starbucks anymore -- unless there isn't any Coffee Bean in sight. But.. yeaah.. Coffee and cigarettes are such perfect ways to waste some time! aaghh!

5. Blog again.. Once a week at least

hahahhaha! Well, you know I failed this one.

Are we ready for 2015's resolution?


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