Wednesday, December 31, 2003


heehee.. tersedak budak tu kat umah~! (i have a friend from school nicknamed after that..) wonder what he's doing now, though.. teringat those days playing volley ball with those school peeps.. abu dzar.. :x hahahhahah!! (laughed 'coz i had a minor crush on that guy in form 2.. my friends tried to match-make us back then.. hohoho) haikal menyebok, watching over from outside the court.. me shout over to musz so she'll be ready for my serve.. berlagak lagak ngan sabrina and nelly.. azalea skali.. hanis malu malu nak join.. arep menyanyi sumbang denga walkman.. zaki main cam gila.. some other guys (can't remember their names any longer!) sangat posessive over the ball.. ekkeke! juniors watching us play.. only si siape-ntah-tu namenye (lupaaaaa!) was brave enough to come and join us play.. ohh! farah was her name.. koyakkan my galaxie magazine once 'coz there was a creed poster in it. heehee~ puan indon, brought over the net and balls and just left to let us play.. :x weeeeeeeeee~!
school days were funnnn!!! rinduuunyeee.. pejam celik pejam celik.. 2 years have passed, and i haven't seen my school teachers since the past year.. (haven't visit the school since last year..) rindu puan sahariah!! best malay/history teacher ever! selalu halau wanie balek kelas 'coz i won't leave hanis' class after recess. heehee~! terok betul bila ingat balek.. i would never leave hanis' class after recess until her teacher came in.. and usually, by that time there's already a teacher in my class.. masuk buat tak tahu aje dah lambat.. ekkekeke!
really missed running around school as if i was on an errand when the fact was i was just skipping some class.. ekekkeke! hadohh~! rindunyeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

o yeah.. i was drinking to cincau just now.. and that brought me all those memories.. ekkeke! ohh, tahu taaaak, cincau kat mmu ngan kat giant hypermarket/supermarket beza sampai 55sen?!! sebab tu wanie ade 6 tin air cincau kat blek ni, bawak dari umah.. ekekkeke!! mahal sangat beli sini :( :)) ohh, and proudly to say that papa started drinking cincau since i've gotten crazy for it! hahhahaha!!
influential, aren't i? ekekkeke.. :p

last night was a lot of work...
wanted to bug lily at her room but turns out she was going out with encik anis.. humm.. so i was forced to get on my own bed... bluerghhh~ but it was an achievement, though.. was asleep at 4 something rather than 6! :)
itupon entah berape kali bace ayat Qursi.. selawat memanjang.. bismillah puluh puluh kali..
i think i got to sleep 'coz of tired reading all those things.. closed my eyes.. ignoring my hard-pounding heart.. quite a tough night.. i think the problem was not of the place.. (of course!) but myself.. surely i'm the problemed one..
even bace sumer tu tak bantu sangat.. hati tak tenang.. sebab tak semayang kot! (hohho.. mengaku!)
adohaai wanie~ bile laaa nak ubaahhh! even belba got tired of lecturing.. hummph!
i really can't take another night being bored and haunted by my own thoughts.. :(

long post ahead..

another year is about to pass in about 12 hours time..! let's recap my 'achievements' on my resolution for the year.. hohoho..
according to my last year's post.. number one of my resolution was to not trust people's word easily.. (you can check my list on the december archive.. heehee!) i'd say.. i haven't yet succeed in that.. but i come to find that it wasn't so wrong trusting in most of them.. :D i've come to deal with some broken-promises all the year, so i believe that i can trust people as much as i want.. 'coz i know whose to trust and whose not.. heehee~
second on my list was to learn to express myself better.. humm.. i guess i'm getting better to that.. my honesty gets me into trouble sometimes, but it helps in a long way run.. :D and if according to my reason for resoluting to that.. i think it's in my nature not to have heavy heaaaaavy thoughts in my head while i'm by people's side.. heehee~! smiling is good lahh! :D :p
number three was be more independent. HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i don't remember even trying to be so through this year. ekekkeke!! hadoii~ terok nye sayeee.. i guess it's just hard to be independent when you have sooo many great people you can truly depend on.. :x takpelaah, maybe next year i'll try that one. :D
number four.. less y!m, more studying.. less doodle, more of notes.. HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA!!! i'm hopeless on this one. i tried.. i did tried.. but it's not my fault that chatting was more interesting.. entertaining and lagi besttt than studying.. and doodling was more fun than listening to lectures! ekkekekeke!! :p
the last one on my list was to eat more.. ekekkeke!! hopeless on that one either.. hummph! entah bila nak get out from being under-weight like this.. :| cikeding cikeding.. have to ganbatte with prisca on this one! bella started having her weight-gain when she met abang min and got together with him.. i'm getting together with no one right now.. so.. cannot be helped lah yee.. ekekkeke! but prisca have drogo and she's still the same.. humm.. high metabolism kot! :D logik kee prisc?

this year was awesome!! (well, not quite ended yet, has it?)
a bit crazy to the head but 2003 is/was amazing!!

new year's resolution!!
-- not available --
i don't know what i should resolute this year.. nyeeee~
it's so hard to resolute on something when the day is going pretty good. heehee~! it's 1:00 o'clock, and i ida hazwanie am content... ekekke
it may change in the next hour though.. :p

this year... has been greattt!!
i just realized that this year has been sooooo great on the relationship side.. :D
though i've been single through the rest of this year.. ekkekekeke!! (hanis and dayat was amazed when they realized that.. jahat betol!! :p ) but i've had such loads of great friendss!!!
did you know?
that i've really gotten to know asha.. bahijah.. and dar early this year?
heehee.. i'm so thankful for that. great people!! (at least they are in my thoughts..) doesn't matter if they didn't think of me as a close friend.. but i do think of them as some close people.. dear to my heart lahh!! :x
what matters is what i think! me me meeeeee!! ekekkeke! :p
lupa nak mention.. kenal dzayed gak tahun nieee~ ekekkeke! itu kawan saye umor 6 tahun.. heehee~

lagu ni macam sesuai ditujukan kat seseorang..
Build Me Up Buttercup by Save Ferris

Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down and mess me around yeah
And worst of all you never call, baby
When you say you will but I need you still
I need you more than anyone, darling*
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart

"I'll be over at ten", you tell me time and again
But you're late, I wait around and then
I went to the door, I can't take any more
It's not you, why do you treat me bad?

Baby, baby, I try to find
A little time well I'll make you mine
I'll be home
Waiting by the phone waiting for you
Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down and mess me around
Yeah and then worst of all you never call, baby
When you say you will but I need you still
I need you more than anything, darlin'
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart

You were a toy but you could be the boy I adore
If you'd just let me know
I've build you up to, I'm attracted to you more and more
Well, what can I say?

Baby, baby, I try to find
A little time well I'll make you mine
I'm alone
Waiting by the phone for you
Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

Why do you build me up Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down and mess me around
Yeah, worst of all you never call, baby
When you say you will but I need you still
I need you more than anything, darling
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart

Why do you build me up, Buttercup baby
Just to let me down, and mess me around
Yeah, worst of all, you never call baby
When you say you will, but I need you still
I need you, more than anything darling
You know that I have from the start
So build me up Buttercup, don't break my heart.

* ekkekekeke! :p
the truth is i kinda like this song, and skali macam leh ngengade tujukan kat orang lak!
the time now is 1:40 pm :D

waiting for papa to come over with moneyyyyy and kfc! ekkekeke!
i can't save up.. i can never save up.. paling banyak wanie bole pegang is rm60.. for a week! then i'll spend it on some measly small small unpractical things.. ekkekeke! aaaaaaaalways like that! ekekkekeke!
this have been in my head everytime i am splurging; "simpan duit pon untuk apee... untuk belanjekan kaaannn?" ekkekeke!! terok betol!!
the only thing that saves me from spending is the fact that i am money-less! kalo taaaak, hadoooiiii~!
y'know, the wish list that i made.. there's 22 things/perkara on it.. 19 requires me to have more money.. extra extra money! menakutkan tak?? nanti dapat ptptn.. i hope i can control myself from splurging heavily.. hadohh~!

adohh! tatau ape nak taip daaaah!
such a long post, this one.. ekekkeke!
20 years old daaah... same tua ngan shahnon.. ekekekke!

okehh! papa coming in 5 mins..
this ought to be a whole day's worth of post okie..

2:25 pm hoyehh kfc~! and a working keyboard too! changed mine with the one at home.. :x but no network pulaak.. :( baru ingat nak sambung bual.. heehee~
bestnyee dah ade duit.. weeee~! ekekkeke! :p
in the car with Papa, there were Dida, Nina aaaand.. IZZATI~!!!
best sangaaaaat!! been 2 weeks since i last saw her.. she's grown laaah! seluar dia dah tak panjang sangat.. her foot fitted nicely. heehee~ rindunyeeee!! and weekend ni tak balek la pulak tuu!! sedih betul.. :(
Nina will be living in Seremban when Abang Min transfers.. humm.. Lagi rindu laa gamaknyeee!! :(
then tadi bumped into majin.. hohoho! terkantoi, oops! :p he brought my LOTR book in his bag!! weee~!! Hepi hepi!!! rase tak caye buku ade depan mate time tu.. tergedik kejap.. ekkeke!
nak inteneettt!! nak buaaaal!!! hummph! :(
makan lah camnie...
eh! time now is 2:34 pm.. heehee!

