Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friday 13th Haul

I got pretty awesome pressies on my birthday this year and I can't just shut up about it! So I am going to share them with you right here.. I don't mean to brag, I am just super duper excited about them!

The first was no surprise as Mami actually asked me if I would like one -- and yes, I really don't mind another as my make-up stuff were overflowing the clear traincase that I got from Sephora!

It's black, it's huge and also comes with a shoulder strap! Hahahha! As if I am actually travelling with all my makeup, but it's a nice touch. I have not transferred my makeup into this traincase yet though. Before I do that I need to make room on my desk where I get ready first!

Mumu gave me a bag of things;

A vanilla scented candle, Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator cream that I was eyeing on the last time we were in Sephora together (which she got, and I asked her to let me know what she thinks of it!) and a funny keychain of quotes on shopaholics! Hahahaha.

Dida got me a pair of martini glasses.. There was a point in my life when I was obsessed with looking for one that was nice but not crazy expensive! I guess she found them and I love it!
I don't even drink martinis (or alcohol for that matter!) but I like having the occasional Shirley Temple in a fancy glass at home..

Encem got me a set of CBTL/Caffitaly capsules that is some sort of the sampler of all the flavours available. It has one each of everything and I find it hard to take one out of the box and leave a gap in it! Hmm..
Bestie went overboard this year and did a two-parter of my birthday present;

First he (and Gracie) replaced the Moleskine that he gifted me last year that was snatched a few months ago (I still miss that awesome Star Wars pocket diary!) with this awesome Lego edition Moleskine..

Then a week later he left me a Ciaté Mini Mani Month on my dresser without saying anything! I came back from work, hung out in the living room just chatting with him.. Finally got into my room to take off the uniform (after almost an hour, I think) and there it was! I actually teared up because it was TOO FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!

I felt like hugging and slapping him at the same time! I guess I'll be spending the next two months figuring out what to get him for his birthday..

I myself spent quite a bit (that's an understatement) with the excuse that it is my birthday month. But of all the things that I spent on, this is the ONE thing that I felt like a total birthday splurge;

A large jar Yankee Candle in Crisp Apple Strudel that cost me S$35! I saw the stand while nightstopping in Singapore and told myself that I HAVE to get something! Wasn't planning to get the biggest size there is but Bestie talked me into it!
No regrets though.. The whole apartment smells as if I was baking an apple strudel everytime I burn the candle and it is just awesome!
Awesome as long as I don't work out the currency exchange that is! Hahahahaha

It's been a good month, and I had a wonderful birthday.. I am grateful for the friends and family that surrounds me..
I totally forgot to thank those who wrote me birthday messages on my Facebook wall, is that terrible? I always thought it was cheating because Facebook reminded them of my birthday anyway.. As if all those people would remember on their own! Oh well..
Thank you God for the family and the little friends that fills up my heart.. Alhamdulillah.

Two days 'til new year!! Eeeep!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Follow Me

I'm on a beauty-blog mode, so please bear with me..

I am slowly but certainly starting a collection of NARS products; started with the concealer and eyeliners that I got while nightstopping in Bangkok, then the blush palette that I bought online. Then NARS opened up a store in Pavilion Mall.. *dun dun dunn* I got the lovely satin lip pencil last month, and since then I've bought a lipstick and a nail polish!

So today I'll be writing about the incredible nail polish that I got from their Guy Bourdain Holiday Collection!

This Opaque Nail Polish in the shade Follow Me retails at RM 60. Described as "deep fuschia" on the website, I would have to say that it is pretty accurate. And when they say "opaque", they really meant it! I only had ONE coat on for the picture!

Formulation-wise, it was a dream to work with! If it had came with a wide brush like OPI or Ciaté it would've been perfect! But even without the ideal brush, this is easily one of my favourite nail polish! (Being a NARS product has nothing to do with it!)

The thing that I need to point out though, is the fact that the retail price in the US is $19, which according to my currency exchange app, the nail polish is actually cheaper here (surprise!) where as OPI nail polishes that are also sold at RM 60 here is actually around $9 to $12 in the US!
I don't know about you, but that price difference kinda irks me a bit.
Makes me want to get all the Opaque Nail Polish that I can get my hands on, except that I have way too many nail polishes already!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Naked 3

Lets talk about my new love..

Urban Decay came out with a new Naked palette earlier this month and all I could think about was -- MUST - HAVE - IT!!

I had wanted to buy the Naked 2 palette a few months ago and it seems to be forever out of stock at all the Sephora in Klang Valley! It's alright though, now that I got my hands on Naked 3!

This palette comes with twelve rosey-hued shades, while its two predecessor were more bronze-shade. I don't mind either but I must say that I love these girly nude shades of the Naked 3!

I couldn't stop using the palette everytime I am doing my make-up from home. Why from home? Because I somehow couldn't bear the thought of bringing it along to a trip and accidentally leaving it in one of the hotel rooms! Just a thought, but still..! (Same goes with my NARS One Night Stand blush palette.)

Oh, I got this palette from Sephora at Sunway Pyramid as they were out of stock in Starhill and KLCC! I was told that they were going to restock them soon but I am not sure if they have as this entry goes up.

Retailing at RM 188 ($52 in the US), it is best if you get them when you have the 10% off from Sephora (once you've collected 250 points for spending SO much on beauty and body products!! Eeep!) or if you're lucky, that 20% off that Sephora has once in a blue moon!
Because honestly, I do think RM 188 is a whole lot of money to spend on ONE make-up product!

I do feel bad when ever I spend so much on beauty products and though I got mine with the 10% off, RM 170 isn't that much different -- but I am just nuts.
And if you've been following this blog for a while, you'd know that I want what I want..

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy December!

Well, this entry is eleven days late, I'm not going to lie. Earlier of the month I did mention that I hoped to blog everyday.. well.. that's that.
I haven't had as much fun as I did on my birthday weekend and I guess I just couldn't get myself to sit in front of my netbook long enough to write an entry.
Can I just say.. I LOVE it when my birthday falls on a Friday? There is just something awesome about Friday 13th, really..

The week was wonderful to begin with anyway. Flying with Bestie and people I'm actually familiar with really helped. We were rushing through the terminal when the clock turned twelve so that was a bit "ick" but it was alright. I really enjoyed the trip so I was in no hurry to get away from my colleagues.

Daybreak came, and I got to hang out with Bestie (again, as if the trip wasn't enough!) and my favourite ladies. Had a good lunch at Bubba Gump, exchanged gifts (Mumu's birthday on the 17th!), enjoyed some coffee and smokes.. Our normal day out, really!
But the fact that it was my birthday, somehow just made it extra awesome! (Mostly because I didn't get a second to feel miserable and bored at all!)

Then I spent the evening with my family, had a goood dinner at Rakuzen and Kina and the kids were there too! Like seriously, the day was perfect. It was a PERFECT day, and for that, Alhamdulillah..

Encem wasn't around on that day though since he's the best man to one of his closest friends' wedding, but obviously I don't need a boyfriend to be happy! (err..)

