Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hello, 32.

And hi, reality. hahahaha!

Well, I've always talked about my grey hair anyway and I do embrace them. Makes me a whole lot like Rogue of X-Men. Unfortunately my job does not agree with the "old and wise" look so I always have to colour them in every few months.
Not my favourite thing to do since all those hair colouring products stink.
Gets really boring when you've done them since you're 25 -- and yes, that's how young I was when I first noticed the grey hairs.

Anyway, I've been really quiet this month, haven't I? My ideas just never made it to the blog unfortunately. Like always, ideas on this and that but time always gets the better of me.

My birthday came and went and I've got nothing to report.
As always I expected more, but at the same time there really is nothing to expect. It's always like that. I keep hoping for something magical to happen, maybe. But what magic is there when it's just one more day, one more year of your life?

Yes, yes, I am blessed and grateful for another day, but really.. I just can't seem to shake off the bad funk that I always feel around this time of year. It's sad and sickening at the same time. I am constantly in this loop that I can't get out of.

So hey!
I bought some stuff to cheer me up. hahaha! Let's call this my birthday haul. Stuff that I truly bought in the excuse of my birthday.

First I made a purchase in Sephora (naturally), and I was happy to see that they carried the holiday limited edition set from Kat Von D! As you may know (if you happen to stumble upon my Instagram, I suppose) I LOVE her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick! I already have eight of them and when I saw this set online, I knew.. I MUST have it!
Perhaps I'll write a specific post on them one day. heh! Don't hold your breath though.

Then I saw a cute lil' onesie by La Senza, and though I've always been apprehensive about bodysuits before -- how does one get out of it when they need to tinkle? -- and against my better judgement, I decided to get it anyway.
Just so you know.. onesie.. bodysuits.. whatever you decide to call it -- if you ever think of getting it, I hope you have the bladders of steel! Because let me tell you, it IS a pain to get out of one everytime you need to pee! hahahaha. But you can't deny, they are stinkin' cute on.

My final purchase was a flashy one. Been wanting to get a new perfume for months now. Been wanting a Dyptique perfume since probably last year even! I guess they're probably just as expensive as Jo Malone but I somehow feel like Jo Malone is a tad more achievable. hahahaha! (They're just as expensive, really.)

I went into the store in Pavilion not really knowing what to get but the sales associates were really helpful. Having Encem there was great too because it's just easier to decide on a scent with him around. After all, he's going to be smelling it of off me so we might as well get a scent that the both of us could love.

Loving my purchases so far. Not enough to get me out of my funk, but I'm pretty happy with my buys.
Year-end is fast approaching and I do intend to have a couple more entries before we enter the new year. So let's hope that happens and not become yet another idea that didn't materialise.

Hope you're having a good December, I'll speak to you again soon.


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