Saturday, October 22, 2016

JPO Haul!

You know my love for bargains..
And perhaps you know my love for outlets too.. heh!

It's been a while since I've been to any factory outlets. I have not stepped foot in Citygate (Hong Kong) for God knows how long. I missed out on Rinku (Osaka) earlier this year because I was unwell. Can't remember when I last went to Watertown (Perth) and since Rebecca Minkoff left Shisui (Narita), I just didn't feel like paying the ¥700 bus fare to get there.
I did have a look around in Mitsui (Sepang) in January but there wasn't anything much to get then.

So when I'm rostered for a day off in JHB, all I could think of was Johor Premium Outlet!
And the hotel we're staying offers free shuttle to and fro the outlet so, hooray!

Apparently the last time I was there was May of 2014! A lot has changed. The place seemed a lot livelier and there were a lot more interesting brands on offer!

My first purchase was from Kate Spade New York. I'd been coveting the Zodiac Pendant Necklace since I first saw it sometime last year, but I really couldn't justify the price. So as all of the Kate Spade accessories that I own, I only get them on sales. It was luck really, that they had my sign!
It was originally RM230, but after 60% discount I paid RM92!

Then I went into The Cosmetic Company Store where I got the Origins Superstar Minis which was a 2014 gift set. I am quite critical when buying beauty products to be honest. I mean, I am well prepared to wait for the gift sets coming up in the next few weeks but I love Origins. And I love minis. Plus products manufactured two years ago didn't seem TOO bad, in my head. I mean, they are unopened! But that's where I set my limit; no more than two years.
Anyway, I paid RM116 for the set. I'll probably chuck some of these minis into my emergency toiletries kit.

I also got a Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick in the shade Greige from the same store. I think it's RM110-ish(?) from a Bobbi Brown store, and CCS sells them for RM88.
Pretty good, I think. You know how I owe my lazy days to cream eyeshadow sticks!

I also went to the Levi's, GAP and La Senza outlets, but I really don't need anymore denim and I'm all stocked in the lingerie department all thanks to the Independence Day Sales almost two months ago.

So next I headed to the Bath & Body Works outlet. They mostly had their normal priced items, but a few off-season scents that were half-priced!
Which was PERFECT and annoying at the same time.
Side story; last month I ran out of my favourite wallflower scent, Watermelon Lemonade. So I purchased some other scents for the rooms in my home. Last week Bath & Body Works had a sale where you get "RM50 off with RM150 purchase, RM100 off with RM250 purchase." Knowing that I'll probably only see my favourite scent next summer (B&BW changes their scent range according to the seasons, in case you didn't know) I decided to stock up on the scents I like now.

Since the B&BW outlet in JPO has off-season scents, guess what they have at 50% off..
Watermelon Lemonade wallflower refills!
Of course I got a few of them.
Of course I got some other things that were half-priced as well; Leaves in the Scentportables refills and Concentrated Room Spray.

Just as I thought I was done and was heading to Coffee Bean to wait for my shuttle back to the hotel, I saw the Cosmetics & Designer Fragrance store.

Said I wasn't going to repurchase Giorgio Armani Si perfume. (Well, technically.. I didn't.) Then I saw it in deodorant spray (n.p. RM233.20 - crazy!) on display. On its right was Si shower gel (n.p. RM169.60), while on its left was the body cream (n.p. RM349.80 - nuts!).
I caved like I never caved before, I was such a sucker! hahahaha
My actual total was RM335 but I got an extra 10% off so I paid RM301.50 for all three items, which was cool!

That was a total splurge so I feel kinda bad for that one. At the same time, I'm also SO excited to start using them! My armpits are going to smell oh-SO-good! HAHAHAHA

All in all I had an awesome shopping trip in JPO! Clearly I was feeling spendy, but I think I made pretty awesome purchases there!

Not looking forward to work tomorrow though. Wake up call is at 0400!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Honestly I'd say that I'm quite depressed.
A friend once said that I was brooding.
Years have passed, and apparently I simply couldn't stop brooding.

