Saturday, December 22, 2012

Of a troubled mind.

Despite coming home well after midnight for the past couple of days.. I've been having trouble sleeping.
I suppose I could blame tiredness. My entire body has been aching for days.
But I won't deny that there's been a bunch of things on my mind lately.

On a lighter side.. I've been thinking of getting a new phone.
I don't really need it. I'd just like to have it.
Nothing really heavy about that. Sounds kinda dumb even.

I've been feeling really detached. I don't know. Lack of conversations that is worth my while. Couldn't bring myself to care anymore.
I can honestly say that I've been faking smiles this past whole week.
I don't feel like smiling at all. Nor do I feel like making any contact with anyone. Just so happens that I work in a line where I am actually paid to make contact and connections.
Life is kinda sucky at times like these.

Perhaps I'll end up a hermit after all.
I really wish happiness isn't so temporary. But it just feels that way these days.

Oh well, ignore me. It's half past five and I'm obviously sleep-deprived.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Of Birthdays & Books

I'd say Mumu and I are lucky for being born in the same month that we get to have a potluck get together to celebrate our birthday! ..and we all got the same off day on a weekend! Such a rare thing..
Mumu prepared a load of fried finger foods and drinks, Mami brought spaghetti, I brought Tony Roma's ribs (too lazy to prepare my lasagna) and Bestie brought Secret Recipe's brownie.. because his mom's oven broke! sigh..

Oh and I love the presents Mami and Bestie got me!
Thank you thank you thank youuuu!

Then earlier today I finally got myself to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. The place was HUUGE but I couldn't find much really. Or at least I couldn't find the books that I was thinking of getting..
"Couldn't find much" translates as ten books.. HAHHAHAHHA!
Cookbooks goes for around 20-30 Ringgit.. Novels are mostly RM8.
I suppose it's better to go with an open mind.. Not really looking for anything specific because trying to search for it would be a nightmare! So today's total damage was about RM100.. and I completely forgot to use the RM10 off voucher that I got just before entering the hall!

I mean, what was that?? Feels like my mind is deteriorating..
But Encem just coolly said, "then maybe we'll go there again.."
hmmm.. Maybe. If payday comes early. I really hope that it does because I'm grasping for air again..

Gahh!! I hate how this is a constant trouble of mine at the end of every month.
It's like I'm twenty-eight and I never learn..

Friday, December 14, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday?

That is to say that I had the worst birthday yet.
I don't know.. Something about birthdays that simply get to me.
Messes with me to the core.
Funny how I feel fine today.

I say fine, not great. Just fine. Nothing to shout about.
Nothing else to say. Feels like yesterday somehow marred my whole being. A nagging feeling that I won't ever feel great.

Oh well, maybe I'm wrong.
I'd love to be wrong.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I basically slept the whole day of yesterday. Or at least it feels like it.
Got home from work at half past one, fell asleep after five, woke up around noon, fell asleep again after dusk, woken up around ten, fell right back to sleep, and now I just had my shower.. After midnight.
I totally wasted the my day off yesterday. I know I wouldn't want to go out when it was a Selangor public holiday but I should've at least de-clutter my room! It's annoying to get a day off on a public holiday.
And now I feel like I should take a little more nap before I need to get ready for work.

Days had been uneventful.
Dida asked me what I want for my birthday. Totally cheating, but I finally figured out that I wanted a favour for my birthday. It's starting to feel a bit complicated, so I think I'm going to just cancel that.

Yeaaah.. so my birthday is coming up. For what ever reason I feel like crying when I think about it.
Perhaps I should try getting that nap now. I don't feel like talking it out while I try to figure out why I feel like crying.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Update on my previous post;

1. Nothing really good at Clark's warehouse sale. Perhaps everything was sold out, but I was hoping to find a pair of ladies boots but none of them looked good.
2. I spent RM300 at LaSenza while they had that 50% off when you buy 10 items offer. Whoops!
3. After calling and visiting FOURTEEN Clinique places, I finally found the Chubby Sticks set that I've been looking for at Isetan, Lot 10!

So glad that the search was over.
To think that I still have one left of last year's set! Bahahhahaha!
I wonder how next year's set would look like. I gotta remind myself to keep a look out for it early November so I won't have to search around like a mad woman again..

4. I haven't bought anything from Typo yet.. But I don't exactly need anything right now so I can wait.. The things that I usually want always go for less after a while anyway.
I suppose it's weird, but what I had in mind is the glitter-tape.. I have this odd fixation for wrappers and ribbons for the sole purpose of gift wrapping! Even when I was younger, while others collected stamps or erasers, I collect wrapping papers!

Today is my second day off and I'd already lounged the whole of yesterday.. Guess I should really do something useful today.
I really should sort out my wardrobe!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stop. Shop.

Clinique Chubby Sticks.
LaSenza 50% Off.
Clarks Warehouse Sale.

Year-End Sales are hell scary.
Dear God, guide me away from things that I don't need.
I guess we are certain that I'm getting the Clinique Chubby Stick Christmas gift set. I am telling myself not to buy it if it costs more that RM150. I'll try to remind myself that as much as I can. Even if I call it as my birthday present. I'll try to be strong.
Please let it be less than RM150!
I think I spent RM120 on last year's set.

I can never say no to things from Typo.

I haven't bought anything from LaSenza for MONTHS! It's time, really..

Then there's Clarks warehouse sale happening somewhere in Damansara that ends this Sunday! Really wanted to see what's there.. But I'm afraid that I might not be able to go! Grrr..

Y-E-S are scaryyyyy!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay, so Bestie said something to me last night that kinda bothered me. It wasn't his intention, but honestly it just opened my eyes a bit.

I know how cynical and unhappy I sound in my blog.. but it's not really as if I'm incapable of happiness. Funny how I am more eloquent when I'm expressing unhappiness. To be honest, I am just scared.
It always feels like happiness just loves to run around in my presence, so I simply don't talk about it for fear of spooking it.

Dida and I had a conversation the other day. I told her that I've recently realized that my psychological trait were really based on the environment I grew up in. (Yes, very Freudian.) Being the youngest, I feel small and timid to a point where I feel unimportant sometimes. That I don't matter.
That's the usual case with me and Encem honestly.
When he didn't let me in on his plans.. when he didn't call or text..
Feels like I'm so easily forgotten.

To be honest though, I don't really need someone to call me every hour. I don't need someone who feels the need to tell me that he's going to take a piss. I am not the kind of girl who needs to text her partner that she's going to turn off her phone for work. (A very typical case among the cabin crew, believe it or not!)
I honestly love the freedom that I have, being with Encem.

Things just gets ugly when I am particularly missing him.
Or I'm exceptionally hormonal.
Or I'm troubled..
Bestie is probably tired of hearing me complain and saying that I need to be apart from Encem.

It's not like he doesn't love me. Honestly I can feel it every single time I'm with him. I honestly hope that I am giving off the same feeling too. If so happens that we do not end up together.. it won't be for the lack of love. I did told Dida that.
She asked if that is enough for me -- if love is enough.
All I could say is that most times, it is.

Don't you find it odd that I am talking about love, but somehow I managed to sound so cynical?
I really am a hopeful cynic. Depending on the day that you get to talk to me. Just so happens that I am more cynical than hopeful today. heehee.

Friday, November 09, 2012

I hate doctors.

The nerve of them sometimes.

So it's flu season. Pretty typical in the monsoon, I guess. Really hot during the day, followed by heavy rain in the evening. Good thing we weren't made of stone or we would've crumbled into sands..
Okay, I'm crapping.

Been having the flu for five days now. I guess it's getting better. Ever so slightly.
Took medical leave on my HYD flight on Wednesday. Not too happy with that since I appreciate all the flights I can get but my nose were completely blocked!
When I asked for leave, the doctor totally pissed me off when he said, "okay what, take the meds and in two hours you'll be fine."
I didn't really mean to raise my voice, (that's a lie) when I said, "manaaa.. tak pernah.. Never happen!"
Honestly, kang aku kata tak gi skolah, marah.. But sometimes these panel doctors are just too dumb to be doctors!

I think I know my body better than some doctor I've only met twice, thank you very much.
As far as flu meds goes.. NONE of them ever make me sleep.
The flu meds that my dad swears on; he takes a half of it and he'd be sleeping in half an hour. I took it whole, and it does NOTHING on me!
My sleep-troubles are that bad, I guess.
So yeah, two hours.. MY ASS!

I took my meds before I got into my pick up for my RGN flight this morning, and my nose were runny the whole day!
And all the way I was wishing having that bloody doctor all tied up at the last row of the aircraft with a runny nose.. Dua jam, TOK MU!

Anyway, times like these I am glad I'll be at the lounge come Monday. I finished my flight four hours ago and I still can't hear a thing coming in from my left ear. Really, flu and flight just don't mix! They're murder. Just thinking about the pulsing headache during the descent is giving me the shivers.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Lelah hati.

Came home feeling feverish.. excited to finally try out the digital thermometre I bought a while back.. only to find that the big plastic bag that it was in has gone.

Just as I blogged about spending money that I barely had..

