Sunday, June 30, 2002

Yeeheehee.. I honestly don't care about the World Cup finals.. honestly.. Brazil and Germany.. the two teams I'd hate to care about! Ohhohoho! Anyway, I feel sorry for all who wanted Germany to win badly.
Oh well, I'm very much slow at my reading! Just stopped in chapter four.. Hehhe.. I'm not normally this slow. ^.^
Still haven't finished my Graphics and English. I should rephrase that.. Still haven't started my Graphics and English yet!!
I'm thinking up a reason to give to my English lecturer if she ask of it tomorrow. Honestly.. need the book!! Who has an extra.. lend it to me, please!! Heehee.. but of course, I won't do it right away anyways. About that Graphics.. well, I think I get the idea but I'm not sure where to start! Crap!
The room's full of ants right now! Gosh.. I wonder where they'd came from. It wasn't like this at all before the mid-semester break. Hoee.. Oh yeah, to those who kept mispronouncing the 'hoe'.. it doesn't sound like "HO". It's more like.. "HO-E" as in the 'e' sounded like 'air'.. okie! HO-air.. Hihhihik!
Okie.. getting pretty slow right now. Just tired I guess.. So anyway, later people!
Such a headache!!!!
I was actually reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (for the fifth time possibly!) about an hour ago and I fell asleep. I was really into my sleep when suddenly came a loud noise from Ana's pc. Gosh!! My head really hurts! And now I can't go back to sleep.. :(
And I'm hungry! But I'm just lazy to go downstairs.. Hik! And.. suddenly.. teringin Kung-fu Burger.. Weeee! Mereng! Hihhihik..
Well.. gotta cool down and do something to this aching head.
Be back later!
Just had my shower... suddenly wished that it would rain right here.. Spent a while in the shower just now.. Hihhi! Suddenly felt like playing in the rain.. since I don't get the real rain.. well, tap water is still okay! Hihhi.. Teringat mase sekolah.. bile time ujan, bebudak lain sumer gi call mak abah suruh amek.. Kite tak.. "Takpe, Papa.. Wanie balek sendiri.. weeeeeee!!" Hihhihik!
Such an empty day it is.. a good day to remember all those things.. Need to remind myself that I haven's started my English and Graphics!! But honestly.. in a day like this.. it'd be a miracle to get anything done...

Current song : Valentine by Jim Brickman with Martina McBride
~ you'd still have my heart until the end of time.. ~ ayyayyayaya.. romantikus!
Well, this is stupid! And a disappointment! Anyways, I woke up quite suddenly just now. I don't really know why.. but anyways, then I sat in front of my pc. Saw Rai's nick to be online.. so I buzzed, and guess what?! It was his DAD!! Crap me! Gotta get back to sleep to reduce this embarassment.. Ikkikikikiki.. idiot.. idiot..

Saturday, June 29, 2002

OoOh!! Did a bit of mistake about the holiday.. I actually had TWO interesting things that happened... well, the other one was the part when I saw The Lord Of The Rings for the third time!!! Weeeeeeee!! Kaye GSC.. Anyways, it was still entertaining! Makes me anticipating for Two Towers!! Eeeeeek!!
Anyway, as I get to online 24/7 over here.. I can actually get disappointing news more easily.. Just now.. as I was so crappily bored.. I looked up for the Rowling's fifth book's date of publish.. and guess what?! IT WAS DELAYED!!!!!!!!! So I won't get to read the fifth Harry Potter book on July!! Waaaaaaaaa!! This is so disappointing!! HONESTLY!! It's my world-shaker!! I've been waiting for it for sooooo sooooo long!! Felt like crying right away.. HOE!!!! I am so depressed!!!!! June is totally not the month for me...........
Such a depressing holiday.. langsung takde menda yang seronok! Didn't even get to see Rai!! Bengong betul! Well, at least I get to see Hanis. That's the ONLY thing to be happy about throughout the holiday. Just imagine.. 7 days in Shah Alam and there's only ONE thing to be happy about! So now, I'm back in MMU but still.. nothing much to be happy about here either!! Though.. heck! I guess at least I have my toy dolphin to hug!! Such a big mistake - leaving it here.. alone!! Awww.. sorry dolphin! Hihhihi.. Anyways, so now.. I'm talking crap since I have nothing else better to do! Though.. something weird happened as my Papa drove away from sending me here. Well.. typical us.. (family) to give each other a peck of goodbye when we leave each other.. (don't say anything about this!!!!!) and so my dad did kissed me on the cheeks before he left and anyway... there's this pak guard suddenly asked me a bit later.. 'Ayah ke?' DUHH!! Abehh tu sape? Sugar daddy?! What an idiot!!
So anyway.. that's all I have to say right now.. I'm uploading some of the pages for my website.. update lah kononnye..
Hoe... hope Korea will get third place!! Hihhihi..

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Alright! I am officially feeling normal. After some more talking to my dearest friend, Rai.. I finally get to get back to my normal mood! Weehee!! I'm happy for myself! And.. I'm sorry for using the word 'bitch' a few times.. (but of course, I wasn't saying it to someone else.. but myself!) In Rai's opinion : "Tak seswwaaai" Hihihik! Furthermore : I'm too nice for the word! Hahhahhah!!! Such a funny thing to say. But anyhow.. thank you for reading Azraai! ^.^ Really... really... really appreciate it! Sori ek aku mental kat kau.. Hohho! Anyway, just adding a bit right here that... I don't usually curse. Even if I do, I'd only say things like.. bongok, bengong and taik.. which are not really considerable as curses.. Hik! Anyway.. saw Charmed.. and ready to talk about it!
Do not misjudge Cole! He's not what he seems to be!! Hehh.. And, well.. just expect things to be weirder and weirder ookie!! Ohhohohoh!

