Friday, September 28, 2007

I don't get it..

If you disapprove of me so much..
what exactly are you doing here??

I understand perfectly of your tendency to use people. Me especially. Sure.. look me up when you're in need. I can honestly say that I don't mind the hate that I deserve, except for the fact that it came all too suddenly -- which is making you look like a complete hypocrite.
Being nice one day and a real jerk the next. It is... amazing.

Damn, why am I related to this.

My heart is aching.. My heart is breaking..
Thank you.

edited on 1:57 AM, September 29th 2007.
I'm upset when I'm upset... and I can't help at whom I'm upset with. I just find the need to retract my words once I start to let go of my temper..
But it's been there, so as you can see I've only struck out the entry instead of deleting them completely. heh.


I wasn't planning on writing a blog entry today but McFLY's got a new single and video out!!!
I'm going to take a guess that Tom and Danny made the song. hehhe. I find those two are incredibly sensitive writers. Absolutely love them!

Watch The Heart Never Lies on YouTube

Some people run right into the fire

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do me a favour
and break my heart

Not that it's hard.. I believe hopeful-cynics tend to get their hearts break the easiest. All you have to do is plant that seed and their own doubts in their heads will do the rest!
Oh wait.. did I just gave out the formula to break my heart? Oh well...

I've been addicted to Shayne Ward's If That's OK With You and Aly & AJ's Potential Breakup Song these past couple of days. Also.. Timbaland's Way I Are.
Obviously I haven't got anything much worth reading here, yeah? heh. But really... Aly & AJ's song is really really addictive! Love the catchy tune.

It's time like this.. when I get too much time in my hands.. or get left alone for too long, I'd always think of the strangers I've ever met in my life.
And I can't help it.. the first person I would think of was always Manir. He wasn't even the first stranger I've ever met, but he was definitely the best conversationalist among all. Indian, in his 50s, Aries. Really amazing person. He only initiated to comment on the neatness of my writing. heh. I don't reckon that he ever thought I was writing so I could avoid talking to strangers; expecting them to leave me alone. Glad that he didn't.

Some days I wish that I stayed on that train and continued our discussions about feng shui, horoscopes and religion. Just.. how amazing is THAT?? To talk to a perfect stranger about religion! No small talks there, my friends. Simply spiritual and philosophical topics please. (Now don't I sound like a snob? haha!)
Sometimes I feel like getting on the train in hopes of meeting him again. I used to have his picture in my/Dida's PDA but since it's gone nuts.. I've lost Manir. Well, just his picture. To be honest, I think his face is kind of cemented on my brain. What can I say.. Manir was the PERFECT stranger.

To have something in common with a friend is.. easy.
To have something in common with a stranger... what are the odds to that?

If there is anything I am most thankful of.. (mind, I should make a long list of it 'cause I'm grateful for a bunch of things!) it's that even though I wasn't born or made to be an exceptionally extroverted person, at least those who are had found my looks to be welcoming enough for them to strike up a conversation.
Maybe James Morrison was right.. they just seem to know who to talk to. It is odd when there's a roomful of people and somehow you're the one singled out -- but thankfully, I have no problem being singled out. heh.

Oooh!! Nina got a promotion yesterday which meant a big pay rise -- awesome!! Chilli's! Chilli's! Chilli's!! hahahahha! Damn, now I'm hankering for their Molten Chocolate Cake! -- and I'm not even that big of a fan of chocolate! grr.
Anyway, congrats Ninaaa! (If ever she comes across this.)

Of course, now that Nina's making big bucks, Mama had asked me when am I going to find a job. Way to go to spoil my mood, Ma! whoopee! *sarcastically*
Ohh, also.. The Magpies lost to Arsenal. bluergghh. It's embarassing because Arsenal was using their younger players while Newcastle was playing with their first team! I'm irked! Especially since currently, Coventry had scored against Man U. hahhahahaha!! (This is the NECESSARY laugh to keep myself from cursing. I think I need to do that a lot tonight.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My darling rubbish...

