Saturday, May 13, 2017

2017 Wishlist.

As you may have known, the last time I bought something without much care was in December.
Being a stay-at-home wife in my current state, doesn't seem right to go around to shop my heart's desire. Of course, I don't really need any new handbags or make-up (especially when I don't really reach for them these days) but the keyword here is HEART'S DESIRE.

Despite my changing hormones and the emotional roller coaster that I've been on, I am still pretty rational. I can still think logically. I know I don't need these things but I would still love to own them. So don't mind me while I list down the things I'm coveting.

NARS came out with ten new shades of their beloved Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Three really caught my eye; an oxblood burgundy shade called Endangered Red, Mysterious Red that's described as crimson red and there's another shade that intrigued me called Do Me Baby which is described as a chestnut rose shade.
God knows how many of these I already own, and STILL I want MORE. gahhhh!!

I am also extremely curious of their new Soft Matte Complete Concealer. I've always been in between the shade Custard and Ginger but I think sometime last year they came out with some new shades and Macadamia seemed like a shade smacked in between my two typical shades.
Would love nothing more than to try it out, but I hate going into the store and not get anything! hahahha! Especially two of the associates in Midvalley and Pavilion are familiar with me.

Another lip product; Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo in Liberator which is a deep berry shade. Honestly there are plenty of shades that I would love to get but Hourglass is such an expensive brand! And somehow I feel like getting several Nars lip pencils are justifiable than getting several Hourglass lipsticks. heh. Not that I'll be getting any of them anytime soon.
I've swatched them in Sephora and they felt SO creamy and lovely and aahhh! Maybe next year. hahahha!

I haven't bought an eye palette in yonks! Oh, perhaps last year when I got the Nars Jetsetter palette. I was keen on the Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in Ablaze when I first saw it coming out. It consists of eight beautiful warm shades, and I don't know.. that warm red and terracotta shade really calls out to me.
Good thing that somehow I'd never seen this particular palette stocked in Sephora here. Makes it easier to not crave for it too much. (I still keep a look out for it though.. can't help myself.)

When cushion foundations first came out, I was never really into them. Didn't even cross my mind to swatch any of them. But since I've been using less make-up lately, they seemed like a good option? hahahha!
I mean, pregnancy has been making my skin spotty. Some days I'd like to have them disguised, but most days I couldn't be bothered with spending the time putting it on during the day and washing it off later at night.. but the idea of having a little coverage that I could put on quickly really intrigued me.
So here comes in Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation.

I'd never pictured myself as a handbag collector, but when I first saw Rebecca Minkoff Darren Messenger Satchel in Bangkok some months ago, my heart just fluttered. Stupid, really. I've always loved Rebecca Minkoff's shoulder bags.. I shouldn't have subscribed to the newsletter now that I'm pretty much on a no-buy ban! So now I'm left coveting..
It's especially hard since there's also a red Mini MAC and a black MAC on their sample sale going on right now. haihh..

I suppose that's what's been on my wishlist since the beginning of the year.
I mean, I KNOW these are things that I don't need, so it'll stay at the back of my mind for now.. but you know how it is for me when I want something. I just can't quite forget about them.
Perhaps next year.
If I'm lucky I'll completely forget about them and replace them with something that I actually really need! heh.


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