Current music : the Theme Song for Angel
~fantastically cool!!~
RAI JAHATTTT!!!! Waaaaaaaaaa!! Nak mental balik!
Ola! Pretty much back to my normal mode again.. But.. not really. I'd be pretty much cheerful if I'm in a normal mode.. but what I'm feeling right now is more to 'indifferent'. OoOooO yeah, I was 'mental' for a whole afternoon and know what? Feels good to be bitchy every now and then! Seriously.. I'm getting tired of being the 'little one'. Ehh ehh, don't get me wrong (especially you Abang Zam!!) What I mean is.. I like that nick, Little One (hik!) and I like it when people pampered (hehh) me.. but the problem is.. the thing that made me so mental the whole afternoon was the fact that people ignored my feelings!!! As if like.. I'm a real child.. and I won't think much of what they said or did to me. Seriously.. tak kesahlaa kalau sedare tak perasan ke dak ape sedare buat kat saye, tapi yang pasti saye terase gile! And the big problem was, I was the one who's getting crazy!!! The thing that happened in the afternoon really bugs me, even though it's not really a big deal.. but I DO HAVE FEELINGS OK!! Tolong jangan dok mainkan saye je.. Arrghh!! Tensen gak jadi manje ni ek! Bole tak kalau esok pagi Wanie bangun tido Wanie jadik bitch terus????? What a wonderful day to start with, bitch! Hahhahhahha!!! Amek kau! Keluar segala 'kemanisan' yang ade kat Wanie ni.. Ambek! AMBEKKK!!! Puas hati Wanie! Now no one would have a reason to like me at all!! Yee ha!! Senang hati!
Anyway Rai.. as usual.. thank you for being online!!!! Hihhihihi!! See you tomorrow..!! I mean.. later this day! ^.^ Can't wait to endure that Q & A session you promised! Ngee!
Ookie.. since I'm feeling much much better now.. I should go!! ^.^ So I can pack up my stuff and do a list of things I would have to do during the break! Hik!
See you guys Nina... Dida... Miss you two!! Especially after Charmed just now.. Hihhihi!

Friday, June 21, 2002

Fed up! Fed up! Fed uppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am really cursing! And know what? I am even trembling from trying to control myself from doing anything else stupid!
Even though Y!M is running smoothly right now.. please avoid yourself from messaging me if you don't want to get any rude words from me okie! Because I'm actually furious at SOMEONE and not about England and Brazil, okayyyy! So anyhow.. Not going to tell who's that person actually.. Biar aje diri ini yang tahu......
CRAP!!!! I am so angry that I wish I could just kick that person's butt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arrghhhhhhh!!! Such a mental afternoon!!!!!

Yepp!! I am angry for real.. and joy juice doesn't work!!! So.. just let me tremble for a while than letting out all my sumpah seranah at you..!!
I'm... I'm.. ARRGHH!!! So pissed!
Can't believe Brazil won! Well, I do believe they did win.. what I mean is.. Waaaaaaaaa!! Wanted so much for England to win!! Dahlaa sumer orang dengki ngan kecik! Hohh.. Rase cam nak ketuk kepale seko-seko.. Fuhh!! Emo tahap maksima! GRRRRRRRRRRR!! Dengan Kak Yan nyer, ngan Bob nye.. Waaaa!!! Kecik emo!!
Even my toy dolphin wants to kill itself.. It's getting ready to jump off from the window.. seriously!! Tak caye, datang laa tenok!
CRAP!!! I knew something would go wrong.. I was like too hyper in the morning and see! What happens in the afternoon?!! Such a greaaaat morning... but a crap crap afternoon!!!!! ARGGHHH!!!
What a great morning!!
Haven't had my sleep to be honest, but I feel GREAAAAT!!
Just got back from a morning-hang-out with my roomie, Ana. Hehh.. planned to do almost-the-same tomorrow morning! Talked about stuff just now.. Hihhi! What a great morning..
Still haven't call home yet. I'm sure someone's pretty pissed off at home. Probably Dida.. hehe! Anyway, I'll call home later today.. Wanna go home tomorrow!! Yeehee!! Though.. my money tinggal RM 10 jek! Hahha!! I'll manage of course..
Bob tak sudah-sudah mengenakan Wanie. Penat btoll mara kat dia.
Hihhi! What a great morning......!! ~sorry, just can't help myself from repeating the same sentence.. ^.^
Did a bit of stealing with Ana at five something.. Hahha!! Managed to collect RM 2.10 from a particular vending machine. Heehee!!
Wait.. wait... chatting with my mom a bit.............
Okie.. just sent my mom that famous Sajjad Ali file! Yeeheehee!!
Anyways.. Ana's lying down now.. Hihhi! So I'm right here.. still feeling.. err.. quite okay! ^.^ Gotta take my shower in a while and wash my hair!! Hihhihik!
Hmm.. can't remember what I wanted to say just now.. Hoe!
Oh heck!! Really can't remember what I'm so happy about.. gosh! Well... later then!