I suppose I shouldn't really diagnose myself as being depressed.
Or even talk about it when I haven't really seek help.
Like I never seek help for my trouble sleeping.
As this suffocating feeling of sadness and hopelessness.

Every once in a while it gets like this for me.
My head gets heavy. Then there's like an invisible force pressing on my chest. Every laughter feels like an elaborated act. Every smile feels like an effort.
When I'm alone in my bed, I'd just cry my eyes out. Didn't need to be over anything. Sometimes having to do the laundry triggers it. Basically nothing, really.

I'm feeling unimportant.
I'm feeling worthless.
And I'm quite a feminist myself, so feeling these sort of feelings is also making me feel stupid at the same time. I'm angry at myself, I'm angry at the world.
I'm angry with life.

I'm questioning my part in the world.
Questioning my purpose in life.
How can I love my family, and know that I'm loved, but still feel excruciatingly alone.

Anyway, this will pass.
It may not sound normal, but it's pretty normal for me by now.
I may not keep my chin up, but I'll carry on. I'll wander around this earth in the attempts to fill up the emptiness inside of me.
Pray that perhaps one day I can be done with writing such sad entries.
Confident that when I say that I'm happy, I truly am and contented.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Time wasted.. or time well spent?

I came back from Mumbai today wanting to do a whole lot of stuff.

Do a load of laundry..
Sort the pile of clean clothes into the wardrobe..
File my nails.
Clean my travel makeup bag, because my Nars tinted moisturiser exploded in it and made a mess onto everything else in that bag.
Do an inventory of all my personal care back-ups so I know what I need to get the next time I go shopping thus avoiding unnecessary spending.
Pay the bills.
Water the plants.
Sort my makeup collection, and switch up the contents of my travel makeup bag.
Replenish what that is lacking from my toiletries bag.
Throw out the trash.. because no one else bothered to do it before I get back.
Wash my hair.
Colour my hair.

I got home at noon, and after a little chill out with YouTube while I was filing my nails, I shut down around two thirty because I barely had an hour of sleep before my flight back. I managed to set the alarm to wake me up at three, but after a couple of snooze, I just turn it off and finally woke up at seven thirty in the evening!

So much for wanting to be productive.

It's time like this when I get so upset for wasting daylight and the chance to get things done.
At the same time, I also believe that I needed that time to just rest and not worry about all my "plans".
I'm not great at sleeping, so when I do sleep, I should appreciate that time more, right? I still feel like I've wasted my time, though.

I am still chilling and haven't quite muster the energy to carry out my chores. Paid the bills, since I'm in front of the laptop anyway. It is almost midnight and I do feel the need to wash my hair so it needs to happen tonight.

Wish I am not feeling so discouraged to do all the houseworks honestly.
I've been feeling like I'M the only person in this house who ever gives a shit. I'm tired of feeling so alone. Bored of having to be the responsible one. Am I not allowed to be lazy once in a while?? Pfft!

Ranting isn't doing any good, so I'll stop.
I need a good long holiday, really. I just need to get away.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Sephora Black Card Members Sale; October 2016

Dear God, I spent a LOT!

Doesn't look like much, but if my shopping bag were stolen yesterday, I would run after the thief! Or cry. Probably run after the thief first then cry because I am so out of shape!
To think that I had wanted some other things but they were all out of stock in store..

Now if you're not familiar with Malaysian Sephora, they normally have their member's sale every May and October with 20% discount on everything. So if you have something 'spensive you'd like to try, it's the BEST time to get it!

I got four things from the Sephora brand itself;
First, is a box of the Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes. I've never tried this before, but I love the portability of their Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes so I decided to chuck it in my basket.
When it comes to makeup removing wipes, I trust in the Simple brand, but the packaging is quite large and would take up some space in my toiletries bag.