I am so SO tired of life right now.
Can't I just be HAPPY, for God's sake?!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Money matters.

Spent the little money that I barely have on a skirt earlier.
I am the worst person to talk to about saving money!
In my defence, I think of it as therapy. I do feel good after buying it. I've been wanting a decent, nowhere-near-hoochie denim skirt for a while.
Just a little guilty knowing that I don't really have to buy it now NOW..
Oh well..

Have I told you that I don't like pants?
Long ones especially. I don't even like wearing jeans. I even have a personal grudge towards Levi's for making me feel fat everytime I tried on their jeans.
And even when my pajamas comes with a long bottom, I always end up folding it up to my knees.
Yeah, I don't like pants.

So I'm glad that I bought the skirt. My shorts needs a rest. So does my VS maxi skirts.
Now I just have to figure out how to survive the rest of the month..

I hate having to work at the lounge for this.
I remember complaining about the lack of livelihood after I had spend so much on Lomo cameras, La Senza lingeries, Clinique chubby sticks.. VS clothes and other things I got online.
Now I complain after getting ONE little skirt!

It sucks..
I want to go back to flying full time again. Where there is no apparent office politics.. where I don't have to miss an overnight in some place because I'd just been there.. Where I could bump into awesome colleagues that I'd still want to go out with even when I'm sick!
(That's what happened last night, by the way.)

I'm feeling worse now, in case you're wondering. The flu meds I've been taking didn't seem to be working at all! I reckon the cigarettes and karaoke last night wasn't helping either.
Suppose I should get to bed early tonight. Call time is at 0520, and I sure hope that my boogers would stop running down my nose by then.
I'm happy that I'll be going home tomorrow.. can't wait to hide under the covers of my own bed!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Kick me when I'm down.

Today is the first of my three days trip in BKI, and I've been sneezing like hell!
Suppose I am due for some kind of sickness. The last time I was sick enough to have to see a doctor was in May. (The one in August was faking sickness, I have to admit.)
Not loving the partially blocked nose.
Serves me for having such lousy sleep lately.

I'm not in the greatest mood.
Feeling lonely mostly. Bestie has been hanging out with his girl and his new friends. Encem's too busy with what ever that he's been doing.. while I stuck around for who knows what.
Feels like all Encem has is just enough time to have a fight with me.
It's getting really old.

Apparently all that I've been feeling were feelings alone.
Encem actually SAID that I should use my head instead.
I think I should kick his balls for just saying that.
Thank you for belittling my bloody feelings, B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D!!
Honestly I hate blogging about this like a friggin' teenager. I should have used my brain a long long time ago. It's been a while since I last felt that we were good for each other.
If only my heart would just stop...

It's sad that I'm rooting for doomsday at the end of this year.
Sure, there's a bunch of things I'd like to do first before I die. Places to be.. to see.
Make my existence count.
But at what cost? My heart getting trampled every other day??
I couldn't take it.
And I don't hate my life THAT much to actually take it away myself. So... Armageddon, come on!

Yeah, I know I'm dark.
I really should seek professional's help.

Friday, October 26, 2012

48 hours..

Today is the third day I'm on the morning shift..
I've only slept for an average of three hours for the past three nights.
I am zombie-like.
And in dire need to pour my thoughts out after a mere twelve days of blog-fast.

A bunch of things happened the last 48 hours.
They're just.. TOO weird..

I went to Midvalley by myself on Wednesday. Encem had some adult-like things to do so I had to get back home on my own.
So I stood in line for a taxi and there were four people in front of me. A cab stopped and asked the first person where she was heading -- he wouldn't go there. He asked the second, he shook his head. Asked the third and said no. He looked at me and I told him my destination, he motioned to come in.

The taxi driver was a friendly guy, we chatted a bit.. and I couldn't remember how, but at one point I directed him to take a wrong path that led us into Maju Expressway (MEX). Yepp, it was 9pm and I was well on the way to the airport!! *screams*
I laughed it off, naturally. The driver laughed along with me and asked if I smoke to which I said yes. He then stopped at the emergency lane so I could switch place to the front seat and we both smoked as we drove along. As I watched the meter running, I thanked God that my payday was just the day before.
Had a really good chat with that guy. Sure, it was a pricey chat but I didn't really mind. I could still laugh about it and he found it odd that I could.

The next morning I was positioned to do Meet&Greet (M&G), which is a task where I had to meet up with passengers from the check-in counter and assist them to the lounge. (Some BS if you ask me, but it's a wonderful reason to play hookie!)
I had to assist this group of four to the lounge. I was kinda lousy at it but I somehow managed to have a little conversation with one of the ladies. Turns out they were travelling to get materials for her daughter's upcoming wedding. At the boarding gate, she dug her cabin bag and took out her iPad to show me the engagement pictures.
Oh and she tipped me, for some reason! The same amount that I paid for the taxi ride the previous night. hahahha! I was really glad for that.

Then somewhere along the day I was caught smoking where I shouldn't have smoked..
Good thing my ID wasn't confiscated!

Then I was asked to extend my hour to do an M&G of a VVIP (which is something that I truly hate!). ick! I really just hate doing VVIPs.. For one, I don't understand how they became all that IP. They're definitely not important to me.. and the protocols!! UGHHH!!

So I went along with it anyway. Plus, I had the coordinator with me!
I didn't have any trouble getting along with the officials.. talked about football and stuff. And then we were informed that the aircraft is delayed by an hour....
The coordinator asked me if I'd like to stay or head home. You think???

I walked away from the place so fast that I managed to catch the usual ERL train that I take.. Feeling oh-so-lucky to get away.
...but as I was 5 minutes away from my stop, the train stopped and the recorded announcement told us that we've stopped due to technical problems. The train driver/engineer(?) somehow came into the coach from outside and went into the driver's room right behind where I was seated with a colleague.
This colleague of mine somehow heard him saying "dead body" to another engineer.
I was skeptical, of course..

It took almost forty minutes for us to get back to the previous station and change trains. By the time we got to the point where we'd stopped earlier, the train slowed down and changed tracks. We were standing right next to a window so we saw it..

A black shoe.. A clump of pink.. half of a head.. tangled up body.. a foot.. and an arm.....

That's a horrible way to go.
A horrible thing to see.
Just horrible, really.

And now I'm home alone.. Two nights in a row! Truly hating it. But everybody got their lives, so.. let me just sulk here quietly as I try to cast away yesterday's image.
Having sleep-problems is just not helping!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still sick.

Perhaps I'll never be cured.

I'm at a point where I get irked when other people reveals my relationship status to the ones who asked.
I'm just annoyed.
Mostly because I don't even know what my relationship status is.

"It's complicated" just seems lazy.

I know I'm not whole-heartedly in love. Not really. Or at least I don't feel like I am since I'm angry most of the time. I mean, honestly.. would you say that you're in love if you feel like hitting your partner's face with a chair every other day?
I think not.

Lately I just feel used.. and I'm spent.
Feels like I've been talking to a wall for three fucking years.

Dear God, what am I waiting for here?

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Aren't you tired..

Thought of pouring my heart out.

But I thought you'd be tired of reading me nag, so I deleted what ever that I had typed.

I am simply calling this chapter of my life; I-AM-SICK-OF-LOVING-YOU.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

May I just say..

Tumblr makes me feel like an artist..

Having random people 'like' and 'reblog' my doodles kinda picks up my self-esteem..
Does that make me vain?

Oh well, maybe I kinda am.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Kota Kinabalu or PARKROYAL?
Apparently there's an open interview at PARKROYAL this coming Saturday..
I am scheduled for a Kota Kinabalu night stop that Saturday...

Dida's been telling me to find another job.
Mama said something the other day that sounded like her blessing for me to go away.
And I never said anything about wanting to get a different job, let alone relocate myself someplace else.

I hate talking about this but it's been running around my mind.

Feels like everyone's moving on but me.
Still stuck. Ever-stagnant.
And I can't shake off my sadness.. which makes me want to just run away.. far far away.
But my heart just aches when I imagine myself doing so.

A part of me wish to stay. Glue myself to the ground.
But a part of me, that is so lonely.. keeps on saying that I might as well go somewhere where I am actually alone. What's the point of being around people who can't even distract you from your self-destructive thoughts, right?

I wish I'm not feeling as lousy as I do now.
And as honest as I can be on this blog, I wish I could say out loud what I am really thinking.. feeling...
I wish..
I just wish.....

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I can't seem to shake off my funk.
So I am taking a few steps back.
I haven't forgiven you yet. Maybe not ever..

All these while I've only asked for a bit of sensitivity from your side.
I've tried my very best to understand you, and now I am simply growing weary of trying.
I am tired of apologizing for my own wants and needs.
This really is not what I had imagined for myself.

Promises are called promises for a reason.
I've come to terms that you tend to say things without meaning them.

I am hurt, and you have no clue.
I won't even lie to you by telling you that I'm fine.
I am not fine.
And if you had to ask why, then obviously you've learnt nothing for the past three years.

