Sunday, July 31, 2016

6-months in.

Today marks exactly six months that I am someone's wife.
Nothing much different, really. hahaha! I am currently on a cold war with Encem over some silly things that we always fight over, but here I am about to talk about being married. Or getting married. Or the preparation. I haven't decided yet.

Here's a little back story about Encem and I.

We met in training school in April 2009. We were batchmates. I was kinda interested in him but I was in a long distance relationship then.
We were friends. Pretty good friends as us smokers (seven of us) tend to stick together.

A friend of ours was kinda into him. Our friends thought he was into someone else. And I had a boyfriend, so why do I care?

Anyway, somehow we got closer and got together in July of that year.
We got married in January 2016; six years and six months after being a "couple".
Six years is a pretty long time. But according to Dida, we were flying in and out so apparently we've only been together for half of that time. heh. Dida's logic.

Now, along that six years we've gone through a lot. We were friends first, so.. I don't know. Maybe that's why we stuck by each other a lot easier than if we hadn't started out as friends.

I don't condone dating for as long as we did, to be honest. Unless you have the patience of a saint. Not saying that we were saints! ..But I was just not ready for marriage, and Encem being two years younger than I am was a GREAT excuse for me to just wait it out.

Still not sure if marriage is for me (hahaha!!) but Encem is my guy, of that I'm certain -- even when I refer to him as "asshole" in my tweets. I have a potty mouth, he just have to deal with my temper.

Encem probably first talked about marriage sometime in 2012..? 2013? Pretty early into the relationship, but he took his time saving up and as forementioned, I was in no hurry.

2014/15 was a tough year. Encem took up a charter program so he was gone for months at a time. Even when he comes back for breaks, I'd be flying off somewhere else. I remember there was this time when he was back for two weeks, and I was only around for just four days. Not consecutive four days.

It was hard. Long distance with him was hard. The time difference was hard.
But he managed to save up and put his plans into motion.

We had a wonderful orchard wedding in Bukit Kapar, Klang. Had the solemnization under the gazebo beneath the durian trees that my father planted when he was a boy.

We wore ivory. Good quality material we got from Jakel (RM100/m--WTF!) but Encem only paid RM 90 to get them sewn. So it wasn't too bad.
I, being the diva who refused to pay the RM1000-1700 average fee to get my material sewn looked into my roster and found three consecutive days off and bought three tickets to Bandung.

Those tickets were more expensive than the market price for custom-sewn dress in Shah Alam by the way, but I had a good short holiday with my mom and then-soon to be mother-in-law so, no regrets!
Yepp, I went to Bandung with Encem's mom too.
Anyway, two dresses for RM300.. Not bad at all.

So yeah, TOP TIP; if you have a year to plan a wedding, book a flight to Bandung and get your material and dress there. Just bring along some photos of the dress that you want to have made. Most textile shops there (if not all) have their in-house tailor and they can get it done in a day! (Two to be safe so they could bring it over to your hotel so you could try on and they could take it back if it needs alteration.)
*I say one year because flights are cheaper when you buy them way in advance. That's all. My flight was not cheap.

Weddings are a tiring thing. Yours especially. Having to constantly smile for pictures. Running around to try and talk to all of the guests. Ours was pretty laid back but it was SO hot and humid that day that you could really see in the photos, which ones were taken later in the afternoon.

Our eyebags were prominent and our smiles were as if they were just plastered on. hahahaha!
It was a good day, all in all. My makeup stayed put well into the evening.

Speaking of makeup, I put them on myself. I don't know.. I guess I wasn't as big of a diva as I had thought -- or am I? Perhaps I was stingy, but I think I am fully capable of putting on makeup on my own since I do it all the time anyway.
Getting a mak andam just seemed unnecessary. Although not having one also means that I had no idea how to style my hair so I pretty much just let it be.

A collegue did comment how committed I was to curling my hair. I laughed, of course.

So two weeks after Bukit Kapar, we travelled to Cherating for Encem's side of festivities. We booked Holiday Villa because we've been there and liked the place. Plus, what's the point of having to travel but not get a beach wedding?

There isn't much preparation to be done as Dila, the lady whom we corresponded with coordinated most of it. (A+ for her, by the way!) All we had to do was prepare the doorgifts -- which was kinda mundane until we made a party out of it!

We had our friends come over to our suite and they so kindly lent a hand. We had quite an awesome coffee party.
I took a picture of our trash can the day after and it was full with Nescafe cans! hahahaha

I don't think I ever had a "dream wedding" in mind growing up.. but what I ended up getting was a dream.

I'm glad that we had outdoor receptions. A hall reception is just.. Not us.
Now that I think about it, our wedding was pretty cool. I mean, I still hate the idea of going to one, but I definitely don't hate ours. hahahaha!

That's it from me for now. There are some wife-ly things that I need to do around the house and later I've got a family gathering to go to.

Oh, quick update.. I have seen my mother-in-law since my last post, but it didn't feel like an Eid-visit at all so I am a little disappointed. But I AM glad to have seen her!


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