Monday, July 30, 2007

I'd wait for life.

I was in the car with Dida earlier, listening to Take That..
We had just decided to drive through KL and Dida was saying about going back through the NPE. I was immersing myself with thoughts of the reasons why she had said it when another thought came to mind;

Love should be perfect.
The other person need not be but the love between them should.
And I quote from a recently seen-and-loved film I saw on telly, Dream for an Insomniac; "There are too many mediocre things in life and love shouldn't be one of it."

Aah~ and this is the part where I stop and rest myself from revealing my thoughts and heart too much.
It's that and the fact that I stupidly caught my right thumb in between the car door when we got home. I've got red and blue on my thumb and they are not ink. It amuses me though -- I showed it to my sleepy father when we got in like it was an achievement of some sort. It stings of course.

now, don't I have a crinkly thumb?

my normal thumb and "the sausage one". (It's oily from the gamat ointment.)

Curse myself for wondering the other day how it's been a while since I hurt myself. heh!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A weary theory.

I have this theory about my writing..

Because I write about a lot of things.. almost everything that's going on in my life (or head), I am bound to write something good every once in a while. That's how I rationalize how I keep getting all these hits every single day; people come and visit my blog to check if it's that day -- the day when I managed to write an actual enlightening entry where it speaks to the entire public, instead of me having a blind go and risk the possibility of sounding psychotic everytime.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Paper clipping!

photo from Tuesday's The Star

I only found out about this from Bahijah's blog. (See see.. there's us in there! Bahijah muka menggoda.)
So all night (and morning) of Wednesday I text messaged my sisters and voila! Both Nina (my brother in law, exactly) and Dida (via her collegue) got a copy of that page! ahhahahaha!! I'm so glad I have two BRILLIANT sisters! So anyway, I offered one to Nadiah and I'd like to think that she appreciated it. heh!

Alright, that's it!
Busy weekend ahead.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flutter putter.

I think my head hasn't been in it's place for a while now.
I've let my thoughts wander off too far and now it'll be hard to call it to come back. I never should've let it roam free.

Am I speaking in metaphors again?
I wouldn't know. Focusing is getting harder and harder.
I don't think I'm making sense. As if I always do anyway..

Maybe I am losing my mind.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

..and you're always on my mind.

I am not, fortunately thinking about Harry Potter,
nor am I thinking of an actual person I have met.
What has been on my mind constantly is an idea..
an idea of a certain something that I must find.
(a good time to listen to Take That, yeah?)

While I am not too preoccupied with my thoughts, (which is not too often I'm afraid) I took an interest to expand my interest in astrology and read on the elemental signs -- mostly Fire sign, of course.
So here's what I found out; Fire signs are attracted to Water signs, comfortable with Air signs and impatient with Earth signs. I must admit, that had just gotten me too amused and all I can say to it is "duuuude!"
ahahhaha!! It's an inside joke, I'm sorry.
I probably shouldn't say this but maan, that made sense!

*giggle* Being overly spiritual or too philosophical, for example, can make them out of touch with the real world. [W]
hahhaha! I probably read too much.

Alright, I should get some rest. I've been having this headache since earlier last night yet I can't keep my thoughts clear of one thing.
Well, two actually. This one thing that I'm not telling and the Prince! Nadiah and I had a good conversation about him yesterday afternoon and we just couldn't help agreeing that he should be loved. Nina on the other hand thought that we should probably build a shrine for him! hahha!
We probably should.

O yeah.. Man U - 6, Shenzen FC - 0! Poor them.
Really like the almost-4th goal by Nani. hahha! The boys ran so fast!

Okay, my head really hurts.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Ah.. no wonder Jo cried...

I've finally finished it!
Finally finished reading the book around half past five today. A little slow than I usually would've but I was greatly distracted by one too many things.

First, there were the shots of pain in my legs that I'd like to think that they weren't too different from the constant blinding pain Harry gets when Voldemort is feeling evil. heh! Of course, mine was self inflicted. I ran too many steps and in circles without any warming-up and so I pulled a couple of muscles that I haven't discovered before.
It was terrible. I can barely sleep as it is and the pain kept waking me up, yet I can't lie that somehow it amuses me.

Then.. there's television.
I can't remember how many times I've seen Independence Day before but I just couldn't tear my eyes away when it's on! It's really frustrating when I need my eyes to READ!
Of course, there was also the European Grand Prix which I find very amusing! The on and off rain was exciting and hilarious at the same time. Especially that one time when FIVE cars skidded off that first corner and hang out altogether. hahha! (Of course, nobody was hurt or it wouldn't be that funny.)