I can't help but feel that this.. us.. has an expiration date.
If my heart keeps on hurting..
I just can't keep myself in this loop forever.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Midnight shift in reception.
Of course.
I have a feeling that I'm going to be placed here a lot in the future. Mostly because this is the only position where I'd do any actual work. Not much time walking around the terminal aimlessly, chit-chatting with the check-in staff and take ten minutes smoking breaks that lasts twenty.

A tad sleep-deprived to be honest.
I came back from yesterday night's midnight shift, had breakfast with Encem, took a quick shower and headed out with Mumu until 6pm! Now here I am at work, with a mere two-hour sleep. Ada beran?
Encem finds me weird that I could keep myself awake for as long as I did.

Had good fun with Mumu.. just catching up, looked up and down for Ezra's birthday present, did our nails and had sushi for lunch -- which explains the minimal rest.
How is it that I'm barely alive trying to maintain a life? sigh.

Recently I was reminded why I had created a Tumblr account some time ago. Mostly because I was missing Lifelogger. I never knew what happened to that site. Or what happened to all the things I've posted there. Or the people that I've interacted with through the site.
Anyway, I still love the bit where I could upload songs on it. (Referring to Tumblr now.) But I'm just too old to have my thoughts scattered all over the place.

Not loving that I'm here all by myself at the moment. I could feel that my thoughts are deteriorating. I just hope that these passengers would understand my jumbled up words.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Not so random.

I was telling Bestie (yeah... whatevs *sticks out tongue*) earlier that I'd be the most-broke that I've ever been when I would have to exchange my sole Euro note that I've kept since 2006.
I think that's the second-most.
I'd be the most-broke if I had to actually ask for a loan from Dida. I already owe her loads. She pays for my stuff all the time. But I've never actually ask her for a loan. For things, sure. But for food, never. *sigh*
I hope that day would never come.

Encem is basically supporting me this past week. Thank God that I have him around. I thank God that he'd offered to help me out because honestly I wouldn't know how to ask. I could joke to him about how other girls gets "pocket money" from their boyfriends but I could never really ask him for it.
Even Bestie's been helping me out.
Dear God, I hope I won't fall to my death tomorrow! I need to pay back all my debts first, please.

Remember how a while back I was telling you about an ex who got married, and the other one was engaged? So.. the one who was engaged tied the knot last weekend. I'm having mixed feeling over it. After all, he'd been my middle-man when we go to weddings of our friends; he'd socialize with other people while I just tag along him.
That's how I am at weddings anyway. Because I hate going to weddings. I need to have someone close to hide behind.

And to be completely honest with you.. I've always thought of him as my back-up guy.
Yes, boys.. Most girls (if not all) always have somebody that they thought of as a "back-up".. If everything (read: everyone) else fails.
I've met other guys.. dated a few.. but this one remained as my back-up. Not because that I've been secretly in love with him, nothing like that. He simply seemed.. like the safest choice. I feel bad for thinking of him that way, after all he's a wonderful person. In a way I am glad that he's off the market. And I am very happy that he's found the one.
I am just.. confused, ever so slightly. Feels like I'd lost a really good friend. And I didn't go to his wedding, by the way.
I hadn't been to five of my good friends' wedding. I shouldn't call myself as anybody's friend really.

Anyway, I don't feel like I am anywhere close to getting married. Not really in a rush. Still not completely convinced if I want to. But I can definitely say that I feel the pressure.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Alif sucks!

Dear Bestie,

I am demoting you from "bestfriend" to a mere mortal friend.
Just so you know.
You suck!
*sticks out tongue*

Yours truly,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cigar smokes and business talks.

Hello again.

I am at reception today which means blogging on company's time. Yayyy! Bahahahahha!!

Nothing much going on really. I came in late for the first time today. Encem woke me up at 6:35 -- and I was supposed to come in at 7:00! So.. yeah.. Guess I'm going to have to stay past my scheduled work time. pfft!
Work's been slow.. boring..
I miss flying.
Especially since I had an awesome set of crew last week! I love the crazies..

My holiday too was awesome. Encem and Bestie couldn't make it so my sister and I had a good girl's time out. Sure, eleven days stuck with Dida bound to cause some friction. Bahahahha! But that's just how we are. Quarrel now, make up an hour later.

We spent four days in Ho Chi Minh shopping and walking around. We went to the Cu Chi Tunnels in one of those days. That was pretty neat. I suppose it's hard to go there and not feel amazed by the Vietnamese will to live and fight for their rights/freedom. Like seriously.. can you imagine all those years living in a hole in the ground??
And apparently the ones who were allowed to come out were the fighters. So yeah, unless you're willing to die -- just be glad that you could LIVE underground.

Halal food is not hard to find in Ho Chi Minh, but they are expensive in comparison. Can't blame them, Islam is not that popular around Indochina.

Then we flew to Bangkok, where we took a cab straight to Pattaya. Spent a couple of days there. Surprised to see Premium Outlet; where I bought a La Senza nighty for 220 Baht! Score! heehee.
The taxi (a makeshift truck that acts as a bus, really) around Pattaya was damn cheap. Basically if you just hopped onto one, you'll have to pay 20 Baht per person -- even if the ride actually takes 20 minutes! If you hire one for "private" use, as in no sharing with other people; no stops in between the time you were picked up and your destination, it'll cost you 150 Baht.
Halal food in Pattaya; perhaps we were simply out of luck, but damn! Pretty much all of the ones we saw were closed!

Our day in Bangkok was nothing more than short. We might have to go there again to actually experience the culture other than the horrible traffic jam. The foodcourt in MBK Mall has a few selection of Halal stalls so that was awesome! (Always bear in mind that it's not going to be cheap!)
We did manage to have a look at the Arab Street, and yes, I will never enjoy places (or even flights!) where Arabs are involved! hahahahaha!
You might call that racist, but I call it profiling. So suck it!

Our last leg of the trip was to Phuket -- it was awesome!
Mostly because the hotel we were staying in had pool access! Bahahahha! Open the sliding door and simply jump into the pool! yippeee! Turned out that the beaches were too dangerous to swim in anyway. Unless you're an experienced swimmer, with no worry of the strong currents. My sister and I weren't that confident so we settled with the pool and just waded by the ocean.

Basically we had an awesome trip. Managed to visit all the Hard Rock Cafes that had sparked this trip in the first place! hahahahha! yeah, I know how ridiculous it sounds, to go on a trip simply because we are HRC collectors. Me with the pins, Dida with her tees. But it's awesome that we have this shared hobby. *grins*

Anyway, my time here is up! yaaayyyz! I love how writing kills my time here at the lounge.
Perhaps I'll upload some pictures when I get home later. Just perhaps..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Yes, I'm back in town.
Back from my holiday.
Back from my flying week.
Back to my bloody work at the stupid lounge.

Still not in the mood to write though. I just got the chance to upload some Eid pictures on Facebook. It took me almost half a day.. so it's going to take me a lot longer to update anything on my holiday!
Just thought I'd say hello to those of you who actually drop by to see if there is any update in here.
Sorry to disappoint.
But I promise to write something sometime along the week.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A quick one.

Last day in Ho Chi Minh City..

It hasn't been a great start to the day.. so I'm moody.
I'll write again when I find my mood.
Maybe I'm just tired.
I HOPE it's only because I am tired, because honestly if it's something else then I would have a bad attitude for the rest of this trip!

I'll write again soon hopefully.
Just feeling so shitty despite being on "holiday".

Saturday, August 25, 2012

On the job.

I think I've once said that I love the fact that I didn't call my work as "work"..
A job that I wouldn't call a "job".
I suppose I need to take it back, now.

I never minded working on holidays or the weekends, but I now find myself irked by it.
If I am forced to be working on ground, why am I deprived of lazing in the weekends? Right?

I know that I've been complaining a lot. To be honest, I am just bored.. I am simply demotivated to wake up everyday.. put on my uniform.. making my way to work, but really going nowhere. I feel stuck.

Encem did his last flight yesterday.. I saw his name on the "Resigned list" at the office and couldn't help myself feeling sad about it. It's like an end of an era of some sorts.
The gang started out with 6; one got married and had a baby.. one left for medical reasons.. and Encem left because he was.. bored? Frustrated..? I don't know..
I honestly don't know how to answer to people's questions about him.
Sure, he's my boy.. but I don't feel right to say anything about his life. I don't know, maybe we are an odd sort of couple.

Anyway, then there's three.. Mumu, Bestie and I..
Mumu's married, so at least there's some kind of a progress there. So now there's just us two, Bestie!
What are we going to do with our lives...?

Oh well.. that sounds like something to think deeply about.. In someplace awaaay from the workplace! Definitely not from the spot where I am right now. hehe.
An ex of mine tied the knot today. One is engaged, now one is married.. Good thing I only have four ex-es. And good thing that I have no idea about the other two of them. This is as stagnant as I'm willing to be!

I'm looking forward to my holiday with Dida! Just two days away.. I'm excited!
Now.. two and a half hours to go before I get to go home!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First day of Eid.

27-years old, and today was the first time that I had to spend the first of Syawal away from home.
I wish I was in someplace new and exciting but no, I had to work at the lounge from seven 'til four! It's sad...
What's sadder is that I'll be working on the same hours tomorrow.