6:00 pm.. just got back from norman's room!! agak.. menyampahkan ye dia! hohho! did a recording in his room.. agak.. kelakar.. kinda hated it in some way.. but heck! it was the first recording.. logic laa buduh aje.. esok lusa we'll have to get the song from his computer.. (sadly he doesn't own a burner..) :(

okehh!! rasenye kene post skarang sebab probably going out with some friends.. but somehow i doubt that i'll have fun.. isykk! kenape ye?
o well..

hope you'll be blessed with happiness and joy through out next year..
hope i'll be blessed with something else even GREATER! ekkekeke!!

lampu hijauku sentiasa menyala nyala untuk kamu

forwards >>

this one is neat..
tells some things about me.. (sagittarius female)
i have to say.. err.. some things are quite true.. hohohoho!! teke laa mane satu yang agaknye betul! ekkekeke! some other things are downright silly, though... :p
thanks prisca!
sape nak the forward (there's one for every male/female of every zodiac), message me, 'coz it's quite long to be posted here..!

A tall slim and graceful woman who walked proudly like she is walking in a
beauty pageant competition. If she slips or nearly falls, she will nicely
covered it up and continue with her graceful and impressive walking step.
She knows how to use make up to enhance her beauty. She looks at the world
positively, so her face always seem so happy. She will not get upset

Self confident woman who believe in her own style. She will not follow
fashion, but standing in between simplicity and too modern. She is a very
open person, sometimes can be too blunt. She is an honest person and never
try to cause troubles for any one.

She likes to say something that you do not want to hear and yet she can say
something so pleasing at the same time. Example she may say "I wish you
could make more money, so you could afford better clothes, but anyway it is
better this way. If you make more money you could be thinking of money too
much and become greedy". She can say such thing and make you wonder if you
should get upset or love her more.

She is also a free spirit and does not like to stay home. She likes to be
protected, but not to give her orders. She has no respect to a weak man. If
she try to over power you, then you have to calm her down and try to
control her to be in a limit by doing the same thing too. She will listen if
she respect you. She likes to be herself and like her guy to be himself.

She is a no nonsense woman, so you will not hear she says "Guess what I
will do next", or "Guess what I am thinking" because she always say what she
is thinking out loud like a guy. If you do not understand her in this
matter, you could easily break up with her. She sees problems in her love
life as another funny story.

She is clumsy and it is in her nature. You may think it is cute, but for
some neat guys this could be so unbearable. She is very friendly, so she can
easily turn her enemy to be her friends. She has good taste in fine clothes,
good food, first class and first services. Even a poor woman in this Zodiac
will struggle to afford such good taste. She could spent lots of money as if
she can not understand how difficult it is to make money. If you think of
let her borrow money, think again.

She is a paranoid. If she thinks you like her, she may already think about
getting marry and lost her freedom and so on and on. A jolly woman who loves
sports. She is an ordinary woman who could dress like a tomboy. She has more
guy friends and sometimes could act like one of a guy. She does not care
about rumors, so she can get home very late and couldn't care less what her
neighbor will gossip about her. She thinks either good or bad, you will know
it yourself , so you should not bother what people think.

Her wit and innocent look are her charms. She is often hurts from love, but
never afraid to look for a new one as if she is singing "Do that to me one
more time". She likes going straight and being straight forward. She will
not go around to get what she wants, or beat around the bush just to say
something. If you meet her and tell her straight what you think, she will
admire you.

o heyy! meeting went fine..
prisca edited the liriks.. :( heehee~ but takpelah! she had to or the song will sound stupidly long.. she edited it with me lagiponn.. :D can't wait for the recording!! hope it'll sound just as great as we thought it will! :D

just some hours left for another new year.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

" quote here "

talking in circles..
i love giving out hints.. but i hate getting one.. 'coz i don't get most of it.. :(
empty here..
i wish i knew more of things...

"The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one."
-- Joan Baez

it's easier to say than do..
if only i do better, rather than say.

emily the strange

i think this character's really neat!! sangat sukaa the website.. click on the image to visit, okie~!
well, probably my reason for liking the site 'coz it's mostly in black and red kot.. heehee~!
(err.. the image looks perfect with black background..)

i think this song is beautiful..
hope that one day i'll write half as good as this..
(btw, the song is supposedly to be seen as a religious song)

Melody Of You
performed by Sixpence None The Richer
written by Matt Slocum

you're a painting with symbols deep, symphony
soft as it shifts from dark beneath
a poem that flows, caressing my skin
in all of these things you reside and I
want you flow from the pen, bow and brush
with paper and string, and canvas tight
with ink in the air, to dust your light?
from morning to the black of night

this is my call I belong to You
this is my call to sing the melodies of You
this is my call I can do nothing else
I can do nothing else

you're the scent of an unfound bloom
a simple tune
I only write variations to sooth the mood
a drink that will knock me down to the floor
a key that will unlock the door
where I hear a voice sing familiar themes
then beckons me weave notes in between
a bow and a string, a tap and a glass
you pour me till the day has passed..

been watching siti nurhaliza's performance on juara lagu back to back.. ekekkeke!! yeaah, really liked the fact that the song sounded different..! heehee.. and kinda enjoyed the part when her sister and the other girl came in and rapped (double p's, people!)

"kau milik aku, aku milik kamu
kau milik aku, kamu untuk aku
kau milik aku, aku untuk kamu"

loads of work to do.. a meeting coming up tonight.. deadline tomorrow.. bluerghh~! felt anticipating for yet another school break but it'll be long before that happens.. :(

i wish.. i wish.. i wish..
heehee.. remembered the wish list i did during the weekend. (coz i had nothing else better to do.. heehee!)

feeling even crappier than being invisible..
i'd rather be invisible than ignored like this..
hummph.. biarlaahh..
biarlaah wanie.. biarkan aje..

devotion in the face of uncertainty.. thanks prisca!

losing my head.

i hate nights.. i hate nights.. i hate nights..
thank you ablen for keeping me company 'til the morning..! huhuuu~
i'm getting even more pathetic each day..
i can't control my thoughts any longer!! boncitnyeeeeeeeeee!!!
bahijah!! if i have another night like last night, i'll be sleeping with you okaay! i hate sleeping alone.. boncit boncit boncit!!
stupid stupid thoughts!!
my days are haunted by confusion and insecurities...
my nights are haunted by the thoughts of 'other beings'..
thank you thank you thank you..
thank you ablennn!
i am pathetic.. i know i knoooowwww
macam kanak kanak yang menyampahkannn!
i even hate myself for having those thoughts!!



finally made a change to the boring layout i had..
just for the record, i don't know who the heck was the person on the background. i just thought the color was neat.. heehee! (neat keeee?)
kalau pening, padan muka!! hahahhahaha!
just for the update.. i'm still using the onscreen keyboard for shifts.. :(

ps= read prisca's blog and rase berbesar ati lak sebab she said she liked the poem/lyrics i did.. hahahha!! rase nak tarok kat sini lak tapi lagu nye tak jadi laiee.. hohoho.. nanti kene ciplakk! heehee~!
(macam best sangat sampai orang nak ciplak!)
sendiri amazed that i can get pretty poetic when i need to!! hahahha!! i make myself proudddd :))

rase patut kene ketuk someone

dah.. malas nak layan..
benci gile jadi..
give up.. go away.. byebye

i have one silly friend..
wanie: takleh tido balek
wanie: getting ideas.....
lily: adoiiii
lily: wanie wanieee
lily: ur imagination becomes worst
wanie: i knooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
lily: how mehh
lily: meh esok gi bomoh
wanie: adohhhhhhhhhhh
lily: hahahha
lily: bomoh cintaaa!~
wanie: ahahhahahahhahahhaha
wanie: ngong

terok betul! we weren't even talking about love things.. biol punye budaaaaak! tapi best! at least adeee gak orang nak layan.. heehee.. bahijah, love yaa! :D
remembered dayat's words in the afternoon.. "tinggikan ego.. jual lagi mahal!" ahhahahaha!! that was like the SILLIEST advice i've ever gotten from her. disebabkan dia tadi i've been chatting to some people about 'jual mahal'! ngong betul~!

seemed like i'm going nowhere no matter how i tried..
rase cam memang nak biarkan aje..
stupid persistance.. hurts myself again and again..
macam kebodohan yang tak terkira...
hope is a dangerous thing when you get yourself to my stage..
stupidity is dangerous too...

maseh rase geram.. adelaa tahap sampai nak baling kasut..
why would you care..