Anyway, what have you missed since my last entry? Nothing much other than my birthday! I did some more shopping since payday came early and I had 10% off from Sephora. HAHHAHAHHA!! So I'll probably talk about those things before the year ends.
I also got some incredible presents that I just can't wrap my head around..
I am going back on entries #11 and #10 as I have a little more to add to them. Hopefully that happens after I come back from flight tonight.

Life's been good. It's been an incredible month so far and I am just.. full.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello December #12!

This has got to be my favourite product(s) of this year;

I love the whole Soap & Glory bodycare products, really. Just can't keep away from the shelf in Sephora and Boots (Bangkok)!
Their Pink scent especially is just my current favourite scent. So naturally, whatever product that comes in that scent -- I gotta have!

I'm especially pleased by the fact that they make mini travel sizes so I can always smell like S&G products where ever I go. Unfortunately though, my toiletries bag too smells of them now because my tube of Glad Hair Day broke and spilled all over!
The stuff aren't exactly cheap in Sephora though, so I always look forward to get a layover in Bangkok where I could get the awesome deals from Boots!

Anyway, this awesome box of goodness is retailed at RM 78 at Sephora. (If you get the travel sizes on its own, it's RM 19 each if I'm not mistaken..) So not much difference there but this set would be a brilliant and easy gift for anyone in your life!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hello December #11!

Brown eyeliner..

Perhaps you'd know by now that I like to stray from the normal black ones. After all, my first purchase from NARS was their Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via De' Martelli (chocolate) and Rue Bonaparte (light almond). 

Aaanyway, I must say that I especially love brown, purple and green eyeliners. So it's no surprise that on today's love-list I am featuring this Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. It's brown, and a liquid liner in the form of a felt tip pen!
The tip is fine, but quite sturdy and the liner do stay all day! My only beef with this product is the price tag!! (RM 65.. Errk!!)

So lets hope that it doesn't dry up too fast that I need to repurchase it anytime soon.

Now that I've used more of this eyeliner, I've been practically using this liner on my upper lids everyday.. I am more in love with it! It glides over the lids so smoothly, even when I have an eyeshadow primer on. (My NYX liner would usually get stuck as though the tip absorbs the eyeshadow or primer!) And even when you go over your existing line, the tip wouldn't rub it off and simply add on to it. It's also wet enough for you to line that itsy bitsy corner of your eye for that cat-eye look but it isn't runny or smudge around while it sets.
I just LOVE it!
I would definitely repurchase when this runs out.. Still hoping that wouldn't be too soon!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hello December #10!


My new love, Urban Decay's De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray!
I find that it really manages the part of my face that gets shiny throughout the day. All this while I've been solely using powder, and while that has worked, it also made certain parts on my face looked a little cakey and dry.
This awesome creation of man however had helped me eliminate that cakey bit on my face! Yayy!

This is just the travel size (RM 49, have not checked out the full size bottle), because I really just wanted to try it out to see if it really does anything for me. Now that I know that it does, I will have to purchase the normal size once this is finished!
And I love that the packaging comes with a double cap! 
Love love LOVE!

No regrets on coming back to Sephora just to get this last month!

The normal full size setting spray is retailed at RM 109 but the one that was meant to prep your face with some vitamin is slightly more.
I just bought myself the travel size of the All-Nighter from Sunway Pyramid (seems like different Sephora stocks different versions of the travel sizes) and I am going to try that once my De-Slick runs out.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Hello December #8!

Can I just have this all?

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg. I had wanted to purchase the lipstick in Funny Face at first but it was out of stock in the store. I got this instead and LOVED IT!!

Very easy to apply, feels great on the lips.. I really don't mind the fact that it is now the most expensive lip product I've ever own. (Well, I've been a drugstore girl -- until NARS came along, somehow!) So RM 85 for a lipstick.. Dayuummm! (But I LOVE it!!)

I'll refrain myself from getting more of these until I finish up some of the other lip products I've been using. I'm pretty sure that I have less than a centimetre left of my Revlon's Balm Stain in Smitten!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hello December #7!

Now how can I not include this gorgeous palette in my love-list!

NARS One Night Stand cheek palette that I ordered from Sephora online. I want it that bad that I forked out over RM 200 for it plus shipping!
No regrets though, considering a single blush goes for RM 120 at the NARS store here.

The palette included a highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes. My personal favourite is Deep Throat and Goulou, and while I'd never cared much about highlighters or bronzers, it's nice to have it in one palette so I could look right at it and decide if I want to have it on. (I usually do, now. Hahhaha)

One of my best buys in 2013 and I can't imagine ever needing another blush.. I would WANT it, but not need it! Heh

Friday, December 06, 2013

Hello December #6!

One of the BEST bargains at Sephora!

This Stila Holiday Essentials Kit retails at 19 USD or RM 56 over here (bargain!) and with that members' 20% off the other day, I bought it at RM 45! A total steal!

Stila is not a cheap brand.. and this makes SUCH a great gift for a make-up lover! (I bought it for myself, surprise surprise! hahahahha)
This comes with a mini red liquid lipstick, mini black felt tip liner and a mini of Stila's well loved eye-shadow in Kitten.

I bought it thinking of giving the liquid lipstick to a red-lipstick lover friend of mine, but after reading the reviews and tried it on myself, I decided to just keep it! teeheehee. I am not too fond of the applicator though. I find it very easy to mess up the lipstick with the applicator and being a matte finish, it ain't pretty! But the colour, oh the colour! It's called Beso, and I just love the colour!

The eyeshadow is a pretty champagne colour. Perfect for a nude look! And the powder is fine and smooth and a total winner!
The eyeliner.. well, it's an eyeliner. It works fine. Nothing much to say except that I miss my favourite NYX Felt Tip Liner that is nowhere in Sephora anymore and this Stila eyeliner is RM 65 full price!! gahh!

Anyway, this is a great kit to introduce yourself to Stila!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Hello December #9!

I'm not much on accessorizing.. But I am finding myself matching my tops so I could have these necklaces that I got from This & That and Forever 21 on!

I love these to bits but really, it's sad that I don't know how to wear them apart from matching them with a black top. Gahh!!

This is what happens when you didn't grow up being a girly girl..

Hello December #5!


I am not one who collects perfumes. In fact, this CK One Shock Street Edition is the only perfume I bought this year! My favourite perfume ever is still Lancome's Miracle Forever but that is sadly discontinued so I moved on to Davidoff Cool Water for Women. (I LOVE the Men's on Encem!)

This smells sweet and fresh and honestly I don't know how else to describe it! hahahaha!
It is a limited edition though, I suppose I will have to move on to something else once it's finished. I have been eyeing on Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. I really liked how it smells and was contemplating between that and this CK perfume..

CK won because it was cheaper where I got it! hahahahha!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Hello December #4!

As mentioned two days ago--

I am quite obsessed with the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent from Bath & Body Works.
It started in '09 when Sheryl sent me a care package that had three travel size body lotion from B&BW. Since then I just had to have the rest of the bodycare in that scent!