I'm really not crazy about my life right now. My feet hurts, my mind's wary for getting shitty sleep at night. I've been getting less than 3 hours of sleep for the past couple of nights, and I don't know why. I just can't seem to get my eyes shut.

The only awesome thing about anything is the bit where my family packed me a HUGE feast of Raya-food the previous night for me to enjoy here.
I feel like a kid for being spoiled this way..
Sadly, I am simply too tired now to heat them up and no one is around to enjoy it with/for me.

Anyway, I thank God for my family..
Thank God that time and time again I am forgiven for my faults and sins; that my family takes my crap, yet still loves me.
I probably don't deserve any of it, but thank God!


And as for you readers, I pray that you'll have a good Syawal.. I apologize for my tactlessness in my entries and all those vulgar words I threw in every chance that I get..
Selamat Hari Raya!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I chose a song from the playlist in the player..
It wasn't something that I've heard before. It was slow, jazzy and sounded romantic. Intimate.
I walked towards the bedroom, the door was slightly ajar.
I peeked through and saw the back of a plump woman with long wavy hair getting out of bed, wearing an oversized shirt and nothing else.
I moved to my right to see the rest of the bedroom and met with a disappointment as I saw him in bed topless, the crumpled bedsheet covering his privates. A smile stretched across his face as he looked on to the woman who was moving about the room.

I was invisible to them. He was oblivious of me standing there, staring, gaping...
Screaming inside.

...aaand that was my cue to wake up!

I call this, "Mimpi yang sangat babi".
Of course when I told Encem about it he assured me that it was just a dream.
Sure sure.. it was a dream. Doesn't mean that I could just forget about it. The emotions were real. Or at least felt SO real to me. I was so confused.. still is, to be truth. And upset. Mostly because I don't know how to let it go. And knowing that it isn't really Encem's fault to begin with.

Just a day after I told Bestie that I haven't had a dream in a while; at least none that I could remember to talk about in the morning...
After months, probably.. I had to dream about THIS! Of Encem's infidelity.

Though it was just a dream.. I am still disappointed. So disappointed that I don't feel like smiling or even try to laugh about it.
I think I've told Encem plenty of times before to always be honest with me. Even if honesty is going to hurt me. That if he ever got bored of me, he should say it to me first before going out to find other sources of entertainment.

Perhaps I should remind him this.

Anyway, I know for a fact that I've been feeling lonely lately. Work's been all too consuming that we mostly spend our free time sleeping.
I honestly need a good, long vacation. And a conversation that is worth my time.

Short breaks and distractions just doesn't cut it anymore.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Bak pungguk rindukan bulan..

I'm on my flying week!
I cannot tell you how good it is to be flying again. I needed my dose of the aerial view of the world oh-so badly!!
Not too keen that the weather's been hazy, but I'll take whatever that I can get!

It's so gooood to be going somewhere again. To talk about travelling.. Evening plans, be it only in Kuching.. Vent as much as I want about my days in the lounge.. Hear others vent about their flights not having enough crew.. Joke about passengers.. Everything!
I've missed it all..

I absolutely love that I flew with friends today.. Bumped into (walked by at the corner of a small hallway, really) my favourite leading in the morning; I gasped out of surprise -- should've at least said hi -- he responded with a chuckle.. Thanks!
I've come to terms that I might actually, honestly, have a little crush on him. Teehee!

I really hope that I could fly full-time again soon.. Before I get too tired of it all.
I'm tired that I have no time for anything while I'm working at the lounge. Freakin' forty two hours a week is just mad!! Freakin' forty two hours a week for three bloody weeks in a month is just fucked up, I tell you!
We are a damn fine bunch of flight attendants and the company had clipped our wings. Just thinking about it gets me all worked up.

Friends are leaving for the 'other' airline. Can't say that I'm unaffected. My only reason for staying now is my sheer refusal to join THAT airline.
I still want to fly..
I still want to travel..
I still want to find things I could laugh about in random people..

I'd hate to seem disloyal, but I need to find my happy place again.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The last straw.


"I poured my heart out into an empty coffee cup, you drank it up and left me here to drown, alone.."
Dumb Like That by Vroom.

Apalah aku nak buat nieee...

I'm in a horrible rut.
In a dire need of change. A huge need to do something that I'm contemplating to shave my head. ha-ha!
Feels like I always go to bed in a bad mood.
Severely unhappy. And hopeless. And hateful.

I deserve so much more than this.

Tekanan Perasaan.

Dah start keje "baru" dua hari..
Although dalam kepala takde laa rasa letih sangat, emosi terasa kurang stabil.
Tanda tanda keletihan yang menyusup dalam diam.
Also the fact that I'm surrounded by mangkuk hayun.

First day on the job aku dah dapat name card seorang pakcik (of course!) yang janji nak bawak aku jalan kalau aku ke Canton.
Aku pun tatau kenapa jejaka yang muda mudi tak pernah nak ajak aku berbual.
At the same time, aku tahu exactly kenapa aku layan pakcik pakcik ni..

As for this pakcik, aku respect the fact that he's 70 years old, but could easily pass as early 50's. Chinese, six-footer, travelled the world, family around the continent, still very much in love with his wife after forty years of marriage.
Dia nasihatkan aku untuk enjoy life, jangan cepat sangat settle down. Sama je macam Papa cakap kat aku dulu dulu time aku baru nak start menggatal.

Boleh tahan lama aku layan pakcik ni, bebudak lain lalu lalang dok tengook je aku. But I can't help myself when somebody shares their philosophy with me. Pakcik ni dok pegang the same cracker with cheese entah berapa lama sebab asyik sangat berbual.
Pakcik ni pesan kat aku, bila nak cari pasangan, cari somebody yang sama 70% dengan aku..
Perbedaan yang terlalu besar akan create jurang in time. As time passes, your interests may change so the percentage pun akan berubah. Kebarangkalian untuk that percentage menurun adalah lebih tinggi, so kalau turun jadi 60%.. still okaylah -- bak kata dia. Kelakar juga bila fikir yang dia masukkan unsur matematik dalam mencari pasangan, but to me it made total sense.
He's been happily married for forty years, after all.

Dia still buy presents for his wife. Flowers and chocolates, just because. And while he was saying all this, he had this look that convinced me that he was speaking the truth.
I couldn't hide my surprise so he said;
Marriage is not an institution, it's an extension of the courtship..
..and at that time mata aku start berair.

Betapa skeptical nya aku selama ni sampai a simple line buat aku tersentuh.
Memang wujud rupanya orang macam ni.
Mungkin aku tersentuh sebab aku tahu memang itu lah yang aku carik.
40 years of marriage.. And choosing to be in it, every single day.

Aku mengaku aku tak jumpa lagi. And now mata aku berair lagi, sebab aku tahu what that exactly means..
These days aku rasa macam aku slowly letting go of life. I am not the captain of my life any longer. Sama macam keje aku.
Bila orang tanya aku nak stay ke walaupun kene buat keje merepek ni, jawapan aku senantiasa "stay dulu.. for now."
I wish I had a different answer. One that is more certain. I wish I am more certain of what I really want in life. I want to choose to live every single day. But my general view of life now is just.. "whatever.."

It's probably been half a decade since I first made the wish but up to this day, I still find myself longing for "happiness".
I'm jealous of that pakcik. I'm tearing up out of jealousy. Sure, I never knew what he'd gone through to get to this part of his life. Where he talks about his family with such affection and fondness. Tapi aku nak itu, please.

I want to stop the longing.
I want to be proud of myself.
I want to stop questioning about my choices in life every other day.
I want to stop wishing for a partial amnesia.
I don't want to end up regretting this past few years in the future.
Most of all, aku tak nak lagi tetiba nangis denga lagu Enrique Iglesias.. of all people!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Of all the things that I read about the shooting..
One fact stuck in my mind;

The shooter's birthday was 13th December..

I pointed this out to Papa, told him to watch his back and he responded;
"..but the shooting is at a cinema..."

When I pointed that to Dida, she said;
"He's a guy.. (Sagittarius) guys are different."

I love my family for that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dead Hearts.

I'd been secretly asking for a change.
But this isn't exactly what I had in mind. People say to be careful of what you wish for -- and I know, this had never been my wish. It isn't mine, and I shall not blame myself for it.

I haven't even started my new job and I am not at all looking forward to it. All the stories I've heard, seeing Encem plopped onto the sofa the second he gets home.. Bestie feeling all low..
I don't see how I could start with a single positive thought in my mind.

I am demotivated, demoralized and definitely deteriorating.
I'm simply not in love.

Except the fact that I'm having some sort of a get-away at the moment, being in Shah Alam. Seeing Dida and the parents everyday makes me feel like the troubles at the workplace is somewhat a distant memory. This, I love. I am safe here.. for now.

I can say it, but you won't you believe me.
You say you do, but you don't deceive me.
It's hard to know they're out there,
It's hard to know that you still care.
I can say it, but you won't you believe me.
You say you do, but you don't deceive me.
Dead hearts are everywhere!


Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm trying..