You know, I've been spending too much time being bored lately.
I should be doing something better with my time. (Apart from finishing the books I'm currently reading -- A Place Called Here; isn't very gripping so far. I'm disappointed.)

I should write -- NO. (hahhahahaha!!)

I think I'm going to complete my travel journal later today and upload some pictures to my older blog entries! *faking a cheer of excitement!*
(Just the sound of those are actually.. boring me already.)

I'll write again when I see fit.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

According to Wanie...

What to be among life's greatest mysteries;

Arjen Robben and Jose Reina are respectively aged 23 and 25..
Unless somebody tells me that they're racers during their free time (which would require them to wear helmets a lot!) I have to say that they're just TOO YOUNG to start losing that much hair.

hahhaha! I'm sorry.. I had planned of having a couple of "mysteries" but nooo.. I'm not too curious about anything else apparently. Okay, that's BULL. A day without questions would be.. EXCELLENT but I wasn't made for that, I've accepted it a long time ago. My point: just because I have questions, doesn't mean that I need to ask them, do I? Plus, it would completely ruin my pledge to not reveal too much of myself on this blog. hahha! (We all know that my incapability of holding a real promise is making me look like a pathological liar right about now.)

Recently I've realized that the more somebody says about love, the more I feel the need to leave. I know that doesn't sound right, but it's how I feel. I'm not saying that talks of love suffocates-me-so-I-must-run, it's.. when somebody talks about the dream it is to be in love, I'd feel like the world becomes larger.
I should be wandering out there. Heck, I should roam the universe! Finding MY true love... what ever that is. (sigh. All those astrology would've been a bunch of crap if I hadn't been such a restless soul to begin with.)

I just realized how upsetting it is to know that there is NOTHING or NO ONE that could make me STICK to ANYTHING. The weirdest thing; I've always wanted to pack my bag and leave without saying a single word to anyone. So I always wonder, don't I care for my family to have constantly thought of this?
Maybe I'm just a horrible person. It's easier to admit that than to psychoanalize myself again.

Maan, it's going to be October real soon. *this is the part where I curse*

Monday, September 24, 2007

Het is Maandag

Professional writers would suggest, "write like you talk".
Well, I write like I think; unnecessary, a little crazy, not particularly smart and seemingly never-ending.

I slept the entire day on Saturday, it's horrendous! I can't remember if I ever slept for an entire day before. I wasn't really sleepy as I was physically tired, I suppose. I had been out and about since early morning the day before, and had no sleep until around seven when I got a few minutes of shut eye.
Anyway, I found out that I'm easily saddened when I'm tired. Not particularly depressed or anything, just... blue.

It was a very social Friday;
I met up the Beasties for a bit, hung around with Dayat at KL Central, met up with Ana a little after Dayat had left, went to Pavillion and also read some books at the Borders store in Berjaya Times Square, get Dida to pick us up at 10-ish despite that she was with Kak Kole and Kak Freddy, sent Ana back to Damansara, went to Cathay Cineplex and saw Whisper, then back to Kak Freddy's house in KL.
All the while, wearing my new pair of high-heel boots.

I personally feel that the greatest agony -- yet, is breaking in a new pair of heels! Can you comprehend the silliness of anticipating PAIN but you do it anyway because there are just some things that you can't help but be (very) vain about?
hahahhaha! Well, you know what they say; it must look really nice to have hurt as bad. -- Which they ARE! ahhahahha! I had a couple of strangers to prove it.

As Ana had put it on her blog, the outing was pleasant but it wasn't perfect nearing the end (what with me almost falling down the stairs at the monorail station) but heyy, as long as you can still laugh about it; everything's gooood.