Rai.. do you think Sunday is okay for you?? Eh jap.. kalau tak pon Wanie balek Saturday pagilaa.. hik!

Current song : Wherever You Will Go by The Calling (thanx Dani!!!)

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Yee ha!! School break!! Wee hee!
Though honestly, there's nothing much promising about the break, but what the heck!! A whole week.. at home.. and TV!!! Yeeheehee!! Now, that sounds a bit more promising!!
Did that Maths quiz.. hahha!! I hope I'm just lousy at it and not 'sucked'! Hihhihi.. get me? Earlier.. in our first Maths session, I was sooooo sleepy that I did something silly in my 2 to 3 break. I bought myself a Kickapoo and Nescafé! My plan was : to get some joy in me and so that I won't be too sleepy! Hihhik! Then in the class I munched on Wrigley's gum.. Minty! And I was awake for the whole session.. and I AM more joyful now!! Hehhek!
Kesian Bob ek.. kena reject ye? Hihhihi! Jangan buat reta Wanie nyer ruler tu! Anyways, did you get to see 'her'?? ^.^
Such a weird.. weird day..! But I love it though! Hihhihi! Got to chat with Azraai.. Azraai, I luv ya'!! Hahhaha!! I just love saying that, don't I? Suddenly felt how much dependent I am. Hihhi! Told all my good friends about the stuff that's been happening around me. Cool though! At least I know I have dependable friends! Hahha!
Did a bit of thinking actually.. I realize that I was the one who 'attracts' people to tell me what to do! Hihhi! (Though I seldom listened!) Honestly, I can't really make my own decisions. I always asks people what to do next eh? Kan? Kan? So anyway.. next time.. Don't tell me what to do! Just suggest it to me! Hihhihihi!! I am soo getting freakish! Told ya' it's a weird day!
Kak Yan's been telling me some stories which made me freak out a little bit. Hihhi! Macam cite hantu! She told me about a lecturer in Beta named Che Mat. I guess he's pretty famous among the Betas since I've heard his name for like.. err.. well, I heard his named repeatedly lahh!!
Anyway.. such a fine afternoon-evening it is! Felt sooo good talking to you, Rai!!
Eh, to Hanis and Musz.. wanna start a journal together?? Hihhihi! So crazy about journals nowadays! Been checking on everyone's! Hihhi! Ookie.. I've been writing loads in here haven't I?
Better call home soon.. got to wish my sister and set up the time to go home.. Hmm.. should I go back tonight? Or tomorrow?? But there's Brazil vs. England tomorrow!! Yikes!! Want to see it!! Sape nak carik gado ngan Wanie, silekanlah sokong Brazil ye..! Really.. really.. really hope that England will win!!
Fed up! Fed up! Fed uppp!!!
I am totally lousy at Maths and I just hate it!! Just managed to study it for a few minutes and I've already started getting sleepy and all.. GRR!! So.. if I get really lousy marks, NASIBLA! Macam tak biase.. Ohhohohohho!
Sheesh! This is such a dry and warm day.
Bob.. jangan la buat harte ek pembaris Wanie tu. Bukak 'sekolah' nanti kasi balek ek. Yang pasti, buat mase ni.. I don't need it lah!
Hmmph! Need to get supplies during the break!! I've used up all of my mounting board.. And my stock of glue is low.. and plus!! Need to get those ivory cards.. Hoe.. more money!!
OoOh heck! Gotta get ready for Maths class.. the quiz is on 3 though.. who knows, I might get to do a bit more of studying while the 2-3 break.. Hoe..
Oh, and I'm wearing the kurung Kedah!! Ohhohohoho!
OoOoOhh.. to my beloved sister Nina...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hihhihihik...
Aha! This one's good.. anyway, I was browsing along the net and I found this site where we can test out our.. "Personality Disorder". Hik! By the way, this is what I get!

Paranoid (misconception about people around me) : Low
Schizoid (preferability to be alone) : Low
Schizotypal (odd forms of thinking and percieving) : Low
Antisocial (poorness of social skills) : Low
Borderline (mood instability) : Low
Histrionic (constant attention seeker) : Moderate
Narcissistic (self-centeredness) : Moderate
Avoidant (extreme social anxiety) : Moderate
Dependent (my need to be taken care of) : High
Obsessive-Compulsive (perfectionisme) : Moderate

