Monday, July 31, 2017

Romaine lettuce kid.

Checkup is once a week now.
The one I had on Thursday at Umra took fifty minutes. We took the usual; blood pressure, weight and urine test. I've officially gained TEN kilos since I got pregnant!
Did an ultrasound of the baby and the doctor estimated that Nugget will be about 3.1 to 3.3 kilos at birth!

There I was lying in the bed with my belly out, eyes wide.. thinking that my siblings and I were less than 3 kilos when we were born and Kina's kids were also less than that.
The kind doctor reassured me that it's a normal weight, considering my height and Monkey's.
Also, when I told my sisters, Kina said that all her kids were born at least two weeks ahead of their due date. And yeah, my mom is petit.. just a wee over five feet.
Still.. got me nervous. I don't feel that big, though.

I won't be seeing my nurse at the health clinic for the time being. She said that if Umra is seeing me on the same week as our supposed appointment, I could just skip it since I'm planning to deliver in Umra anyway. She just reminded me that once I give birth, Monkey should come over to the clinic with the letter from the hospital and my pink book to inform them.
We'll talk more on that once we get to that point since I don't really know how's the flow for that one.

I am now suddenly freaking out over losing ten kilos after giving birth!
And I still have some weeks to go.. I will be putting on more weight, still.
Okay, let's not dwell on this. I doubt it'll be good for me or the baby. We'll let future-W deal with it. Currrent-W is stressing over some other stupid things at the moment.

Like how I've been trying to be productive but always end up curling in bed.
Monkey had done such a good job around the house, cleaning and rearranging the household for my parents and soon, Nugget. He swept and mopped the floor, cleaned the bathroom, washed some previously-hidden kitchenware -- he's been.. incroyable.
All I'm supposed to do now is those tiny little things that I should be able to do, like wipe our old books and put them back in the bookshelf. haihh..

Monkey is on a long ass trip. The longest we've been apart since we got married. Mind you, it's only been two days and it already feels like weeks somehow! Pregnancy is making me extra clingy, perhaps. One more week before I get to see my main man.

Went to the baby expo in Midvalley on Saturday with Dida and my mom. Felt bad for dragging them along but I was SO grateful that they were there. We got there at noon and the crowd was murderous. I had a pretty short list of things to get since I'd went to get the bigger things during the expo in May.
So we got to the first booth, paid for what I'd wanted to get and the promoter said that I needed to wait for an hour -- which was fine, since I'd other booths to hit up so we'll come back.
Second booth had a short queue, which wasn't bad at all and the promoter was pretty attentive and helpful. Didn't take long at all.
Then at the third booth, things didn't make any sense at all.. The line was disorganised and so SO long! Dida said that I could go ahead and queue up, they don't mind waiting.
But I DO!

Told them I needed to cool off. I needed an ice blended.
So we made our way to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! hahahhaha!

After the much needed lunch, I made my way back into the expo and queue up at that third booth but with a much calmer attitude. The magic of a caramel ice blended!
While I was in line, Dida had ditched our mom at one of the poles outside with my previous purchase while she offered to collect the item from the first booth.
Anyway, I am happy to say that I pretty much got everything that I think I need for the baby that day!
(Dida so kindly drove me to Mothercare in Subang Parade after we dropped off Mama at home so I could get some bits and bobs that I had set my heart on getting. FYI, the Mothercare store in The Curve and Midvalley Megamall are closed for renovation.. or something.)

As we are approaching August..
I should really start to assemble my hospital bag!
Aaahhhhh.. this is getting SO real by the minute!


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