Monday, December 29, 2003


would you if you could?

curse this stupid keyboard.. i still can't press the shift button so i'll be typing this whole out with the help of on-screen keyboard. maaan, i hate doing things like this..! (restricted!) bodo btol!

okehh! gonna tell 'bout my neat errr.. well, quite a happy weekend with a slight of stupidity.
the one ringHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
happy part: so proud of this particular object right now.. (humm.. picture tak clear sangat!) i know i know.. this is what we all call as bragging but heyyy! i'm really loving thissss! thanks mamaa~! this was mama's birthday present for me.. ekekeke! unpractical, yess! my birthday presents all these years have been very unpractical but i love them very very muchh!! it was so funny how everyone 'reacted' around it. prisca, drogo, lily and rosie were all acting like smeagol when i showed it to them. hahahaha!! kelakar sungguh! at home, belba went poyo 'coz the ring fitted perfectly on her fingers, so she kept asking stupid questions like; "ehh, can you see me? can you see meee??" hahahahha! love those peeps very much!
the stupidity part: came as i was too afraid to sleep alone in the bedroom 'coz i keep having my thoughts on ghosts!! urrghh! ape kene ntaaah! benci btol! i kept getting afraid to close my eyes 'coz i was afraid that they'll be there when i open my eyes! bodo kann? sometimes i just hate my imaginations 'coz it can get verrrry wild! bluerghhhh! :(
rakan rakan bucukk kesayanganbeen spending the whole day outside and it was funn!!
got onto the erl with prisc, lil and rp and went to klcc. konon konon amek gamba but i actually mostly wanted to see hanis and dayat who was there to catch lotr:rotk. heehee~! funny how they mentioned that they kept remembering me while they were in the cinema. 'coz when they didn't understood some parts, they'd say to each other; "takpe.. jumpe wanie nanti boleh tanye" ekekekeke! (oh! they acted like smeagol when they saw the ring, too~!) hahahaha!!
missing those girlsss.. haiyyooo!!
and i miss my *grrr* evil-twin even more!! lamanye tak jumpeeeeeeeeee! i just hated the fact that we all have different holiday breaks. :((
tadi puasa, berbuka with starbucks' rhumba!! terok kann? tapi rase hebat laa! i didn't sahur in the morning.. and even went out jalan jalan in the sun (did took some pics in klcc park!) but i was strong laahh! siap dua kali duduk tengok orang lunch.. kuatnyeee! ahahhaha!! tak malu betul, puji diri sendiri.. ekekke! (kes takde orang lain nak puji)
ehh! siang tadi wanie pegi kelas kejap pakai baju kuruuung! sape nampak sape nampaak?? kiut kaan! ahahhahahha!! hadooi.. apelaa tak tau malu aje ni.. ekkeke!!
anyways! the day ended with nothing new but i kept my starbucks container for some project thing for myself.. hahahaha! and siang tadi showed prisca the lyrics i did and she said it was err.. "bagus juga" ?? (did she said that?) hahahha! but she did some weird faces.. hadoii~! takpelaah! changes can be made later.. :D heard the tune she did with drogo and it sounded neaaaaaaaat!! maaan, we should try and get the song right, prisc! heehee~! musti best nantiiii! (iyeee, perasan laie la saye)
sorry anna, terlupa tadi patut ade meeting! adohh~! too carried away, i guess... isyk!
humm.. my song is playing.. A Thousand Miles :D :p
my bed is soooo messy! will have to clear it up.. :(

psst.. bebudak mmu busuk, but me dikecualikan sebab i got back here this morning.. pagi tadi mandi kat umah! hahahha! (sebok nak tiru shahnon sebab takmo dikatekan busuk.. hahahha!)

oh ohhh~! get well soon prisc!! she sprained her ankle 'coz she got toooo excited at the stairs near my room! ekkekeke! lain kali ingatkan wanie teman turuun.. haish! baru ni sekali wanie tak teman, bole lak terseliuh, ekk! ekekkeke!! get well soon taaau! nanti kang takleh terkinja kinja cam kitorang tadi laie.. hahahhaha! (silly punye alasan!)

wish that you would, 'coz i know that you could..

nak tekan shifffttttttttttt


... always always ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

dar best

weeeeeeee~! I'm a gud gel! Senang btol nak jadi gud gel.. :p

Let Me In by Save Ferris

I've been watching you and all you do
for quite some time

knowing all the ins and outs of you,
I should have known what was on your mind
but all the world is spinning round and round,
inside my head tonight

I will fall into the darkness
and I fear I will never see the light

the light

so let me in
all that I wanted from you
was something you'd never do
so let me in
oh please tonight,
dont let this end tonight
I'll fall

through the light the darkness seems to be
so very strong

how does one alone against the world
find the strength to carry on

what happened to the way we used to love
it seemed as though life had just begun
but now that love has come and gone to fade away
like the setting sun

cause you won't let me in
all that I wanted from you
was something you'd never do

so let me in
oh please tonight,
don't let this end tonight
cause I'm starting to fall
so let me in

it was all that I wanted from you
it was something you never knew
to let me in
but not tonight,
for this is the end
I fall

Love this song!! It was in Roswell's soundtrack! Thanks Prisc!! Really love this song for both the lyrics and music. :p Surrounded by great people.. except one..
Hey you.. if you can't keep a promise, don't make one! This thing you're doing.. infuriates me!! X(
Lily's gone back home for Christmas.. ekkeke!! Weekend lah.. She left a post-it on the door.. Adohai~ Rase geram when she did that... She should've come in!! grrRrRrR.. Humm.. :x Hey Lily.. do you know that my 'hope' seemed to be fading away? Guess it's bound to happen.. 'aight?
Going back home tonight. Terasa patut stay tapi cam.. for all the wrong reasons. Seemed wrong to be staying for the reason I have in mind.. ekkeke! :D
Okay.. should start photo-shooting during the weekend.. And think of some right words for a song.. weeeeeeeee~!! Rase excited, but I don't know if I can 'perform'. Lagu bodo bodo okaylaa.. Ni nak buat for 'something'.. Going to have to strain my brain, kot! Kot aje laa kan.. kot aje.. Can't wait to listen to Prisc and Drogo's music!!!! :x
Feeling rather empty somehow.. Kenape? :|

he never gets it..


by Vertical Horizon

Echo, echo
we come and we go
No I don't want to
be just another
Echo, echo

Everywhere I go
There's something that I really need
Everyone I know
is someone that I want to be

Even though
I don't really know me

I'd better pick it up
before I let it slip it away

Better stick it out
before I take another day
Hand to mouth
And every single word I say fades out

Echo, echo
we come and we go
No I don't want to
be just another
Echo, echo

Can I open up your eyes?
Only when the clouds break
Can I feel alive
even though the world shakes

Every night
here in my quiet sattelite

Can I hold you close?
do I rather focus
and everything I know
I don't even notice
when it all falls through

I'm here and I hear you

Echo, echo
we come and we go
No I don't want to
be just another
Echo, echo

Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?

'cause I need to
just to reach you
Can you hear me?
coming clearly
Am I hollow?
Just an echo

Echo, echo
we come and we go
No I don't want to
be just another
Echo, echo

It's just another day
and every single word I say
fades out



note to everyone: Arep biol!!
Rai.. Arep biol.. jangan kawan diaaa! Dia biol!! Tak ske tak skeeeeeeeeee!!

And **Baby Busyuq told me that my credit balance for airtime is RM 0.07 and SMS RM 0.25.
I need more money.. :|

** is the name that I gave to 2888, the number of Celcom's balance enquiry.

resist and avoid

hmm.. there haven't been an internet network here for two nights but it's okay..
Didn't feel bad as it usually felt..
Tadi in Media Production, mr Ghaz showed us Shahnon's group's work of Evening News. :p Mentang mentang aritu menang! Dah jadi contoh lak keje diorang ni.. :p
O yeahh..
Had a fun time with Lily, Prisca and Drogo yesterday!
Thanks you guys..! Lil, thank you loaaadss!!
Prisc and Dro.. So proud to be the ticket-bearer! ekkeke!!
You hobbitses are the best!!!

missing missing... but I shouldn't be

Monday, December 22, 2003


by Olive

Smile, you'll steal away my soul
Smile, I'll hide away and cry
My mind's made up
I will shudder to see your eyes
Smile no doubt I'll keep my pride
But It may be hard to find

There's nothing left
Handed down your legacy
But more regret
Painted on with empathy

Smile, don't complicate my time
Smile don't ask me if I'm fine
My world blown down
There is nothing that words can say
Smile, no doubt I'll keep my pride
But it may be hard to find

There's nothing left
Handed down your legacy
But more regret
Painted on with empathy

There's nothing left, there's nothing left

Smile, you'll steal away my soul
Smile, I'll hide away and cry
There's nothing left
Handed down your legacy

Smile, you'll steal away my soul
Smile, I'll hide away and cry
There's nothing left
Handed down your legacy
Smile, no doubt I'll keep my pride
But it may be hard to find

If only you had tried
Going to leave it far behind
It may be hard to find
If only you had tried
Going to leave it far behind

screaming silently..
can you hear?
of course not...

my mind's off.. I am horribly tired.. I need something else to accompany me other than my own head.

shouting for help..
can you hear?
of course not...