So I plan on putting some sachets of these Sephora wipes in my "emergency toiletries bag". For times when Encem tells me that we're going to see his mom in Puncak Alam where the drive takes forty minutes to an hour. And we'd stay there for hours, and he'd be too tired or sleepy (from the awesome meals) to drive back home.
Which reminds me, I should put together that emergency toiletries bag soon.

I also got a loofah (or as they call it, Bath Flower! pfft), because as it turns out I like the one from Sephora! It gets the job done and has held its shape. I've had mine for months now (which is why I should replace it) and it is still well intact.

Then there's the Glass Nail File which I bought because Cristine from Simply Nailogical said that clipping your nails is bad. hahahha.

Last from the Sephora Collection is the Mini 4-step Buffer that I bought because Encem uses them. Simply. I do think of him sometimes when I shop, see! hahaha

Now on to the more fun part;
I got the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder on a whim. As mentioned in the previous post, I am not a powder-girl but this setting powder has so many good reviews and I've always wanted to try baking. I don't know.. Felt kinda bad for getting it when it wasn't on my wishlist/shopping list (as the rest of the things I purchased were) but thinking it was on sale (RM189 n.p.) and I'd never get it otherwise.. purchase -- happened.

I mean, I could bake with my Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder that Mami got me a couple of birthdays ago but you never see any of those YouTubers talk about it! huhuu.
Anyway, no excuses really. I told you I got the powder on a whim.

Another sort-of-whim, sort-of-not purchase is the Too Faced Hangover Primer. I also don't normally prime my face because I have yet to find one that I can say I love. I've tried Benefit The POREfessional, Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Nars Pro-prime Light Optimizing Primer and I have no particular thoughts on them. They all made my makeup stay longer (I think?) but I always feel that it's a hassle to put on. Truly, just another extra step to do before I put on my makeup. And, I can always feel them on, which I don't particularly enjoy.
Apparently the Hangover Primer is suppose to hydrate the skin as well, so we'll see how I get on with it. I did try it on once I got home yesterday and it is lightweight, so that's a good sign.

I repurchased the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. I do love it. My under-eyes loves it. I mean, I am quite sad that it's taken the number one spot, replacing my old time fave Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer but it's what my skin loves at the moment.

Then I (re)purchased WEN by Chaz Dean Healthy Hair Kit. I've used one up a couple of months ago and loved it. But spending RM 136 on a 480ml shampoo is.. terrible, really. (Pretty sure it didn't cost that much when I first bought it, though.)
This set is RM 198 n.p. (yikesss!!) but you get the full size cleansing conditioner, a hair masque and a treatment mist. The product is basically a lazy-girl's shampoo; a cleansing conditioner. One that mostly hydrates your hair but leaves it feeling squeaky clean.
I would normally use this when my hair feels disgusting, but I still have work the next day so it's a waste of time to do the whole hair care shebang when I know it's just going to get disgusting again. heh. It's great for days like that.

A new purchase is the Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel. Believe it or not, it has been on my wishlist ever since it first came out! But for the life of me, I cannot justify the price for a friggin' brow gel. Still had doubts about getting it. But yesterday I just took it off the shelf and chuck it into my basket.
The thing about having a wishlist, while the thing you wanted is still on that list, it just keeps on haunting you. Even when you KNOW that you're not supposed to get it. You KNOW it can't be that magical to have such steep price. Still, it haunts you.
The heart wants what it wants. hahaha

I've also repurchased a full size Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light. Now, that's a commitment. And yes, I've just bought a loose setting powder. Whatever.
Dim Light was sold out everywhere and all the other shades were too shimmery for what I intend to do with it. Plus Dim Light can sometimes make my foundation seem a bit warmer since it has a peachy-beige tone to it. I'm hoping the pinky tone of Mood Light will keep things neutral on me.

The final thing that I bought on this sale (also the one I am most excited about.. also the most 'spensive. huhuu) is the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. It has great reviews from my favourite YouTubers so naturally, I had to try it out.
I don't know why I like to hover around Hourglass honestly. They're damn expensive!!

