Thursday, September 15, 2016

One ring to rule them all.

I'm still on the look out for the perfect wedding band.
Seven and a half months in, Encem still doesn't have a wedding ring.
I mean, not that it's necessary.. but I'm sappy like that.
I've always loved rings. And of all jewellery ever created for men, I didn't mind rings the most. (Does that sentence make any sense?)

Anyway, we had a silver couple ring made while we were just dating.
I hadn't wore mine since the engagement as I'm only allowed to wear two rings while in uniform. So I chose to wear the engagement ring, which is a simple gold band that Dida and I describe as "Lord of The Rings ring" on my left hand, and on my right is a white gold ring Encem got me with his first paycheck when we started flying.
Yeah.. he's kinda sappy too.

My wedding ring has a stone on it so naturally, I only get to wear it when I'm off.
Wouldn't want anything terrible happen to it.
But I think it's lovely and I wish I get to wear it more often. Plus, we got it at a bargain so yeah, I adore it! hahahaha

So I've browsed the internet for ideas and was keen on this particular Bvlgari platinum ring..
Even went to the Bvlgari store to check it out in person months before our wedding.
It was over RM 5K!
And as much as I'd like to get it, Encem had already told me not to spend too much for his ring. (Also, that ring is waayy more 'spensive than the ring he got me.. so.. tak aci! hahahahha!)

Damn, why does platinum has to be so expensive?!

The search went on and I was then keen on looking at titanium rings. Read on titanium and got myself worried that apparently, if the ring was stuck tight to your finger, hospitals in general doesn't have the tools to cut it!

I mean, not that I'm expecting Encem to get into an accident. But shit could happen, right?
He might get an allergic reaction to something and his hands swells up then he couldn't get the ring off.

Damn, why does titanium has to be so scary??!

So I've been stopping at those small kiosks in malls where they sell jewellery out of silver.
Silver -- how unexciting.
But even they didn't have the design that I was looking for! I've been looking for MONTHS and I'm getting frustrated.

I really hope that I'll find something by our first anniversary.
I still have a few months to be inspired.
Or save up and get him an expensive one and just not tell him that it's actually expensive. hahahaha! I am more likely to do that, really.

I've been feeling spendy lately but for the life of me, I couldn't justify getting anything at all!
Kinda trying to save up.
We need a good.. loooong holiday.
My leave for this year have pretty much run out so I'm really looking forward to the new year!


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