I guess you'd rather listen to another girl's cry.

a crazy silence..
do you notice?
of course not...

why would you say anything when I say nothing.

o well.. I have a crazy heart and mind. It won't listen to one another. My head's too stupid while my heart's too lame. I need not both of it at this moment but it's there.. and I can't hide myself from it as much as I wanted to..
I can't run from it though I wanted to so badly..
Maybe one day my words will get through without me saying it..
or just maybe one day.. the words that has been kept inside me will just fade before I get to say it..
Either way.. In time.. I'll go through one of those two..

surrounded by GREAT people..

heehee~! :x
Loving Belba today! She prepared me some loads of sandwiches just for me last night so I can bring it here.. MMUAHHX!! Love ya' VERY VERY VERRYYY!! It's just amazing how she annoys me VERY VERRY at some points but treats me VERY VERRRY good most of the time. :D Not really sure if it's possible to find any other sister just as ANNOYING as her!! ekekeke! :x
Spent the whole weekend at home. I know Belladonna's missing Izzati.. ekkeke! She's fooling around with me too much! And Belladonna's been in Jeli for a whole week. Surely she misses the company.. :| Good news, Abang Min gets to transfer to Kuala Kluang (?).. It's somewhere in Selangor I think.. So there should be no long-distance-relationship after the new school year starts! Yeaaaaayy!! I hated the way Belladonna's and Abang Min's relationship had to go every single day. Setakat phone calls.. humm.. Musti rindu gile ekk? ekkeke! :p
What do I know... :p
So I just got back this morning, and Kak Siti suddenly said, "aah~ the internet's back on." ekekke!! Ana called me last night and told me that. Lucky me, not going back here too soon or I'll be bored! :))
Home was neat! :D Get to read some papers!! AHAHHA!! Such a long time since I read one.. Spent some time reading Thursday's Star Two.. the cover titled; The Elf and The King.. ekekke!! Guess who was on the cover!! ahahha!! Legolas & Aragorn of course! :)) Did you peeps know that Orlando Bloom has a girlfriend???!!
Sedihnyeeeeeeeeeee!! Read that in the paper.. he was talking about some things the tabloid said.. how his sexuality was being questioned by the tabloids after Sir Ian McKellen (spelling?) hugged and kissed him after an award ceremony. (that old dude is gay, btw) And so, Orli answered that no doubt he loves Sir Ian 'coz the whole crew was like family and that he's not gay.. and he has a girlfriend. Bluerrghh~! O well, at least his straight! ekekkeke!! :x :x :x
And read some some stuff 'bout Viggo Mortensen as well.. which was cool by the way! Now I finally remembered who should've been Aragorn if not Viggo! It was supposedly played by Stuart Townsend. It's that guy from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! It's that guy with the old painting lahh!

aaAaaA~ baru balek dari Media History with Asha... dia gilaaaaaaaaaaa~!!

Friday, December 19, 2003


did another quiz!!
oh.. Bahijah happened to do is as well!

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla

Have a good weekend peeps~!!
missing missing....

The waiting game?

Never to start again..
heehee~ Kinda excited for Bahijah for having something new in her life.. :D Something exciting!! ekekeke!
Good luck!! Hope everything will turn out the way you can handle it. :)
Now.. tinggal me sorang yang biase dari dulu.. Aisykk!! Takleh jadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!
X( gRRrRrrr! (geram sebab tak tau cemane nak get out from this phase..) (macam penah denga ayat tu.. hmm..) Like playing in a video game that I kept losing.. I'm stuck at Level 3.. heehee~
Where do we go from here? I kept turning to the wrong direction.. :D

Arep.. nape kate gamba ni cool?? TAK PUNNN!! Tipu tipuuu!

Arep tipuuu! Jangan caye dia! Lagi, dia perasan dia Luke Skywalker.. Perasan perasaaannn!!

Anyways! Melayan lagu Siti right now.
Di Batas Masa by Siti Nurhaliza

Setiba kita di batas masa
Nobat nafiri tiada bernada
Sehelai daun kering berayunan lalu
Menanti saat dibawa bayu

Langit mendung hujan pun gerimis
Sayup terdengar sendu dan tangis
Bertitian bisikan kalimah nan suci
Berdoa mudahkan perjalanan terakhir ini

Berat mata memandang
Berat lagi tanggungan bebanan perasaan
Kendati pun sezarah
Dosa pahala pasti kan dikira

Bagai terasa keresahan dijiwamu
Bagai terdengar suara meruntum kalbu
Tiada walau sesaga dibawa pergi
Tak berharga puja dan puji
Kala jantungmu bagai laut bergelombang
Lemah cengkaman jejarimu di genggaman
Betapa sukar untuk kita menerima
Tiba detik pasti terpisah
Di batas masa

hehhe.. I like this song.. :D
Happy weekends peeps~!

ps= ape maknenye bila gigi rase ngilu aje ye? dah banyak ari dah ni.. :(


this one's funny..
I took this quiz after Bahijah.. she got Aragorn! check her blog to see what it said..

Congratulations! You're Legolas!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

heehee~ :p Funny.. I thought I'm quite careless about hygiene!


Which Lord of the Rings person do you want? (many out comes for anyone plus pics to)
brought to you by Quizilla

ekkeke~!! me and Legolas this day.. isyk isyk!
Anyways.. been sleeping most of the afternoon.. Just had my shower just now.
I had a dream.. and it kinda bugs me..
Made me wonder more about things...
Maybe one day things will reveal for real.. and I'll just wait for it to happen..
'Coz even if I know now.. I wouldn't know what I'd do then.. :)

Apeelaaaa Wanie merepeks ni..

tersenyum sendiri..

:D Been visiting stupid stupid blogs, compliments from Bahijah
blog #1
blog #2
Benci betul laaa~

Was bored..
So I went to this site and found what I was looking for.. A cause for a smile.. A cause for my heart to skip.. ekkekeke!!
Now THIS is a guy that I totally like but cannot have.. :))

:x Orlando Bloom :x

Gone too far and can't rewind..

being careful for the next time I make a wish.. :D
How is it possible for me to be numb about things when there's nothing I should be numb about.
Feeling a bit dizzy.. Happy for the fact that I was practically asleep for 8 hours!! And there was no dream what so ever! But sedikit geram kat someone for miscalling like crazy at 10.. or I would've stayed asleep right now. X( Kene marah budak itu nanti.. grrRrRrRr..!!
Bored crazy.. and I don't feel like having anything or anyone in my head right now... maybe I ought to be asleep again..

I Shut Down by Eman

How far would I go
If I had to forget all I know
How long would I ride
If I got tired of hiding how I feel

How deep would I climb
To bury the truth I find
How small I've become
In this burned out blazing sun
I'm broke and blue

Ohh well I shut down
Ohh well I shut down

Relax, rewind
Or movies weren't all in my mind
How hard would I fight
If I had to rewrite the old reviews

Ohh well I shut down
Ohh well I shut down

I tried so hard to wash away the obvious
Shut down
And it's hard to watch the windows bleed
For several reasons I've concevied
And all the while the air I breathe
Is polluted by a psyhcic dream

Ohh well I shut down
Ohh well I shut down

I tried so hard to wash away the obvious
Shut down
And it's hard to watch the windows bleed
For several reasons I've concevied
And all the while the air I breathe
Is polluted by a psyhcic dream
It's all compressed so easily
We're all depressed so easily

I shut down

none available

Kinda just got back from seeing Wishing Stairs in Mid Valley with Dzayed, Asha, Ana and Bahijah. My comment? Well, the story was sloooow but I had some scares.. huhuu~ Tapi tak aci laa sebab Ana have seen it before and I kept asking here if the particular scene was going to be scary. ekkeke! I think Tale Of Two Sisters was more scary.. And I love the fact that we had to think how the story really was.. :)
Getting more sick by the minute. Idong kejap tersumbat, kejap ok.. This is tiring..
Going to take a cold medicine in a minute.. Dida said that I'll go to sleep if I take it.. Humm..
Seems like I'm meant not to talk much these days..
Good night all..

Maybe it'll be alright

Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Return Of The King..

I'm having a cold, here!! Maybe 'coz I haven't had enough rest since the school started.. I guess I got a little carried away. Priorities Wanie.. get them straight!! Penat btol la sakit sakit nie.. Lembik btol! :(
Lord Of The Rings was... heehee~! It was good.. Not gonna elaborate much but I have to say that I was a little disappointed that they edited some things.. The things that I wanted to see.. which was my favorite chapter in the book; House of Healing Isyk.. :( Athelas o athelas~ heehee.. :D You know what that was about if you've read the book before.
But if you didn't read the book, I'm sure you'll be fully entertained!! :D
There were some super neat lines on the script.. (at least I thought it was neat!)
"It's the thought and shadows that you love.. I cannot give what you seek,"
Huhuu~ It goes something like that. :D
Go see 'em!!
A message to those who've read The Lord Of The Rings, don't expect the final installment to be as elaborated as it was in the book.. okie! :)
Majin... nak balek buku Wanieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :((

ps= dreamy 'bout Orlando again.. haiyo!