It's days like these when I find myself trying.. struggling, to cast away the spoiled brat in me.

Let's just say that I'm not having any fun.
Just as I was looking forward to this day.
I had wanted to get my hands on the bloody coffee machine but everyone else can't seem to get their hands off it!!
So yeah.. I'm a brat.
And now I'm just uninterested.

I suppose I should've expected this. I should have expected that I would be disappointed instead.
I suppose at this point I should have expected that I won't be having any fun the moment I took a step out the door.
Pffft! What was I thinking.

I know, I know.. I shouldn't be making such a big deal about this but like I said, I'm a brat..

O yeah, thank you for reading me rant. I'm just killing time until I get to go back!

Saturday, July 07, 2012


Thought for the day...

Plato said; Be kind, as everyone is fighting a harder battle than you.

So what if you're fighting a losing battle..?

Friday, July 06, 2012

Never here.

I know I've been quiet.
It's been a week filled with disappointments.
I suppose I'll take the most recent thing to write about;

My Maybank debit card's details was somehow stolen.
After a year of breezy, unproblematic shopping online.. two days ago my statement showed me an unauthorized purchase to Amazon -- a store which I had never bought anything from.
Yeah, I'm pissed.
I've talked to Maybank. But apparently I still need to make an official report -- with a form and pen.
I've emailed Amazon and I really hope that they could help me get back my money.
I tried asking the Boyfriend to help me get to the bank.. but I guess he's too busy to help out.

He's never around when I am feeling my lowest.
I guess I have that to think about.

Training hadn't been great either.
Sure, I understood whatever crap that they taught us. All the questions that I voiced out was not out of interest. I simply wanted to make my life easier in the future. I'm a total nerd that way.

Anyway. I'm sad. And angry. Just upset, really.
So I think I'll just head to bed early tonight.

Sorry if this isn't the post that you're expecting after a week of silence...
I'm just bored of being stuck.

Monday, July 02, 2012


I stumbled upon an old article about Halal meats being used in McDonald's in a western country.. and how it made such a big issue.
My first thought; why the hate?
Some of the issues brought up was that slaughtering is cruel -- stunning is more humane.
There's even a comment that Muslims have middle-age notion for that.


Then I read a comment how the issue came down to Judaism and Christianity forbade both Jews and Christians from eating meat sacrificed to another God.
That made me chuckle a bit.
I suppose everyone has their beliefs. I happen to believe that there is ONE God... we just happen to call Him by different names.

And then there's one that believed pork could be Halal.
THAT was just too funny.
In case there's anyone who has no Muslim friends and is not at all familiar with Halal meat stumbled upon this entry, here's the four-one-one;

Muslims can eat meat -- only if they are slaughtered in the Muslim way.
Seafood is pretty much Halal; they have no necks to slaughter anyway.
Pork will never be Halal.
Of course there's a little more to it, like there are certain animals that we can't eat even if we slaughter it.. but I myself have forgotten a huge chuck of that, so I would simply decline any offers to crocodile or tiger's meat. Something about animals with fangs and claws and lives in two habitats..

Oh well, two goals for Spain so far..
I didn't watch a single game of this year's EURO.. How times have changed.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Me and my bubble.

Ah, turned out I was in a pretty foul mood after all.
I did go for my flight, but I can honestly say that I wasn't my cheery self.
Although I did get my usual amusement by those passengers; one actually held up the plastic wrapped blanket and asked me what it was.

Anyway, I finally cut my hair.
As in cut it short.
And the last time I had it short was October 2007!
..and now it's even shorter than my hair then. heehee!

I really am not in the mood for anything right now. Other than picturing myself sitting in a bubble. Soundless with an exception of my favourite Blue October songs. Floating high above everything and everyone.
But here I am glued to the ground. With those songs blasted through my earphones.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To MC or not to MC..

--that is the question..

Congratulations to me, the letter says I'm a permanent flight stewardess; but I am transferred to Golden Lounge for two years. whoopeedee-doo-daa.
Such an odd letter to receive.
I guess I'm not in such a terrible mood now. At least I'll be among friends. We'd probably flip the ground around, backward and forwards. I'm already brushing my flirting skills since I was told that we could take tips now. Bahhahahah! Niat langsung tak murni..

So my last flight; for the time being, would be tonight to Hyderabad. I'm having an on-and-off fever, and a cough that sounds like a dog's bark.
I suppose I could go and get an mc.. I'm permanent anyway! And I haven't taken one this year.. but it IS my last flight.


Friday, June 22, 2012

The impending doom.

So I received my email.
Instead of being invited to a briefing, I was just told to collect and sign my letter of secondment to Golden Lounge by the 28th.

So yes...
I am going to be a ground staff (mostly) for the coming months.
We're supposed to get a week of flying, but who knows.
I was recruited to be a cabin crew and now we're told to be something else. Training starts next month apparently.
Oh, that QR secondment.. apparently it was only open for those who have been flying for more than five years.

I feel duped.
And low.
And I don't even know whether I'll be a permanent staff/crew/whatever until I collect my letter.
Yeah, whatever...

Called up to KCH!

Bumped into, and flying even -- with Cik Amyan yang tak update update blog diaa! booo!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Jocelyn? Or was it just Sophie..?
I had a quick chat with a neighbour earlier yesterday. She initiated it, naturally. Very friendly of her, we had both wanted to check our mailboxes and turned out that ours were side by side.

I always find it amusing how some people are so unassuming of others and are able to be so.. open.
Like Encem.. most times. hehe
You can throw him anywhere and you can be sure that he'll soon have a friend. And a good one.
I suppose everybody has their gifts..

It's Kina's birthday today.. Dida picked me up and we went to Putrajaya to celebrate a bit with the family. My nephew could walk now..
And Papa and I hugged as we said goodbye.
I guess we're over the cold war. Five months is a bit too much..?
HAHAHHAHHAHAHA! Paling gedik, we were actually standing a little apart and he was the one who called me over. Oh well, might as well just get over it. Five months IS too much.

I've always been good at holding a grudge.. that's the part of me that is unlike a supposed-Sagittarius. Encem never condoned to that sort of behaviour. But everyone has their pride...
I am glad that I could hug my father again.. I have been missing him lately. And everytime anyone mentioned to me about my parents, I'd always get a pang in my heart.
Yes yes.. I am a HORRIBLE child!
So I pray that my child would not inherit that bit of me..

Morale is low all around.
Bestie too would be a permanent staff in the company should he decide to sign his new contract.
I can't help but feel like there's an impending doom waiting for me in the near future.
Have I not repeat it enough how I hate being in limbo?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

With a heavy heart..

I think I saw Xtina for the first time today..
Didn't know if she knows what I look like so I just smiled and semi-stared at her.
Sorry for that bebbeh. Just read your blog; hope you'll get out of your funk soon.

It's been... a heavy-heart sort of day.
Encem told me what happened at his briefing and I don't know what to make of it. The good news is that he IS a permanent staff in the company. Bad news is that I used the word "staff" instead of "crew". I have so many things to say about this matter but I don't know if I should. Not in here, maybe.
What I can say is this; I am not so much in love with the company right now.

Anyway, I'm tired.. sleep deprived and incredibly worried, like a spooked cat after you'd just jumped out from a corner while it's relaxing under the shade.

Nothing much to share, just got back from a three-days Manila and Jakarta trip. Had a cool set crew, sedap kene ceramah dek leading every single day. Ceramah agama, so I'm good with that. I love being reminded about stuff like that. Makes me feel like God hasn't forsaken me despite me being ME.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I don't like taking care of another person.
I'd like to say that being the youngest of the family contributed to this behaviour. I have an excuse for almost everything.
I am also not the type who talks to random babies. You know how some people coos and baby-talk to any toddler that crosses their paths. I.. just don't do that.
It is seriously weird how I am in this profession.
I am not friendly, nor am I patient.
I enjoy travelling. I love to laugh. I have an obsession with the sky.
My reasons to fly are purely and absolutely selfish.

Aren't I terrible?
I know I am.
As much as I'd love to make a difference in the world.. touch someone's soul.. I don't feel like someone who is capable of that when really, honestly.. I am just selfish!
Don't you hate me?
I know I do.

I'm so full of crap.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Of jealousy.

Encem and Bestie received an email to attend a "briefing" at the academy next week.
I on the other hand did not receive any invitation to this secret meeting.
I suppose it's not really a secret.. But as I was not included in it, it does feel like a secret to me.
The main point to this -- I am not wanted in that group.

I hate being left out!
And apparently it's regarding our contract.. So what, I'm not good enough to be a permanent crew???
Benci benci benci!!!
Fuck lah. Malas nak cakap dah. Somebody bang my head to the wall so I could forget about this!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get an email about the new hairstyles though.
Apparently we can let our hair down now. It's going to feel weird if I do. I'd be excited about it if I am not thinking about that bloody briefing. Four sessions and I'm not in any of them, thank you very much!

Makes you think..
Maybe I'm not really crew material. Entah apa laa aku buat selama ni. Memain sangat kot.
Tak layak.
Time for me to act like this is nothing and it's not bothering me at all...