Okay! Now on to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
After reading all 607-pages of it.. I find The Prince's Tale is the best chapter in the entire book! At least, it's my utmost favourite. It was just.. too romantic and I just can't help invisibly offer my heart to the Prince. He was.. braver that I've ever thought he was. So loyal.. and quite pitiful actually but I suppose my heart always go to characters such as him.
By the way, I don't know why I'm saying this considering that if I need to say it, you probably don't read the book and may not even know what I mean, but I'm saying it anyway; the Prince in question is non other than the Half-Blood Prince. Ahh.. man. I feel bad for misunderstanding him for the past 6 years.. (whoops?)

The book was quite slow actually. I actually hated disliked it 'til I get to the final quarter of the book. It was just too slow! Too many information to process but it was just too.. dull. It didn't matter how fast I tried to read but it was just.. really really slow.
But there were parts that had me really spooked that I made an involuntary twitch and decided to put the book away for a bit! hahha! I know.. that was just too dramatic but it is the absolute truth. I imagined that this one could turn out to be one really awesome summer blockbuster in a couple of years! hahha! Seriously. I think everyone will definitely get a kick out of it.

Also I must admit that it got me to cry.. once. I can't remember which part since there were too many times where I got stuck in a paragraph and gaped in shock and grief. Probably too many people died in this book. Too many that I hadn't expected -- that I hadn't foresee and prepared for. Just thinking about those characters is making me upset. geez! Why did Rowling had to kill-- (heh! Don't worry, no spoilers here.)
Some bits and parts of my predictions came true though. I don't know if I'm proud of it. Probably not. I mostly feel like casting a spell on one person and it deflected to someone else instead. (heh!)

It was an awesome book, and a great ending. Rowling did a brilliant job and I feel blessed to have jumped on the train to the magical world of her words.
Also.. blessed that I had won my copy of the book! I couldn't quite imagine a better ending than that, no matter what those loser guys behind us said. It is definitely NOT our fault that we managed to use our wits a little better than them. Very Griffindor-like I must say. hahhahaha!
The funniest thing is that everybody in my home finds it amusing that we pulled it off. Nina particularly was quite proud of my plans and our preparations. Especially at my cool-headedness at certain critical situations. hahhahha!
Like I said, Fred and George would've been very proud.

I am.. honestly and whole-heartedly glad that WE had done it. Two Centaurs and a Fish. Not exactly a Lion with a Fish and a Virgin but hey.. we pulled it off!
So, thank God!!

Cheers everyone!
Happy days ahead.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I solemnly swear..

that I am up to no good.

In a reference to this, this and this, this is what happened;

Nadiah and I left Shah Alam nearing to 4pm and head out to KLCC.
We did nothing much really, except that we had an early dinner from 6:30 that lasted 'til 9pm! (Mostly because I was eating reaaally slow so I could watch the entire match between FC Seoul and Man United. Four goals, yeahh!)
We left Shrooms and walk around the mall.. perfecting our plan.

We sat on the escalator from 3rd floor to 4th floor because there wasn't any other place to sit; we were.. waiting for our movie that starts at 11:55pm! (heehee.)
Then two people came up to us and ask if we were waiting on Harry Potter (err..) then another guy joined and we ended up having a really good conversation. (A shout out to Kartina, Khairul and Afiki!!)

I'm losing a bit of my mind now from the lack of sleep and oxygen (from the run), but I am sooooo glad that I had Nadiah and Bahijah with me the entire night! We were.. quite the perfect trio!
Nadiah's bravery, Bahijah's blind-enthusiasm and my sneaky brain! (ahhaha! It's amazing, turns out I'm really good at planning mischief! But I am SO physically unfit!)
I'm not going to say more to this because I really need the rest (after getting our books I joined my sister for lunch and a bit of window shop at Midvalley!) but I think I won't be too wrong to say that Fred and George would've been SO proud with us!

So it's probably time to start reading the book now.
(Or maybe sleep..) I'm just really glad.. I'd love to think that the white butterfly that stopped at our table while we were having dinner was a good sign about the night. (Romanticizing!)

Mischief managed!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tomorrow's the BIG day.

I'm laughing because I'm considering how other people uses the phrase "big day" for something really huge and important in their life; mostly an achievement or something along that page. A wedding.. or graduation.. while I'm using the phrase in reference to the release of JK Rowling's final installment of the Harry Potter series.

