Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Poke-zombie Apocalypse.

So the game Pokémon Go has hit Malaysia.. hard.
Everyone seems to be so into it, myself included! hahahaha

I say that I am mostly influenced by Casey Neistat on Youtube. Not that he even plays it, but it all seemed so crazy and intriguing that I couldn't help myself! The mere idea of walking around town "catching" all these pokémons seemed fun. The fact that I kinda grew up watching the anime also contributed to my fascination towards the game.

I only realised how crazy it was getting last night anyway.
Bestie and I had spent our free time driving around Bukit Jalil for the past few days, mind you. Started off on Sunday before heading for our flight together.

We touched down just before 11 pm.
Then we walked around the airport, hitting up all the Pokéstops and catching whatever's around.
Before actually making our way home, we headed to Aked Esplanad where we knew had six Pokéstops. We weren't the only ones driving by the shop lots in less than 10km/h.. and there were people just walking around the blocks with their phones in one hand, and a powerbank in the other.
It didn't hit me yet, then.
Oh by the way, we got home at 1:30 am that night.

That next day, Mumu suggested dim sum for lunch.
Naturally I wouldn't pass up the chance for dim sum! And yes, I was curious on what I might catch in KLCC Park. The crowd while I was waiting for Mumu to arrive wasn't bad. I saw a lot of Pokéstops in the park from where I was just chilling -- closer to the mall.
But after we had our meal and a little bit of shopping, we all headed for the park where Mumu became my designated chaperon so I wouldn't walk into things that I wasn't supposed to walk into.
The crowd was MASSIVE. So many people -- in work attires, even -- were walking around with their eyes glued to their phone screen.. whom then suddenly stop in the middle of the path to catch some pokémon, I believe. It was crazy! The reception on my phone was SO bad!
Still it didn't hit me though.

That night Dida came by to see me and we went to NSK to do some grocery shopping. On our way back I persuaded her to drive through Aked Esplanad, since she plays the game as well.
She was surprised with the turn out. Saying that the people in Bukit Jalil are crazy.
We laughed. Still didn't hit me.

Yesterday Bestie and I headed out to Pavilion; partly for lunch and the other part is to "see" the Pokémon scene in Bukit Bintang area. We managed to catch plenty. Bestie seemed to think that it was a "successful" outing. I'd say that KLCC Park is a lot more exciting, but then again having to deal with the bad reception was pretty annoying.

Again on our way home, we stopped by Aked Esplanad to get more Pokéballs as we were running low. Also, we've both drained our powerbank and had only about 20% of battery left on our phones. We parked the car then stationed ourselves in this sweet spot where we could hit up three Pokéstops, activated a Lure Module on two of the Pokéstops and just waited.

That's when it hit me.
As I was sitting there.
Seeing how suddenly people flocked into the area.
Cars driving by in a crawl.
People shuffling around with their heads down.
The Lure Module didn't only attract the pokémons -- it attracted the poké-zombies too!!

This game is seriously addictive.. and a bit much, if I'm being honest!
Even though I'm really into it right now, I am also wondering when this will fade away. I, for the most part am into the game just to collect the different pokémon. No feelings towards battling them out.
So I can foresee the game becoming dull for me after a while. Kinda the reason why I am writing this now rather than later! hehe

Enough random for one night.
Got myself a new laptop so I no longer have an excuse to not write more in the near future! I might even write about this new laptop! ha!


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