Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cooped up.

I realized something a few days ago.
I respond really.. really badly when being held down.
Physically.. I think.
Not sure what I'm trying to say right now.

But the other day, Encem and I were hanging out watching tv. He was on the sofa while I was lounging on the floor with my head propped by the sofa. At one point Encem rested his arm over my hair and as I tried to get up, I got stuck -- and that really REALLY pissed me off.
It was quite unexplainable, how furious I was.
Somehow not being able to move made me so so mad.

And this month's roster has been.. quite unaccomodating, I suppose.
Off one day, work another, off another day, and goes on until today. I think I'm going crazy from not going outside! Sure, I go out a little. Went out for dinner then head back home. Just that.

I was hoping I'd be okay with that, with the wedding coming along and all. But I am honestly going mental! I just bit Encem's head off over nothing. I am so testy.
I don't like it.

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