For those who had just found this blog, here's the 411**
I am certainly and undeniably, a Potterhead!!
** For those who aren't in the know, "411" is a lingo/slang for information. It's the number to the info directory on the American phone system, I think! heehee. Now, aren't I informative?

My friends and I had already made plans for the big day. It even starts today! *giggle* I'm glad that it's finally Friday. I feel like I'm going crazy just thinking about how exactly I'm going to get my hands on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I fell asleep thinking about it, and when I wake up I'd start again, knowing that I haven't found the perfect plan.

I read on Mugglenet last week that Rowling had said;
"Some people will loathe it, they will absolutely loathe it. For some people to love it, other people must loathe it. That's just in the nature of the plot."
So I came up with my own crazy theories that you SHOULD NOT take seriously.

Highlight the space below if you wish to read.

1. That "R.A.B" on the note in the locket from Half-Blood Prince stands for Regulus A. Black. Fine, we were told that he was a Death Eater but what if he wasn't too different from Sirius in the first place but all the time he was working all by himself. Nobody really knew which side he was on.
Ah well, the only thing that made me believe this is that he is the only person in the Potter-world with the R.B. initials. Not exactly rock-solid.
2. Harry will definitely die. I know, I'm sad at the possibility of it but I think it could be a great ending if he were to die just moments after he killed off Voldemort. (I'm romanticising!) If he doesn't, one of the trio will. Surely. They can't be THAT good to still be alive after 7 years, they're kids! So if it isn't Harry, I think it's going to be Ron! *evil laugh* Just because he's the comic relief to the entire story and Rowling did cry when she killed off those two characters when she wrote it.
3. People have been saying that Harry might've been Voldemort's last Horcrux. Okay, so this isn't exactly MY original idea but I'd say that this is not at all impossible. My crazy thought, maybe it's not Harry entirely.. probably just his lightning bolt scar.
I probably sound like Luna right about now.
4. Hermione will end up with Harry in the end and everything about her and Ron before this was the real red herring and THAT is why some people will loathe the book!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!
Okay, I'm definitely going loony now.


Alright. I won't say more on this whole thing.
My next update will be AFTER I've read that last.. Harry Potter book. Man, just saying it upsets me. What are we Potterheads going to do after this? No more books to wait on.. the movies just aren't the same!!
Harry Potter Syndrome, anyone?

Of course, despite that I am sad of the inevitable ending, you won't find my name on the petition to "save Harry".
I honestly feel that this is a good time for an ending.. I just can't help feeling sad for it, like most endings. (I said most!)

Okay, I'm keeping busy!
I'd hate to mindlessly click on New York Times' review of the book! I think it's really disrespectful of them to put up the review.. 2 days before the release of the book! Rowling should sue. heehee.
I suppose some people are just LOUSY, and all you can do is wonder why..
Ohh, I just uploaded a new song on my LL by Miley Cyrus. heehee.

Alright, I'm going off now!
Got to get my shower and decide what to wear.. sigh. I clearly over-think things. (I probably should over-drink!)
Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am pro-Posh!

I just saw Victoria Beckham Coming To America and I just can't help reaally liking her! She's really funny!! Of course, she would probably prefer people saying that she's prettier than funny (if you've seen the show, you'd understand) but she was really.. really funny!
Some parts just made me laugh out loud.

I've always liked David Beckham for his fotball talents but I've also been indifferent with Victoria for just as long. I mean, I can't really like people whom I know nothing about, and now after I've seen the show I just have to admit that I am definitely, pro-Posh!
I just found out she's an Aries. I find most of them likable actually. (I said most -- I have met a crappy one.)

Been writing a lot because I needed to fill in the time.
It's either write or think of crappy stuff.. or letting myself be the victim of my own hypochondria -- I just had the sudden urge to look up on Cardiomyopathy, believe it or not!

I've also decided to create a new avatar for my Yahoo! Messenger earlier so I could postpone writing this entry. hahha!
I'm extremely proud of the shirt despite that it was strictly a product for my own amusements. And my hair isn't nearly that long. *giggle* The limbs looks horrible though. I'm just pathetic when it comes to drawing limbs.
Alright, that's it!
I believe I'll see you soon! *manic laugh*

Proust questionnaire #1.

Return of the insomnia..
I suppose I have too much time in my hands so I indulged myself to answering the questions Proust was asked when he was 13. I might have answered them incorrectly as the questions intended. I think nobody actually updated those questions to current-English so if that were true, those were 1884's English there. (The questions, I mean.)
  1. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
    Constantly feeling dissatisfied. To want something so badly, realizing that it is possible as long as you have the will to work for it and yet let your mind tell you that positive thinking would only get you so far and that you cannot count out your luck.. or fate.

