Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two days off.

Time for recuperating, catch up on blogs and YouTube videos I've missed and work on my Moleskine. I say "work" because I hadn't been writing much in it (even though this past few days have been pretty exciting) and I'm dying to paste some photos in it!

Thought I'd do some "admin" things today; pay my bills, get the laundry done, properly unpack -- to be honest, I can't remember the last time I really unpack my bags. There's always some kind of trash at the bottom of my bag and I just.. leave it there. Couldn't be bothered. Old receipts, hotel bills, pamphlets of sorts, catalogues..
I should unpack.

But it's half past one and I just had breakfast! Yoghurt, muesli, blueberries and chia seeds.. my kind of breakfast at the moment. Of course I'd love a good batch of pancakes but I came home to an empty apartment last night, I'm in no mood to prepare a hot meal.
I still wonder what's the big deal with "breakfast" sometimes.. but knowing me, and knowing that I have those things in my fridge to just throw together, it's better for me to have breakfast when I really can't say when my next meal would be.

The thing about not having Encem around, I feel like wasting away most of the time. It's icky to depend on one person in your life, really. But normally he'd fuss about whether I've eaten or have had enough sleep. Two things that are massively screwed whenever he's away. I simply don't care. It's nice to have someone who cares about/for you.
Hmm.. I miss my Monkey.

I woke up this morning practically jumping out of bed; thinking that I was late for work! I thought I was over that. And as I tried to get more sleep, my neighbour decided to do some drill-works, thanks!
So here I am typing this blog.. thinking of doing all those boring admin stuff that needs to be done.
I still haven't showered..
Or sort the clothes that I want to send to the laundry.
At least I got the last bits of Bestie's birthday presents wrapped! It is funny how big birthdays are with us. Just for the presents, really. hahaha

I should get a move on if I want to get things done today. I swear I'm barely human when being left alone for too long!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Coming down with something..

Started to feel a tad under the weather two nights ago, but I am ignoring it. heh

I am currently on a 5-days trip; did BKI/PVG/BKI last night and heading to Perth tomorrow! A pretty simple trip and even better, I am flying with friends!

Since we arrived pretty early this morning, three of us decided to hit Sapi Island. The two were keen on snorkeling while I just wanted to be out of the room. I suppose if I was prepared for an island trip I would've packed a more appropriate outfit -- but I wasn't. Oh well.

Still glad to be outside and sort of under the sun. (Currently I am sitting under the mercy of some trees.)

Life's been good..

Thursday, February 12, 2015

4 out of 10.

That was roughly the days I got to spend with Encem before he left for Jeddah.
Suckety suck.
Life moves on whether he's around or not.. I still had to work to keep my livelihood. So happens that I am only rostered for ONE turnaround flight -- at the end of this month. That's my way of stating why I didn't get more time with Encem; I was sent to trips.
I did get to send him off at the airport. For that I was thankful. Also thankful that his brother didn't mind driving in silence on the way back.

It has only been two days and naturally, it's 20 minutes to 7 AM and I am still up!

I had a lovely day yesterday with Bestie and Mumu. I am so grateful for "clicking" with them almost six years ago. For that I thank God. I love it when He reminds me that I have things to be glad for instead of moping around in sadness.
Why is that, anyway? Why do I have the tendency to wallow in my sorrow?
Maybe that's why I've latched onto Encem all these years. He could laugh at anything, talk about anything -- never stop talking! hahhahaha!
He's my kind of drug (oh hey, Twilight reference there!) and withdrawal SUCKS -- BALLS!!

Btw, that's been my favourite phrase..? cuss..? for a while now. I don't say it as much as I think about it though because really.. now that I've said it, I can't help imagining a person.. sucking balls.
HAHAHHAHA!! Oh dear, God..

I think I might start dieting. Maybe. I don't know. I don't know how to diet when I'm not a big eater to begin with! Not even a real fan of rice, and yet I'm getting heavier!
The thing about Encem being gone -- I haz a sad, I don't have a regular meal-time, I sleep badly - or don't sleep at all and I tend to binge on junkfood because I'm too lazy to prepare actual food! AND I'm thirty, damn it! Bloody hormones and metabolism!

Okay, the clock on the taskbar says that it's 7:02 now and I should attempt to get some sleep. Pick-up is at 2 PM and I haven't packed a thing for my trip! Not that it'll take too long to do that but I HATE doing it so I'll procrastinate, do it after I wake up -- hoping that I won't oversleep! heehee

Monday, February 09, 2015


I'm in Kathmandu again. Feels like I only remember to blog when I'm here. Maybe because there isn't much that I feel like doing other than contemplate. heh!

Nothing much been going on.
Except that Encem's home since earlier of the month so my off days were pretty much occupied. I missed having him around. I missed talking to him late at night and just drift off to slumberland. Him being home also means that the noise level goes up a little. heh! I do find it weird if not a little annoyed that he always ends up picking up his guitars after one in the morning!
Suppose I could pick up one of the guitars and make some noise of my own but I pity the neighbours.

Suppose I'll miss the racket once he goes back to Jeddah -- again. My brain comprehends why he has to leave but my heart just hates it! My heart friggin' HATES it!! And I hate it even more since he doesn't even know when he'll be leaving. The thought that he might have to leave while I'm away on a trip is just upsetting!
I don't know why but I feel like I need to send him off. Like a proper goodbye. Maybe because his roster is interchangeable that even he has no idea when he'll be back again once he leaves.

Honestly I get tired yapping about him all the time. Honestly I don't even talk about him much in real life. I guess I don't feel as bad talking about him on my blog knowing that people could just click away when they're bored, instead of having to sit through me talking.. about a boy.. like some crazed obsessive girlfriend.
Which is how I feel most of the time, really.

Anyway, life's been good. Work's been alright. Mamita and I have been waiting to go to NARS for the new collection to arrive. Somehow she's just as obsessed with NARS as I am; don't know how that happened!
But I must say that it's nice to have someone to talk about makeup with -- and they're just as excited with it! heehee!

Sim, the artist in Pavilion gave me a few samples of the new foundation that'll be released here this month; All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, to try out and I'm still deciding how I like it.

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