Friday, May 31, 2013

90 Freakin' Hours..

I survived the month of May. God knows how badly I wanted this month to end. Bloody ninety flying hours may not sound a lot to you but it was close to death to me! My entire body is aching, and my sleep is completely messed up!

I don't usually sleep in the transport.. Sometimes I do, but not EVERY SINGLE TIME like I did this month. I just can't help myself.. I am just too damned tired!
Four years in the airline, the most I flew was about 70 hours. So yeah, for someone who usually has 60 to 70 flying hours a month, getting 90 hours is a WHOLE LOT!

And everyone's saying that I'll get a good amount of allowance. True, but to do this again? I don't think so.
It is just not worth it!
Seriously not worth it!!
I would much rather have my typical allowance, and eleven days off, thank you very much!

I don't have the time to blog. I barely even tweet. The most I do these days is post on my Instagram; a picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Ha!

Funny that I am ending this month by dead-heading from Kuching back to base. 

But wait! I am doing Bangkok and back tomorrow.. Well, hello June!

Next month's roster is a whole new case; just SEVEN days off!! Seriously, what the hell is going on?!!
Yes, I asked for flying full time. But no, I did not ask for a back pain.
Anyway, I'm still glad to be able to say that I am a flight stewardess. No more "hybrid" business. Just glad. So glad.
And hey! Despite 90 hours of flying, I somehow couldn't find a single thing to cry about this month.. Which is pretty AMAZING!
I somehow feel indebted to Encem.. For somehow keeping me sane and not letting me be my usual emotional self.. Somehow.

I am glad to be on my way home. I am grateful for a bunch of things this month.. Mostly for my health, I guess. I am grateful for the friends and family whom has kept me smiling and laughing all throughout the month.
Just.. Alhamdulillah..

Kinda looking forward to June now.. A month of birthdays! Wheeee!
Hope you'll have a wonderful month ahead, my dear patient readers..

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Busy busy busy bee..

Feels like all I ever do is work these days. Yes, I do keep a mental note to be grateful to have a job, to be able to fly fulltime again..
But I also can't deny the fact that my entire body is aching! With the lack of sleep and everything, seriously.. I'm tired.

I am off to Kuching again today. I am always in Kuching this month! Kinda wish that there would be something different in my roster but I keep getting different set of crew so at least the experience is different each time.

Let's see, what have you missed?
Nothing much really. I was in Hong Kong for a bit last week. Didn't shop as much as when I was there last. There wasn't any sale, plus I had JUST been there two months ago! I didn't even get to spend all the HK$ that I'd brought.
For what ever reason, that upsets me the most! Hahahahha! I sound like a total shopaholic.

I also had a little exchange with FabulousMiss.. Excuse me, FabulousMrs while we were both in BKI on a separate layover.

Anyway, nothing much really.. I'll write more if I think of something! 

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