Monday, March 09, 2015

Bath & Body Works

How did I manage to forget blogging about one of the most exciting store-opening in the country!

Bath & Body Works is now in Malaysia, folks! It used to be one of the stores that I would buy online from -- and the online store doesn't even ship here! Or even accept Malaysian credit cards!
Seriously, I went through all kinds of trouble just so I could get my fix!

Note: I also used to order from Victoria's Secret but now that they're here, I've lost interest in them somehow -- even though I was mostly ordering their clothing items and we don't get them here!

Anyway, back to BBW.. Their first store was opened in Gurney Paragon, Penang of all places but the one in Nu Sentral opened not long after that! Few weeks ago it opened a store in The Curve. (And they're now open at Komtar, JB too!)

I would say that the prices are reasonable. Our currency pretty suck against the US Dollar so two of their 3-wick candle for RM120 isn't too bad.
They are normally USD22.50 (RM 81.40 according to XE) so that's quite an offer! Of course, at the time I am typing this out, is having a two for $24 offer on their candles -- and I don't think we'll ever get such offers in our shores.

My first puchases (at both the Nu Sentral and The Curve stores) were the Concentrated Room Spray (RM 25), the Wallflowers (RM 30 for the plug and RM 25 for the refills) and the Wild Madagascar Vanilla bodyscrub (RM 65).

Priced at US$ 5.50, getting the 1.5oz room sprays at RM 25 is really not bad at all. I got the Paris Amour scent (I think!) first and because I loved how potent it was, I got the Fresh Linen on my second visit

Love the scent! I carry this in my trolley bag to all my layovers. Since I am a smoker, I would spritz this once right after I had a stick and the room would smell like I had just done laundry! Hahahaha

The wallflowers lasted about a month if you just leave it on. Not too sure if I prefer this to candles. The scent doesn't travel well in my household but it is safer.

The bodyscrubs were not made equal. While mine lathers up, and I could skip washing myself with a foamy bodywash, Bestie said that the one he got (a different scent) did not create any foam. Also, I noticed that the aromatherapy line was RM10 cheaper. (But I didn't check if they were the same size.)

I didn't purchase any candles since I still have a few still unused from my previous online purchase! heh
Also, I would like to point out that I honestly prefer Yankee Candle (which you can now find at Great Eastern Mall -- where? and Sunway Pyramid!) but they are pricier..

If you're hitting up BBW and don't know what to get, I'd suggest their Scentportables! Okay, they are pricey for car air-freshener but Bestie got them and his car smells lovely!
Also the room spray, of course!

One thing though, the sales person would stick on a little sticker on the items you intend to buy for whatever reason. Commission? I just find that especially odd.

Anyway, I'm still stoked that we have Bath & Body Works here!


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