I bought the body lotion in the picture in Phuket, where I simply stumbled upon it in Tesco. Or was it Carrefour? Oh well, it was in one of those big supermarket. That body mist was from Watsons in Manila! The rest (including a shampoo and conditioner, remained in the bathroom because the bottles were too disgusting to photograph!) were bought online.
Yes, I am THAT obsessed that I bought them online and have them shipped!

Apart from the body butter, these are still unopened. I'm really just stocking up.. Saving them for a special occasion or something.
But I suppose I should start using them since you're not supposed to store anything for too long anyway. So I will. Once I'm finished with my Soap & Glory Clean On Me shower gel, OPI Avoplex hand and nail cream and the 80 THB perfume I got as my work-perfume.. I'll start using these B&BW stash that I've got.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hello December #3!

My absolute key to a gooood hair day! (When I am not working!)

L'Oréal Professionnel SÉRIE EXPERT Liss Ultime Smoothing Masque (that's a mouthful!) is the best freakin' hair masque I've ever used! Wonderbox sent me a good amount of sample some months ago and I had just been able to purchase this from Shins recently. I am glad that I finally did because I really missed using this stuff! This 200ml tub retailed at RM 67 and I believe it's worth every cent! Somehow drugstore hair masque just doesn't cut it for my colour-treated, half-curly, half-rebonded, dry and damaged hair.
I just love love LOVE my hair after using this masque.

I'd never spent so much on a hair product until I got myself Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum. It was.. bloody expensive! Like.. a heck LOT that I questioned myself after walking away from the cashier. But I chucked the item just seconds after I tried it at Sephora -- it was THAT awesome! It is thick, so two pumps warmed up in your palms should be enough to cover the ends of your hair. I sometimes use three just because I love how it smells! hahaha! It smells like rose syrup to me. I've had it for three months and I've barely used a quarter of it. (I don't exactly wash my hair everyday.)
I do look forward to washing my hair because of this product.. does that sound a bit too much?

Talking about these makes me want to go wash my hair!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Hello December #2!

Not going to talk about make-up today, but something else that makes you feel good and a bit special -- at least it does to me!

I love these IKEA candles.. Especially since most of them smelled of food! hahaha! My favourite is the vanilla scented, and the cinnamon is a close second.
I love sweet scents so this two are simply winners in my book! (I also love a good apple pie, so.. I suppose it made sense.)
I also have the tea lights in the green apple scent (wish they had a proper name!) but they are more "fresh" than sweet so I just keep coming back to vanilla.

If only they burn a little better. I am always left with a good amount of chunk that simply wouldn't burn off! I think I might go to a craft store and get some wicks and re-make these candles with all the leftovers.

I wish we had Bath & Body Works over here. I would love to not go crazy when I see them while travelling! (I keep finding myself stocking up on the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent.)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hello December #1!

I've decided that I'm going to cheat with my blog and simply post things that I'm loving this December!
("Cheat" because I'm just going to repost my Instagram pictures and maybe elaborate more on them in this blog!)
I'm hoping to blog everyday in the month so I'll probably make things short and simple.


Loving this Urban Decay Black Market Pencil Set that I got from Sephora.
Was planing to get it later this month online but since Sephora here had the members' 20% off discount last weekend, I just HAD to get it then. This retails for 36 USD online and RM 139 at Sephora, but with the 20% off, it was only RM 111.

There are six travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the set; Ink, Apathy, Riot, Black Market, Desperation and West. The normal size pencils are weighed at 1.1g and retails at RM 69 while the ones I got were 0.8g and roughly RM 23 each! A whopping RM 46 difference for a mere 0.4g! (If you don't think that's a bargain, I don't know what is!)

So if you're looking to try out the Urban Decay's eyeliner, you really should get this set. The colours are wearable, nothing too crazy, work-appropriate and it really did stay put! Well, I tried Desperation on my lids earlier and it didn't budge nor faded for the ten hours that I had it on.

Anyway, good stuff! Really looking forward to use this throughout the month!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A day for Me.

I had yesterday off and I was completely determined to do my Birthday shopping! So I took a cab from home and went to Bukit Bintang.. (Well, I haven't been to the NARS store have I?)

I did a great deal of shopping in Sephora.. and had absolutely NO IDEA that they're having a 20% off for members this weekend!! ughhh I'm quite stressed about that!
But I believe that I had a pretty good deal yesterday, so I'm not so terribly bummed.

Sephora is having a lot of awesome gift sets that I spent a while trying to decide what to get! I must have looked like a lost puppy.. walking around quite aimlessly from one corner to another.

Then I went to NARS, completely determined to get SOMETHING! So while I was testing out the lip colours, I chatted a bit with the sales persons on the prices of their products..

You could find most of the products' price from Nicole's blog, but here's some that was not listed there;

Larger Than Life Eyeliner -- RM 90 (NOT cheaper than in Bangkok!)
Foundation pump -- RM 20
Candles -- RM 210.. Or was it 230? (Sorry!)
Nail polish -- RM 60

The nail polishes are USD 19 so price-wise, it isn't bad at all! Unfortunately though, the store only carries TWO shades (as of yesterday,) and one of the shades have sold out, so there's only Galathée left. Consistency-wise, it seemed alright, completely opaque with two coats, but I have no idea how the brush feels as the sales person helped me to put the colour on.. Perhaps once (if) they had more colours I would try it on myself and maybe get them!

The foundation pump is retailing at USD 6 so for RM 20.. Yayy!
The candles are USD 50 so I simply cannot see myself forking out RM 200++ for mere candles! Seriously, that is just extortionate!
And the eyeliners.. Well, I guess I won't be buying them in KL!

Oh anyway, I ended up buying a Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg and I am completely in love with it!! It applies so smoothly and the colour stayed like it's nobody's business!
I wore it for work today and I barely had to touch it up. (I only did as a force of habbit!) It didn't make my lips any drier than it always does anyway (especially since I'm working!)
It's really wonderful!
But check back with me later, once I have to start sharpening it up! Hahaha

Okay, I'm losing the feeling on my hands as I'm typing this through my phone! Perhaps I'll write about something else other than make-up next time!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Remember how about this time last year I was crazy to get Clinique's Chubby Stick Christmas set? Yeaaah, funny how I am not so inclined on Clinique nowadays. After trying a few of their products, I'm starting to feel like their products seriously came off of a clinic! Like seriously, have you ever tried smelling the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion? It seriously smells like some sort of an antibiotic!

Anyway, Clinique didn't come out with anything that I liked this holiday season. I have way too many of those crayon lippies these days anyway; from Revlon, Bourjois and Cliniques too! Now, that's the thing.. had Clinique came out with a set of the Chubby Stick Intense, I'd probably still be all over it! But they didn't! What they had was this Chubby Stick duo that was simply packaged differently;
photo from
Cute, but pretty much has no use to me.
Oh, what I've discovered this year; Clinique products are pretty meh -- apart from the Chubby Stick and Chubby Stick Intense. Skincare wise, I don't feel any different than using Simple products.

This year I've been pretty all over Bourjois and NARS. Having first bought them in Hong Kong and Bangkok respectively. It's almost for these perks that I'm thankful for landing the job that I have now. Somehow I just didn't mind the hassle to get them even if that means having to explore the town all by myself.

