Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My love is a life-taker.

How about that..
I was quite successful with the Wanie-typed-hiatus but today I got to thinking about something that quickly led to an entire blog entry -- in my head. I was having a laugh at the thought of depriving the world from my absent thoughts and then THAT made me laugh even more. Honestly, who am I to actually deprive the world? I hardly exist.
Although I must thank Bahijah and Rai for checking out for my updates! hahhaha! I don't know.. I really think that's funny. I also think it's funny that even though my last update was just last Friday.. it had felt like ages in my world! ahhahahah!!
Maann.. I need help.

So here's the past four days in chronological order;

Cik Alia, Johanz and myself had went to KLIA to pick Incik Pae up for his summer break last Friday. It was a.. different feeling! I've sent people off a bunch of times but waiting on somebody to come through those glass doors were definitely something else. A little more exciting.
By the way, Johanz' driving was just as scary as the way Alia drives. Excellent.

On Saturday, Dida and I went to see Transformers and I must say that of all the summer blockbusters I've seen.. It is definitely my favourite! I thought Shia was wonderful, doing what he does best.. rambling on screen. I knew I wasn't just liking him in vain! ahahhaha! My favourite scene: "Sam's Happy Time", seriously..
The animations were incredible and the storyline.. hahha! I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. And, I want Bumblebee!! (Okay, I've said something like that after I saw The Italian Job.)

On Sunday, we went to KLCC because Dida was looking for some leggings. (She found them at Ms. Reed for RM69 a pair. *lost for words*) Then we had dinner at Shrooms. It was my first time there and I must state here that I LOVE THE PLACE!! There was this one drinks-person who reminded me so strongly of Alan Smith! ahahah! It's the hair. Well, it wasn't bleached but the way he put it up was pretty much the same. heehee. I just can't look away when he walks by -- and I think he noticed it! hahhaha! (Which of course, I don't mind at all..)
Anyway, the food there was really good. We went food-crazy and ate for two people each. hahhaha! Dida had the Nasi Goreng and Egg Sandwich while I had the Penne Alfredo and Curry Fried Calamari -- which even though tasted different.. but had the same texture as the calamari we had in Barcelona! hihhihi. Just thinking about them (food and Europe) makes me giddy.
Also.. while stuffing our faces, we watched the French Grand Prix which were led by none other than the two Ferrari cars! hohohho!

So what else have I been up to?
Well, I've been playing The Sims 2 again because I missed it! heehee. Ever thought like that game is for people who don't have real lives? Really.. their lives are so uneventful that they rest on controlling other people's (Sims it may be) lives. At least that's what I think of myself. hahha! Sure, it also amuses me that my Sims; Alan Smith (hahhahaha!!) and his spouse who err.. is a Sagi (wasn't named Wanie, rest assure) got two Aries boys! ahhaha! I wouldn't mind if that actually happens in real life! Ohh.. and then one of them grew up, aspiring to Romance and now he wants to WooHoo with three different Sims! AHAHHAH!!
I'm sorry... you must think that I'm overly rambling now, but if you've played the game you'd know what I'm talking about.

Stopping now.
Just because I feel rusty as ever.
Yes, it's only been four days..
Ohh! Before I go..


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