  2. Where would you like to live?
    I have a rather direct answer to this: somewhere in Britain. Just outside the city.

  3. What is your idea of earthly happiness?
    To laugh, and truly laugh. One moment without a mere worry thought.

  4. To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
    Meaningless conversations.

  5. Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
    I wish I had a silly-yet-smart answer to this but my first answer would be the X-Men. My second answer would be Robert Langdon.

  6. Who are your favorite characters in history?
    Morrie Schwartz. Of course, he was an actual person but I only knew him as a character from a book.

  7. Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
    Jane Austen and Joanne Rowling; both names started with a "J" -- strictly coincidental. Maybe you'll be more strong-willed if your name had started with a "J", yeah?

  8. Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
    Elizabeth Bennet.

  9. Your favorite painter?
    None, unfortunately. I wasn't endowed with the talent to appreciate paintings -- nor sculptures.

  10. Your favorite musician?
    Currently, James Morrison.

  11. The quality you most admire in a man?
    His charm, confidence, and wit.

  12. The quality you most admire in a woman?
    Her ability to make up her mind.

  13. Your favorite virtue?

  14. Your favorite occupation? back then, this means "things to do"
    Writing, reading, thinking in the lines of philosophy.

  15. Who would you have liked to be?
    Somebody who isn't a mere blip in the world. To be somebody who had made an impact to a single person at least. Somebody who leaves something good behind when she's gone.. and missed when that happens.
Maybe in 7 years I'll do the second questionnaire.
You can read Proust's answers here. Bear in mind that he was thirteen.

Bilik Kosong

Dida and I went to see Vacancy just now.
Let me tell you.. if you'd like to see a mindless sort of movie yet possibly, get scared half of your wits, this is the right movie for you!

There was hardly any plot but we were mildly amused by it! It's like.. an indie thriller with famous actors in it; Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale.

We decided to give a dim star for plot, four stars for shock-effect, and FIVE stars for the drag queen** who sat three seats away from us. He/she had the funniest scream of terror that made the entire cinema laugh at one point.
** I'm sorry that my vocabulary isn't rich enough to think of any other word for pondan; they're males who acts like females but aren't necessarily dress in female clothes. In this case, he was not in any form of drag but he definitely behaved like a female.

Alright, that is it.
You may take my review which ever way you'd like. Was I being sarcastic or was I really sincere?? ahhahhahahaha!! Guess!

I find myself dreaming more than usual lately.
I know it's wrong but I always end up smiling when I do.

My heart is definitely racing now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Smudge, do something!

heeheeheeee. *waves back!*
Oh I don't know.. I'm having roller coaster days apparently. I am still the rare mix of an easily amused, sarcastic cynic so that is probably why I am always on the roller coaster. At least that's my theory! (and you know how I get fired up over theories!)

I got my football fix today with Manchester United's Asian Tour when they played against Urawa Reds in Saitama, Japan. I thought the match was pretty good!
Proves that Van De Sar is absolutely.. truly a knob but I already know that, so no surprise there! The match ended with both teams scoring twice. The Urawa team was pretty good! I mean, I'd hate to imagine how a Malaysian team would (not) score against the Red Devils.
Okay, that's probably mean.. to put down my own country's capability and not showing too much faith on them. Especially since this year marks the 50th year of our independence--

Well, in my defense..
Tunku Abdul Rahman was a fairly intellegent person; thus making it possible for us to enjoy freedom without having our parents going into war to achieve them. He went to London and had a negotiation with the British government about giving us our independence. So on August 31st 1957, we celebrated our independence day!
Of course, not going to war means that most of us doesn't really know and appreciate the true meaning of independence and people (I'm partly included, unfortunately) to easily look up on any other country but our own in certain things, but aah~ that is a different story so I'd rather not write about it now.

What I'm trying to say actually is that I have an unexplainable need to be fair (ala ala intellegent gitu?) so I find it crucial to admit it when we are doing baad!
That and that I also say things without really thinking all the time. ahhahahaha! I find it hard to keep track on what I'm saying when I'm so easily bored that I don't even THINK about just ONE thing at one time.

Like now.
I totally forgot what I had planned on saying right before I started this entry. shoot!


I'm feeling extremely lousy.

It's just one of those days when I get frustrated for no particular reason.