I have my eyes (and heart) set on two of the lip holiday sets by NARS, first is the Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret that comes in a cute little pouch;
Photo from
(Ah yes, I've been crazy about crayon lippies ever since their existence so it seems..)
And second is the Fling Lip Set that has the lipsticks and lip pencils! (Comes in a red, lip-shaped case.)
Photo from
I think they're both gorgeous and perfect for someone who's just starting out to try NARS' products.
Would it be too crazy if I get both? HAHAHHAHHA!! Anyway, from reading the local beauty-blogs, I believe the Guy Bordin holiday sets aren't available (yet?) at the Pavilion store -- which I haven't had the chance to visit!
Perhaps after payday.. teehee!
I'd like to go to Sephora too!

Seriously, I am making a shopping list in my mind right now. I really hope I don't over spend this time around! ..although December usually means Birthday Shopping! (since there are a bunch of birthdays to "celebrate", including mine -- which is why I placed the inverted commas there.. and I don't celebrate Christmas.)
Such a perfect perfect excuse to shop, right?

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Oh hai!

Don't know how things happened but I'm kinda crazy about makeup and skincare products lately. So much so that I splurged on the NARS' One Night Stand blush palette that was a Sephora exclusive.. Perhaps I should be more specific; it was a Sephora US exclusive!

Yes, this palette came all the way from the American Sephora. And yes, I get a little crazy when I want something!
But I am happy with the purchase. It was a lot of money, but I've been wanting NARS' blush anyway so what the heck!

NARS stand-alone store is opening on the 15th this month (so I've heard) in Pavilion and I am ridiculously excited about it! Their Radiance Creamy Concealer is pretty much my holy grail concealer and I love LOVE the Larger Than Life Eyeliners..
So yeah, I know exactly what I'm getting once the store is open!

Sorry that this entry somehow became purely beauty-related. Like I said earlier, I really don't know how things happened.. I am just excited about these things lately.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello, stranger.

Been a while since I posted. Nothing much to update really. I hate to talk about my state of mind after the whole snatch thing. Talking about having to run around to get all my credentials sorted is even more infuriating. The cost of it all is ridiculous! I am working with a ridiculous company, in a ridiculous place, that's all I'm going to say.
Can I just curse all these ridiculous people to get snatched at a point of their life just so they realize how ridiculous they've been? I know it's mean to have ill-wishes on anyone, but I'm not a saint! And this whole situation isn't helping with my anger issues.

Oh yeah, I was reminded of all my anger issues as days go on. I have a lot of anger, if you hadn't known. Fine on the outside, fire on the inside.. That's me.
Perhaps that's why I'm such a potty-mouth. I know my parents never taught me how to curse. And my friends does not curse as much as I do. Oh well.. I have always been an angry person. And thinking of the snatcher, and the hassle that he's put me through ever since just makes me even more angrier!
Not exactly a feeling that I'd like to dwell in, but I don't think I'll ever feel better until I let things go. And NO, I will not let it go, I shall not forgive that mofo until he rots in hell!!!

..and I thought I wasn't going to talk about my state of mind.. Hahahhahaha!

Work's been all too consuming. Too many daily flights. Evening ones where I just end up getting home at midnight. Fall asleep in the wee hours of morning, wake up just to get ready for work again. Nothing fun about that.

Nars is opening next month in Pavilion! I am really looking forward to that. I have never owned a MAC anything and to be honest I don't feel the need to get anything from them, but Nars.. Nars.. Gotta have 'em all! (A slight Pokemon reference there..)

Okay, before I ramble on useless things, have a great week my dear readers and Selamat Aidiladha..

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Perhaps some of you might have got the gist from my Instagram, I was a victim of a snatch crime yesterday morning. You know, all this while you've read and heard of it in the news.. I find being the person in this sort of story kinda surreal.

It happened right in front of my apartment compound.. Just next to Dida's car with her waiting inside. It happened so quickly and like I said, surreal.

It was a man on a motorbike, snatched my sling bag and rode off the opposite direction of the road. I suppose the speed of it made me spun on the spot and fell elbows first on the ground. I guess I should be thankful that my arms cought most of my weight.

Dida screamed quite hysterically, which now I find funny. She's being super protective of me now but I don't see how that's helpful. It could happen to anyone really. Some people are just rotten to the core, you can't really avoid from these sort of things happening.

To be honest I feel kinda bad for Dida.. She saw the whole thing right in front of her. Sure it sucks being the actual victim of the crime, but to see your loved being the victim and not be able to do anything while it happened? I think that sucks even worse.

I'm not sure if the incident has left me traumatized.. I doubt anything could ever make me not want to go out! But I can't stop my mind from replaying the incident over and over again. Feels like I could've done more.. Hold on to my bag a little more stronger.. Stand sideways when I saw the motorbike approaching.. Opened the car's door a little sooner.. Jogged towards my sister's car.. Snapped the motorbike's registration number..
I really wished that the whole thing was a dream.. I can't stop wanting a do-over because honestly, I am pissed!
I want my things back!!

I want my Billabong bag back, I want the Coach wristlet that Dida gave me back, I want the Moleskine journal that Alif got me for last year's birthday back, I want the awesome pair of shades that I got for RM 8 in Debenhams back, I want my cigarette case back, I want my two Bourjois lip crayons back! I want them back!!
Bloody snatcher will never have a quiet life. I curse him 'til the day that I die.. I hope he'll spend the rest of his life with an excrutiating cancer then die a violent death! A bloody accident on the way to the hospital, perhaps.
I don't care.. He won't ever live an easy life for causing me pain.
I can't imagine myself ever forgiving him.

But I am grateful that I came out of it with minor cuts and bruises on my elbows and knee. Grateful that my head (or face!) never touched the ground. Grateful that I had my phone in my hand or I'd be completely lost for not having anybody's number memorized.
Things could be worse, and I am grateful that that was not the case.

Having lost my things did not make me cry. I am sad, yes but mostly angry. But seeing the look on my family's face.. That made me tear up!

Anyway, I am currently in Osaka.. Just returned from Rinku Outlet buying things that I spent with the money Mama lent me, despite everything. Hahhaha! But man, I've got a LOT to do when I get back!! Gahhh!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rumour has it..

So apparently I'm married.
Don't know what I can say about that.. Dumbfounded really.
Some people just seem to be able to say more about me than myself! How amazing is that?

Recently I flew with a colleague who was so SURE that I was married -- I swear it was as if she was trying to convince me that I did have the wedding! She then mentioned the wedding card at the notice board during our time at the lounge -- one that ironically said "Hazwani & Khairul".. or something like that.
I remember laughing at the card when I saw it.
But it was NOT an invitation to MY wedding. Nope.
Like I would stick an invitation card as openly as that.. pfft! (I don't exactly like that many people to begin with.. hahahha!)

Then of course there was this;

Okay, I doubt anyone would confuse me with this Wani person. Still, it made me laugh when I saw this copy of Sinar at the news stand last year.