Went for a spa earlier. Jacuzzi, massage and a little facial. Kinda nice! The masseuse fixed the kink on my back and complimented on my skin -- waheyy! I'll be a bimbo for a while and dwell on that one sole compliment I got today!
Earlier, an elderly man offered to buy me a drink at Starbucks (which I declined because I had just bought one, and because he was STARING all the while and made me really uncomfortable,) but I couldn't take that as a compliment of any sort since Encem said he was practically hitting on every single female he saw. And yes, I saw that perverted twinkle in his eye. pffft!

After the spa, Encem and I somehow ended up in VIVA (even though we actually had Mid Valley in mind) and saw Prometheus. Throughout the film I just couldn't help thinking of its similarity to Alien.
xx And yes, it turned out that the thoughts correlate. xx
Highlight the space between if you wish to read.

Okay, nothing else to share..
I need time to successfully deceive myself that I truly don't care about the current events. Sure, I'm happy for Encem and Bestie.. in a way. hahahahha! But this entry isn't titled "Of happiness," so yeahh...
I'm not exactly a nice person. I'm not great at faking feelings. Especially when I am writing MY blog. I'd never been a graceful loser. pffft!

So take note, I shall be in a very... very dark place for the time being.

Yack yack yack..

Kita google passenger lagiiii!
Well, kisahnye ex-PNH ada dua saja passenger. Sorang minah omputeh yang dah perabes buat muka dia to a point where she just looked OFF. The other was a guy that rupanya Malaysian.. Ye yee aku cakap English ngan dia, dia cakap Melayu ngan aku. Sebabnye? Dia kutuk passenger pompuan tu. HAHAHAHHA!

Borak borak sikit, pastu dia tanya aku ada boyfren ke. Aku cakap adaa.. then dia suggest nak jadi spare tire aku. HAHAHAHAHHA!! Aku gelakkan je.
Borak borak lagi, dia dah 50+ years old..
Adohai.. Old-man attractor lagi!

Aku nampak boarding pass for his next flight -- Kuantan, and made a comment on it.
Dia kata he's an ex-wakil rakyat in Kuantan. Aku cakap la Encem asal Kuantan. Dia tanya kat mana.. aku pon sebut sebut je la nama nama tempat yang aku penah denga Encem sebut. This passenger suruh cuba tanya Encem kalau kalau dia kenal siapakah dia since dia wakil rakyat for three terms.
Aku sengih je part ni sebab obviously aku tak amek kesah pasal politics sangat.
Dia just cakap, "such a small world.."

So anyhoo.. using my usual technique of deflecting awkward conversations, I laughed it off when he suggested that we hang out since dia stay kat Cheras je. I don't know if that technique works for everyone, so don't try it unless you know you can pull it off. hahahha!

Balek rumah, aku pun Google lah pakcik ni.
And yes, he was a state's assemblyman in Pahang.. and seemingly is still a somebody in MCA.

I'm sorry, this is probably wrong to say out loud but I suppose I understand how cabin crew; pramugari dan pramugara jadi "terlampau"..
It's just too damn easy!! HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!

..not that I ever plan to be one.
...not unless the relationship that I'm currently in doesn't work.
..not that I ever wish it wouldn't.
..and really, I shouldn't be saying things like this when Encem reads this blog in secret. heehee

Anyway, three days off!!
And oh, a view from my office..

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wheee off day!

Okay, let's pretend that rambut aku yang sebenar macam ni;

Walhal, langsung tak kan, tapi anyway.. aku rindu berambut pendek actually, tapi sebab rambut aku macam contoh di atas, *ehem* kalo aku potong nanti everyday lah aku nak kene blow kasi bentuk elok elok..
So kalau pikap aku kul 4:30 pagi.. pukul berapa lak aku nak bangun, ye dak?

Maka aku pon sedang berangan lah kalo rambut pendek..

Rambut paling kiri adalah rambut Emily Blunt, which is pretty senonoh kalau nak buat pegi keje.. Comel gak kan? hahahha! Rambut tengah empunyanya adalah Tabatha Coffey. Macam cool je rambut pendek gitu. And yang kanan, tak lain tak bukan rambut Halle Berry! hahahahha couldn't help myself..

Lagi rambut yang sesuai untuk waktu kerja ialah rambut Monique Coleman;

Paling best pasal rambut ni, kalau pakai lipstik merah, rasanya macam takde sape patut berani kacau aku. Rupa sangat evil! hahahhahahha! Senyum pun rupa jahat.
Anyway, to make any of this short hair happen, I suppose aku patut straighten kan rambut...

Rambut Gisele Bundchen jugak best! Hahahhahahha!! (Tak dapat body, pinjam rambut kejap pun jadi lah..)

Oh, sedang sedang aku dok try rambut orang lain, aku terjumpa yang ini;

AHAHHAHAHAHHA!! Naseb baiklah rambut aku tak macam ni.. Kalau tak, tak semena mena kene tekel ngan Bestie. *jelir lidah*

Okay, enough vanity. Dalam satu entry ni je ada sembilan muka aku. Nak muntah pon ada..
I should find something else to do, obviously.
Tadi aku dah email my application for QR tu. Tapi aku rasa macam ada ala ala self-sabotaging behaviour, sebab gamba yang aku attach sangatlah unattractive. hahahha!

Oh well...

Oh ye! If any of you are interested to kill time by doing a virtual makeover of yourself, you can head to

Friday, June 08, 2012

Noi-Bai and back.

Thirty-something passenger on the way up to Hanoi.
I took the chance to sit at last row and enjoy the scenery. (Well, to nap at first but I stirred when I felt the aircraft took a descent. hahaha!)
As we were approaching the airport, I noticed that we were flying above the clouds! Even higher than the rain clouds that I could see the grey parts of the sky that was on rain.
And as we flew beside it, I could see a rainbow!

To see the rainbow from ABOVE it....
Sumpah sangat cool!!!!!!!
As cool as seeing the sun and the moon at a parallel.
Sangat sangat SANGAT cool!

Anyway, that's just a picture of how packed Hanoi is. It did cross my mind to take a picture of the rainbow, but I didn't want to miss enjoying it while running to fetch my phone. I suppose that's why I never considered being a photographer. I could never get the job done.

I did however chatted a bit with an actual photographer on the flight back from Hanoi. An English fella who was using Leica..
Aaaaah.. so jealous!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What day is it?

I have totally and completely forgotten what day it is today.
Tuesday? Wednesday?
My body is totally worn out. I'd been working from the 29th with only one friggin' day off on the 4th! And tomorrow I'll be flying to Hanoi and back. uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Seriously.. last night I fell asleep before 10, managed to get about 7 hours of sleep and still I was tired!
This - never - happened - before!
I've obviously overworked my body.. *sad face*

I suppose I shouldn't have been too happy about my plentiful off-day last month.

Anyway, I still hadn't submitted my application form for the secondment. Bestie had sent his through both email AND the actual form. Talk about knowing what he wants..
Mumu doesn't seem like going anywhere. I still think of her as a newly-wed, anyway.
Encem on the other hand is not all interested, actually been looking around for other jobs than flying. *pensive face* I don't know how I feel about that one actually.

I guess I am going to miss bumping into him..?
Also worried that he might fall for someone whom he gets to see everyday..?
Yes, coming to three years -- I still worry about those petty possibilities even when I say that I don't care. pffft!

I am not enjoying this topic, so moving on..
I've been pining for a cat lately. I don't know.. growing up having one is making me miss playing and curling up with one. But I know I can't handle one at the moment though. Living in an apartment, with a job where I can't ensure that the cat gets food everyday.. It'd be cruel. *sad face lagi* Just imagining this cat mewing sadly makes my heart break.

Anyway, in my (failed) attempt to save up, I actually spent about RM200 on O.P.I products the other day! HAHAHAHHAHAHHA!! I truly suck. I just can't help myself..
But I have awesome nails now! hahahahhahha!

Oh and because I have nothing else to share, I think this is the most awesome, prettiest handbag in the world!!
Of course, it's Louboutin so I'll spare you the painful knowledge of how much this pretty.. super pretty.. 20th Anniversary Artemis Plumes Python Shoulder Bag costs.. sigh.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Shall we move on?

The email for the secondment to alQatariah is finally here.
After talks and just talks of it, it's now official..
Bestie is excited about it. He is certain that this is what he wants.

I on the other hand is making myself confused by thinking about it.
I don't want to seem disloyal but at the same time I am curious about what's on the other side. I've heard of the not-so-nice working and living environment but the pay seems good. I suppose there is no harm in applying, right? If I do get through the interviews, then maybe I'll think longer and harder about going.
I'm letting Future Wanie to figure that one out.
Wishing that I have a way to contact Saloma now...

#crewlife :)

I was sorting out the cabin when a passenger handed me that the other day. When I was done, my supervisor reminded me to call the person. I asked her how did she know since she was in the galley.
Apparently she'd overheard the person talking to his friend; hoping that I would call..
I must seem evil to have laughed at the idea.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. My emotions are a bit whacked these past few days to be honest. Could be hormonal, or maybe I'm just angry inside and just not talking about it.