Anyway, I tried it yesterday and liked it so far. I mean, I can't say much when I've only used it for a couple of hours. It does have a huge selection of shades, and it is high coverage. Quite creamy, blends easily and I didn't use much at all. Really looking forward to using it again and have a true test of its staying power.
It's my first time ever owning a stick foundation by the way, so I'm excited!

So that's what I got during the Sephora Black Card Members Sale this time around. I don't think I've ever spent this much on makeup.. thanks, Hourglass!
If you're looking to get anything from Sephora, the sale is still on until tomorrow, Sunday October the 9th, in stores and online!

*Some of the products mentioned are linked to the product page on Sephora.COM as the products are only available in the physical stores.
**Not all Sephora stores are stocked equally, Hourglass products are only stocked in Starhill and KLCC, Laura Mercier is not stocked in Starhill and Pyramid.. you may want to call them up and check if the store you'd like to visit has the brand that you're looking for.
***Random story: I visited three Sephora stores yesterday, started off in Starhill, had lunch in Pavilion, walked towards KLCC then checked the one in Avenue K before I headed home on the LRT.

Friday, October 07, 2016


Let's get this one thing straight.
Keeping aside all my empty bottles and tubes feels really unnatural. And having to put them all on the bed for this picture.. feels kinda yuck! hahahaha

But anyway, thought I'd talk about some of the things I've finish up in the past few weeks.


I've finally finish up my NARS Sheer Glow foundation! ..and you know that I've got a new bottle of it! I love this stuff, and the only reason that I hadn't finish it sooner is because I don't travel with it. A little horrified by the thought of leaving it in some hotel, rather than the bottle breaking really.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is the bomb when it comes to brow pencils, honestly. I am still using that one as I always buy back-ups. But as I am now using the back-up, I need to order some more because not having a spare is making me rather nervous.

Benefit They're Real mascara is one of my faves. This is my second tube of it, but I'm quite fickle when it comes to mascaras. Not too fussy about it so I am currently using one from Urban Decay (at home) and Tarte (while travelling) but I know if all fails, I can always go back to They're Real.

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer was pretty good. It might even be better than my old fave NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I don't know, perhaps the skin under my eye has been even drier than normal and the consistency of the Urban Decay concealer is a tad lighter and feels nicer under my eye.

I've also run out of my travel size Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. It seem like I have a wee bit more on the pan but everytime I try to powder my face with it, it doesn't seem to give me anything really.
Now, I'm not really a powder-girl, but this I LOVE. It made my skin seem smooth and luminous.


Liese Juicy Shower refill.
Okay. I've used this stuff for YEARS and I still don't know what it really does for my hair! hahaha! But I love the way it smells. And it's really handy to have while I'm doing my hair for work. Since I don't wash my hair everyday and it's easier for me to put my hair up in a bun when it's slightly damp.
This is one of those things that I'll ALWAYS repurchase but probably won't talk about again because as mentioned, I don't really know what it does apart from being a good smelling water for the hair.

Now for the first time ever, I don't have a back-up of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. Kinda bothers me a bit. It's been a favourite for SO long, but I don't know.. I feel like branching out, trying out different things.
Suppose I'll repurchase if it's on offer or nothing else works out.

Loreal Studio Line Fix and Shine hairspray.
I used to always use this when I started flying. Bought it again because I ran out of hairspray and the brand that I was using was not available at the drug store at the time I had to repurchase.
Reminded why I hadn't use it for so long.
I hated it.
I hate how crunchy it made my hair feel.
HATE how it smells like.. hairspray. hahahha! I feel like getting sick everytime I do my hair for work.
So yeah.. I definitely won't buy this again. SO glad I manage to use it up.


Bath and Body Works Body Scrub in Wild Madagascar is yet another favourite. This was my second tube of it, and I'm going through the third. That's all I have to say about that.

Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Handwash in Fresh Watermelon Lemonade is the handwash that I have in my bathroom. LOVE the scent of it, and yet another product I've repurchased.