Think only of the past as its rememberance gives you pleasure

Jane Austen

I realize on Friday that I don't look good in Mango outfits.. ZARA, H&M and Dorothy Perkins -- ohh yeahh, bring it on! hahahha! Man, ...*finishing this sentence in my thoughts*

I showed Ana the astrology books that I like while we were in Borders. That was fun, getting a laugh at the flattery by some of those books. But we couldn't help being amazed by one of the books that had a pretty good description of me;

Being somewhat silly and odd, you have a liberal mind and a gypsy soul.. Your calling is to see and do things differently even if people don't always understand why.. This differentness is perfectly normal and has been part of the routine seemingly forever. To be honest, you probably wouldn't want it any other way. And here's my favourite part; Love proves highly unconventional for this Archer. You seek partner with brains, beauty and zeal who can share the stage easily.. Until you locate that person, being monogamous probably isn't in the cards for you. hahhahha!!

Basically.. I was born to be FICKLE! hahhahaha! It's awesome to know that I have something else to blame than myself. heehee.

It's been a good Sunday for football. The Magpies won after last week's embarassing defeat and United also won against Chelsea. I wasn't too happy with the referee though. There's just nothing worse than idiotic.. blind referees in a football match, but yeah.. my two favourite teams are the on top 5 of the leader board! I can't help but feel happy for that. (Just for notes, the Chelsea team was staying at the same hotel Nina and I did when we were in Manchester -- I recognized the grounds when I saw it on telly. heehee.)

Oooh! Dida bought me Cecelia Ahern's A Place Called Here the other day. I'm making myself dizzy by changing my read from that to Persuasion by Jane Austen. heehee.
Okay, this is a long enough entry I think.
'Til later.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I shall not talk about football..

I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football. I shall not talk about football.

I have a theory; everybody is charming when you're drunk -- or when you're in love. Scratch that. You'll love everybody when you're drunk! hahhaha!

It's been a while since I went to see a movie at the cinema so my sister and I went to catch Knocked Up last night. I must say.. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect it to be.. as it was.
Although E! have been building it up as the "funniest movie of the summer", I don't think it was all that funny. It was -- wholly illuminating.

Personally, I had felt that it radiates the same vibe I felt when I saw Click last year (minus the watery eyes, though.) The movie was VERY interesting. They had some really good conversations in there which got me and Dida discussing about it waaaay after we'd left the cinema.
Enlightening; just the way I like my movies. heehee.

We find it a little slow, though.. so I suppose it isn't everybody's cup of tea. But I liked it. Heck, I might even love it! (I may be drunk.. hahahhaha!)

By the way..
United won their first Champions League group match!! woohoooo! I won the bet with Dida; who had NO FAITH in the team! Really liked how the Sporting Lisbon's supporters clapped as Christiano Ronaldo left the pitch -- they were.. a great sport! And! Van De Sar was amazingly quite impressive! Saha on the other hand, rubbish.
So my worries are happily diverted for a couple of days.. until Sunday, of course! heehee.

I shall not talk about football. Now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

European brands are funny..


I mean.. Why on EARTH would anyone want to get their clothes near a fire??

An honest tale speeds best, being plainly told.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Writing is my refuge
hahhaha!! Can I be anymore cheesy?

My head has been pretty.. messy lately, but no worries! 'Coz I'm not worried. I just get this way every once in a while. Wish it has something.. anything to do with my womanly cycle but it's not.
Basically my head just messes itself up whenever it wants to -- and I shall spare you from my speech about my heart and brain feels and thinks what ever it likes as if THEY have their own hearts and brains.

Just checked my Football Fantasy points and man, I'm behind!! The top of the leaderboard has got 30 points while I have a measly.. measly.. *beeeep!*
(It's beeped because I'm ashamed of my pathetic points! hahhaha!)

Earlier, my sister had compared me to another blog she'd recently visit and she commented that it lacked the passion as I have in my writing. I can't help smiling. I bet Dida have no idea the pleasure she has given me with her words and how they are giving me a rather quiet sense of pride everytime I think of it. Thank you Did!

Just this afternoon I was thinking (while I was in the loo, naturally!) about my lack of competitiveness. Be it in a chase for something or someone, I'm usually the first to back away.
If it's simply because I am the sort of person who gives up easily, I think it'd be easier to understand and accept. But, as an example.. if it was in pursuit of a guy and I know the girl next to me wants him too, I would automatically stop; telling myself "aah.. she probably likes him more". If it's about an object, I'd think "he/she probably needs it more".
My lack of passion sometimes are terrible. Knowing myself too well; realizing that my tendency to get easily bored is VERY high -- KILLS my passion.