Hehh.. anyway, it's not really funny actually! Coz I did most of the questions seriously; so you can say that THIS is ME! Hoe.. And from my point of view.. Yeahh.. most of them are true.. Hihhihik! Anyway! If you too want to do the test I did, make sure you're not too sleepy coz there's loads of questions you have to answer. So, click here if you're ready!
Bob! Buat keje laa.. Jangan smoke je.. not good for your health! Wekk!
Anyway, Wanie tak mara.. just, I'm pretty sensitive when people start telling me what to do. Hik! Tak kesah la kalau menda kecik pon.. Hihhi! Wanie tak mara tau!
And that's why.. I am the rebel in the family!! Yeeheehee!! 'Coz I really err.. dislikes it when people starts telling me what to do..
And that's why I never listen to you Azraai!!!!! Hahhahha!! Not a chance!!
(Adds up to my list of dislikes... a. the big L word and b. people telling me what to do.. heh!)
Good evening lovely people.. Hahh!!
Anyway, I just got back from T@MU Annual General Meeting. Err.. not going to say much really about it. I myself am not sure who actually sees this journal. But seriously, bukan nak kutuk pon! Just that it took up soo long and I was pretty much tired sitting in that uncomfortable chair. Hehhe.. ^.^
Oh well, finally felt the 'thankfullness' of having a shorter hair. I got my shower pretty late tonight and I managed to dry my hair in such a shorter time than the usual.. Plus.. eh! I look cuter with this hair-do lahh!! Wahhahha!!
Finally got my water supply! Hihhi.. selama ni dok beli air untuk sekali minum. Just now, beli lebih.. bole sampai pagi! Wee~hee! And finally get to eat some dinner.. Typically me.. Kung-Fu Burger!! Hihhhihi! I wondered what Samurai tastes like.. Kak Yan asked for it at the gerai..
Gosh!! My money runs like water! Really need to start a list of what I spent my money on.. This is bad..!! Really bad!!
Ookie.. I'm honestly sleepy right here! But I haven't studied my Maths yet!! And Juvita's studying pretty hard next door.. and my classmate just messaged me and remind me about the quiz. As IF I can't recall it myself!! Sheesh! Such a tiring day it is..
Oh.. yeah! Tomorrow's Thursday. I might wear my kurung Kedah tomorrow by the way. So if you think you saw a girl in purple kurung Kedah.. yeahh! That might be me! Hihhihi!
Ookie.. I don't think I need to add in any more else in here.. Later people!! Need to get back to my meal and then start making myself dizzy with Media Mathematics.. Huuhuhhuhuhu!!
Good luck in your assignments Beta FCM!! Bob.. Kak Yan.. Faizal.. GG.. hihhihi!
And you too Abang Zam.. what ever your assignment is about!

Kak Yan.. Kak Aleen.. Ana.. Aisha jahat... JANGAN LAA KACO PASAL BOB LAIE WEII!! Wanie mental la camni!!

Current song : Di Batas Masa by Siti Nurhaliza
~ kala jantungmu bagai laut bergelombang, lemah cengkaman jejarimu di genggaman, betapa sukar untuk kita menerima, tiba detik pasti terpisah.. di batas masa ~

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Owww.. just got up from sleep and my whole body aches!!! Waa!!
Such a bad.. bad slumber I had..
BJ and Azura came over and made a whole lot of noise... Huhuhuhuhu!!
And now I'm totally awake.. with nothing to do!!! GRR
Yappari.. ONEGAI!!!
I just stuffed myself with Smarties and I don't feel like getting any smarter! Yeeheehee!! OoOokie.. it's just making me a bit crazy!
Bob.. tak baik!! That last line of yours.. Jahatt jahattt!!
Ookie.. since I'm having such a free free time right now, I better get some more sleep! Yeeheehee!!

Current song : Mirror Mirror by M2M
~ I must be stupid, must be crazy, must be out of my mind ~
(idiot is not in the list!! bluekk!)
Crap Y!M.. GRR
Thought my ambiguous would surely be rejected, but.. Woo~hoo!! Slipped away from getting rejected again!! Hahha!! Well, in my thoughts.. it's either FCM is totally the place for me.. or I took up all of Dani's luck! Hihhihik! Sorry Dani.. ^.^ By the way, Yus busuk!! Yeeheehee!!
Good thing I got to wake up from my sleep this afternoon! Hihhihi.. I don't know for how long my alarm clock rang. My motto right now is : "Go to sleep while you can!" And yes, I have been filling my free time by sleeping. Even at day time. Since my Y!M are getting crappier and crappier, and I haven't been chatting much with people nowadays.. I have loads of extra time! Hehh..
Anyway, gotta think hard on my next Fundamental assignment. It's pretty.. confusing! Because I need originality and I just can't stop thinking about the things I've seen! Hik!
Heh... I'm actually listening to So Long Farewell.. hik! It's from the Sound Of Music. Honestly, I do like this song!
Okie.. my plan for the rest of the day.. I know I need to study my Maths! Hehh.. Such a pathetic at it.. Okie, then probably I'd need to go into some serious thinking.. pasal Fundamental la!! Wekk! I need to plan on what I should draw for it..
Sheesh.. the Maths quiz I'm going to take tomorrow is bugging my mind! Waaa!!
Hihhihi.. Fina's having a sleep right now, while Ana and I are making ourselves confused which song we should listen to. Coz both of us turned on our MP3s.. Hehh!
Anyway, Audiogalaxy is totally useless now!!
Err.. ookie! Well.. need to think out what am I to do with myself while I listen to that memorable song of mine.. 6,8,12.. hihhihi!! Just love that song, even though it doesn't mean ~anything~ much to anyone.. (Well, sort of!)
... A whole new world.. a new fantastic point of view.. no one could tell us 'no', or where to go.. or say you're only dreaming..
Woops! That's a mistake! .. To sleep! To sleep! That's where I'll be! Hihhihihik!
To everyone who reads this journal.. heh! Take care!!! You'll never know what you'll get yourself into if you don't.. ^.^

