Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy New Year.

Here's what I've noticed so far in my 32 years of life;
January is possibly the month where I am the most LAZY.
On contrary to other people who look forward to a new year, "new start", a kick to their resolution.. I never really got that. I always knew that I don't need a whole new YEAR to get a start on anything. It could be next Tuesday if I wanted to. It could be right now, if I really wanted to.
So yeah, I'll probably do an overview of 2016 for tradition's sake in some future post. And I also might write about 2017 resolution -- which in my heart it actually reads "hopes".
Because it's fun to write about.
Because I always end up laughing how horribly I am with being consistent.

Half a month has gone and I haven't written a single word in my Moleskine!
I didn't even finish last year's journal properly, so.. I wasn't really expecting much of myself. hehe.
I haven't been feeling like myself in the past couple of weeks, spent a lot of my time just lounging in bed so there really isn't much to write about.

I do hope to write more in the next coming weeks!
I was halfway done on a blog post about all the beauty things I've loved in 2016 but it went on too long that I had to take a break from it. hahaha! Typical, really.

Okay, I feel like going back to lounging.


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