I'm chatting with Azraai on Y!M and though we had just talked about a funny blog entry I did of Azraai and Syafiq, I didn't feel slightly amused tonight.
I feel like every word I typed (even right now) is empty and lifeless. Talking for the sake of talking but means NOTHING.

Then I found an old entry where I mentioned of feeling extremely low that I had to talk to 6 people before I feel normal again.
How crazy is that? SIX!

Maybe I am crazy.
I wish admitting that I'm crazy could make it all go away, yet I still feel crappy.
Stupid stupid head.. or heart whatever. They're stupid.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'll never move to JB.

Despite the fact that I've been there for.. many times in the past year, I just don't see any reason to hold it dear. I still think everyone drives like a maniac there. (They really do!) The motorcyclists were kamikazes and it's no surprise to me if the first batch of rempits came from JB. hahahhahaha!!

The second day I was there, I woke up to a strange dream and feeling extremely nauseous. Of course, to be quite honest.. I did throw up an hour later in the car! heh! Good thing I'm pretty aware of my body and that Dida's car is so messy that there were plastic bags everywhere. So I didn't spoil her car.. I think I was pretty cool at handling the situation! hahhaha!

Considering.. the last time I heaved was when I was 9; I just came off a fever and I downed a glass of Sarsi. The whole thing came out of my mouth and nose two minutes later into the toilet bowl. (See! I was aware of my body even before I hit puberty! I am amazing like that! ahahha!)
Now come to think of it.. everytime soda spurted out from my mouth, it was Sarsi; yet I love it still! ahhahaha!

To be fair, the trip wasn't all bad.
For one, we get to see Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix! I don't have much to say about it since it was rather.. forgettable, unfortunately. But I love the Dumbledore-Voldemort duel. That looked AWESOME!
Also, Dan Radcliffe's acting has very much improved since the past films. Although.. I think he looked like he was having a stomach ache at that time when Voldemort--- err, okay I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it nor read the book. (Ana, I'm thinking about you!)

Second, I LOVE having otak otak!!
otak otaaak!
Third, I got my copy of Undiscovered like I've always wanted since I first heard of James Morrison! Now I don't feel guilty for downloading his songs illegally from the internet since I also got his CD! cheers!! Dida got herself Take That's Beautiful World and Samson's Penantian Hidup.
my favourite lad Mr. Morrison!
Finally, although officially I didn't get this while I was in Johor.. I got this on the way back from JB so I'm really happy!!
I love my Chuck Taylor
Got my 5th Converse** in Seremban when Dida and I visited the Kiddies at the hospital. They were admitted because they were vommiting on Saturday (like their aunt Wanie!) after Mama took her eyes off them and they managed to get their hands on some questionable chocolates. Budak lahap, semua pon nak telan! ahahhaha!
Anyway, this is my first Hi-Top. I was originally looking for an X-Hi but would you believe it, there was NONE in any Converse stores I've been to! (Midvalley, OU, JB, Seremban.. anywhere!) They do have this new X-Hi design that reminds me of safaris with the pockets on the side but I just don't need that! So I settled with this black Hi-Top Chuck Taylor.. I just WANT a new pair so badly!

Okay. I haven't got anything else to share now. Feeling a tad restless.. and anxious.
It's a new week!!!!! eeeeeekk!!!!

edited on 2:15 AM, July 16th 2007.
** just did the math. On average, I get a new pair of Converse once every two years!

last edited on 2:43 PM, July 17th 2007.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Decided to try it out.
(Yes, I do realize I already have three Blog*spot blogs and a LifeLogger.. ignoring that one entry I wrote on man, I obviously have a problem.)
I find myself.. liking it. It's able to do the one thing that I had wanted LL to do. (Well, find that entry yourself. It's in there somewhere.)
Just imported the entries I've done here onto that account. Over 1600++ entries! Easy peasy!

Anyway, I'm bored can you tell?
Probably should try and get some sleep. I'm going out of town (ROAADTRIIIP!!!) with Dida and I should not let her down after she told me that I was a good sidekick a week ago! ahhahaha!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Freak and I.

So we went.. and we scout...
We got stopped by a security guard whom asked what we were doing.
Then I coolly said, "Ah, nothing. We were only chatting. We're leaving now." ahahhaha!! I can't help it, I had a big grin on my face; not a single worry despite that we had just got caught. I was really honest.
Quite the shady place to find ourselves chatting but heyy! You can't blame us for finding that spot to be the appropriate place for the particular topic.
The security guard didn't let us get out of his sight for the next half an hour. Funny how determined he was to catch us actually doing something out of order. heehee. I felt like a delinquent.