Bug me.. annoy me.. hurt me.. confuse me..
Everything's too good right now that it won't get me down.. I won't let it!!
The time's now 8:12 pm and I'm just counting the time for me and Dida to leave house and watch LOTR!! We're SO lucky!! :D I'M so lucky.. :)) I have the best people around to surround me. :x
Hugs to those who think they're deserving.. heehee~! Sayaaaaaaangg!! (nak guna word tu jugaak!) :D
I am pretty much feeling sick right now. I'm having a sore throat.. I can't stop from coughing.. My nose itches.. and it's starting to run. :( Terjangkit from Kak Yan sebab I messaged her shoutbox. ekkeke! :p But it's okaaay.. I am feeling way too good to let that bug me too much.
Why.. of course I am not JUST excited about the LOTR ticket.. Oh noo~ :p
The day started kinda crappy.. yess.. But it turned out terrific after all~!! :x
8:45 am.. Dzayed and Asha picked Bahijah, Ana and myself up! :D
It's amazing of what we had to go through to get the Gold Class tickets.. We arrived at GSC on 9:30 am and we were the 29th customer!! (the counter hasn't even open yet!!) By the time we get to the counter.. (11 am~!!) most of the seats were taken.. and the only show that's left was for the 10:45 am and 2:45 pm of next Tuesday! (so I was wrong about yesterday's statement, oops~!) But heck!! We bought the 10:45 am anyways!! So.. bakal ponteng MCA laie la gamaknye.. HAHH-HAAA~!!
O well.. they.. or one of them.. who cares.. :p paid for my seat as a birthday gift! :D Domo arigatou~! Totemo daisuki desu!! :x
After getting our tickets.. We had brunch at that laksa place.. ekkeke!! Kegilaan si Asha and Bahijah. I had a bowl myself, but as always.. I just can't finish the whole. Not my thing lah! :p And Asha and Bahijah loved it so much! :p It was Ana's first time dining there.. :)
After that we walked around.. Bahijah shopped some bits.. She bought herself the sweater she was longing in Zara.. :) And Ana was asked to try on some pieces there.. ekkeke!! Ye laa kan.. Kateee Twiggy.. ekkeke! :p (she got a haircut like the famous 50s model..) Then we walk around some more.. until we arrived around the Dockers shop.. where there's the Starbucks!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH~!!
*caffeined mode*
Had my favorite RHUMBA FRAPPUCINO in VENTI of course!! HAHHAHAHA~!! Asha had the same drink in Tall.. Dzayed had Espresso Frappucino (was it a frappucino??) in B.. umm.. well.. the regular size.. And Bahijah had her usual.. sour.. maroon-colored drink. ekkeke!! I don't know what was the name.. ekkeke!
Okay.. enough about what we ordered.. The story about it was.. Bahijah and Ana went missing for some while and finally came back with a Secret Recipe's bag.. Bahijah took it out and said; "..and this is for Wanieeee~" It was a piece of Banana Chocolate cake which we all shared!!! HAHHAHA!!
They sang for me and I blew the candle out.. HAHAHHA~!! Thanks guys.. :x
Did I made a wish? Err... well, yeah~ I know things won't happen with me WISHING about it, but hey! I have nothing to lose by wishing, 'aight? :D What did I wish for?? Well, I only had two words in my head that time.. With three letters on each word.. ekkeke!! So it was ... ...~!! ekkeke!! Kalau hebat, try la tekaa! HAHHAHAH! :p
Anyways!! Hung there for SOME while!! I had fun.. :D
Afterwards we took some pix on that sticker machine.. it was hilarious!! It was fun.. But I wished the pix were in a better quality! :(
O well.. The day was great!! ekkeke!! :x
Then went back to MMU somewhere around 4:30 pm (?) and when I got there.. Dida was already waiting to get me back home!! :)
I am having a runny nose and some achy parts at my body.. throat.. back.. blablablaa... but I am HAPPY!!

need some rest, now..
[ 9:31 pm of December 17th ]

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I just can't remember to forget...

Raining outside..
Y'know, I shouldn't be awake at this time but I just did.. I guess a sleep of 4 hours and 30 minutes was satisfying enough. But somehow.. waking up this morning felt.. weird. I mean, there's something something deep inside.. that leaves me pretty hollow somehow.
Sometimes I can be so strong.. But some other times I just can't help myself from tumbling down.
Guess that's just the way it'll be..
Hope I'll be able to pick myself up everytime that happens... as I always have..

Going to get my shower now.. will be out for the whole day, I suppose.. :)

I need to start to say what I mean.. and mean what I said..


... Having an excrutiating pain somewhere about my tummy.. :(
Bahijah brought up the possibility of period-pain. I had to ask her, "where should it hurt if it's period-pain?".. And so.. It could be certainly.. my first period-pain since I started having this cycle. Adehhh~
There's no internet connection right now.. so I tried sleeping but my tummy aches badly, I can't get my eyes to close. :( What's making things worse.. I'm having a cough right now and everytime I coughed, my tummy aches even more. Kenape ade period-pain ni pulaaaaaaaaak??!!!! Tak penah penaaaaah!! TENSEN NYERRRR!!!!!
The one thing that pleases me right now is the 2 tickets to The Lord Of The Rings : The Return Of The King for tomorrow midnight's show. :) Going to catch it with Dida.. I guess the tickets will be her birthday present from me. Isn't it just neat? Her birthday is on the 18th and she'll get to see the movie right on that night! :) Dida, admit it that I'm a great baby sister!!! HAHAHHAHA!! Despite all those things we said and did to each other.. :D (I have a bad mouth and she have two hurtful arms..) ekekke!
Somewhat having a small problem on the incoming group project.. humm.. Hope it'll turn out okay. :)
Planned on a ticket hunt tomorrow morning with Asha, Dzayed and Bahijah. We planned on seeing LOTR : TROTK together maybe next week. Gold Class tickets. Tried getting it this morning but it was sold out!! No thanks to the jams we had down the highway! X( So hopefully we all can get up early so we could be there at 10. After all.. there's only 120 tickets for grabs per day! Hopefully we'll get to see the movie in the Gold Class theatre next Wednesday!! (yeah, any earlier than that was already sold out!)
Hmm.. the LOTR Marathon at GSC Midvalley will start in about an hour...
Gue sedang kepingin Starbucks' Ice Blended Rhumba Frappucino... :|
I think I should spend the rest of my Raya money on something.. that is not practical..! Terase nak beli blusher.. hahahaha!! I am so pale!! I look sick everday! (well, of course I am..) But I get tired of getting lectured. :( I am NOT going to eat paru, hati and all that okaaaaaayyyy!!! Give me kailan anytime.. itu takpe.. Just don't ask me to eat those parts yang 'pelik'! Tak skeeeeeeee!!!
But I only have RM50 left in my wallet!! :( Takpelah~ Gara gara tiket wayang.. :) Three days left of school this week. Can I survive? :D O well, I may end up NOT buying a blusher after all.. :( Takpelahh! As long as I get my Rhumba! HAHAHAHAHHA!! 8-}
Saw the back of the head of someone tadik.. Funny how sometimes you can identify your friends just by looking at their backs.. ekkeke! :)
Okay... the pain is getting pretty unbearable for me...

I hate periods.. such a hassle!
[ typed at 11:23 pm of December 16th ]

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

loving this song...

Save Me by Forty Foot Echo

Sit around and lose myself, again
Never thought I'd wait to realize
I can't hold on to what you see
And I can't move when you're down on your scene
A mistake, it's all I remember
Trying to hold on, to all of my ways

So save me
In my life, just hold on
How could you realize
Ya save me
In my life, just hold on
Got to realize

Sit around and find myself, again
Never thought I'd wait to justify
I can't hold on to what you see
I can't move when you're down on your scene

So save me
In my life, just hold on
How could you realize
Ya save me
In my life, just hold on
Got to realize
Goodbye... Goodbye...Goodbye...

So save me
So save me
In my life, just hold on
How could you realize
Just save me
In my life, just hold on
How could you realize
Take me
You barely realized
How could you realized
So save me, In my life
Just hold on...



Jeff won!!!! ahhahah!! Of course not!
O well.. I like him best in every season of Survivor.. :D He's such a great host.. Heck! I just like him.. so I'm truthfully blind.. :|
Sandra wonn!! wooh~! She's worthy of winning the title than Lill.. (bluerghh~!!) ekekke!!
Asha spoiled the surprise when she told me who won while we were having dinner at Malee with Dzayed.. (of course!) JAHAT BETUL~!
Anyways.. watched the show with Anaconda and Sherry (is that her name?) She was neat to talk to! Get to kutuk kutuk altogether! ekekke!
And I kept going on the phone with Dida everytime it goes to commercial.. :)) Kutuk kutuk some more! ekkeke!!

O well.. somehow I lost interest in talking..

Monday, December 15, 2003

a school picture.. and a thought..

Been browsing through my old pix..
And there's one that really caught my attention some way..
It was my school picture. While I was in Form 5.. A picture of the whole class. We were all standing in front of the blackboard..
What really caught my eyes were the supposedly-motivational words at the top wall..
Since we cannot get what we like, let us like what we get..
At that time.. I thought, "how cool was that?!" I really liked that line. Our class was so different than the others.. The others would have those things like, 'don't study hard, study smart'. ekkeke!! And ours was so casual.. and I thought, "yeah, I should hold on to that! Why bother pursuing the thing I like when I just can't have it?"
But... it seemed too easy!
How can I ever settle??
You can never be REALLY happy unless you get the one that you thought is best!
Kan? :)
I used to like what I get.. Sure.. I HAVE to like the results that I get.. ekkeke!! With the "effort" I put myself into.. I should be THANKFUL for what I get. Though I'm not really "brilliant", at least I get through.. :D ekekke! And heyy! Some people even said that I was "smart" whaaat!! HAHAHAHH!! I am easy to settle at things like that.. :D Terok betul~!!!
But seriously.. I shouldn't, kan?
So what am I holding onto now?
I don't know what to hold on...
But I do know.. that I won't let go of what I like.. :D Takpe ekk? I'll like what I get.. but I like the one that I like better... ekkeke!! :D And no one really prooved that I can't get it. ekekke!!
Who knows kan?? Things change...
And I always believe that there'll be a happy ending one day!!! HAHAHHAH!! Sorry.. can't stop myself from feeling that way. :D

Best ke tulis blog?
Maybe not.. Sometimes I talk and feel too much.. and the fact is.. I'm really talking to myself..!
Sometimes I get sad for no reason at all..
My head is battling with my heart
A line from Sway by Bic Runga.. Hate it when it happens..
Sometimes my head is too rational for my heart while it's just being too emotional!!
Tak sukanye bila ingat baleeeeeeeek!!!
Okay!! Better stop talking or I'll remember too much things.. I am feeling pretty pleasant right now and I shouldn't ruin it by thinking too much things that I can forget!!

p.s= really like kak kaoru's new layout!!!! :D (kak kaoru!!) :))

udah udaah udaaaahhhh!!

What's your style profile?

When it comes to fashion, you're neither master nor slave. You love cute clothes (after all, you are a girl) but refuse to make it your life's work. That said, you do have your favorites — including a splurge or two. But it's okay; we won't let your secret out.