Be well, dear readers.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A quick one.

..So I finished the whole season of Once Upon A Time in three days.
I found myself daydreaming about it some days.
Mostly to try and recall all those fairy tales that I've been told when I was a child.
Watching the show.. confuses you a bit. I mean, Rumpelstiltskin is the Beast of Beauty and The Beast? hahahha.. I thought it was awesome. And they gave a reason to why The Witch of Snow White became the way that she is. Also how Grumpy became grumpy. Pretty good back story.
Anyway, if you're looking for a new show to watch you could try this one. (Revenge gets a little too soapy halfway through.)

Pretty tiring day, these past two days.
I was on airport standby in the morning, pick-up time was 0430. I got to the airport at 0520 and when I signed in, the system informed me that I'm required to operate two sectors to BKI -- reporting at 0730!
Good thing that the set crew was awesome, and my supervisor maintained my position in business class. hahahha!! Terasa disukai dan chantekk.. HAHHAHAHA!!

Oh, having totally unprepared for a nightstop, (sure I carried my garment carrier but I didn't check what was in there.. or more importantly, WASN'T!) I didn't have my pants nor glasses.
But all the more I feel blessed as a friend was nightstopping there as well and had an extra pair of jeans!
So yeah, Alhamdulillah..
Despite my day started in a crappy note, it turned itself around. I totally don't mind that I had to work on a supposedly off day.

Sometimes I wonder how it is possible that I get the life that I have when I don't seem to deserve it...
I'm a little too angry to be someone who appreciates life.
I suppose I'm just that forgetful.
Good thing that God is All Knowing and Most Gracious. If He were a man, I'm certain he'd left me a long time ago once he learnt all the things that goes through my heart and mind.

So anyway..

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kisah 43 Ringgit.

Alhamdulillah gaji dah masuk.
Aku yang gatal ni haritu pegi keluarkan duit dari dalam bank, so dalam akaun ada 42 Ringgit camtu. Dalam purse ada 43 Ringgit, duit selebihnya ada dalam Moleskine. (Aku suka selit duit dalam buku, please jangan rompak!)

Al-kisah, pagi tadi dalam penuh kegeraman aku pegi airport untuk collect airport pass.. Sepatutnya pegi ngan Encem tapi dia takmo bangun dari tido. pffft!
So, teksi; RM8, ERL; RM15, airport pass; RM17.
Dengan tinggal RM3 dalam purse, aku doa doa ada lah RM10 notes kat ATM sambil menyumpah diri sendiri sebab keluar rumah tak bawak duit selit selit tu.. (Gaji kat Maybank dah masuk dah tengahari tadi, tapi aku CIMB so kebiasaannye petanglah baru masuk.)
Naseb baik ada, aku withdraw RM30.. lepas lah untuk naik ERL balek. And naseb baik jugak Bestie baik hati datang pikap dari Bandar Tasik Selatan.. heehee!

Alhamdulillah jugak semua urusan yang aku nak buat since awal bulan dah selesai;
1. collect airport pass,
2. update buku ASNB -- which is actually "Akaun Remaja TING".. hahahha! Ada since lepas Darjah 6, tapi langsung tak penah masuk duit, rekod pun masih ikut nombor surat beranak! hahahahha! (Surprisingly aku maseh ingat nombor surat beranak walaupun sebenarnya aku skarang banyak lupa benda),
3. report pasal kad Touch n Go aku yang di top up, tapi tak masuk walaupun dah kene deduct from akaun,
4. blablablaa.. cerita pasal kat bank lagi..
5. manicure-pedicure!! muahahahahha

So yeah, dari lima benda, cuma satu je yang tak official!
Rasa macam adult sangat harini.. Highlight of the day, dua strangers yang interact dengan aku arini teka tepat profession aku. Sorang mamat booth Digi tengah nak promote latest package kat area nak amek aiport pass, so takdelaa hebat sangat kan dia teka.
Sorang lagi pakcik customer service kat CIMB. Soalan dia simple je;
"Harini tak keje ke?"
W: tak, off day..
"Keje flight stewardess ke?"
W: ...ha ahh
"Nampak, dah tau.."

Hmmmmmm.. aku pun tatau la apa yang dia nampak. Aku pakai oversized tee, jeans ngan sandal. Mekap pun eyeliner bodo je, rambut aku semak ikat simpul tak bergetah. Kuku okaylaa, berwarna since memang baru je lepas buat. Tang apa yang dia nampak? Aku nak jugak tau, tapi tak pulak aku tanya..

Lately aku asyik terfikirkan leading yang buat aku gelak kuat aritu. Rasanya bukan sebab aku minat dia.. tak kot? hahahahha! Entahlah. Mostly aku just hoping dapat fly ngan dia lagi so aku rasa seronok bekerja. Or mungkin juga sebab aku janji nak kasi dia something. hahahahha

Haritu tiga hari trip, aku sorang pompuan.. sorang steward senior, sorang batchboy Cik Amyan, sorang lagi baru fly sebulan..
Kesian si senior kene banyak bersabar since the first two days tu aku maintain depan. Lepas dia komplen komplen baru lah last day aku keje belakang.
One thing aku notice pasal bebudak baru ni.. diorang ni extra extra EXTRA berani.. not in a good way. Aku tak nafikan, memang aku budak skema, take off ngan landing; silent review since day one sampai sekarang. Tapi yang sorang ni, first day dah tuding kat salah satu equipment dalam aircraft and tanya aku apa tu. Ayoooooooooooo!

Aku rasa out of place bila kat smoking room, aku dikelilingi crew senior while diorang tengah komplen pasal crew baru dalam set diorang. Aku rasa tak layak nak mendengar lagikan menokok tambah..
Tapi sekali terdengar nama budak yang aku penah fly sekali and proven to be bermasalah, aku tak dapat nak berdiam diri. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!! Yes yes, aku pun ikut mengumpat. Ntahpape ntah!
Baguslah bulan puasa takleh merokok. Kurang jugaklah aku mengumpat nanti. heehee.

Actually bila banyak crew baru buat hal, aku jadi risau.. Leading skarang banyak yang best, sempoi.. Aku risau ada nanti yang kene pijak and diorang jadi lain.
Dah tiga tahun dengan company, maseh banyak lagi Leading yang aku tak penah nampak pun sebenarnye.. So yeah, risau..

Anyway, birthday Encem bulan depan.. aku maseh tatau nak kasi dia apa. Well, actually haritu dah decided, tapi sebab dia buat aku menyampah siang tadi, terus aku tatau patut ke aku kasi apa yang aku plan nak kasi tu. hahahahha!
Ah, it's so apparent that I am ruled by my emotions.

Oh! Haritu masa aku kat Shah Alam, keluar ngan Dida gi karaoke sampai LIMA JAM!! wahahahahhaha!! Yes yes, kami memang melampau. Tapi sangat puas hati ye. Karaoke dua orang, sampai lagu yang tak penah nyanyi pun tetiba nyanyi..

Dua hari lepas aku tengah berjalan ke arah bay dalam terminal, tersempak ngan muka familiar.. Dia pun recognize aku, lambai dengan penuh mesra. Aku tanya dia nak kemana, dia reply;
"Bangalore lah, mana lagi?"
hahahahahhahaha!! Aku pun tatau la apa aku buat sampai passenger dari flight entah bila ntah boleh ingat aku. Selalu sangat ke aku buat flight Bangalore? hahahahha! Kalau next time dia ada dalam flight aku, I better remember his name. Tak aci lah aku just ingat nama mat saleh haritu je.

Oh ohh!! And for the first time dalam flight aku ada ex-schoolmate from sekolah menengah!! Siapakah?
Aku dah ternampak dia dalam line nak masuk kapal. Aku perati betul betul gak, takut tersilap orang. Skali bila dia dah kat depan, dia yang cakap, "dah lain eh skarang.."
Aku tatau la apa respon sebaiknya untuk komen camtu, aku just cakap, "kaannn.." hahahha! Tak reti aku nak ala ala mesra sedangkan time skolah pun barely bercakap.

Sungguh aku kadang kadang masih pelik cemana aku boleh jadi cabin crew..

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Once Upon A Time..

Is it any good?

As most tv shows have ran through their season, I am now in need of a new show to watch as I wait for the renewal of the shows that I currently follow. That's how I started with How I Met Your Mother, actually. Encem and I went through seasons one to six while the seventh was just starting..
And now the two of us and Bestie can't go through a day without at least one HIMYM reference. Gila!

It hasn't been very exciting, this past few days.
Got myself waxed, went to see the new shopping mall in Setia Alam.. went karaoke with Dida from 11pm 'til 4am last night! Then I got up at 4pm today!!
That was new.
I'd never slept that long. Dida reckons that it might be Monavie's doing. She's been telling me to try it out, and I guess that's what happens when I do.

Encem's birthday is next month.
I can't say that I'm not looking forward to see next month's roster. Mostly just to see where we'll be on that day. I'd spent the last two birthdays flying.. I can't remember how he'd spent his last birthday though. Perhaps next time I should blog about it.. after all it's the only way I am able to remember anything these days.