Now you may ask where I was and what I was doing.
But I may not divulge it here. Not yet at least!

Probably enough to say that;
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!
*wicked cackle*

I'm convinced..

I definitely have a kooky set of friends.

I'm sorry.. it's either this or I'll write something about how I feel like in a constant limbo or how I feel about painting my own nails. The nails are a bit too silly and talking about limbo is probably too morbid for this morn.
My last entry was last Tuesday and I feel obligated to have a new entry up right about now.

Probably quirky characters attracts other quirky people.
I won't blame myself for becoming me; my family are pretty odd themselves. My dad for instance, looks forward to Wednesdays because it's the day when he makes himself two half boiled eggs (his favourite food) for breakfast. When I asked why not make them for everyday, he said "those days aren't Wednesday".
Dida on the other hand, forbids anyone to fold her laundry because she has her own standards. Plus, she have a song for everything like when Izzati was a baby, she smiled really "sweet" so Dida started singing "Manis manis manis..." Well, there was more.
And there is more but I don't think I need to prove everything right here and now.

Well, to rationalize it.. I think I only keep the friends who are quirky. You know, people who are capable of amusing me even without them really saying anything particularly funny. Although they are not required to be goofy on purpose. I hardly find spastic jokes funny anyway. Wit, word plays, pun.. that's my kind of thing. In humour at least. I think I'm missing the real subject here.

So.. hmm.. to my friends whom I don't call anymore, I probably think that you're no longer funny. Or quirky.
Except you Azraai. I never call (or let you call, hahha!!) but I think you're really amusing. Okay, that's an overstatement. You're pretty amusing, pet!

I should get some sleep now.
I'm meeting up a freak later today!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dear stranger,


You know, if you're going to reload/refresh my page for 20 times, the least you could do is leave me a message and introduce yourself! I'd love to know why the keen interest. heehee.
I'd really.. reaaally appreciate it.


Been listening to I Will by The Beatles. It sounds like a love song but I can't help feeling slightly saddened by the words. heh! Maybe it just doesn't sound too happy in my ears.
I've uploaded the song on my LL if you'd care to listen. Haven't got the chance to upload the video I promised yesterday though. I can't seem to cut it quite right somehow. *knocks head with knuckles*

Oh, I'm also listening to Time After Time by Quietdrive. I think it's really cute that a guy remakes this song. It's like.. seeing guys in a pink shirt; you'd HAVE to look twice, and in this case.. listen to it a couple more times.

Monday, July 09, 2007

"Ustazah from Hell"

I'm still alive!

Nina and Dida were talking about one of their teachers in Sekolah Tun Fatimah (better known as STF) the other day and I spurted "**Ustazah from Hell" to a great response! Everybody in the room roared and I thought.. hey! I'm a comedienne! ahhahha!
** 'Ustazah' is the title for female teachers who teaches the Islamic studies in school. The male teachers would be called 'Ustad'.

Had a hectic sort of weekend. It was constantly filled with activities -- that, and the fact that simply watching the Kiddies run around is actually tiring.
We head back to Bukit Kapar on Saturday for a get together. It was kind of nice having that many people around, although I barely talk to most of them because to be quite honest.. I'm not too keen with crowds. heh!

Later that evening, us girls; the Kiddies, Nina, Dida, our mom and myself went to Red Box and had 3 hours of karaoke! That was fun. We went nuts and picked out most of Siti Nurhaliza's song and we sang like mad women. Of course, none of us could reach Siti's outrageously high pitch but that didn't stop us from trying, did it? ahahhaha! And that is why, we had FUN! Ruining 10 songs had never felt so gooood.
Then at one point Dida snapped at Izzati because she couldn't sit around like a good girl and somehow managed to knock over Dida's drinks -- which then soaked her spankin' new 5700. Poor kid, she cried. But she was fine by the time we went home. Dida's an excellent aunt.

On Sunday, we went to the 2007 Secondary School Marching Band Competition in Bukit Jalil. We were pretty relaxed, getting there when we get there.. So we got there at about half past three (the event started -- or had supposed to start at two.) There were twelve bands, but we only missed the first four. (We missed Selangor's! sigh. Their "support system" was brilliant though! They're the only ones who were capable of drowning out those Victoria Institute boys' cheers! Those VI boys reminded me of EPL actually. They never seem to run out of songs to sing. Pretty cool.)

