Friday, September 04, 2015

It's been a while..

I know..
I have no explanation or an excuse for not blogging this past few months. I would think about blogging; have the exact words to type out once I'm in front of my laptop.. But somehow it just didn't happen!

I had wanted to talk about my holiday in Krabi with Bestie.. and what "beauty" products that I thought was essential for a beach holiday -- that was supposed to be my April entries. 

I was supposed to write another "Quarterly Favourites" in June but obviously that didn't happen!

My sombre mood had vastly improved now that Encem's back for good.. (for now.) I hate to admit that I need him in my life, but he is the light in my dark, dark soul. (Dramatic, I know.)

I've thought about writing about the recent make-up bits and skincare that I purchased, took pictures of them while they were still new and untouched.. But that entry didn't happen either.

Is it possible that I've gotten so good at talking to myself that I longer need to write them out? hahaha

Anyway, my dear sister got married a couple of weeks ago so that's what's up with my life. I have a new brother-in-law! I am so happy that Dida has someone in her life now. Someone who can take care of her. Someone who makes her happy..
And I never really said this out loud, but I am SO happy that she got married before I do! hahaha! I really hated the idea of getting hitched before she does.

To change the subject, I am working for a differently named company now. Not too sure how I feel about it just yet. Work remains the same. Kinda. I might have some kind of thought on it in a few months. But then you know how I don't really enjoy talking about work.

I might end up writing those things I had intended to write as mentioned above, one day. But I'm not promising anything!
Basically that's pretty much what's going on with my life.

..Also that I'm planning a January wedding. *cue surprise score*
Now let that sink in...

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