When you're out shopping with friends, you tend to be one of the more practical of the group. In fact, we'd guess you're rarely one to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Which is not to say you haven't been swept away by something fabulously impractical. But, be honest, when was the last time it made an appearance? So keep at it with your laid-back style that says to the world, "Here I am, no muss no fuss."

So keep those heads turning. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons.

heehee~! Bored.. got nothing else better to do..

..don't use your attitude to challenge my temper


Though it was nothing.. but somehow it felt that I've embarassed myself some way.. huhuuuu~ Tak ske nyer..
Anyways! Just tercekik cincau just now.. bukan tercekik la kan.. Tertelan without munching first so it felt somewhat like choking.
Humm... feeling lazy....
and embarassed by some measly thing..
Silly me..

Sunday, December 14, 2003

welcome back peeps!!!!

fun's over~!! Holiday's over!!
I have to say.. this has been the GREATEST, COOLEST, MOST UN-BORING HOLIDAY I'VE EVER HAD!! Nothing gets better than this.. LOVED IT!!! Big.. Huge.. Enormous thanks to
hahhahha!! She's great!! I hope she'll turn out great in 10 years time as well! ekkeke!! :x :x :x
Thank you Izzatiiiiiiiii~!!
hahahhaha!!! Later laa, later!! :))
Feels kinda good to be back again.. somehow... :)
Missing missing~!!!! :D
X( grRrRrR!! Tengah mode jealousy!!! Kak Mai's birthday is tomorrow.. and she was wishing for her boyfriend to surprise visit her.. And guess what?? HE DID!!!! grRrrrR! ekekke!! Happy for her though~! At least some people get to enjoy their birthday!! Mine was crappy 'coz I had to entertain myself all day long.. (*melayan perasaan!) BLUERGHHH~!! And I was angry at Dida laa.. amenda ntah laie.. ekkeke!!
*melayan perasaan 'coz I thought my so-called good friends forgot about my birthday.. BUT THEY DIDN'T!! Only Hanis did.. :( Where were you makcik?? How dare you to forget my birthdaaay aa?! :D You have some explaining to do young lady!! X(
To those who SMSed... THANK YOUUUUU!!! And to those who called... THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!
grrRrRrRR!! Geram sebab rase cam nak hug sumernye tapi takleh sumer.. ekekke! :p
Holiday was great!! Holiday was greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! The greatest among all my school holidays!!!
Get to catch up with Hanis... (met her at her house during her sister; Kak Huda's wedding!!) and Zul was there too. :D And met Hafiz.. who tricked me into going to an OMEGATREND meeting. HAHHAHA!! Terok betul! He introduced me to a friend of his, named Darnina~! ekekke! And it was neat, being able to talk to Arep after such a long while.. :D Jangan lupa bayar bil~! ekekke! Then.. I also managed to go out with Fiance, (and Ikram and Nazmi) who kept asking me things like, "Don't you have a new target now?" and kept telling me things like, "Go and find yourself a boyfriend.." RAI BENGONG!!! I'm trying la nie!! Tambah laie dengan tengok Kak Mai sat tadi.. Jeles betul!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!! :p Hope Ima gets her teddy bear! :D
Well, the holiday was GREAT!! It felt great!!
Humm.. Saw a Hindi movie in the afternoon 'coz there was nothing else to watch and it caused me and Dida some
heartache heartache heartache
It's called Kal Ho Na Ho; starred by Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan. (Know Your Hindustan Stars!) ekekke!! The storyline's pretty neat! ekekkek!! Mengentuh perasaan! ekkekeke!!!
Lovely lovely!!
Having pleasant thoughts and pleasant feelings right this moment... :D

Time And Time Again by Stretch Princess

Oh to love you, to love you not
It makes no difference it's all that I've got
And there's no reason for you to watch while I wait
For you to be perfect
perfectly late

Oh to have not, or to have
You swear on your life it's out of your hands
and there's no peace for the one you left here
oh you've perfectly no
you've no idea
that this never ends

and time and time again
I lose everything
it's funny how it never changes
I'm wrapped around your finger

Love's gentle but love's unkind
you're lost for words and I'm out of time
and there's no comfort that calls me to stay
when your perfect excuses are perfectly made
oh this never ends

And time and time again
I lose everything
it's funny how it never changes
I'm wrapped around your finger
Time and time again
I lose everything
it's funny but you'll never change
I'm wrapped around your finger

Oh to love you, to love you not
it makes no difference it's all that I've got
and there's no comfort that calls me to stay
Oh you're perfect

Time and time again
I lose everything
it's funny how it never changes
I'm wrapped around your finger

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Friday, November 21, 2003

time is running out...

so now it's time to hug and ruuuunn~!! yeaaaaaaaaayyy~!!

Distance by Evan and Jaron

The sky has lost its color
The sun has turned to gray
At least that's how it feels to me
Whenever you're away
I crawl up in the corner
as I watch the minutes pass
each one brings me closer to
The time you'll be back; you're coming back

I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That I can't take a breath without seeing your name

And I can brave a hurricane
and still be standing tall
when all the dust has settled down
but i cant take the distance.

I still believe in feelings
But sometimes I feel too much
I make believe you're close to me
But it ain't close enough
Not nearly close enough

I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That I cant take a breath without seeing your name
And I can brave a hurricane
and still be standing tall
when all the dust has settled down
but i cant take the distance.
I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That I cant take a breath without seeing your name

I cant take the distance, the distance

I'd brave fire.
And I'd brave rain.
To be by your side, I'd do anything.
I can't take the distance.

I will go the distance.
I will go the miles.
That's how much you mean to me.

Cause I can't take the distance
I can't take these miles
I can't take the time until I next see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That with every breath I take I'm calling your name.

It's harder to remember
The longer you're away.
When I find silence.
I don't want the distance.
It's harder to remember
The longer you're away.
When I find silence.
I can't take the distance.
It's harder to remember
The longer you're away.
When I find silence.

b-( :-* :"> >:D< :x :p

Wrong Impression

I really like that song by Natalie Imbruglia

Calling out, calling out
Haven't you wondered
Why I'm always alone
When you're in my dreams
Calling out, calling out
Haven't you wondered
Why you're finding it hard
just looking at me

I want you
But I want you to understand
I need you
I love you

Didn't want to leave you with-
the wrong impression
Didn't want to leave you with my-
last confession(yeah)
Of love
Wasn't trying to pull you in the-
wrong direction
All I wanna do is try to make-
a connection(yeah)
Of love

Falling out, falling out
Have you ever wondered
If this was ever more than a
crazy idea
Falling out, falling out
Have you ever wondered
What we could've been, if you'd
only let me in

I want you
But I want you to understand
I miss you
I love you

Didn't want to leave you with-
the wrong impression
Didn't want to leave you with my-
last confession(yeah)
Of love
Wasn't trying to pull you in the-
wrong direction
All I wanna do is try to make-
a connection(yeah)
Of love

Have you ever wondered?

I need you
I love you

Didn't want to leave you with-
the wrong impression
Didn't want to leave you with my-
last confession(yeah)
Of love
Wasn't trying to pull you in the-
wrong direction
All I wanna do is try to make-
a connection(yeah)
Of love

I didn't want to leave you there
I'm calling out (yeah)
Wasn't trying to pull you in the wrong direction
Well I'm calling out (yeah)
Wasn't trying to pull you in the wrong direction
I'm calling out

so I'll be going back this day.. (can't delay anymore!!)
Reasons to go back
1. No money.
2. My last bits of toothpaste had went onto the floor instead of the tooth brush! ekekke!!
3. I really have to squeeze my shower foam for my next shower.
4. hugs hugs huggsssss!! (cehh.. really should get myself a boyfriend. ekekke!!!)
5. can't wait to show off some new stickers on my cpu to Belba though she didn't really care! hahaha~!
6. everyone else is going back home!!

okay.. that's it! 6 reasons.. enough ek? :D
So I'll be updating the blog 'til the time to get home.. eh! Til the time I had to get the plugs off and all.. or Papa will get angry!! heehee~ He hates waiting.. only for special reasons.. and so do I! :D
Somehow I can't wait for the next school term!! Reaaaaaaaally anticipating! Though my holiday haven't started yet! ekekke!
The Ramadhan doesn't feel much like Ramadhan.. and this coming Raya doesn't feel much like Raya.. (I think!) Seemed like everything's going too fast somehow.. :)
This trimester have been.... heehee.. I don't know! Can't find the ONE word that relates to this semester. But I guess.. what this trimester is really.. WILD. Everyday is a crazy joyride that goes up and down and kept changing lanes. But all is good. Not saying that I'm mature now.. (not at all!!!) But I'd say that I grew some bits during the two months.. :)
And heyy! It's been 9 months! ekeke! 9 months of what? entahlaaa.. :p Persistant and consistant! I make myself proud...! :)) But I don't usually end what I had started 'coz I get bored midway.. hohoho! So we'll just see.. ;)
And a bit on this coming trimester has something to celebrate about! hahahha!! Can't wait to talk about that one when I get back! Words are swimming through my mind now.. :D
I love writing.. I love writing.. and writing loves me! ekkeke!!
I'm having fun typing all these out.. hope you've enjoyed reading it too! :D