Hardly anything is worth a fight.. you know?
If I'm going to get bored with it in the end, why bother right? My indifference towards life is my worst vice. (And I must confess, I have MANY.)

I can't quite decide if it's my complete ignorance or my blind sense of faith that have always lead me away from commitments -- it's almost amazing.
About awful acquaintances;
a. why bother having these people around anyway?
b. I can always find others.
About school;
a. I don't need school to teach me the facts of life
b. other college drop-outs seems to find their own way!
hahhahaha!! My fickle mind.. I have no explanation for it but to admit that I am -- (as I've said two months ago) an easily amused, sarcastic cynic who unfortunately still looks up at the stars and makes wishes. (yet laughs at the mere idea!!) Maaan.. I'm too rational for silliness but I can't help myself.
Refer to the first paragraph of this entry.

Now, have I confused you with my confused mind?
If I have.. Welcome to the club!
If I haven't.. well, I'll try harder next time! Count on it!
I keep running away with my words that I hardly know what my first point was. sigh. This is baaad. (And yet, I'm not doing anything to stop it! hahahha!)
Ah well, maybe I haven't got any.

Dida bought Anuar Zain's latest album and I must say that it sounds good!! Well, of course.. we're fans of sappy ballads so naturally we loved it.

Three hours away from the Derby and Magpies match!
Go Magpies!! woot~!

Maan I need to stop spamming my own blog; entertaining my every whim and get back to my Moleskine!
sigh. Three and a half months away from the end of this year. NOW I'm worried.

Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?

Kurt Vonnegut

edited on 4:32 AM.
Monday -- shitty day for football!!
I'm pissy here so.. read at your own risk.
The game is at the 75th minute and I can't stop thinking about the prospects of losing to Derby! Gile keji lagi jijik, tidak tertahan. Chances are NOTHING if nobody can kick the ball into the net!!
And excuse me, do you mind me asking; are you a striker, a midfielder or a bloody wanker?? I love you dude, but not enough to make me BLIND! urrghhh!
Good God! Might as well just turn off the bloody telly now.

Monday, September 17, 2007


As much as I hate to admit it, this ad is REALLY FUNNY!!!

That fall was really good!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A long time ago..

I wrote a little list on a tiny corner of my notebook;
of the qualities of the perfect man.

Years gone by and my idea of perfection have changed.
Maybe because I like different things now.. maybe because I've grown up.. or maybe I've grown weary of searching for perfection. Bottom line is, the qualities that makes a man perfect had become A quality;

and that is: he must not be infuriating.

Sure, I'd welcome an occasional spat sometimes; about the show we'd want to watch on telly.. where should we go for dinner.. what's the best football team (believe it or not, I wouldn't want him to support the same teams as I do!) or the ideal number of kids we should have. (You won't ever read me tell you how many!)
But he must not infuriate me.
Frustrate me all he wants.. Make me cry all he may.. but never infuriate me, por favor.

heehee. Obviously I'm in a slightly better mood since the last post; to write something as silly as this.

I was watching the qualifying round for the Belgium Grand Prix last night and found myself smiling at the excitement in the commentators' voices. They were telling the viewers to listen to the sound of the car's engine as they went through the Eau Rouge (which was the point where the track has a little dip and then go up to a 20% hill -- am I making sense here? Well, the cars go very fast through there with a somewhat sling-shot effect.)
Aaaanyway, my point actually.. What exactly am I supposed to listen to?? I know nothing about the sounds of an engine so what exactly is there to be heard? So I concluded, syok sendiri kot diorang nih. So.. self-absorbed, laughing at their own comments, while I grinned at their silliness -- until it hit me.

