Friday, January 12, 2018

3.47kg, 49cm.

A normal baby's birth weight is anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 kg. (Parents' built will be taken into consideration.)
If it's under 2.5kg, the baby will be considered premature, even if the baby was born full-term. If it's over 3.5kg, the baby is considered big.

Nugget was 3.47kg at birth. She was almost big, but Monkey and I aren't exactly petit so her weight was considered normal. Her APGAR score was 9, she was healthy and well despite being in distress, which led her to poop inside the amniotic fluid, then led me into having an emergency C-section.

The operation went well. It was painless. The pain came after when the epidural was wearing off. My legs felt asleep but no amount of massages could make it go away. Well, that was not actually painful. But it was really uncomfortable and damn annoying. Painful was the bloating I had that night. Considered getting some painkiller but the idea of getting a jab just because I was bloated felt lame. huhuu. It was a stupid move, btw. Thank God I was able to sort of bear the pain. It was intense.

The operation pretty much made my middrift funny so I was not able to pass gas. Breastfeeding should help but I can barely move, let alone breastfeed.
Not sure about other hospitals but Umra was not particularly breastfeeding-friendly. They pretty much took away the baby once delivered so I didn't get the chance to have that skin-to-skin experience at Nugget's birth and breastfeed her.

Not too happy with that to be honest. I'm quite upset that she was introduced to formula, first thing. I don't really blame them though, as I myself didn't have an exact birthing plan to speak of.
But I suppose there are pros and cons to it. In a way I got a little more rest than I would have.

As morning rolled in, I was forced out of bed as it was recommended for me to start moving seven hours after the surgery. The physio person had already went home seven hours after MY surgery so I'd only tried to get out bed about sixteen hours after my surgery and boy it was tough. Having my catheter taken out was not a fun feeling. And trying to push yourself out from the bed with an IV line was painful. Oh yeah, having your lower abdomen sliced was not particularly pleasant of course.

Nugget was wheeled into my room and we finally tried breastfeeding. The physio person had also help me to get Nugget to latch.
Now, breasteeding... requires a whole other entry on its own, so I'll put that one off for the time being.

So the rule in Umra; I get to be discharged only after I'm able to pee three times after the catheter was taken out. No idea why, but man getting those three pees took a while! It was probably best to stay there since I'd just had the operation but honestly I was REALLY looking forward to get myself and Nugget home. Plus, I doubt they'd let me out if there was anything to be concerned about.
That first pee was awkward. Would anyone be interested if I tried to describe it though? hahahha! Well, it kinda stung. Uncomfortable but didn't really hurt. I had no fear of having to pee. But it wasn't flowing so smoothly. hahhaha! (I peed 'normally' the day after, I think.)

Third pee came and I was SO excited to tell the nurse, that she didn't sound too convinced. But I got my IV needle taken out anyway, THANK GOD! That thing really bugged me. One of the main reasons why I was SO looking forward to get out of the hospital.

Getting home was uncomfortable. I wasn't used to moving slow and any bumps on the road hurt my gut. But was I glad to be home! And with my little tot!
Can't quite describe how it felt. It felt weird that I am now a mother. (Still feels weird, sometimes.) I am so blessed and grateful for the support from my family. Mamas (my mother and mother in-law) were great, taking turns looking after me and Nugget during confinement.

Nugget is almost five months now! And I have yet to write anything significant on her journal. Can you imagine how much I have to write once I find the time? hahahha! Damn it!

So glad I finally finished writing this!
I'll be sure to add in anything relevant in the future if I remember them. heh

In case you're here to know how much our bill was;
for two nights in a room of my own, induced twice, emergency LSCS and meds, it came up to a little under RM 7k.


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