Friday, May 05, 2017

MY Pregnancy.

Thought I'd talk about my experiences with this first pregnancy.
I remember when I first found out, I wanted to know how to get on about it. Where and when to actually get an official test done and perhaps, share some random details that only I care about. So yeah, hopefully this entry would be of some help to others out there.

This entry is most probably going to be just me talking about random things leading up to finding out that I was pregnant.
Check back next time if you're interested to know about my first trimester.

So, a little back story,

I had an IUD inserted a while back and I had been meaning to get it removed for months before finally having the time to go to the doctor's in September.
Anyway, he asked if I'm trying to get pregnant is why I'm having it removed.
I honestly don't know how to answer that question.
I mean, my husband and I are knocking boots, that's for sure. Were we consciously thinking about procreating everytime we do it? I for one definitely didn't. But we were fully aware that it could happen. We were in no rush, but we do want kids eventually.


So my IUD was removed in September.
October's period came as per normal.
November's was late, so it did make me think, "is this it?' -- but it was just that.. a week late.
Kinda hit me then that perhaps I was trying after all. I was also getting worried if I may have passed my prime age to get pregnant. Being a flight attendant for the past seven years didn't help with the worry -- you know, radiation.. hard landings.. lack of exercise (not existent).. being a smoker..
I mean, I wasn't expecting to get pregnant immediately, let's be real. But I also hadn't anticipated feeling the way that I'd felt.
I had worried about being old and neglected to properly care for my body.

December, my period was even more late than it was in November. I was on a work trip with an especially difficult supervisor (whom was known for his laziness, and get this -- he knew that he's known for it! WTH!) and it was SO exhausting!
Didn't help that I had diarrhoea throughout that last day of the trip. (Still that supervisor didn't do all that much, the asshole!)
I was thinking of doing a home pregnancy test at new year's. I don't know, I just felt like what ever the result is would be a good ending to 2016, and a good start to 2017.
But as I got home to my empty apartment that night (Monkey was in Jeddah, arriving the next day), feeling crushed and all in all tired.. I grabbed one of those home pregnancy test kit (I'd stocked up some a few months leading up to this, hahaha!) and peed on the stick.


The stick indicated that I was pregnant.
Then my mind was racing.. when do I tell the company?
Oh wait, HOW do I tell Monkey? When do I tell him?
We had planned on heading to Melaka for a wedding once he got back from flight. So the plan was for me to meet up with him at the airport, then we'll drive to our friend's place in Nilai, leave the car there and make our way to Melaka all four of us in their car.

The next day I got to the airport a little early and made my way to the clinic there before he arrived. The doctor asked when my last period was then I was asked to pee in a cup.
I suppose he knew the airlines' procedure when it comes to pregnancies so he wrote me a little note basically just saying that I'm how many weeks pregnant and my expected delivery date for me to hand to my HR department.


Well, it didn't take long for me to tell Monkey. I had thought of maybe doing some elaborate scheme to let him know but I kinda needed his thoughts on when to declare my pregnancy to my company.
After Melaka I had one last flight of the year; a three days trip that didn't seem too hard. January roster had came out and I was on Delhi flight on the second.

Also, being a smoker -- a HEAVY smoker, I reckon it'd be weird if Monkey sees me not smoking. Or if I was smoking, I needed someone to keep me in check and remind me that I shouldn't be smoking!
So I told him in the car, just as we got to Nilai. SO not the way I'd imagined it, but my brain was thinking all sorts of things so I really needed his brain in on it.


I had wanted to quit smoking before we actually start "trying".
I had also wanted to clear my credit card debts and have a little bit money saved up. Maybe fly a few more months before I actually declare to my company, knowing that they'll put me on no pay leave once they knew.

But my previous trip was SO tiring -- may be caused by the supervisor or might be the pregnancy, the idea of another trip was kind of scary. And Delhi! Even if I was in perfect health, I am not too keen on flying that way.
I was scared of being exhausted, and Monkey insisted that I shouldn't risk the pregnancy.

So begins.. 2017.
My no pay leave.. The stay-at-home wife part of my life.

Twenty-plus weeks in today, and it's been a tad bumpy.. but not too bad.
We'll get into that in the coming entries.
I promise that I'll talk about check-ups in the next pregnancy entry.
Until then, thanks for stopping by!


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