I'm doing just the same!!
All these times I get myself excited as I write about football and even Formula 1, I am no different than those self-absorbed commentators.
Ah well, suits you to have come to my blog! Suits me for watching their show. hehh!

It's been a good weekend for sports. (Good, is relative. hehh!)
Lee Chong Wei won the Japan Open, (thanks Dar for waking me up to catch it -- unintentional though it may be) Manchester United won against Everton through si manja Nemanja Vidic's header. Chelsea had only managed a draw. (hahhahahah!!) The two Ferrari got podium, (I shall not comment about that Ferrari-McClaren spying-stuff verdict) and I bet Tiger Woods will maintain his lead in the Tour Championship!
ha! Now aren't I the sports buff? heehee.

So here's a little advice for those of you who hadn't noticed the pattern yet..
If you're not into sports (football and F1 especially) you might want to AVOID reading this blog during weekends. Then again, you might want to STOP READING this blog altogether 'cause sometimes, it's ALL I ever talk about!

Can you tell that my dark mood has returned?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spare me from you.

I am killing myself with my thoughts again.

A spate of words hijacking my entire mind.
If this is news, I couldn't tell what you've been reading.
It's frightening to think that despite all and everything, one's core had seem unchanged.
I am.. as I've always been; unfocused yet preoccupied.

Have you met a restless soul such as this?
Angry for not one reason.. Frustrated by one's own expectations.

You cannot transcend what you do not know.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I probably should write about depression then.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thank you, Ma.

For the camera phone you gave me exactly nine months ago. heeheee!

You know, for someone who always finds the time to profess one of C.S. Lewis' slightly melancholic quotes at one's liberty, I seem to have a bunch of friends lying around.

It was unplanned, but I met up with Ana and Bahijah and hung out at One Utama on Wednesday. It was nice! (When have you EVER read that I was bored when I am with my friends, really?)
The two are definitely growing up; with Ana going to her very first job interview earlier in the morning (hope you'll get it, Anaaa!!) while Bahijah going to start working (for experience's worth, as we all would put it) next week.
I am feeling.. so proud of them! ..and slightly behind, but oh well! It's never been a competition to me. (heeheeheee! *inside joke*)

We completely lost track of time and by seven we had to part ways.
My sisters came to pick me up from KL and we headed straight to Seremban with Dida driving like a maniac. The Kiddies are having a fever.. it doesn't suit them.

Now.. it's just under an hour away from the EURO Qualifiers match between England and Russia and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! I miss my football. Hopethey'dwinhopethey'dwinhopethey'dwin, HOPE THEY'D WIN!!!

So you Muslims out there who happens to read my blog.. have a good Ramadhan, yeah?
Now don't go doing things I won't do in daylight! hahhahaha!

Friendship is unnecessary; like Philosophy, like Art.. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that gives value to survival

C.S. Lewis

edited on 5:08 AM.

Sweet.. sweet victory.
I take back all the bad things I've ever said about Owen. Sure, he just waits on the ball but obviously he's excellent at finishing. It was a BRILLIANT match! One of the best I've seen England played, without a doubt! Could've -- SHOULD'VE scored more but I'm pleased.
Fifteen wasn't sent in but it's okay.. I like winning better, I suppose! hahhaha!
Now.. on with the Premier League!! YEAHHH!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I have a boyfriend -- aaah!"
said Dayat

I suppose I should admit that the week has been pretty eventful for me. (In comparison to the blah days I've had in the past weeks, obviously.)

Went out with the Beasties on Tuesday.
I think we could all agree that it started pretty boring. Seriously, we weren't talking much, nor did much. It was turning into one of those awful car wrecks you saw at the side of the road. But maybe it's just me.. (Which it probably was.)
I don't know why..

Well, to be honest.. it was most probably because my heart wasn't fully in it -- or even there to begin with! And for that, I don't entirely blame myself. heh!
It was when we were pretty ready to head back home when we all got our mojo back. Something just clicked as Dayat and I were standing in front of the sausages cart in Cold Storage; right after the sales lady offered to steam the sausages if we'd wanted them. hahhahaha! That is one BRILLIANT sales person!