Bath and Body Works Deep Cleansing Handwash in Pink Grapefruit Pop is the handwash I had in the kitchen. Perhaps it's the word "deep cleansing" that made it fitting for the kitchen. Basically what made it "deep cleansing" is the presence of beads in the liquid soap. It's a mild scrub for the hands! I've also repurchased this handwash, but in a different scent this time. Now the kitchen area sometimes smells of pineapple!

I've almost run out of the Lush Cosmetics body wash in The Olive Branch but I decided to include the bottle in for this entry because there's probably just enough for one shower left. It is unlike any other body wash I've used. It's very thin in consistency, very liquid-y. But I like the scent, and so does Encem. I don't really know how to describe the scent, but it doesn't smell like olive oil that's for sure. It smells fresh and pleasant. hahahaha! So descriptive.

Another body wash I've used up is the Original Source in Vanilla & Raspberry. Now this, I can say, smelled divine! It's like the yummiest, sweetest cake you've ever smelled! Loved it while it lasted, but I don't think I'll repurchase anytime soon. I like changing things up when it comes to body wash. A shame really, to keep buying the same scent when there are SO many options out there.
I might try a different scent from the same brand though. I love it when things are labelled "vegan" or "natural". Hipster much? hahahaha!
I just love the idea of having less chemical in my products really. (Which is why I tend to splurge on the "good" stuff. heh)


Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm is amongst those things that I'll keep repurchasing. I can't find a bad thing to say about it. It does what it said it would without irritating my eyes or skin. Even though I am currently using Boscia's cleansing oil for when I'm home -- which is just as good, still I repurchased the cleansing balm for me to transfer into a smaller pot for when I'm travelling!

I've also used up a generous sample of Origins Mega-bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser.
It's a foamy cleanser. It washes my face squeaky clean. What else can I say? Suppose I won't repurchase because I'm really not that fussy about foaming cleansers, so I like to try out different things.

I've repurchased Lush Cosmetics Eau Roma Water because I am such a lazy person. Of all the skincare steps, I am most lazy to use a toner. So, a toner water in a spray bottle? Perfect!


I am SO proud (and excited) to say that I've used up TWO perfumes; Taylor Swift Wonderstruck and Georgio Armani Si EDP. Seriously. It is SO rare for me to finish up a bottle of perfume, let alone two! I loved these two scents. Would probably buy Wonderstruck again as it was my work-scent for the longest time. Maybe not Si, because Bestie uses the same scent in Intense sometimes.
I don't know about you, but I always find it weird to smell the same as someone close to you.
Or someone random uses the same perfume as someone close to you.
Scents are just too personal for me, I guess.

Anyway, excited to get a new perfume in the future!
Not too soon though, because I still have a bunch in my collection. Well, four. Five if you count the one that I keep for sentimental value. hehehe


Colgate Optic White toothpaste! hahahahha. Everybody should brush their teeth and this is my toothpaste of choice. I've used up tubes of it. Still not sure if it actually whitens my teeth, but I'll keep on using this -- just in case if it does help with my coffee and cigarette stains.

Lastly, I've finished yet another Bausch & Lomb Renu Fresh Multi-purpose Solution in the 120ml. I only buy the smaller size actually. Read or heard somewhere that you're not supposed to keep an opened eye-solution for too long. Made sense to me since it sits in my bathroom anyway, and it's something that'll end up in my eye. (Should probably not leave it in the bathroom, I know..)
I used to buy the larger bottle as they are more value for money but I am the only one in this household who wears contacts, and I remember that the large bottle lasted me for close to a year!
I doubt that's a good practice.

And that is it! Thank you for staying strong and read through my crap about my trash. I know it sounds kinda stupid but I do feel a deep sense of accomplishment seeing this bundle of crap I've collected. I mean, I know I shop a LOT, but I do go through them!

So yeah.. I can finally throw out all these empty tubes and bottles!
More room for new stuff! bahahhaha!
..which I might talk about tomorrow. heehee

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