Then last week, one of my favourite supervisors attempted to confirm with me that I was married too. Well, he got the wrong "Wanie".. the person he was referring to was actually Syazwani -- which isn't even called Wani by our peers! Like, seriously. Then he commented, "couldn't believe someone as wacky had gotten married.." thinking if I had truly got hitched. Whatever that means.
I'm not meant to get married? ooh?

So anyway, today during the first hour of my flight.. One of my crew, which happened to be an acquaintance (one that I've known since my earlier days in the company and have actually seen outside the company time) did something pretty odd. At the time, I was sitting and my left palm was facing up on my lap. So this steward just grabbed my hand and flipped it so the top of my hand was facing up. He looked at my fingers for a moment and gave a small nod.
How is it that a LOT of people thinks I'm married?? OYYY!!
It is quite disturbing, to be honest.

For one, if I am married and still behave the way that I do.. Man, I'm a bad bad wife! hahahhaha! Or have I been acting like a married woman?? Damn, now I feel old. Thank you, people.
So, NO.. I am not married. I'm pretty sure I would've nagged how I hate planning a wedding in here first.

The idea of marriage still makes me laugh, to be honest. Poor Encem, I can never take him seriously. Perhaps I'll stop laughing once he actually say something to my father.
Sigh. I wonder if I'll ever be ready for marriage... I don't think I am right now.
I just hope no one will ask me if I am married anytime soon, because I have a feeling I might blow up if someone does.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

I feel guilty..

I've always said that this blog has been the soul thing that I could really commit myself to.
I've had this blog for eleven freakin' years now and for the first time ever I had a two-month (nearing to three!) long hiatus!
I'm sorry blog (and readers!), it was not intentional. Life got in the way somehow. And I am partly blaming this past hiatus to my phone for being so distracting!

Shall I update you on everything that's been going on since I last wrote?
Dare I?
I'll try not to ramble.
I probably won't since my memory is so bad, I can hardly remember what my last flight was!
Oh well.. I'll just try and make this as entertaining as I can.

Recently I battled with an allergy attack -- the same one that I got a few years back. Started some nights ago from my palms and followed by a swollen lower lip the morning after. YES. Lower lip. I cannot tell you how badly I'd like to laugh to that if it hadn't been my own lip. Then of course came the lot of rashes around my legs and arms that somehow made my entire body just sore and achy.
I hadn't gone to the doctor's. I found some old meds in the fridge that seemed to calm down the itch so I'm content for the time being. I don't know about you but I HATE going to the clinic so as long as the pain (or in this case, itch) is manageable, I'll put off seeing the doctor for as long as I can.
Plus I had just been there last week because I was having a fever and a cold.
Suppose my body just decided to deteriorate now.
Oh! And as for the allergy, I don't think it started because of anything? I am just calling it an "allergy" because it seems like one, but I hadn't done anything new recently.. And apparently this sudden rashes didn't happen to just me (thanks Google!) and while others have gotten themselves tested, their doctors couldn't give them any concrete answer to why it happened to them either.
So yeah... I'll run to see the doc once my meds are gone.

Work has been pretty overwhelming. I suppose I could blame that to my lack of update. Honestly I just don't have the time to sit around and ponder about life. I don't think that's a bad thing personally. If you had been following this blog, you would know that I would much rather living life than write about it -- but I don't mind having a bit of time to jot down some things either.

My rest days have been minimal.. I keep having to pack and unpack my bags -- a part of my job that I hate the most.
And yes, as you've noticed, I am beginning to call this thing that I do to keep my livelihood as a "job". Gets kinda sad to be honest.
I still have fun at work. I still love (most of) the people that I work with. But there comes a day when I am just too tired, stretched too thin to even care if I am smiling to the passengers or not.

But on the positive note, I did spend a few days in Cherating with my family last month. I have also been to Hong Kong, Macau, New Delhi, Osaka, Hyderabad, Taipei and Bangkok since I last updated!
Lots of money spent!! Gah!

Which led to my year-end resolution (if that even makes sense) to actually.. really.. truly start saving up some money. I honestly can't see why I would need anymore make-up or skincare products.. Or jackets and dresses.. Or nail polishes! I mean, come oonnn.. They are wonderful, but I really don't need more when I barely have the space to keep them! So my second year-end resolution; only buy things that I need -- which are things that I have finished and need to replace, or things that I have always always wanted. Things that I've thought of getting for more than three months at least! Hahhahhaha!

I refuse to deprive myself of good food though. So I'd always splurge on that! As for things, I'm pretty sure you could see how I'll fare from my Instagram. If you see a picture of a haul on there, you'll know I'd failed. Hahahhahahahaha
That sounded like I've set myself up to fail. Oh well, everyone has their weaknesses.

I'll try my best.. So wish me luck!
And I'll try to update this blog as often as I used to. I've really missed rambling on and on about my thoughts as if it mattered to anyone. Hahahahaha!
So vain.. But in a quiet sort of way.. Heehee

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Temptations, temptations..

I had a bit of conversation with a colleague last night on how easy it is to go astray, working in the line that we work in.
Hotels.. Out of town.. Noone to recognize you..

It was such a dangerous conversation to have, yes.
Anyway, it was almost like the "episode curang" conversation that I had with Bestie a while back. So yeah, sometimes I wonder why I keep getting myself into these odd little conversations.
Maybe so I could assure myself that I will keep myself true by saying things out loud? Hahahahahahahaha

I swear, sometimes I wish I wasn't too much of a Sagittarius that I am. I can honestly say that I scare myself sometimes.. Or is it most times? Hahahaha

Anyway, currently I am in Jakarta on a four days trip. Visited Mumbai for the first time two days ago and it was raining really heavily! A total 180 degrees from Delhi that was irritatingly hot.
The highlight of Mumbai was of course... Hard Rock Cafe! (Surely you could've guessed that by now.)

Going back home tomorrow and I am glad.. My bags are getting too damn heavy!!
Perhaps one day I'll do a 'what's in my bag' post just to show you the crap I lug around for work.. heh!

Friday, May 31, 2013

90 Freakin' Hours..

I survived the month of May. God knows how badly I wanted this month to end. Bloody ninety flying hours may not sound a lot to you but it was close to death to me! My entire body is aching, and my sleep is completely messed up!

I don't usually sleep in the transport.. Sometimes I do, but not EVERY SINGLE TIME like I did this month. I just can't help myself.. I am just too damned tired!
Four years in the airline, the most I flew was about 70 hours. So yeah, for someone who usually has 60 to 70 flying hours a month, getting 90 hours is a WHOLE LOT!

And everyone's saying that I'll get a good amount of allowance. True, but to do this again? I don't think so.
It is just not worth it!
Seriously not worth it!!
I would much rather have my typical allowance, and eleven days off, thank you very much!

I don't have the time to blog. I barely even tweet. The most I do these days is post on my Instagram; a picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Ha!

Funny that I am ending this month by dead-heading from Kuching back to base. 

But wait! I am doing Bangkok and back tomorrow.. Well, hello June!