Current song : A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
Need water.. badly!! Need to remind myself to drink loads of water during the break.. just like unta lah!
Having such a mental problem.. can't go to sleep so I sat in front of my pc again.. Get my crappy Y!M online and noticed that Bob buzzed me! So anyway, he's IDLE right now by the way. Entah macam mane, tergerak hati nak tenok journal.. Hihhihik! Updated!! Oh well Bob.. you know I'll wish you luck in everything you do.. ^.^ Lunch was okay ehh?? Ohhoho!
Talking about meal time.. Azraai!! Breakfast this weekend!! I don't care! We need to talk.. I mean, I need to talk, so it'd be such a great great time for me to talk to you. Unless I have a roti canai in my mouth la! Ehh.. missed Arep lah! Hehh.. not ~that~ sort of way.. Hihhi! Dah lama tak denga cite pasal dia.. ^.^ Gosh!! I missed the whole crowd!!!
Hmm.. there's this sort of trip to watch a theatre this Friday. Honestly.. I want to go!!!!!! Tapi.... ngan sape ek? Kak Yan said that I always think that way.. And she said "kitorang kan ade!" Tapi nanti Kak Yan musti ngan kengkawan Kak Yan!! Hmmph! Anyway, then she said "Abang Amir?" Hihhihihik!! Thanx for the humor... Laughed seriously hard..
Ookie.. so I'll have to send in my crappy assignment later today. Such a crap!! I'm starting to get annoyed with my own self.. Stop it with the negative thinking, brain!!! Crap! And now I'm talking to myself...
Such a dull dull day and a long long night it is...
What a crap Yahoo! Messenger is.. thought you guys would want to know... Hihhihihik!

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

ARGHHHHH!!!! Can't believe Korea won after all that!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Anyway, in my heart.. I know... I'm cursing like shit!!!!
Such an extreme.. extreme.. extreme.. extreme day for me.. it is.......!!!!
Once upon a time, there lived a princess in a castle. Her face was ugly and she don't like to wear clothes. Consequently, she had no one to talk to so she became insane. As the result, she went to stealing people's clothes. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure lurked behind her. For example, it was walking around in circles doing nothing but lurking around. Furthermore he tried to kill her by pushing her off the balcony. On the other hand, the killer was actually her long lost grandfather. In short, don't steal other people's clothes and your long lost grandfather might turn out to be Elvis Presley! The princess died a tragic death by falling off the balcony and break her neck in the end.....

Hik! Anyways, that's not at all from me!! It's actually the English thingy we did in class today.. honestly... the rest of the class did such hilarious stories!! Anyway, better get back to my reminisce <betoi ka eja?!>
Okie! Just got up from sleep.. Pretty much not awake yet to be honest..
Talking to Ahmadsyah right now. Anyway, I am really that sleepy! Wish I could go back to my sleep but that means that I'm forgetting my sketches. Oh heck! I haven't printed out my declaration form. And I don't know where I should get it!! GRR..
OoO yeah.. Italy is leading!! Woo~hoo! That's good news.. I mean, Japan lost this afternoon.. Such a heart break.. Waa! But anyway.. that means that it'll be easier to pick who to root for. Surely not Turkey!!!! Hehhe!
Anyways, this is quite a weird day for me.. Everything is just.. extreme! Extremely tired.. extremely lazy.. Extremely weird!!
Ihhihihihik! Anyway, wish I could write in more than that to explain it all.. but everything is just so extreme even right now so I should slow down.. and hmm.. laterr!!
Okay, I am feeling wayyy sleepy right here! I'll go to sleep in a few moments.. sure of it!
Oh heck! Better go to sleep now!! Get back to this later..
Don't know why I keep on listening to Somewhere! Hehh.. Anyway Bob.. really like the guitar!! Wee~hee!! Very.. very.. very enjoyable!!
Woke up late again today.. Can't seem to understand why I kept missing my Graphics lecture! This is twice! Heck! Monday is my dull day in MMU.. Tuesday is my crazy day in MMU.. Haven't noticed yet what the other days do to me. Hik!
Anyway, they told me that they watched the 'promised-movie' in Graphics! Gosh!! And then.. anyway, I went to my Appreciation class.. and they showed another movie! Called Pollock.. About a real artist named Jackson Pollock.. Right? Hik! I wasn't paying any attention to it, really. I was too concentrated on my English. Hik!
Oh heck! Still can't believe that I missed my Graphics twice!!
Anyway, feeling a bit confused right here.. still have things bothering my mind, as always!
Sheesh! I wonder why I keep on having this 'experiences'.. stupid internet! And such a big mouth I have!! Really should control my mouth.. I don't know why, but I keep on asking the wrong things to people.. Why ah?
Rai.. I still need you! Having a bit situation over here.. Mamat-pakcik-sorta-Arep and you-confusing and weird-kinda-thingy!! Really need help!!
Missing you.. Papa! Hope you're doing great!!
At times like this, I really need to talk to you Rai.. Musz.. Niez..
You guys HAVE to call me during my break!
MUST call me!! Please!! Tau! Tau!
Azraai.. rerajinla online ek!! Really need you.. hik! ^_^
Need a big BIG help..
Hahha!! And another can of Pepsi Twist for me!!!
Did you noticed? That Pepsi Twist really tastes like Coke??
Hehheh.. anyway, try drinking them both and you'll see that there's not much difference in the two!
Am I killing myself slowly..??
I slept really late at night..
And my sugar intake is waaaaaaayyyy high!!
I just realized that I sucked on THREE lollies today..
I drank Pepsi Twist last night.. and took a few caramel sweets..
And today.. three lollies and F&N Strawberry!
OoOh and not to forget.. a pack of M&Ms!
In a long way run... Yeahh.. I AM killing myself aren't I?

