Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I've been silent again.. Sorry!

Feels like I've been giving myself excuses to not blog, but really.. I've been kinda busy since my last update.

I was on leave from 6th to 11th and on 12th I flew to Taipei. Came back from that and headed to Sydney the day after. Came back from that and did one of my longest flights ever -- turnaround Manila that got delayed because the airport was closed at the time we were supposed to land as the pope was travelling!
I was pooped beyond words. I don't know about you but whenever I get a long break from work, it's really hard for my body to get accustomed to working again!

My everything just ached and it was no fun at all! Two days off, and here I am in Dubai!
The last time I was here was yeaaars ago! Now apart from my cousin, I also have an aunty who works here. We got together last night and had a wonderful dinner. Chatting and catching up, said our goodbyes around 11pm -- which was 3am back home!! Hahahahaha
I felt kinda bad for having "dinner" at 1am.. Oh well.

I've also been busy from actively writing in my Moleskine again. I haven't got the chance to share with you my year's "resolution" but among it was to record my daily life in a sort-of scrapbook form. I'll explain when I get around to write about my resolution but basically, January isn't over yet but my Moleskine is significantly thicker! -- and I LOVE it!

My sleep-pattern is still crap. Last night my aunty asked how I get use to "jetlag" or if there's a way around it. I told her that I'm a bad sleeper wherever I am so I am not the best person to answer that! Like last night, I got back at the hotel just before midnight, fell asleep around 2am (6am back home!) woke up around 5 for whatever reason and told myself that it was ridiculous to have enough sleep then. Went back to sleep and woke up again around 8!
Sometimes I worry myself when my body does this kind of crap.

Flying home this evening, another turnaround on Friday and then off days during the weekend! Really looking forward to that!


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