Next month's roster is a whole new case; just SEVEN days off!! Seriously, what the hell is going on?!!
Yes, I asked for flying full time. But no, I did not ask for a back pain.
Anyway, I'm still glad to be able to say that I am a flight stewardess. No more "hybrid" business. Just glad. So glad.
And hey! Despite 90 hours of flying, I somehow couldn't find a single thing to cry about this month.. Which is pretty AMAZING!
I somehow feel indebted to Encem.. For somehow keeping me sane and not letting me be my usual emotional self.. Somehow.

I am glad to be on my way home. I am grateful for a bunch of things this month.. Mostly for my health, I guess. I am grateful for the friends and family whom has kept me smiling and laughing all throughout the month.
Just.. Alhamdulillah..

Kinda looking forward to June now.. A month of birthdays! Wheeee!
Hope you'll have a wonderful month ahead, my dear patient readers..

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Busy busy busy bee..

Feels like all I ever do is work these days. Yes, I do keep a mental note to be grateful to have a job, to be able to fly fulltime again..
But I also can't deny the fact that my entire body is aching! With the lack of sleep and everything, seriously.. I'm tired.

I am off to Kuching again today. I am always in Kuching this month! Kinda wish that there would be something different in my roster but I keep getting different set of crew so at least the experience is different each time.

Let's see, what have you missed?
Nothing much really. I was in Hong Kong for a bit last week. Didn't shop as much as when I was there last. There wasn't any sale, plus I had JUST been there two months ago! I didn't even get to spend all the HK$ that I'd brought.
For what ever reason, that upsets me the most! Hahahahha! I sound like a total shopaholic.

I also had a little exchange with FabulousMiss.. Excuse me, FabulousMrs while we were both in BKI on a separate layover.

Anyway, nothing much really.. I'll write more if I think of something! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Apparently the last time I was here was January 2012! (Things I love Foursquare for.)
So sad. And I love Taipei. But I am only here for the night. Touchdown at 9 last night, wake up call is in 8 hours. I don't even get the chance to walk around town.
Good thing there's a 7-11 next door... And I LOVE the 7-11 here!

They are so.. wholesome. You could actually get a complete meal from them.. Which is super awesome!

Anyway, I should be sleeping. We're flying back to KL in the afternoon then head to Jakarta!
Nothing much to tell you guys at the moment. Just thought I'd drop by and say hi!

Random things on my mind; I hope payday comes soon because I am itching to shop! Gahhh! Looking forward to the roster as well, Dida's excited to know if I'll be available to vote in the coming General Elections.
I am excited about my little get together with my favourite people once I get back from this trip. Also excited about watching Iron Man with Dida at the end of the month.

And something new, I'd ditched my Blackberry last Friday and is now a confused owner of an iPhone 5! I've got an Instagram account now.. Go figure!

Hope everyone is doing well.. 'Til next time, take care!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Holy crap!!

My wish came true.. (Or at least becoming true..)
If you'd seen my Facebook, you know what I mean. But I guess not many would understand why it's such a BIG deal.. but to me, IT IS.
So yeah.. that's all I've got to say.
Everything's good, I just got back from flight a couple of hours ago.. Encem's been good to me.. Life has been good to me. God has been good to me. Alhamdulillah..

I'm delirious about Before Midnight!! eeeeeeep!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kepala pusing.

Oh hey! Finally I get the chance to have an update of some sort.
I didn't sleep at all last night. Coming home at almost one.. seemed a bit pointless to try to get any sleep when I need to wake up at four.
It's times like this when I'm glad that I am not operating on any flight today.

So I'm at the domestic lounge today. Kris Dayanti just walked in half an hour ago, looking gorgeous. (But a little too much makeup. So when I say "gorgeous", I meant her bod! hahahha) I'm trying to shake off the embarrassment of asking for a picture together. I'm not wearing a good bra, or my good pair of uniform so I'd look unshapely standing next to her! (Oh heck, I just don't feel attractive today.)
But Mencintaimu is my must-sing song everytime I go to karaoke!
So we'll see..

If you're a friend on my Facebook, you've probably seen my status that I will no longer be in the lounge next month -- meaning that I'll be a full-time flight crew once again! Yippeee!
So glad that our time in purgatory has ended. (Well, I have one more day to get through tomorrow.) Honestly not everything that has happened is bad. I've made new acquaintances, learnt a bit of the system.. and really, I wouldn't have met half of these people if we weren't stuck in this together. It gets a little sad thinking that we won't be able to hang out as often after this.
But really.. I'm very glad to only have my flights to bitch about after this! hahhaha

Like I said.. Unattractive. sigh.

Six hours to go.. God have mercy on me.

Friday, March 22, 2013

When in Jakarta...

My set were basically people who were at the lounge as well.. so we got along pretty well. They were actually doing a few days trip, and I only joined them for the Jakarta flight. One actually asked me if I'd taken my medicine as I got on the airfcraft. Yeah.. well.. these people know how nutty I can get.

One of my stewardess is getting married this year, so we went to ITC Mangga Dua so she could look at some stuff for the wedding while Syam (my fellow Tea & Coffee Ambassador! hahhahha!) and I browsed at nothing in particular.
Naturally, "nothing in particular" ends up in a haul!!

I got handbags for Dida and Encem's Mama for Rp50,000 each. (Roughly RM16 -- bargain!) I got myself a black clutch for Rp60,000. A pair of flats; Rp35,000, a couple corsets and some makeup stuff that are not in the picture. A friend of mine gave me a brow liner some months ago and I just LOVE it! So of course, I need back-ups for it.

At some point, we were looking at wedding dresses and I couldn't take my eyes off of this one;

So pretty!!! It's yellow, I definitely wouldn't wear it.. but the design was exquisite! Lace at the top and a luscious bottom. So.. so pretty. The shop lady said it is Rp7.5 million. That's RM2,400. For a wedding dress.. that doesn't seem a lot. I'm pretty sure that's the cost of renting that sort of dress around here anyway.
So pretty!

We were walking some more then I saw this!

A pair of butt-looking panties! I couldn't help myself but laughed out loud. It was scary and intriguing at the same time. Syam said it looked "sexy", the pervert! I laughed again, of course. Basically this is a padded panties that you wear so your butt looks fuller. Lebih mantop! hahhahahha!
The idea of putting on an additional butt is too scary for me so NO, I didn't get it. hahahha!

One more flight before my flying week ends and hell starts again.
So I'm going to enjoy this two days off and sleep as much as I can!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Spent pretty much the whole of yesterday sleeping!
A shame, really. Especially when I'm not particularly fond of sleeping to begin with. Feels like I've wasted a chunk of my life!
But I was back in Shah Alam and it was so damn HOT!! -- before it was pouring rain, that is.
Funny how an English couple asked me how the weather in LGK was just before the flight.. I told them that the captain said it's good and sunny -- for now, I added. They laughed.
And as we arrived in Langkawi, it rained quite heavily.. so we laughed some more.
You can never tell the weather these days.

