Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Temptations, temptations..

I had a bit of conversation with a colleague last night on how easy it is to go astray, working in the line that we work in.
Hotels.. Out of town.. Noone to recognize you..

It was such a dangerous conversation to have, yes.
Anyway, it was almost like the "episode curang" conversation that I had with Bestie a while back. So yeah, sometimes I wonder why I keep getting myself into these odd little conversations.
Maybe so I could assure myself that I will keep myself true by saying things out loud? Hahahahahahahaha

I swear, sometimes I wish I wasn't too much of a Sagittarius that I am. I can honestly say that I scare myself sometimes.. Or is it most times? Hahahaha

Anyway, currently I am in Jakarta on a four days trip. Visited Mumbai for the first time two days ago and it was raining really heavily! A total 180 degrees from Delhi that was irritatingly hot.
The highlight of Mumbai was of course... Hard Rock Cafe! (Surely you could've guessed that by now.)

Going back home tomorrow and I am glad.. My bags are getting too damn heavy!!
Perhaps one day I'll do a 'what's in my bag' post just to show you the crap I lug around for work.. heh!

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