Monday, June 17, 2002

Okie.. finally had my shower! Gosh.. it's refreshing!! But my eyes are still sleepy. I can go back to sleep of course but I need to do my English work first! Anyway, I'm wondering.. why does the mornings and days in MMU are so short but the nights are soo.. soo long and dull?! Honestly, it's mind-boggling! I'm always like.. rushing and tired the whole day but when it comes to night.. it's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crappily slow!! Anyway, nights in MMU is so boring. I've never really had an interesting night as long as I'm in MMU. (How pathetic can it sound?)
Anyway, I have to do the skeletal thingy for English.. about someone close. So, I'm going to do Rai!! Ihhihihhik! Anyway, it was fun chatting with you Rai.. hik! It was... how should I put this.. rejuvinating! Hihhihihik! Reminds me of all sort of stuff, really.. Anyway, about the English.. typically me lah! Mase Form 4 dah buat.. kali ni buat laie! Hihhihihik!
OoO.. haven't started studying my Maths! Hoe!! It's confirmed.. I'll be having the quiz on Thursday. Aahh.. Haven't printed out the declaration form! Hik! All of a sudden I remembered of all the things I need to do.
To my non-MMU friends.. I'll be having the mid-term break starting next week!! Call me!!! Waaa!! Call!! Do call.. I only have a week of holiday, so please call!! It's just bad that we're having our holidays at different times.. Waa!
Okie.. since I've finished my Fundamental.. now I don't know what else I should do. Oh.. eh.. people! Here's an announcement. I won't be updating my website anytime soon due to lack of morale support! Hehhe.. Really sorry for those who waited. But I guess there's no point of babbling in two places, so my site will have to be left alone for a while. I need to collect some pictures first before I'll start updating the site. And of course, I have to rejuvinate my true self again!! Honestly, I am not quite myself when I'm here.. I don't know why.. Guess that it's pretty hard for me to leave behind some things from back home.. Hik! Still need my beloved friends around.. Pathetic aren't I? Mengade tak tentu pasal...
Well.. today, I was pinched quite hard by Aisha on my cheek. Minah tu.. memang ler! AISHA JAHATTTT!! Ihhihihhhihihik!
Oh heck! This is such a boring night!! And I do feel like getting sick! The dust in this room is hazardous!! Anyways, better do my homeworks..
~Yawn~ This is such a boring night that I might even study for my maths!! Wahahhaha!!
OoOh.. before I go.. get well soon Abang Zam! Hik!
Just finished doing my Fundamental assignment. Still need to do some sketches though.. Anyway, I am feeling extremely tired right now! Kinda weird.. I mean, all of a sudden! One moment I was all energetic and the other, I just feel like falling. Oh anyway, need my rest this time soon. Thought I'd want to talk to Faizal first but since he's M-I-A.. can do nothing about it!
So.. heck! I'll get back to you later.. really need to lie down and rest my aching back!!
Just got back from class.. well, lecture actually. Anyway, woke up late this morning. If it wasn't for Fina who got back, Ana and I were sure that we'd be missing our lecture. Hihhihihik! Both of us went to sleep around five last night. Hehh..
Lecture was boring as usual.. and we were assigned with a much harder assignment! What's it about? Honestly, I am not so clear about it myself! Hihhihi.. but I guess that we were supposed to draw something that will be able to express the words that were given to us.. Ya lah.. tu lah KOT!
Anyway, as I was walking towards HB4.. I noticed this one particular pakcik stared at my way. So I looked back, and I thought.. "Oh, okay.." Coz I knew who he was.. A senior that I got to know a few weeks back. So then anyway.. he's been like.. looking at my way for a few times now.. as if he wanted to call me but no! He didn't call out my name. So now I'm wondering.. What laa pakcik ni nak? Hoe..
Okiela.. chatting with Rai right now.. wee~hee!! My friend.. long time no see or chat!! Hihhihihik!
OoO yeah.. how can I forget to report this?! I finally cut my hair!! Hahha!! Looks absolutely like the 60's! Well, naturally.. that's my hair when it's short.. Bila pendek, macam 60's.. bile panjang, cam hantu! Wee~hee!! Anyway, I'm feeling so freeeeeeeee with my new hair cut!! Feels so good!.. to crush Rai's heart by cutting my hair!! Wahhahha!! Sebokk!!
Grr!! I typed in a whole lot of sentences and it just disappeared!! GRR!! I am so frustrated!!
Anyway.. what I typed... hehh!! About Beckham!! Ohhohoho! Noticed the part when one of his teammates did a foul to the Denmark player? Beckham actually covered his teammate so the Danish players couldn't get to him! Aww... he's such a wonderful captain! He's good at footbal.. good at being a captain.. and he's cute!! Such a fantastic combo! Ohhohohho!!
Okie.. weekend was quite okay. Funny thing did happen when I was about to go to sleep on Saturday.. I suddenly remembered my orientation week.. Hehh! My first day to be honest.. The part when I fell right in front of the HB4 stairs.. Ohhohoo! It was hilarious.. 'Coz the first thing that came out of my lips was.. "la stupida!" Hehheh..
And then I was reminded of something else.. okay.. someone else! But... it should be secret.. heh! 'Coz then I'll be a laughing stock to someone! Ohhohoho!
So anyway.. went to the TV room few hours ago.. Spain vs. Ireland.. Gosh! It was so dramatic! My stomach was churning the whole way.. good thing Spain won in the end!! Or I'll surely bang my head again at the edge of my room's wood cupboard.. Ohhoho!
Anyway, I think I'll drop Choir Club.. Hehh..! Just realized that I've had enough ruining songs in public! Hehh.. I'll stick to singing to myself.. Hihhihik!
So then.. I'll keep the clubs which I'm not at all good at.. Theatre (horrible.. horrible..) Deejay (disaster.. disaster..) Bowling (terrible.. terrible..) and Japanese Cultural (Hahhhahh!!)
So.. anyway.. I'm enjoying my time right here.. listening to Bob's band's songs.. Hihhihik! This is so hilarious! Anyway, not the song.. I mean.. the part where something fell at the background.. Ohhohoho!!
Ohh.. okay.. Rai pakcik oi!! Jangan la harap saye nak belanje awak! Awak laa yang kena belanje!! Laki oi.. laki! Mainkanlah peranan awak tu! Ihhihihihihik!!
Okie.. Aisyah.. I still want to know where you are!! Niez in Bangi.. Musz.. uITM Perak... Arep.. hik! Shah Alam is it? Rai.. GMI (wekk!!) and Yat, UIA.. hope you guys will take care of yourselves.. no matter where you are! Okie!! Hik!
Later people! Hope the bed bugs won't get you!! (Especially to you Abang Zam..)