So we bought 500 grams' worth of snacks in the form of chicken sausages and slices (and got another hundred grams free!) We ate some ice cream while we waited in front of the store as the sales lady heats the sausages.
Basically, we had a small picnic in front of the Cold Storage in Berjaya Times Square at half past six.. and that was FUN!

Might be going to Seremban later today.
Extremely anxious about the England match with Russia tomorrow morning!
Mentally unprepared for Ramadhan starting this Thursday. Boy, time flies. Shit! (Note to self: SHOULD cut down cursing for one month!)
I'm getting worried about things but I won't say about it again as I'm beginning to feel like a pathological liar everytime I say what my plans are to FIX it.

Have a good day everyone; one with no life-defining-decision-making sort of day!

edited on 3:15 AM.
The blog looks fine on 1280 x 960 resolution now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mentally taking pictures.

Barely four hours of sleep - wake up at 9 - hardly 30 minutes of nap in 39 hours.. and multiple auto-shutdowns.
That was -- my crazy weekend.

The day started alright. The weather was nice as Dida and I was driving through Putrajaya to get Kak Kole and Kak Freddy. It took us barely an hour to arrive at Port Dickson. We set up the tent, took out all the stuff we've brought.. the cooler.. and Dida LEFT! Yeah, she left me with Kak Kole and Kak Freddy because she got a late invitation to watch the Malaysia Cup finals at the stadium. (hahha!! Perak lost! But damn, Kedah won the treble!!)

Naturally, I took out my UNO deck and started shuffling. hahhaha! I believe UNO brings people closer! Seriously. I'm starting to consider of bringing that deck EVERYWHERE I go here! heehee.

Kak Kole and Kak Freddy!

Around 6, Kak Freddy suggested that we'd bring her rubber air mattress out to the water and test it out. So we changed into our swimming suits and carried that silly little thing to the ocean. Kak Kole was the first to jump onto the mattress and it was HILARIOUS that Kak Freddy and myself was laughing SO HARD! Then I jumped on. Kak Freddy didn't want to get on at first but Kak Kole and I persuaded her so she did! It was.. just histerical. We were laughing and giggling like manic school children.
We floated around.. Paddled about.. It was funny. There was one particular moment when we got a little to the middle that reminded me of P.S I Love You. Wish I had a waterproof camera right then but I figured, maybe taking pictures with your head isn't too bad. heh!

As the sky turned dark, we returned to our camp and started to light the fire. It took a while but it was greatly satisfying when we got the coals to light up. Really cool! We ate and then just.. hung around. Doing nothing much. It was too dark to play UNO anyway! ahahahahha!!
Except for the part where we had to move the tent because our neighbours were unfortunately a bunch of inconsiderate, loud, annoying, moronic little assholes. The worst part, among these little a-holes, one of them was called "Wani"!! (Notice that I dropped the "e"? I'm irked enough to share the same name, I pray that her's wasn't spelled the same way too.)

By twelve, my soul source of amusement was watching Kak Kole in tingtong mode and being the serial pisser that she was. hahhaha! (Also, having Ilsa to update me with the England vs. Israel scores!! Way cool!! -- England won!! My baby didn't play but WE WON!!) Kak Freddy fell asleep for a bit until Dida came back around 2 a.m bearing KFC!!
So we all just sat around and ate as Kak Freddy and Kak Kole complained about the a-holes we'd encountered throughout the day to Dida.

I think it was four-ish when Kak Kole and Kak Freddy went to sleep in the tent as Dida and I laid on the matress outside the tent just staring at the sky and talked. Dida got sleepy around five though so I was left with the mp3s and sudoku in my phone for two hours.

It was seven-ish when the rest of my party woke up (well, I woke them up!) and started packing. We wanted to have a bit of swim and honestly, the seabed of the beach where we camped at was revolting! (Yeah, we saw the icky stuff we stepped on when the sea level decreases during the night.) So Dida drove us to the place where we usually go with Nina and the kiddies.
It was fun! Could've been more fun if we found an air pump to inflate the air bed since the one we had wouldn't work anymore.

