Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week's review!

Oh wow, aren't I interesting to actually have a review of the week?

Anyway, it's been a good one.
I was flying from the end of last month 'til last Sunday. I came for the lounge on Monday, had a day off and been working for four days in a row. And pretty much each night I go to bed at 6am! (Except tonight since it's already 7 in the morning..)
Yeah, I'm troubled. Only this time I am referring specifically to my trouble sleeping.

Flying had been good. I enjoyed myself pretty much on most flights. Even all the delays and short of crew can't keep me down. I had the pleasure, and great luck to fly with good people! Alhamdulillah..
Nothing much on the flying week I suppose. Or maybe I'd waited too long to write about it that I have now forgotten all of the details! hahhahha

My feet hurts and my whole body aches. But my heart is full, and that's what matters the most.
A passenger looked for me by name earlier, which I thought was crazy. I was on a ciggy break and my colleague texted me; "an Indian fella was asking about you".. I thought he was joking! But somehow a face came to mind.

And true enough, the person who was looking for me was a frequent traveller that I keep bumping into at the lounge. I just never thought that he'd remember my name.. I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen him for weeks.. if not months.
Anyway, I enjoyed talking to him. He's just one of those guys who are easy to talk to.
Oh, and he thought I looked Eurasian if not Sarawakian.. which was amusing. He suggested that perhaps somewhere in my ancestry was of Caucasian blood, and I just told him that they're all Indonesian as far as I know. hehe

And today I bumped into an uncle at the aerotrain! I was fussing over my airport ID when somebody approached me. I got quite the shock since I'd only seen him last month at the customs area! Feels like I only get to see my family if they were in the airport somehow..
Basically I've been bumping into a LOT of familiar faces this week..

I'm all out of things to share!
My nails are blue now. I'm gonna talk about that on Tumblr after I get some sleep.
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Can I say that I love myself when I'm in this mood?
Well, things been good and I could easily say that I'm happy.
So naturally, I'm afraid. This feeling doesn't stick too long most of the time. But I'm hoping..
I really love the way I am feeling.

Even when I am blogging this at the lounge.
I am wide-eyed, you have no idea how scary that looks to other people. hahaha!
I figured three cups of coffee would do that to a person. A relatively normal person, anyway.
My nails are green; looks pretty good with the uniform. (I might post a picture later since I'm ALL about nails lately.)

Apparently my Tumblr looks like a make-up blog now, according to Bestie.

Anyway, I'm feeling good.. that's pretty much all I wanted to say.
Have a great week everyboddeh!

Oh! I should probably blog about my flying week next.

Monday, February 04, 2013


I've been down with a nasty fever for the past couple of days. I didn't go to any clinic because the ones that I usually go to would always make me wait long enough at the waiting room for me to wish that I'd just die right there. So I went into shaman mode and basically take a cold shower every few hours so the heat would leave my body -- and had Panadols.. hahaha!
It worked, I no longer have a fever. But I'm at that stage where I am sort of floating, and everything tastes like metal in my mouth. ughh.

Dida and Encem offered to bring me to the doctor everyday.. But the doctors that I usually end up seeing are.. how shall I say this kindly.. hmm.. Useless.
So honestly speaking, I'd much rather take things into my own hands. I mean, wouldn't you rather die by your own stupidity than a doctor's incompetence? (Okay, perhaps that is just me.)

Being sick also makes me an emotional wreck. I must've cried like fifteen thousand times! I would laugh about something with Encem and the next minute I'd cry non-stop. Even tv shows makes me cry. Tv shows that isn't Grey's Anatomy! (I always cry watching that, whether I'm sick or not..)
So yeah,  hate being sick. Crying all the time just makes it worse.

I was scolded by a passenger on my previous flight. Apparently I was rude to her when I asked her to wait when she asked for a refill of her tea. She recommended that I should go back to training school for the way I behaved blablablaa and she asked, "you get me?"
I said yes.. Not a single apology though. Perhaps I was kinda rude, but to me that was just me being normal. She had asked for a refill when I wasn't even pushing my cart. I was holding a few trays as the passengers at the back haven't even got their meals!
So yeah, I am rude to selfish, inconsiderate bastards. Funny thing was, everyone around her was looking at HER funny, and not at all treated me differently. So, if any of you behaves like an inconsiderate mother-effer on my flight.. do expect rudeness in return.

That makes the second obvious complaint against me since I've been flying. The first was during my first month on the job. A passenger vomited on the aisle while meal service was in commence. I can't remember how or why but I stepped on that puddle of yuck and said (under my breath), "shoot".
At the end of flight my supervisor told me that the sister of the sickly person complained to him that I'd used a vulgar word, and not at all sensitive to the situation.
Honestly, I'd like to see her step into that crap and say "yippee".

People are just weird sometimes..
I do have one more story to tell. But I don't think I'm gonna. It's not funny nor amusing.. So I'd rather be pissed in silence. heh.
I do hope that my head would come back to the ground soon. Gonna be up all night tonight! Four bloody days of absurdity and another day off. It sucks that I'd spend my weekend off being sick. sigh..

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