There weren't too many people in the stadium like the last time I went (that was aaages ago!) and I believe it's because there weren't too many promos about it. Even the sign outside the stadium was tiny, it's ridiculous! But of course, not many people means plenty of seats to choose from. Naturally, we had went to sit at the bunch of other STF students/ex-students. My sisters had left their school for ten-eleven years but it's apparent on how much they had loved their school.
O yeah, they were both in STF; Dida used to follow everything Nina does, education-wise at least. Nina got into STF in form one -- Dida joined in form four. Then Nina got to UKM and so did Dida. Me... why, there's always that pressure to do as well as my sisters but I'm just too much of a rebel. I like being different too much.

STF didn't win, but they got the "Preparation Award", what ever that is. Third place was the Sarawak band (I think!) and second was from Terengganu. Both were Chinese schools. The best Drum Major was also Chinese, from Kelantan. He was absolutely brilliant! Everybody loved him. Everytime he throws his baton/staff up in the air, everyone oohed -- and he had his hands behind his back until the baton almost reaches the ground, he'd stick his hand out and catches it EVERYTIME!! And he threw them sooo high, it's AMAZING! I think everyone had predicted that he'd take home the title as I did.
First place was Kedah's SM Sultanah Asma and we were cheering really hard for them! It's a girls school (like STF) and they did brilliant overall. Really smart formations and good choices of songs. Really awesome. But I think STF was the most Drumline of all. hahhaha! Their moves were really cool but they have to work on the music. It's understandable, most of them were first-formers. I would know -- I have the inside scoop! heehee.

The highlight of the day was actually the kompang formation from SMK TTDI. They were really fun to watch. Somehow made me understood how Dar get to be Dar, merepek and all. ahhahaha!! I'm going to upload the video on LL when I get the chance to cut it. It's loong and 182megs so I NEED to cut it first. I will tell you once I've upload them -- they're that entertaining.

So! Until the next update..
Have a great LIFE everybody.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nothing a smoke can't plug.

I've actually thought of writing this entry in a really emo way.. But I was in the car at that time, heading somewhere, so naturally by the time I get back and sat in front of the computer I feel that it would be lame to bring back what I had felt when I could easily let it go.
So I'm letting that go.

I've been feeling a bit off lately, so don't mind me too much. I'm rambling way out of proportion. Especially right now when I haven't had any sleep and my head feels like it's about to burst.
Maybe it's because of last night; I was lying on the floor, minding my own business watching the telly while the Kiddies (they're here for the weekend with Nina since my brother in law is away for some work stuff) were playing around like they always do. One minute they were running, the next Izzati fell bum first -- right at the top of my head. Excellent aiming, I would say. Well, I think it was her bum.. I wasn't looking. Then that kid ran away without saying sorry even when Nina told her to -- instead, Farhana did! hahhaha! That is one weirdly adorable kid.

So anyway.. if in a couple of hours I pass out and starts to turn blue, it's probably from the blunt force trauma to my head by a questionable object. Just so you know.

Hmm.. This got me thinking on how undecided I am about having kids. I know that we should have them but really.. I guess I'm still selfish and incapable of doting on them. I am not a cool aunt, it's too obvious but I don't mind that at all.
I am incapable of doting on anyone whom I can't understand, more examples; Kelantanese. Not all of them, just the ones with the verrry thick accent. I just can't stand them. If you can't talk like everybody else, don't bother talking to me. Seriously.

Okay, now I feel like throwing up. Should I be worried? hahhaha! Maan, that would be a story wouldn't it? A 22 year-old female was found dead in her home earlier this morning after experiencing a freak accident. Witnesses said that she had received a blunt force trauma the night before when her niece had accidentally fell at the top of her head. Oh, I probably should say here that I am mildly hypochondriac.

Dida and I went to see Die Hard 4.0 around midnight. We were bored. It wasn't exactly "awful" but it was.. unnecessary. The story was a little slow for our taste (for an action movie) and I just feel that the actions were simply exaggerated. I mean, come on! A semi-trailer and a fighter jet?? COME ONN.. that's just too much! Even then I had to hold myself back from shouting at the top of my lungs, "SNORE!!" (That's my new favourite word, by the way.)
I'm sorry if you're a Die Hard fan but I have to say this.. blah!
Timmy looked old in this film. He actually looked his age; very different from Catch and Release. Kind of amazing.

I think it's weird that I've been listening to one of James Morrison's songs and feel like it echoes my heart. I mean, I can't remember experiencing the same things that he sings about but somehow.. they're a resonance.
It kind of suck. hahhaha! Sometimes I hate the fact that I am more tuned to sad songs. I don't think that I am particularly sad. I'm quite fine, thanks. Quite.