Selamat Aidilfitri~!!
Maaf batin.. ekkee! I don't think I ever hit anyone so hard that they'd get mad at me! ekeke! :D I really am sorry for all the wrong-doings I did throughout the year. The wrong things I said.. and yeah, the wrong things I done as well. :) No Raya cards like An and Shahnon.. sorry~! :">
To those who consider theirselves as closest to me.. you guys are the best!!!! :x Mintak maap banyak-banyak for being so dimwitted sometimes!

and.. Enjoy the holidaaaaay~!!!!!
haa~! Relaxation from assignments, projects and studies.. We've survived yet another trimester!! wooh~!!
Have fun, okie peeps! To those who can drive... Darling, Bahijah, Shahnon, An, Dzayed.. drive safely!!! To Ana and Asha.. get your driving license quick laah!! Bole drive kan Wanie merata-rata~! hahahha!! Asha especially.. :D (coz she keeps breaking the law! hahaha!)

oh ohh! not forgetting.. simpanlah duit raya tu elok elok yee... sebab my birthday is coming!!!
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! Get me something! Get me something!! Kamon Kamonnn~! Ayohh ayohh ayoooohhh~!

gosh! this is the most FUN post I've ever written! :))
Take care peeps!! Jangan letupkan tangan korang.. nanti takleh chat! ekekkee!!
Well.. just take good care of yourselves.. >:D<

I'm scared but not too much.. :D

okay! here's something I've written such a long time ago.. During the break before Beta, I think.. :D Just thought I should post it somewhere.. Lama sangat simpan.. :p

Refuse to let it fall apart
As I lay alone in my bed
Feels so hollow in my heart
But so many questions in my head
I stare out the window to see what's outside
And all I get to see is, the shadows of the night
I'm trying to read what I feel inside
I see nothing, too dark and no light

Funny how I don't know what I feel
It gets hard as I don't know what to do
This feeling, so different and yet so real
And somehow it leads me towards you
Questions unanswered, it's making me confuse
Too many things to see, it all seemed blurry
Waiting mindlessly for a sign I could use
But this could be, right where I should be

bluerghh~!! crappy, I KNOW! I can't really rhyme lahh!! :">

just returning the favor.. :D

Asha gave me this quiz of hers.. (which I only manage to score 50!! bluergthh~) so, I just thought I'd do the same thing to her.. tengok dia leh jawab lebih taaak.. ekekke!!
So heyy! You peeps can try this as well! Most of the answers are in this blog really.. so if you've been following it.. you'll be just fine! :D

Take my Quiz on!

I hate blackheads..

I think my nose is so full with them! Maybe if I could get them all off, I could actually form another nose! huhuu~ Okay, so I was exagerrating.. but I really do hate blackheads!! :p
Prisca.. you're such a dear!! No matter what people might say about you.. I think I get the idea of YOU.. so I'll trust you rather than them! :x Yen's lucky.. and you're lucky to have Yen too~! I wish someday I'll get a hold on someone as cool as him! ekkeke! "Oh Asha and Dzayed is so cooooooooooooooooool~!!!" (scream this like Cursive does, wokie?!) heehee~! :x
Tadi kaaann... :D Asha brought me some drummets and bread for sahur! :D :x She's SO thoughtful.. Dahlaa tadi berbuka menyedihkan betul.. (I was in a crappy mood!) Just had some drink, and some crackers (felt like a parrot for eating too many crackers these days! :( ) and then I fell asleep. huhuu~ But nowww!! Rase cam tak patut kecik ati kat Asha for anything she does in 2 months! ekekke! (not that I always do.. :p) Immune from kesalahan.. :)) Then we went to 7eleven in Putrajaya to get some other things.. :D
Money update!:
In my wallet: RM 3.50
Phone credit: airtime: RM 0.06, sms: RM 0.20, valid until: 21/11/2003.
Hahhaa~! Life doesn't get any better than this.. :p Funny how life is not all about money, but you have to have money to live.. Gotta get home tomorrow.. I refuse to eat any more crackerssss!! Bluergthh~!!

Visited this blog somehow.. and I don't know why but I like this lines she wrote: (there are typos!)

..I had the impression that you where crazy about me. He said I'm not crazy about you..but I could be .... He said if you showed interest in me I could be crazy about you but I'm afraid to be right now..I don't want to get hurt. (which is justified since I keep telling him about not being ready)

He wanted to know is there potiential..I told him there is a lot of potential for this relationship and that I want it to go forward,,but I can't make promises before I'm sure I can keep them. But that I was willing to commit to getting to know him better and seeking the Lord's will in the matter.

I told him---if he wants to put our relationship on hold....and investigate other girls...that was ok. ---no non i don't want to do that--he says Or if he wanted to go forward with this relationship then their needed to be only one person (me!!). He said I want it to go forward....

hehhe! I had to read it some times so I can understood it well.. :D Like I said, I don't know why I liked the line. Maybe for it's open-ness. heehee~ It just amazes me how some people can really say what they wanted to say.. without getting it to sound stupid like I always did.. :p
Well, I should try harder!! yoshhh!!!
Seems like I've been visiting plenty of blogs lately.. :D I'd say that most of them were interesting! There are some lines that I just can't get my thoughts off it.. (or I won't promote any of the blogs I've ever mentioned!.. unless they're my friends.. :D )

Missing. missing.. missing...
time is wasted all over again because of you..
I'm here while you're not... Maybe you just didn't care..
As always... :p
Oh well.. no point of nagging on it 'coz you're doing what you like and I'm doing what I like!
only wish that we're doing it together though.. heehee! :p
I wonder if you knew that I was talking to you all along.. :)
If only time can be rewind..

Thursday, November 20, 2003

I wish I was half as good as you at keeping secrets.

heehee.. I do wish that way.. 'coz I don't know how to lie.. or dodge questions.. Ask me anything and the biggest chances are, you'll be getting the very answer that I hated to say. I take soooo much time to say something else than the truth and by then, everyone would know that I was going to lie. I am so jealous of those people that can fake how they feel or say the things that is far from the truth with a straight face. I guess I'm at a lost for not having that ability. I am simply imperfect no matter how I tried to be..
Should I give up trying?
'Coz if I do.. one day later I'll be whining about the same thing all over again...
But maybe.. it's just meant to be.. I am meant not to know these things for some reasons..
Just maybe...

in a liking of this song tonight..
It's About Time by Lillix

I't's about life,
I'ts about fun
I hate you, I love you
I just can't remember to forget you
Who are you, who needs you?
You make me feel alive, I die, so high
I'm crawling on the ground
And I've found I can fly

One of these days it all comes together
One of those days that goes on forever
Think I sound crazy? Maybe, whatever
What's it all about?

It's about life, it's about fun
It's over before it has begun
It's about you, it's about me
It's about everything between and I say
I'm saying goodbye to you, I say hi to you with no clue
It's about time that I
Make up my mind

It's simple, confusing, the truth is I'm winning but I'm losing
And pulling and pushing, won't do me any good
It could, it should
I'm honest to myself that the truth is I lied

One of these days it all comes together
One of those days that goes on forever
Think I sound crazy? Maybe, whatever
What's it all about?

It's about life, it's about fun
It's over before it has begun
I't's about you, it's about me
It's about everything in between and I say
I'm saying goodbye to you, I say hi to you with no clue
It's about time that I
Make up my mind

Time is creeping behind me, surrounding around me
Fading the words so desperately
Now give me a reason that I can believe in
Time is something you can't rewind
One of these days it all comes together
One of those days that goes on forever
Think I sound crazy? Maybe, whatever
What's it all about?

It's about life, it's about fun
It's over before it has begun
I't's about you, it's about me
It's about everything in between and I say
I'm saying goodbye to you, I say hi to you with no clue
It's about time I
Make up my mind

I wonder why are we having this silence.. don't you see that I'm right here just because of you?
tak ske tak skeeeeeeeee!!!

:D :D

seems like I'll be doing yesterday's record all over again!! :))
LOVING THIS SONG for it's lyrics and cute piano song!! :D

Out Of My League by Stephen Speaks

It's her hair and her eyes today
That just simply take me away
And the feeling that I'm falling further in love
Makes me shiver but in a good way
All the times I have sat and stared
As she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair
And she purses her lips, bats her eyes
And she plays with me sittin there slacked jaw
And nothing to say

Coz I love her with all that I am
And my voice shakes along with my hands
Yes she's all that I see and she's all that I need
And I'm out of my league once again

It's a masterful melody
When she calls out my name to me
As the world spins around her
She laughs, close her eyes
And I feel like I'm fallin but it's no surprise

Coz I love her with all that I am
And my voice shakes along with my hands
Coz it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea
But I'd rather be here than on land
Yes she's all that I see and she's all that I need
And I'm out of my league once again

It's her hair and her eyes today
That just simply take me away
And the feeling that I'm falling further in love
Makes me shiver but in a good way
Often times I have sat and stared
As she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair
As she purses her lips, bats her eyes
And she plays with me sittin there slacked jaw
And nothing to say

Coz I love her with all that I am
And my voice shakes along with my hands
Coz it's frightening to be swimming in this strange sea
But I'd rather be here than on land
Yes she's all that I see and she's all that I need
And I'm out of my league once again

I wonder I wonder I wondeerrrrrrr!!!!

the tap leaks again

tak dapat jumpe nina before raya...
she's going back to penang with abg. min and i dont feel like being selfish and let her get me from this place..
but somehow terase i'm making a "sacrifice" that is simply stupid..
wuwuuu.. rasenye nina tak tau kot wanie nangis.. :D managed to control my voice dengan penuh macho! :))
nina, slamat ari rayaaa.. maaf zahir batin.. love ya' always..
rase cam i hate the fact that you're married.. but i know it makes you happy..
and i like to see you happy... :D

:(( :( :| :) :x

time ticks away...

