Thursday, September 08, 2016

Admin-day... sort of.

Late arrival last night.
Or extremely early arrival today.
MH 2617, STA 0030.
Depends on how you'd like to see it.
But basically I have the entire day to do what ever the heck I want.. on a Thursday.

I enjoy having a free-day during a weekday.
Feels like I can get a whole lot of things done. Theoretically anyway.
Depends on what time I'll wake up later today. I might actually set an alarm even though I hate doing so on a sort of off day.

Kinda keen on the idea of going to the bank.
Or get an appointment with a doctor.
Maybe window shop.
Or catch pokémon. BAHAHAHAHA!!
I should probably call the bank (not the one that I need to go to) to sort my auto-debit for my insurance. Kinda keen on just going to that bank instead of making a call. (ughhh phonecalls!)
I have a list of things that I'd like to sort out but I'm more interested on making that list instead of doing what's on them.

Anyway, I am feeling kinda random.
I hadn't planned on writing this entry for the sake of writing an entry but it seems to be turning out that way. Sorry.

I haven't posted anything girly in a while, and I've been planning for one for weeks now. Just haven't got the time to take the photos that I meant to take for that post.

Enough random rambling.
Suppose I could be all random in my Moleskine next.


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