Friday, June 14, 2002

Aha.. okay.. My sister is coming to fetch me!! Yee~haa!! Gotta go home and do the laundry!! Anyway, this means that I better start my Fundamental project!! And.. pack my bags.. Anyway, still missing my friends.. Don't know what's wrong with me lately.. Well, actually I do! It's called Pre-Menstrual Symptoms! Hahha!! Me yang selambe.. Heck! It's not like you guys didn't study about it in Form 3!!
Anyway, thinking about cutting my hair. The thought has been bugging me lately. Rai, don't say a word!! I don't want to hear any reasons why I shouldn't cut it from you! Wek!
Okielaa.. I'll be off for the weekend and I usually restained myself from getting online when I'm at home! ^.^ Get back to you on Sunday or Monday! Hik!
Song mode : A La Clave Para Conquistarte by ...?
Okay.. now I'm feeling like going back to my mental mode!
There's this someone I know who's been really.. like.. I don't know! This person is like.. doesn't like me.. but like.. had to be around when I'm there.. Anyway, it's annoying really!! As if I want to be around this person!! Don't know what's wrong with 'em. Can't figure out if I did any wrong to this person! Crap!! Oh heck.. like I care! Lantaklah kau...
Ookie.. now, to another thing.. To those who've asked me.. "Is Dani your boyfriend?" Wei! Udahlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... You guys are cracking me up everytime you asked.. Hihhihhik! Okie, let me straighten this out. Ehem! Dani is NOT my boyfriend.. I've been hanging out with him loads 'coz we're having all our classes together..! Get real.. I've only been here for what?.. Seven weeks? That's not enough for me to even realize if I like someone! Lagipon.. if I like anyone, I'll like him for months before any thing could happen.. kan Arep, kan?? Hihhihik! Usha-mengusha adalah gayeku! Hik! So please.. stop asking me about Dani.. Coz honestly, baik minat kat Yus yang busuk tu!! Wahhahhaha!! No lahh.. Baik minat kat Bob ke.. Abang Zam ke.. Faizal ke.. GG ke.. Ohhohohohoho!!! Now.. I'm cracking myself up again.. Okay.. okay.. this one is real.. Baik minat kat Rai!! Kan Rai kan?? Rai best kan Rai? Wahhahhahha!!!!!!! Really should stop now! ^.^ But anyway, the point is.. Dani's not my boyfriend. Eh.. I've been hanging out with Juvita a lot.. why didn't you guys ask if I'm lesbian or those sort of stuff?? Hik!
Okie... please don't take me seriously.. I'm back to my mental mode since 'the person' bugs my head! Hehh..
Okay.. okay.. I'm feeling much much better now that I've had my sleep. Such a good night/morning sleep that I just can't stop myself from going on 'til the afternoon! Anyway.. to all who worries for me all this while, you can relax now. I'm not going to crash myself down to the café. Hik! Anyway, I just woke up and I haven't had my athos yet! For those who are clueless what athos means.. it's Java languange which means.. bathe! Mandi la! So I should go right about now.. heh!
Wahh!! Ape Abang Zam nih!! He's been making me think about the things I shouldn't go through.. Honestly, the sort of things that I usually talked to Musz and Niez.
LIFE! Such a huge topic for me.. I can get mental if I start..
Anyway, it started as I read Abang Zam's journal (online!) and he wrote something about if we die.. unexpectedly. I mean, accidents la! So anyways.. got to think if I'll die in an accident (which I haven't thought of for a while!) 'Coz honestly.. I just can't see myself dying in a bed! Hmm.. Like the usual.. I got to think.. if I won't be able to express what I really feel. (Song mode : If Tomorrow Never Comes by Joose) It scares me in some sort of way. 'Coz I want people around me to know how I feel about them. Especially the ones that I really care. But honestly, wouldn't it be weird if I just called up someone to say "I want you to know that you're the first person I'd think of when I'm sad.. I need you to be right here.. and say that it'll pass." Hoe.. but now I wonder.. who's that person? Does the person exist? But the main question now is 'what do I feel?' and not 'will they know what I feel?'. Honestly, I can hardly explain myself. Deep inside, I know there's someone that I want to be around with but seriously.. I don't know who he/she is. (Ehh.. I'm straight tau!) I mean.. do I want my friends to be around? Could be.. it's possible.. Hanis!! I need you so much you just can't imagine how much!!! Musz... waaaa!! How I wish that we're still in school together.. and I can like.. turn around to Musz' table.. or walk upstairs and see Hanis in her class. Or.. having our walk back from school and talk about stuff.. Having to joke around with the other guys.. Eating up Musz' junkfoods.. Gosh!! How I miss the old days! Though.. going back means there's no 'today'. And if today doesn't exist, that means that I'm missing out what I have right here..! ~*sigh*~
Anyway.. how I wish I can say what ever I want when I want to. But then I'll have to consider if I'll ever regret it afterwards...
So hey... Papa.. Mama.. Nina.. Dida.. Hanis.. Musz.. Rai.. Yat.. I care for you guys loads that if I were to be given a choice.. I would rather to die first than you guys 'coz I know I can't bear missing all of you.. ~*sob*~
(Sorry for being a bit sentimental.. just can't help myself!)

