Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A little pick-me-up.

So my single day off was thoroughly spent by doing some random random things.
That morning I headed out to KLCC to meet up with my insurance agent. I chose KLCC, naturally. Thinking that I could spend any free time catching pokémon. I know -- obsessed!

Anyway, the insurance agent is a friend's of Dida so what should've taken less than an hour went on for around three hours! Chatted randomly. The insurance part was probably just half an hour.
I had not planned for it to take that long since I had some "errands" to run, stuff to buy, while trying to get home before Encem does.

Running from one end of KLCC to the other to get shit done didn't help with my time management though. Kinda sucky that I completely forgot to renew my debit cards too. And I was in the bank too! Just somehow I didn't remember that we're supposed to get our debit cards renewed for the Pin & Pay system that's starting next year.

So finally sometime around five I get to walk around the park to see if there's any new pokémon I could catch when Encem called to ask if I wanted to come with him to Kuantan. My mother in law just went through an operation to her back (not exactly slip disc) so he thought of paying her a visit. May I also add that we hadn't been back to Kuantan since the wedding!
Knowing that I'll be on standby the next day, he even suggested that I took emergency leave. (Sorta love him more for that, hahaha!)

I got home around the time Encem did, we had dinner then decided that I should try for a medical leave before having to resort to an EL.
Now on to the coolest doctor I've ever encountered!

Basically he just asked what was wrong with me, and I honestly replied that I'm not physically ill, just extremely tired. (Honesty is the best policy, no?)
We proceeded to chatting about my work, the company.. I told him about my hours this month. Discussed about coming home late and no longer provided with transportation..

So yeah, I got my second MC of the year from a very chill doctor!
He also prescribed me with multi-vitamins. heh

That was Monday.
We had a good, fatty, almost-two days in Kuantan and we are now on our way back.
Mama J looked good. We had our food cravings satisfied. I mean, now that I think about it, we didn't go looking for kepok lekor or ais batu jagung at all while we're there but honestly they didn't cross my mind at all until just now!
Perhaps another Kuantan trip is in order.. hehe


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