HKG was chilly from the breeze. I liked the weather. It's like a rainy day in Malaysia, minus the rain. My crew and I went up The Peak. It was my second time up there, but first time by bus. The ride was pretty nerve-wrecking. Scarier than by tram because of the winding road and low tree branches. (It was a double decker bus!)
The view was incredible.. I would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't too scared of heights. (And I am a flight crew.. life couldn't be more ironic than that.)

Afterwards we split up, my supervisor went back to the hotel because it was getting too cold for him (he only had a shirt on), my steward/ess went looking for prey and my stewardess followed me walking around the shopping area.
We got back to the hotel around eight.. and of course, with quite a haul.

Some were mine, one was for Dida, and I got a little something for Mumu and Mami as well.
I got myself an HRC pin from The Peak.. mostly because there hasn't been any addition to my collection for months, which I thought was sad. I also bought a pair of skirt, jegging, a sweater and a muffler. (It was really thick and long and costs only RM20!) Then at the drugstore, I got a Bourjois foundation that I've been meaning to try out -- the brand is unavailable in Malaysia, so I was really hoping to find it in HK. So glad that I did! Also Revlon's Color Silk hair colour in Deep Burgundy, that costs RM17! Total bargain.
Oh, I also got a matte nail top coat from Sasa. Never heard of the brand but I've been looking for one in ages, so what the heck!

Oh yes, I've been having a little trouble with shopping lately. (Lately?)
It's more like "I can't quiet down my wants."

Anyway, back from flight I spent the night with Dida.. went to see Warm Bodies which was surprisingly enjoyable! We felt like watching something light, and the trailer seemed a bit goofy. We both got out of the cinema with smiles on our faces and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
I honestly really liked it. I might even loved it.
I can honestly say that it is now my favourite zombie-movie, closely followed by Shaun Of The Dead. (yepp, I am only into zombie-movies if they're funny.)

So now I'm back in Bukit Jalil. Coloured my hair and barely recognized myself. Turns out "Deep Burgundy" looks "Practically Black" on me so it felt a bit unnatural when I am so used to seeing myself with brown hair. Even my natural dark hair looks brown under the light while this one just looks.. black.
Feels like I should get a black lipstick and go all Gothic.
Oh well, at least it covers my grey hairs.

That's it for now. I feel like I should stare into my drawers so I could figure out what to bring for my Jakarta trip tomorrow.
Be safe, dear readers.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Free internet.

Helloooooo Hong Kong!
Oh yes, this post comes to you all the way from Hong Kong! Fancy, huh?
The time now is a quarter past one and I have a double-shot coffee in front of me. heh. Stupid machine didn't have any labels for the buttons so I'd pushed the button for espresso unknowingly.
Oh well, what can you do?

I was late for my flight's briefing on Wednesday. Daily KCH flight.
I came down for my pick-up at 0625. Sat on my trolley bag.. fixed my make up a bit.. stared at the cars passing by as its driver made their way to work..
Then something made me want to look at my flight details; STD -- 0825! Which meant that my pick-up was at 0525!!!

So I called Encem, woke him from his sweet slumber, asked him to send me to the airport. Oh sigh, dear God, bless that boy. Then I called the duty officer to inform my colleagues that I'd got my time wrong. (Briefing was at 0655!)
Nak dijadikan cerita, Encem needed to fill the tank of his car and didn't bring his wallet (too sleepy to think) and I only had a few Ringgit in my purse. We drove to BHP, but the doors were still locked. Drove to Shell, same thing! Good thing there was a Maybank just opposite of the gas station so Encem drove the car like a rally driver, I jumped out of the car to get to the ATM, jumped back into the car and we drove back to Shell.
When I got to the airport, I looked at the departures screen and saw that the aircraft was parked at B11!! Way at the end of the terminal. Baguslah, nak dijadikan cerita lah kan..
Anyway, I got to the aircraft about 10 minutes before the passengers board which was just enough time for me to change into my sandals and stow my bag.
Oh! And instead of being an assist crew, I was Primary 4 -- because I was the only girl in the set! Gahh!

The flight itself was uneventful -- thank God! Enough drama for one morning.

Okay. Nothing else to share. Honestly, I really do feel that I am much more eloquent when describing sadness. hahahha! That is almost depressing.
I'm looking forward to daybreak. Pretty excited to walk around the city though I'm not really sure what I want to do/see. It's been a year since I was here last. Last time I was excited about being able to shop at H&M and visit the Hard Rock Cafe. But I'd already visited the one in Lan Kwai Fong and also The Peak.. and there are H&M in Kuala Lumpur now.

Perhaps I'll let you know what I ended up with in my next entry.

Oh, I forgot to bring my make-up remover wipes. (Loving Simple's wipes, by the way! I've used Nivea's since I joined the airline -- because I am LAZY.. but I tried Simple's late last year and I ADORE it!) So happens that the one I had in my bag ran out on the last night of my previous trip and it completely slipped my mind to chuck a new pack into my bag yesterday.
So I'll be going McGyver-ish and use the hotel's complimentary lotion to remove my make up tonight.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Not really..
Just enjoying myself for the most part.

Yesterday's flight was super tiring. It was only BKK and back but it was full load and we were short of crew. (What's new?) I didn't enjoy the company of one of the stewards I had. He talks big, as if he's the awesomest (no, that's not a word) person in the whole wide world!
Out of ten things that came out from his mouth, I'd probably listened to two.

On the way back we had a bunch of locals coming back from a company vacation. At one point I was pushing my cart because it was already full, and while these passengers were trying to catch my attention to make a request, I just told them to wait a bit and that I'll come back in a jiffy.
Then I heard this one fella said, "itulaa, dulu suruh belajar pandai pandai tak nak.."
I'd much rather hit him with one of the tea/coffee jugs, but what came out of my mouth was simply, "wow, biadapnye.."
And later the same fella had the nerve to ask me where I was from.. pffft! And he thinks he's smart.

Would it be racist to confess here that I never liked flying with a bunch of locals? They always have this kind of attitude as if they deserve more than the rest. And they're rarely ever kind. Which is weird! Because I'm pretty sure they were taught to be polite at least.

Anyway, my back aches. I suppose I was never fully rested from my days at the lounge. Out of the ten days there, I was doing Meet & Greet for eight! That is a LOT of walking. I'm not really complaining, I like that task. At least I don't have to stand around like an eejit in the lounge.
Then last weekend I was mall-hopping with Dida. We basically went to EIGHT friggin' malls on Saturday alone! Since she had lost so much weight, she needed to find a new pair of everything. I am happy for her. From size 18/20.. she can now fit into a size 12! She's incredible. She said that she aims for size 10, and maybe then she'll start eating carbs again.

I don't think I could ever say no to potatoes. And coffee.
I'm at my heavy/chunky-phase at the moment. I blame rice.. indirectly Encem, because he's the one who cooks them! You'll never see me cook rice. Well, maybe you will. I have no problem cooking rice, but I never knew how to prepare all the things that goes along with it.
But I've been to Starbucks a LOT lately. Which is sucky in its awesome way. I really ought to cut down on those. Sugar.. carbs.. bad bad BAD!!

