Saturday, March 26, 2016

Oops! I did it again.

I was feeling all proud and mighty for the most part of this month.
I pretty much didn't shop at all! Hahahahha! There are a few bits and bobs around here and there but nothing major to the point where I need to jot it down anywhere.

Sure I bought a few packs of strawberries and Kit Kats in multiple flavours while I was in Narita, but they're not all for me. Got a pair of pants and a top at GU while I was there but that was ¥3800, so nothing major.

Then few days ago LaSenza sent a text...
BUY 2 BRAS, Get 3 FREE @ all La Senza stores from 24 till 27 Mar.

I caved, naturally. It sounded like a good damn deal!
One problem.
Whenever I go into their store, I always get tempted by their lounge wear..
So today, while Hubs stepped out of the store, I chucked a set of pajamas at the till and boom! Made my entire purchase -- something MAJOR. (Uhh.. I should also mention that I stocked up on panties while I was there. Bahhahahaha!!)

So I told Hubs that I should be good in the undies department for the rest of the year. Kinda also told him that he should stop me if I start talking about buying undies in the future.. But I didn't tell him the exact amount I paid today, because.. well, husbands don't have to know about EVERYTHING, do they? Hahahaha!

Anyway, looking forward to payday so my credit card bill wouldn't look too scary.


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