Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A day for Me.

I had yesterday off and I was completely determined to do my Birthday shopping! So I took a cab from home and went to Bukit Bintang.. (Well, I haven't been to the NARS store have I?)

I did a great deal of shopping in Sephora.. and had absolutely NO IDEA that they're having a 20% off for members this weekend!! ughhh I'm quite stressed about that!
But I believe that I had a pretty good deal yesterday, so I'm not so terribly bummed.

Sephora is having a lot of awesome gift sets that I spent a while trying to decide what to get! I must have looked like a lost puppy.. walking around quite aimlessly from one corner to another.

Then I went to NARS, completely determined to get SOMETHING! So while I was testing out the lip colours, I chatted a bit with the sales persons on the prices of their products..

You could find most of the products' price from Nicole's blog, but here's some that was not listed there;

Larger Than Life Eyeliner -- RM 90 (NOT cheaper than in Bangkok!)
Foundation pump -- RM 20
Candles -- RM 210.. Or was it 230? (Sorry!)
Nail polish -- RM 60

The nail polishes are USD 19 so price-wise, it isn't bad at all! Unfortunately though, the store only carries TWO shades (as of yesterday,) and one of the shades have sold out, so there's only Galathée left. Consistency-wise, it seemed alright, completely opaque with two coats, but I have no idea how the brush feels as the sales person helped me to put the colour on.. Perhaps once (if) they had more colours I would try it on myself and maybe get them!

The foundation pump is retailing at USD 6 so for RM 20.. Yayy!
The candles are USD 50 so I simply cannot see myself forking out RM 200++ for mere candles! Seriously, that is just extortionate!
And the eyeliners.. Well, I guess I won't be buying them in KL!

Oh anyway, I ended up buying a Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg and I am completely in love with it!! It applies so smoothly and the colour stayed like it's nobody's business!
I wore it for work today and I barely had to touch it up. (I only did as a force of habbit!) It didn't make my lips any drier than it always does anyway (especially since I'm working!)
It's really wonderful!
But check back with me later, once I have to start sharpening it up! Hahaha

Okay, I'm losing the feeling on my hands as I'm typing this through my phone! Perhaps I'll write about something else other than make-up next time!


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