Okay, nothing else to share. I have a pretty early pick-up tomorrow.
Hope you guys are having  a good week!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Oy, I'm getting old.

It's flying week! Yippeee!
I'm back from a three-nights KCH trip, and my whole body aches. Can't wait to hit the showers.. right after I peel off this pore strip I have on. Can't wait to lather on my off-day bodywash and shampoo.
Yes, I have an off-day bodywash and shampoo. I refuse to use it for everyday because they smell too good; so I save them for special occasions -- like off days! hahahhha!

Seems like my grey hair is spreading. Used to be just at the front part of my hair (like Rogue), now they're at the sides too! aghhhh! That really bugs me. Guess it's time to hit the saloon.. Maybe after pay day. Or maybe I'll use one of those DIY kits this time. I don't know.. I'll decide later.

Flights hadn't been eventful. They're all alright, but nothing much to talk about.

Damn stupid pore strip just made me cry.
Oh, that's my cue for soapy-time!
Perhaps I'll write some more later.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week's review!

Oh wow, aren't I interesting to actually have a review of the week?

Anyway, it's been a good one.
I was flying from the end of last month 'til last Sunday. I came for the lounge on Monday, had a day off and been working for four days in a row. And pretty much each night I go to bed at 6am! (Except tonight since it's already 7 in the morning..)
Yeah, I'm troubled. Only this time I am referring specifically to my trouble sleeping.

Flying had been good. I enjoyed myself pretty much on most flights. Even all the delays and short of crew can't keep me down. I had the pleasure, and great luck to fly with good people! Alhamdulillah..
Nothing much on the flying week I suppose. Or maybe I'd waited too long to write about it that I have now forgotten all of the details! hahhahha

My feet hurts and my whole body aches. But my heart is full, and that's what matters the most.
A passenger looked for me by name earlier, which I thought was crazy. I was on a ciggy break and my colleague texted me; "an Indian fella was asking about you".. I thought he was joking! But somehow a face came to mind.

And true enough, the person who was looking for me was a frequent traveller that I keep bumping into at the lounge. I just never thought that he'd remember my name.. I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen him for weeks.. if not months.
Anyway, I enjoyed talking to him. He's just one of those guys who are easy to talk to.
Oh, and he thought I looked Eurasian if not Sarawakian.. which was amusing. He suggested that perhaps somewhere in my ancestry was of Caucasian blood, and I just told him that they're all Indonesian as far as I know. hehe

And today I bumped into an uncle at the aerotrain! I was fussing over my airport ID when somebody approached me. I got quite the shock since I'd only seen him last month at the customs area! Feels like I only get to see my family if they were in the airport somehow..
Basically I've been bumping into a LOT of familiar faces this week..

I'm all out of things to share!
My nails are blue now. I'm gonna talk about that on Tumblr after I get some sleep.
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Can I say that I love myself when I'm in this mood?
Well, things been good and I could easily say that I'm happy.
So naturally, I'm afraid. This feeling doesn't stick too long most of the time. But I'm hoping..
I really love the way I am feeling.

Even when I am blogging this at the lounge.
I am wide-eyed, you have no idea how scary that looks to other people. hahaha!
I figured three cups of coffee would do that to a person. A relatively normal person, anyway.
My nails are green; looks pretty good with the uniform. (I might post a picture later since I'm ALL about nails lately.)

Apparently my Tumblr looks like a make-up blog now, according to Bestie.

Anyway, I'm feeling good.. that's pretty much all I wanted to say.
Have a great week everyboddeh!

Oh! I should probably blog about my flying week next.

Monday, February 04, 2013


I've been down with a nasty fever for the past couple of days. I didn't go to any clinic because the ones that I usually go to would always make me wait long enough at the waiting room for me to wish that I'd just die right there. So I went into shaman mode and basically take a cold shower every few hours so the heat would leave my body -- and had Panadols.. hahaha!
It worked, I no longer have a fever. But I'm at that stage where I am sort of floating, and everything tastes like metal in my mouth. ughh.

Dida and Encem offered to bring me to the doctor everyday.. But the doctors that I usually end up seeing are.. how shall I say this kindly.. hmm.. Useless.
So honestly speaking, I'd much rather take things into my own hands. I mean, wouldn't you rather die by your own stupidity than a doctor's incompetence? (Okay, perhaps that is just me.)

Being sick also makes me an emotional wreck. I must've cried like fifteen thousand times! I would laugh about something with Encem and the next minute I'd cry non-stop. Even tv shows makes me cry. Tv shows that isn't Grey's Anatomy! (I always cry watching that, whether I'm sick or not..)
So yeah,  hate being sick. Crying all the time just makes it worse.

I was scolded by a passenger on my previous flight. Apparently I was rude to her when I asked her to wait when she asked for a refill of her tea. She recommended that I should go back to training school for the way I behaved blablablaa and she asked, "you get me?"
I said yes.. Not a single apology though. Perhaps I was kinda rude, but to me that was just me being normal. She had asked for a refill when I wasn't even pushing my cart. I was holding a few trays as the passengers at the back haven't even got their meals!
So yeah, I am rude to selfish, inconsiderate bastards. Funny thing was, everyone around her was looking at HER funny, and not at all treated me differently. So, if any of you behaves like an inconsiderate mother-effer on my flight.. do expect rudeness in return.

That makes the second obvious complaint against me since I've been flying. The first was during my first month on the job. A passenger vomited on the aisle while meal service was in commence. I can't remember how or why but I stepped on that puddle of yuck and said (under my breath), "shoot".
At the end of flight my supervisor told me that the sister of the sickly person complained to him that I'd used a vulgar word, and not at all sensitive to the situation.
Honestly, I'd like to see her step into that crap and say "yippee".

People are just weird sometimes..
I do have one more story to tell. But I don't think I'm gonna. It's not funny nor amusing.. So I'd rather be pissed in silence. heh.
I do hope that my head would come back to the ground soon. Gonna be up all night tonight! Four bloody days of absurdity and another day off. It sucks that I'd spend my weekend off being sick. sigh..

Monday, January 28, 2013


You know that feeling you get when things just goes wrong for you?

I just had that sort of day..
When not ONE single thing goes my way. And instead of feeling disappointed or upset, I am plain PISSED!

Seriously, I hate everything and anyone right now. Maybe I'll change my mind in a bit but for now, I am just full of HATE!!!

I hate "privelleged" people. I definitely hate politicians. I hate people with "titles" because honestly, if noone knows exactly the contribution you made to get the title, you definitely didn't earn it.

And I hate that I feel like I keep on giving and giving and getting nothing back! I hate doing favours for people that I don't even like or remotely care.

I hate that I curse everytime I look or think about my roster next month. I am complaining, I know. But I deserve to complain. I SHOULD complain, not all those other kids who complains how their friends got two Taipei and they only got one. COME ON!!!
We have a saying that goes, "if you're not happy, resign."
For once I am really contemplating about it.

I should've stick to my plan years ago. This isn't how I imagined my life would be. I was never meant to stay here and be anybody's bitch.

Damn it! I must get out from all this crap.
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