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Back here again... tell you what. I'm feeling pretty lousy right now! Sad.. really.
Got to do the choir and gosh!! I was freakin' tired by the time I got onto the stage.. And the fact that I only had two practices before the real thing.. saddens me!! Anyway, must've looked horrible on the stage just now coz I was like.. smiling stupidly most of the time 'coz I don't remember the lyrics!! Dumb me! Bluerrghh!! So anyway.. something funny did happen in the theatre.. As we were all arranging ourselves on the stage, we heard someone shouted "I LOVE YOU JUVITA!' - and it was Tariq.. Hehh! So anyway, when I get to Dani he said that it was see-able that I've forgotten 'some' of the lyrics. Hehh... dumb me!
Oh yeah.. I have a small zit right at the center of my forehead! Isn't that nice..? Now I can catch Astro with it!! Bluerrghh!!
Okie.. went to the interview for Deejay Club. Hehh!! That's another silly thing I did!! Dumb me!! Felt like I should crash myself to the café downstairs!! Anyway.. not going to say anything much about it.. since it's all my fault. I mean, it's not a fault.. but my lackness! Hehh.. what ever I'm saying right here!!!
Dani was okay just now.. but I think I sucked!! No better word to describe it. So anyway.. I do feel that a certain someone is going to brainwash me when I tell him how I really feel. Though, come to think about it.. I feel that a few someone-s are going to brainwash me. AARRGHHHHH!!! Now, really should stop myself from talking so much. But then, that was the thing I should do in the interview!!! TALK!!! DUHH!! Dumb me!! Blueerrghh!!
Oh crap! Where are my friends when I needed them. Rai!!!! Miss you so much!!! (macam pakwe laa pulak!) Musz!! Waaaaaaaa!! Niez.. I need you!!! Bob.. mane Bob pegi?! Don't even mind if you want to brainwash me right away!
CRAP!! That's all what tonight's made of. Honestly.. I pity myself for cursing so much this night..
Crap!!!! Need - help - quick!!!!

Song mode : I Believe In You by Joe featuring *NSYNC
Anyway, I am so bored right here.. Aha!! Finally remembered.. I haven't memorize my lyrics!! Shoot!! Okie.. gotta continue on later.. Hehh.. Me yang kalut..
Hehhh.. finally managed to create a real online journal! Hik! Woo~hoo!! Never felt as relief as this before! Handed in two of my assignments yesterday and the last one today!! So now, there's only one new assignment to get through.. Ihik! Yesterday was nuts! In 24 hours.. I just managed to get two and a half hours of sleep! It's crazy and I even had my choir practice last night!! Good thing I am quite free today.. I woke up at 11:30 this morning.. Hehh.. Then I went to shower.. got back and just realized that I was supposed to send in the DA assignment from noon to 1pm. Hehh, so I had to rush a bit! ^.^
Today's quite OK though.. I mean, a great burden has been lifted off my back and now I can get enough sleep! ^.^ I am going to start my new assignment tomorrow! Hik! So I won't have to rush again.. I have to say that today is such a lazy day. All day long, I was walking pretty slow.. plus, the weather was just windy.. Such a relaxing day!
Though.. I had a bit grouch over the wind today. I don't know why but I just felt like wearing my red kebaya today and.. well, there's a belah at the kain.. And so it happens.. I was walking towards Maths class with Juvita, Dani, Tariq, Apis, Yus and.. ehe.. this other boy that I don't know the name.. So then came a wind! Which kinda blew my kain to one side.. and bared my leg!! Crap really.. the guys were like teasing me!! First they teased me for wearing a kebaya (a guy and my roommates said that I'm dressed for a kenduri kawin..) and then they teased me after the wind-accident. GRR.. Tariq even said to me.. "Seriously la, tadi mase angin tadi memang best.. macam Marilyn Monroe." Crap!! Should've told my mom to sew it together!!
Ookie.. tonight would probably be a long night for me.. Going to have to perform the choir tonight and I'll most probably go for my deejay club interview tonight after the choir. I'll type in when it's all done..
..coming up later this evening..

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