Maybe this turns out to be an emo entry after all!
Just not the same magnitude as I know it could.
I must have a lie down now. This took me 50 minutes to type out. Ridiculous, no?
Have a good weekend, everyone.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I must've pictured it a thousand times in my head...

I just read something somebody wrote somewhere and it made me pretty.. I don't know, competitive? I don't usually feel like this.. except maybe when I'm playing Scrabble.. or Cluedo.. or sudoku.. or while I was watching The Weakest Link. ahhahah! Okay fine, maybe I am a tad competitive. I have a thing for prooving myself to be a little smarter than I led on. hihi. (I don't know if I managed that, by the way. What do you think?)

So this person wrote something that just stumped me. I don't usually get stumped -- not by blogs anyway. So this is a big deal! I HATE admitting that somebody else writes better than me. (cue laugh!) Of course, I am not comparing myself to real writers here.. I meant blog-wise.
This suckkss!!

(Again, cue laugh.)
Oh, who am I kidding?
I'm not even trying half the time. (I'm rationalizing!)

So what have I been up to?
Nothing much actually. There is one thing but I'd like to keep it quiet for the time being. I like secrets. I don't have a lot of them so when I do.. I'd like to keep it to myself.

Maybe I should be like one of those people who only blogs.. seriously.
Just a thought. (I'm giggling.)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My love is a life-taker.

How about that..
I was quite successful with the Wanie-typed-hiatus but today I got to thinking about something that quickly led to an entire blog entry -- in my head. I was having a laugh at the thought of depriving the world from my absent thoughts and then THAT made me laugh even more. Honestly, who am I to actually deprive the world? I hardly exist.
Although I must thank Bahijah and Rai for checking out for my updates! hahhaha! I don't know.. I really think that's funny. I also think it's funny that even though my last update was just last Friday.. it had felt like ages in my world! ahhahahah!!
Maann.. I need help.

So here's the past four days in chronological order;

Cik Alia, Johanz and myself had went to KLIA to pick Incik Pae up for his summer break last Friday. It was a.. different feeling! I've sent people off a bunch of times but waiting on somebody to come through those glass doors were definitely something else. A little more exciting.
By the way, Johanz' driving was just as scary as the way Alia drives. Excellent.

On Saturday, Dida and I went to see Transformers and I must say that of all the summer blockbusters I've seen.. It is definitely my favourite! I thought Shia was wonderful, doing what he does best.. rambling on screen. I knew I wasn't just liking him in vain! ahahhaha! My favourite scene: "Sam's Happy Time", seriously..
The animations were incredible and the storyline.. hahha! I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. And, I want Bumblebee!! (Okay, I've said something like that after I saw The Italian Job.)

On Sunday, we went to KLCC because Dida was looking for some leggings. (She found them at Ms. Reed for RM69 a pair. *lost for words*) Then we had dinner at Shrooms. It was my first time there and I must state here that I LOVE THE PLACE!! There was this one drinks-person who reminded me so strongly of Alan Smith! ahahah! It's the hair. Well, it wasn't bleached but the way he put it up was pretty much the same. heehee. I just can't look away when he walks by -- and I think he noticed it! hahhaha! (Which of course, I don't mind at all..)
Anyway, the food there was really good. We went food-crazy and ate for two people each. hahhaha! Dida had the Nasi Goreng and Egg Sandwich while I had the Penne Alfredo and Curry Fried Calamari -- which even though tasted different.. but had the same texture as the calamari we had in Barcelona! hihhihi. Just thinking about them (food and Europe) makes me giddy.
Also.. while stuffing our faces, we watched the French Grand Prix which were led by none other than the two Ferrari cars! hohohho!

So what else have I been up to?
Well, I've been playing The Sims 2 again because I missed it! heehee. Ever thought like that game is for people who don't have real lives? Really.. their lives are so uneventful that they rest on controlling other people's (Sims it may be) lives. At least that's what I think of myself. hahha! Sure, it also amuses me that my Sims; Alan Smith (hahhahaha!!) and his spouse who err.. is a Sagi (wasn't named Wanie, rest assure) got two Aries boys! ahhaha! I wouldn't mind if that actually happens in real life! Ohh.. and then one of them grew up, aspiring to Romance and now he wants to WooHoo with three different Sims! AHAHHAH!!
I'm sorry... you must think that I'm overly rambling now, but if you've played the game you'd know what I'm talking about.

Stopping now.
Just because I feel rusty as ever.
Yes, it's only been four days..
Ohh! Before I go..

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