It was half past eleven when we made our way back to Putrajaya. Kak Freddy invited us to the little get together at her parents' home. We spent an extra hour on the road when we somehow missed the exit somewhere but it was worth it. The food was good! hahhahaha!
Dida was driving around with a towel on her head, by the way.

Ohh! At Kak Freddy's house, we hogged her brother's computer for a bit and I found out that my blog's layout wasn't right!! It bugs me how the background repeats itself on the LG Flatron Wide screen with 1280 x 960 resolution! It blows!! For your info, my blog looks best with 1024 x 768 resolution, okaaay?
But you must know that one of these days I shall tweak the background so it'll look alright for visitors with bigger resolutions. arghh! Why do I have to be so anal?! God!

Afterwards we headed to KL and hung out at Kak Freddy's house. That's where I got a little shut eye. So did Dida. We left at almost seven and by then the weather was getting bad. (So was the traffic!)
This was about when I kept falling asleep. It was slightly horrifying, not remembering shutting your eyes and suddenly open up to heavy rains or an unrecognizable road. sheesh! Obviously, 32 hours was too much with only four hours of sleep two nights before.

Now, that was NOT shaky hands! It was plainly.. the awful weather!

We picked up Mama at home and had dinner at Windmill in Subang Jaya where I -- unfortunately (yet naturally) had to fill the comment card with sarcasm.

Then we all went home to Shah Alam where the sky was in a freakish shade of colour.

Now that was a long entry, wasn't it?
That should keep you guys preoccupied and off my back for a couple of days, right? heeheehee. I'm sorry if the entry is a little draggy and yet simplified in some parts. It's already 4 a.m and I'm supposed to meet up my friends in the afternoon -- I'm still tired from the weekend!

In truth, my weekend wasn't all exciting and "perfect".. but why dwell in the bad, right?

Friday, September 07, 2007

I won 47 cents!!

The lack of sleep is making me feverish but heck, I think I'll blog first before I hit the sack.

Had an excellent day with my friends today!
I only had a few hours of sleep before meeting up with Hanis and headed to Subang Parade (because we haven't gone there for ages!) Unfortunately Dayat had to bail at the very last minute because she remembered that she had a midterm paper today!! ahahhaha! Typical dayat.

Ohh bulatnyee.. *curses*

We didn't do anything much. Just window-shopped, had brunch.. a piece of cake and talk. Really.. nothing much. I barely knew what we did exactly for SEVEN hours before Bahijah, Ilsa and Ana came and joined us.

We went back to Secret Recipe just to hang out and killed time with nothing else but.. UNO!! ahhahaha!

Hanis getting sucked into the competitive game of UNO and an excited Bahijah after winning a round.

Hanis had to make her way home just before seven and afterwards the rest of us changed location to the Subang McD and played more UNO. Seriously.. we need better things to do with our time!
Anyway, for our final game, we decided to put some money and I ended up being the winner!! ahahhaha! Way cool! 47 cents!! There was supposed to be a couple of ciggies too but I don't know what happened. I only end up with the money. Well, that and a tiny piece of precious tin foil!

A little more photos on my Fotopage later. (And I do mean LATER!)
I had fun. Hoping to get some more of that before the start of Ramadhan next week!
Goodnight everyone, and have a good weekend. Thanks for reading my blah entries! heehee.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I was happy in the haze..

of a drunken hour..
Oh heaven knows I'm miserable now

The Smiths are stuck in my head again.

I burnt myself a little earlier.
You would think that getting my thumb caught in between the car door was foolish enough, but nooooo.. I had to burn myself.

It's been a pretty slow week here. Nothing much has been happening. (NOTHING has happened to be precise.) Blah!
Nothing's going on with football.. except maybe that Perak is meeting Kedah for the final Malaysia Cup this Saturday. I hope Perak will win; (despite they're historically the biggest rival to Selangor!) my mom's from Perak anyway. But mostly because I don't want Kedah to win or they'll achieve a treble win this season thus making Selangor's treble a few years ago less -- special. hahhaha! I wouldn't want that!!