Oh well.. sorry for the boring entry.
I had something to write about yesterday but I was at my parent's place, so naturally now I'd totally forgotten what it was all about.

Friday, May 18, 2012

You make me smile.

Yeah yeah.. I know I've been really quiet lately.
I even skipped a full day on twitter two days ago! ..which never happened before. I always had something to quip in a day but on the 16th.. I was absolutely quiet, I surprised myself.

Anyway, I'm sort of getting the wish I made a few blog posts ago..
My roster is really loose this month; two days of work, two days off, three days work, two days off.. Basically that's how my roster looks. And right now I am on my first day of three days off.
Super awesome.
Although I haven't gotten the chance to actually miss work.
And I know that I am not going to love the allowance I'll be getting, but I am not at all complaining.

Nothing much to update about, honestly.
I suppose I've been relatively happy. I usually write when I'm bothered anyway; when there are too many thoughts in my mind that I can't chase off with sleep.

Encem did try to convince me why I shouldn't be so sceptic of marriages yesterday. I thought that was amusing. He seemed to have this notion that it is more romantic to be married than not.
That he sees the good in me when I can't. (Reminded me of Fruits Basket somehow.. with Tohru and うめぼし)
Which is just great.. I suppose I could write down blind alongside crazy on the list of his "cons". (Which is also his "pros" list. hehe)
Sometimes I swear he sees me way too differently than what I see in the mirror everyday. Or maybe he hit his head hard that he'd forgotten all the bad things I'd done.
But I can't seem to forget. I know.. God knows all my sins.

I am thankful anyway.. I thank God everyday that I have Encem around to make me feel like I am wanted and worthy of love.
I am also thankful for you readers that made me feel like I mattered. That my life did not go unnoticed. Thank you!
Last but not least, I am thankful for creative song writers such as Justin Furstenfeld who writes melodies konon ganas tapi hati halus lyrically. hahahahha!

And could you be the one that's not afraid to look me in the eye
I swear I would collapse

if I would tell how I think you fell from the sky
My words, they pour like children to the playground
Children to the playground
-- Blue October


Sunday, May 06, 2012

Of weddings..

Encem and I went to his friend's wedding yesterday..

Perhaps I'm just too messed up in the head but really.. going to weddings doesn't make me anywhere inclined to have one myself.
I suppose after years of being together with the same person, getting married would be a natural progression.
I suppose.

But do I want it?
Apart from making legal of what's illegal.. make an honest woman out of me, if I could be so bold.. I don't see why I need to have it.

A friend said last night that what I have with Encem right now is our souls finding home in each other.
It sounded real nice, I had to write about it.

I can't seem to shake off my natural rebelliousness towards society's expectation for a couple to be married.
If religion does not demand it, I'm pretty certain you'll be asking yourselves "why" as well.
Simply because it's a natural progression?
If two souls entwine and chooses to be loyal and commit only to each other, why marriage becomes the natural progression?

I am not doubting that one day I will be married myself.. but maybe I won't.
I believe who ever my future spouse will be, he will have a really tough time convincing me why we should marry.

Falling in love is irrational.
Getting married is apparently a logical move, which to me sounds boring in itself.

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Making acquaintances is easy.
But having a relationship requires work.
Or time.
You either work for it, adapt yourself to one another.. or just let it grow in time..
But then there's chemistry!
That's what I learn this past week. hehe

I had the awesome privilege of flying with this particular Leading that just makes work so enjoyable; the aircraft was our playground. We were joking, fooling around, laughing so much that even the tech crew stepped out just to see what's going on.
I got to see first-hand that laughter is indeed infectious.
And just how important it is for us crew to be happy -- to make the passengers happy. Truly.
I'm really all roses, candies and rainbows now. All the while I've been flying, I'd never laugh as much at work that I had to lean on the galley top for support several times.
So yeah, thank you God for throwing a Libra my way.

I also learnt that I could survive 3 sectors; 6 hours of work with barely 10 minutes of shut-eye! Not that I'd like to do it again anytime soon. It was nuts. Blurred vision, nodding off at landing.. nuts!
All because I was too immersed with a book.

And that's where the title for this blog entry came from.
I've finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I had to buy the third book in Kuching since everywhere I went in the Klang Valley is out of stock! grrr.. (RM5 more expensive than it would've cost in KL!)
I enjoyed reading the book. I was surprised how the film really was following close to the books and then found out that the adaptation was by the author herself. It's brilliant. I think all films that are adapted from the books should be made by the authors themselves.. given that they are still alive, of course.

I thought the books were a little too serious for a children's book. It was about war.. revolution.. and death.. not exactly something you discuss about with children, but it was good. Kinda hoping for more of Peeta though. Some things were left unexplained in the third installment, Mockingjay. I really wish there had been more of Peeta. haha

I can't help being all perasan that I'm Katniss and Encem's Peeta. Not on the bit where they fight the Capitol, but the fact that Katniss sangat hati batu and Peeta's the taman dalam hati type. And how Katniss is brash and always over-thinking things while Peeta seemed more collected and simple.
It's just totally us.
And yes, I know I get all emotional and stuff in this blog that I don't really seem like the hati batu type, but I guess you just have to really know me. heheee..

Anyway, two days off.. Don't know how to spend it yet. I was hoping for a manicure but I was supposed to make an appointment a few days earlier and I forgot! Oh well, I guess I'll get to practice colouring my nails on my own then.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A jumble of nothings.

I know I've been quiet.
Even @azariazhar tweeted to me, sort of implied/encouraged/asked to blog. haha! Thanks for that.

To be perfectly honest, I was simply uninspired.
I haven't been flying for almost a week. I got two days off, followed by four days of standby that I wasn't called up.
So yeah.. I feel like I'm wasting away.. collecting massive fat!!

Remember a while back when I said I was at the heaviest I've ever been in my entire life?
Well, scratch that because I just got heavier. pffft!
Gemok, gemokGEMOKKKK!!!
But what frustrates me the most is that I am THIS heavy, but my clothes doesn't feel tighter or becomes out of shape; makes me feel that it's okay.. everything's alright..
But I am actually gaining weight!!!!!

Trying to make myself feel better; I'd like to say to myself that my fat has turned into muscle from all the cycling, but I know better.. I know how much (read: little) I've rode my bike.
As much as I'd like to say that I don't give a crap about the way I look -- I do care.
Let's move on, shall we? I'd rather not dwell in the idea that I might turn into Michelen one day.

It's payday today.
Funny how it's been a hot topic among my friends for the past week. It's curious how terrible our accounts are this month. I even had to use my stashed money. Good thing I have those in the first place. hehe. Bestie and I even had to change back our foreign currencies last week.
I personally like to keep them for future trips.
Oh well, I'm happy enough that I didn't have to ask for a loan from Dida. hehehe.. though the thought crossed my mind. (It's that bad, yes.)

I've recently just finished reading Paulo Coelho's By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. (It's a mouthful.) I find myself.. confused by the end of it.
The book started off with questions of love.. but by the end of it it's just something.. else. I think.
Perhaps I shouldn't have put it down so much. It was the book that I'd been carrying around during nightstops, but I didn't actually spend any time picking it up. ughhh.
Anyway, it was a good read; as all Coelho's works are.. is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice, or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand-new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence.
-- Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

During the weekend I went to see two movies with Dida.
Wrath Of The Titans was alright. Although I must confess that I wasn't really into it as I usually would. Mostly because I was too confused with all the Greek-Gods movies that I've seen! Sure, this one is a sequel to Clash Of The Titans. But somehow I got myself confused with Prince Of Persia because Gemma Arterton was in both of the movies. Then there were Immortals which was also about a mortal.. fighting for the Gods!!
ughh.. So yeah.. I find it hard to simply focus on the movie and enjoy myself. hahaha!

Then there was Hunger Games.
Let's just say that I am SO getting the books the next time I'm at the bookstore! hahahahahha!
Sure, it's pretty much Hollywood's version of Battle Royale, but I liked it's play on emotions.. So yeah, I am getting the book!

Oh, I almost forgot to write about the potluck my friends and I had on the 19th!!
It was neat, we all rendezvoused at Mami's place and the dining table was glorious! Mami prepared the drinks, rice and vegetable soup, Mumu brought her blackpepper chicken and stir-fried veg, Encem brought his mutton curry, I came with my beef lasagne and Bestie brought a huge slab of brownies!

I tell you, we dined like the kings and queens that day!
We dubbed Bestie's brownies as "Brownies Jahat", because it was incredibly sinful, paired with the chocolate sauce that Bestie had also prepared from scratch and also vanilla ice-cream!
I'm so lucky to be surrounded by incredible beings..

Anyway, three more days to another rendezvous with friends! This time we're catching The Avengers at Pavillion!! (Yaaayy, excited for Pavillion because I can't remember when was the last time I went there. haha!)

Oh, I'm looking forward for Encem and Bestie to come back from their trips so we could play that computer game we played last night. hahahahha! They shall be sorry for introducing it to me..

And that is all from me for the time being..
Take good care of yourselves, my dear readers.

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