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Quarterly Faves [Beauty]

If you hadn't known, I watch a LOT of beauty-related videos on YouTube. I don't know why, really. Something to do..? To get some inspiration..? An excuse to shop -- because somebody recommended something..?
Yes.. Yes.. YES!

Anyway, those "beauty gurus" on there always posts their "monthly favourites" and though they're one of my favourite things to watch, I honestly can't fathom how they could have different favourites each month when my favourites normally lasts all year! (And more!)

So anyway, I've had awesome discoveries this past few months and I just had to share them. An excuse to talk about something light, really!

First, the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 (retails at RM89). It's almost Godsend! I don't know about you lot, but I can never seem to blend my concealer seamlessly with my fingers. My fingers tend to pick up the concealer instead of distributing the product onto the intended areas. The bristles on this brush are soft and dense yet long enough to move along your skin and blend the concealer perfectly!
I just can't be without it and so I LOVE the fact that it comes with a cover so you can travel with it, no problem!

Second in the list is Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Khaki. (Retails at RM89) Oh wow.. This is the stuff that I grab when I have less than twenty minutes to get my face ready! (I keep sleeping through my alarm lately. bleh!)
Just swipe a thick line across the lash line, blend it with my finger and voila! Eyes done! And it'll stay all day long without creasing -- at all! This shade in particular is described as "chocolate brown with bronze pearl" and it does have that pearlescent finish.
I also love NARS Velvet Eyeshadow Stick in Nunavut (retailed at RM99) which is a matte dark purple shade if I wanted a darker "look" but the line is limited edition so I'm not too sure of its availability by the time this post goes up. (They were still available in late February when I went to get the matte black shade Flibuste.) 
Seriously though, I think I'm addicted to these crayon eyeshadows. They are very creamy and so easy to blend out! I also love that they're twist-ups instead of pencils that you need to sharpen. Makes me really curious of By Terry's Ombre Blackstar now, to be honest! (On the wishlist!)

Bio-Oil! (Retails at RM54.95 at Watsons for the 125ml) Hahahha! It could be considered as something for beauty, right? I've been struggling to calm the rashes on my legs from extreme dryness. Tried a bunch of creams, Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Up (RM62) refused to work on me anymore, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (RM128) -- which smelled straight up like Eurax -- did nothing, even Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil  (RM184) just made my legs slick -- but still itchy!
So far, only Bio-oil has stopped my urge to scratch my legs like a mad-woman -- if I remember to apply twice a day, as suggested. Not sure if it reduces my existing scar as the rashes are pretty much raging still.
Extreme dryness.. It's a problem, folks!
Honestly, I should just go and see a dermatologist already.. but.. ick! Damn.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Exposed. (Retails at RM117) Well, I got the "tester" size sometime last year (or was it late 2013?) for RM30. Described as "nude" but it straight up looked mauvy-pink on me! Apart from being matte, I love that the shade is pretty muted so it works well with whatever colour I have on the rest of my face. Plus it lasted well more than 12 hours with very minimal fading on me.
I use it so much that I hit pan on it! That's right.. I hit pan on a blush!! Though it's a teenie baby size of a blush at 1.5g, still.. whoaa..
I must say that I am pretty excited about the idea of using something up.

This next one was a calculated splurge. A "splurge" because I don't need another perfume. "Calculated" because I've been wanting it since.. August, I would say.
It's Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum. (RM300 for 50ml, RM430 for 100ml) Smells really sweet, fruity. Reminds me of mangosteen for whatever reason although it isn't listed as one of the notes! haha!
Smells a bit heady if I sprayed on too much but then again it was my first eau de parfum that I own, oddly enough! For whatever reason, I've only been keen on eau the toilette before Si!
Anyway, I really liked the way it smell. Thought of finishing up one of my existing perfumes first before getting it but I saw it being sold cheaper while I was walking along the counters in Perth airport. So I just.. grabbed it! (#crewlife perks!)

I've also been loving NARS Velvet Lip Liner in Patong Beach. (Retails at RM85) Described as "pink rose", it is your-lips-but-better material! It may not be the best texture on my lips (as all lip liners are) but with my Nuxe Rêve de Miel underneath, the liner glides on like a dream. Actually, even without a lip balm I would still wear this because I LOVE the colour!
Also worth mentioning, the Audacious lipstick in Anna, (retails at RM95) described as "smokey rose". I'd wear this on an offday, damn it! That's how much I love it. Yet another YLBB product. I once wore it for work and the grooming people stopped me because my "lipstick seemed too pale" apparently. hahaha! Can't wrap my head around a seemingly mauvy shade to be "pale"..
Basically I'm all over these two if I feel like wearing make-up on an off day. Something that I can put on without looking "too much".

Earlier this year I decided to actually note down the nail colours that I use. Mostly because I have way too many of those.. and it should be near impossible to choose a favourite when I pretty much change the colours every single time I paint my nails. Surprisingly though, there is one colour that I've painted my nails with TWICE in the course of this three months.
It's Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Up The Ante. (AU$16.95 from Priceline) It's a bright pinky-purple shade that somehow says "happy". hahaha! I do love the formula of the nail polish and it has a wide brush -- yayy! I also love the top coat from the line. I'm keen to get more shades from the line (I can honestly say that there are three more that I'd like to get!) but as aforementioned, I have a LOT of nail polish.. So I'll be waiting for some good discounts to come along! heehee
Sorry if this range isn't in Malaysia yet.. or is it? I haven't been looking around the makeup aisle of Watsons or Guardian for fear of getting things that I don't need. heh!

A surprise favourite was the Bath & Body Works Body Scrub in Wild Madagascar Vanilla. (Retails at RM65) I'm not sure if BBW's body scrubs are created "equal" but mine actually lathers up, which makes showering a total breeze! I've used body scrubs before, Soap & Glory Flake Away (RM55..?) definitely did not lather up. I love that the one I have here has a mild scrubby texture so it does not aggravate my skin and because it lathers up, I don't need to wash myself again with a foamy soap. Oh and the smell..! I really can't say no to vanilla scents.

And my top TOP favourite; Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the shade Soft Brown. (Retails at £12.21) I feel bad for neglecting my Tarte Brow Mousse but damn this Brow Wiz is SO easy to use! A twist-up pencil on one end, a spoolie on the other. The point is very fine so you can't possibly over-draw, unless maybe you do your makeup in a badly lit room!
Sure, £12 (roughly RM70) for an eyebrow pencil is a lot, but I've had mine since November and I still have a good amount of it. And I rarely EVER leave home without my eyebrows on!
I got mine from BeautyBay.com -- they ship internationally and offers free shipping with purchase over US$15. (Takes about 2 weeks for the shipment to arrive.) The Brow Wiz is US$18--something, but you'll be charged in GBP on your bank statement.

Quite a long entry, this one. Hope you don't mind this sort of entries every once in a while. Perhaps it'll inspire you to try out something new from Sephora. They should be having their 20% off sometime in April/May! Gotta keep a lookout on that! (Make a wishlist/shopping list -- I am!)

*Prices stated are from Sephora, unless mentioned otherwise.
**An exception for NARS' products as they are only available from their stores in Pavilion, KL and Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang.


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