Also this Saturday, England is meeting Israel for the EURO Qualifiers and I am going to miss it. Dreading it a little, naturally but it's probably a good thing. I stress-easy when I care too much and obviously, I do.

So what am I going to do this Saturday?
Well, I was invited to a picnic/camping at the beach by Dida and her friends! I said "no" after Dida told me how she plans to disappear a bit that Saturday but Kak Kole had wanted me to come.. And I'm just too flattered to stick with my "no". hahhahaha!

Other stuff.. been liking Marie Digby recently. She sounds nice. It seems like everyone is getting noticed on YouTube these days.

Blah. I'm really bored now. Going to watch the England team training on now. Aren't my life exciting?
Ohh! To be fair.. I am excited about meeting up my Beasties this Friday!

Suddenly remembered something Dida mentioned to me in the car earlier. It was a jumbled up quote she heard somewhere so I looked it up. I'm afraid I have to admit that the idealist side of me can't help but believe;

When you aspire for something with passion, all the universe conspires to make it happen..

Paulo Coelho

Monday, September 03, 2007

Lights in the sky.

I honestly have no idea what I'm going to write about tonight.
Alright.. fine.. HONESTLY I do have things that I CAN write about. Just not necessarily of things that I really WANT to write about. Am I making sense? Probably not.

Picture taken with my amazingly horrible Sony Ericsson that takes shitty pictures with the lights on and the subject is only at arm's length from the lense.

Went to see the final fireworks-fest at Putrajaya earlier tonight (well, last night exactly) and I must say that it was quite dull!! Comparing Pyrofest Canada with Team Japan or even Team Italy.. blah! Maybe it's the weather.. maybe it's the change of location where we see it from.. Maybe we've seen one too many to be as easy to impress.. I don't know. Maybe it's just BORING.

We sat a little closer to PICC this time that we managed to catch the music that goes along with the fireworks -- pretty cool! They were really impressive and funny sometimes.

That's it for tonight.
I don't know exactly what I'm going to do after this but I probably should rest. I'm feeling extremely tired despite that I haven't done anything much through out the day. hmm..

edited on 3:05 PM, September 5th 2007.
I forgot..
Aston Villa beat Chelsea during the weekend. hahhaha! Way cool! Premier League will take a short break 'til the 15th for the Euro Qualifiers. I don't know if I'm glad.. Also.. Solskjær had retired just before United's game during the weekend due to his knee injury. It's sad.. (Fine, he's actually getting pretty old to be a footballer -- but he looked so young!) I didn't even get the chance to sing his song!
And Australia won the MIFC! Darn, wish I hadn't missed that one!
Oh ohh!! I forgot one more thing.. Dida and I saw Fracture the other day and we loved it. It's a very smart film. A little on the slow side but VERY interesting!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'd rather have you fat than dead.


I haven't got anything to share. Especially NOTHING that relates to the title up there.

I had a stressful night as I watch the Man U match and the delayed Newcastle match on telly. Not entirely because of their missed chances, but having Dida who was an incredibly annoying and irritating human specimen when she wants to be.
Babe, enough with the yellow already!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I was bored...

So to stop -- (more like dawdle) myself from going into the kitchen and find something to stuff my face into, I decided to try out that Fantasy Football thing I've been hearing from my new favourite show on Star Sports; Football Crazy. (Good show, love the hosts!)

Want to know what I found out?

I found out that I can only manage a top football team where money is no object and where I can splurge on the best names I know. Seriously.. they gave you £55million and it isn't enough!! I also found out that I've been favouring a lot on midfielders and strikers that I simply cannot choose a single defender!! Okay, there's Ferdinand.. but I need three more!!

Still.. I'm looking forward to the start of the game which is on the 15th. I'm very keen on how the jumble I called "team" would do!

Blah~ I must be boring you.
But you should know by now how uninspiring my entries are when I'm uninspired.

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