I wonder if I have more time for the things I wish to do first.. :p
Done with the exam paper!! woohhh~!! Pretty funny considering how dumb I actually felt having to answer all those history questions.. bluerghh~! The day was pretty... amusing I have to say! :D
Okay, since me and Prisc were in different rooms, I really can't budget out how long I can waste my time in that room.. :D But somewhere around 3:20..? I saw Asha outside the door!! HAHAHAH! Gile punye budaaak.. cepat betul jawab!! So, I did mine like crazy jugek so she wouldn't have to wait for long.. hehhe! I got out at 3:40, met up Fairy a while outside the room (she was waiting for someone, I suppose!) and walked to the foyer (?) and saw Asha talking to Avi! (haa.. seb baik she has something to do while waiting.. :D) Tatau apsal Wanie lambat sket nak jawab.. ekkeke! (sebenanye tahu...)
It's entertaining lah~ (to myself) I was reading through the questions and then this stupid feeling surfaces inside of me.. ekkeke! Termengelamun mengelamun.. termenong termenong.. Biol~! :p
So anywaysss!! After meeting up Asha, we went to Dzayed's exam room and see how he answers the paper. ekekke! He also happened to be in the same room as Dar! heehee~ Dar nampak sangat serius menjawab soalan!! :D While Dzayed, when he saw us outside.. dia mula buat aksi aksi pelik! ekkeke! :))
Oh, kat luar tu tadi ade Popo.. hehhe! :p
After Asha and Dzayed dropped me off at the zebra crossing, bumped into Achot! And he said, "baaiknyee tunggu kawan balek.." ('coz he saw me waving at the pair 'til the car moved away) huhuu~ Yeee.. saye sangat baik! :p
oh humm.. tadi cam sempat caught RP's eyes for a moment.. I thought I saw her smiled.. and she really did.. :)

something to relate to~!

Okaay.. so here's yet another Vertical Horizon's song that I like.. And I like this one for both the music and lyrics! :x

All Of You

So you say
I'm too quiet
Holding things
Up in my head

I say so much
But you don't buy it
I don't want to wake up
Alone in my head

Say that you'll never go now
don't go don't go

I need a lot of you
I want a lot of you
I need a lot of you
All of you

I tend to think
I'm getting nowhere
I drag it out
Whenever I can

I'll get back there
And find the world
You dropped from your head

Oh but some things you'll never show now
I know
I know

I need a lot of you
I want a lot of you
I need a lot of you
All of you

Watch you coming up
Out on top now
Watch you coming up

I need a lot of you
I want a lot of you
I need a lot of you
All of you


wanie terlupa!!


heehee~! Balek nanti lah wish betul-betul..
Patut call ke? ekekkeke

pelik betul..

shahnon (3:27:50 AM): heppi nampak

ekekek! hepi sket sket je yeee :p Good luck for Saturday's paper Shahnon~! I'll be done by this afternoon~! weeee~! Macam nak jeles tak? But I think I'm getting jealous for the fact that you've already gone home!! :p Tak aciiiiiii!
So yesterday I stopped at 11 posts! ekekeke! I WAS crazy after all.. banyak betuuuulll!! Well, I think there's three posts yang boleh di ignore! :)) (mengelat, tak nak mengaku memang saje post banyak!)
Okie.. it's soooo close to Raya, kan? :D Thanks Shahnon and An for giving me the Raya card!! ekekke! Next year Wanie reply, ekk! Tak rajen nak carik site e-card yang best.. :"> ehheee~ Also thanks to that person who sent the Raya card to my home. huhuuu~ Belba said I had one, but I don't know who it's from.. :D Nak kene balek umah and see who it's from!! :D
My mood has lifted.. Cam tetiba perasan! ekekke! Hopefully no one will say anything stupid to me today that would make me feel the opposite again.. huhuu~
Okay, loving this song for the song!! Vertical Horizon - Finding Me The lyrics doesn't mean anything to me.. (I think!) So now I have two bands that I reaaaaaaaally do like. Vertical Horizon and Good Charlotte!! :D And I like Michelle Branch too! heehee..
Felt like I'm starting to put hope on someone all over again.. HAHAHHAH!! Terok betul.. I'm a hypocrit.. :| Cakap tak serupa bikin.. But who knows.. maybe in the long term, I will change... But I'm not sure if this is for the better or the worse.. we'll just see! Maybe nothing would change.. after all.. You can't teach old dogs new tricks. But one thing about that saying... I'm not a dog.. and I've never learn any tricks what so ever in my whole life! hahahha~! So maybe we should strike that saying out later.. :D
Nak mandikkk!!

"love can be so boring" (Vertical Horizon - Best I Ever Had).. It should be wrong!!

:x :x :x


termakan pujuk lak... heehee~!
tapi best! ekekek! So it's not a lost at all.. :D :x

Wednesday, November 19, 2003


You know.. they are only signs.. it doesn't mean anything! Honestly.. what has come out from my mouth just now wasn't really curse words.. 'coz I'm BEYOND cursing.. What I'm feeling right now is more to disappointed and heartbroken and depressed..
And I thank my two good buddies for that! yeaaaaaaaay~!
Honestly, if I don't know a person.. what ever the person does to me won't matter anything! Really..!
It only hurts when you trust that someone deeply..
Seems like I've been getting hurt by believing in that word.
Lill is right after all.. Everyone is selfish.. And you can't put hopes on anyone.. And you can never trust anyone fully.. I'm such a stupid git for believing that she was wrong!
Thanks Prisca for hanging around...

morale of this: I NEED TO CHANGE!

10th post for today...

this has never happened before. 10 posts in a day! What an absurd blogger I am..
Listening to yet another stupid song by *NSYNC. serious tatau mane datang lagu niehhh!!!
I was feeling depressed just now. Entah mengapa. Just felt like puking.. (I always feel that way when my insides are 'bothered')
Kenape kenape??
Tak tahu tak tahu..
I wish I knew why.. but there are just times when I don't even know what I feel..
For myself.. or anyone else...

Love Song For No One

by John Mayer

Staying at home alone on a Friday
Flat on the floor looking back
On old love
Or lack thereof
After all the crushes are faded
And all my wishful thinking was wrong
I'm jaded
I hate it

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
(get here)

Searching all my days just to find you
I'm not sure who I'm looking for
I'll know it
When I see you
Until then, I'll hide in my bedroom
just staying up all night just to write
A love song for no one

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
Could I have missed my chance
And watched you walk away?(2 times)

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
You'll be so good
You'll be so good for me

If only wishes could be dreams and all my dreams could come true..

There'd be the two of us standing here in front of you..
:) Somehow I really like that line from M2M's Mirror mirror..
Also in a liking of Mr Big - Next To Be With You
I'm the one who wants to be with you
deep inside i hope you'll feel it too (feel it too)
wave it on a line of ways and blues
just to be the next to be with you...

This is going to be such a boring night. It's getting SO boring that I just spent the last minute trying to sort my bulu kaki so it goes only one way.. HAHAHHA~!! Stupid betul.
Bahijah had already gone home.. leaving a message on a post-it that she stuck on my monitor screen.. Felt a bit sad, looking at it. Should've hold on for some more minutes so I could hug her goodbye.. but I was so sleepy that it just makes things stinks!!... 3 weeks to see her again.. :(
the things I love about school: friends friends friends
the things I hate about school: uninteresting assignments and subjects
the things I love about home: unlimited hugs from Papa, and Belba shouting around at me and I shout back.. heehee~
the thing I hate about home: Mama getting jealous/angry 'coz I'm so attached to Papa.. hahhaha!! no laah~ what I hate is being so far from my friends.. it gets boring when I'm left alone..

And if I go back tomorrow.. it'd be 3 weeks away from seeing Prisca and Rosie.. 3 weeks away from chatting through the night with Beastmaster.. 3 weeks away from the internet... 3 weeks away from having something else to worry than my heart.. 3 weeks away from getting myself busy.. 3 weeks away from fooling around with my roommates.. 3 weeks away from getting up early and excited to go to class.. 3 weeks away..
Hope that I'll still be the same after that. Hope that everyone's still the same by then.. Hope that my feelings will never change..

I love Vertical Horizon.


rase cam sendiri kene marah...
o well, prepared myself for that, somehow..
but not that much.
so sekarang ade rase sedikit kecewa for sharing...
buat tak tau aje lah yeee~
ade sedikit boncit~
tapi to myself somehow...

if you'd like to know...

got this from one of the blogs I was browsing through.. Kinda long, though.. Skip it if you're not interested.. (why bother, anyways?)

name = Ida Hazwanie.
piercings = just one on both ears. (wish there'd be more but Papa would be SO furious.. bluerghh~)
tattoos = a small heart at the back. hahahha!! kidding.. NONE.. serious!!
height = 163cm
shoe size = 5.. (american, I think!)
hair color = err.. reaaaaaaally dark brown but with uneven lighter shade of brown at some parts.. huhuu~
length = hung a bit above the shoulder.
siblings = 2 elder sisters.
pets = cats.. err.. 4? But they walk around to other people's houses.. except this one which is 'disabled'. it can't even stand up since birth..

movie you rented = err.. Freaky Friday, I think!
movie you bought = never bought one.. I cilok my sisters' all the time! heehee~!
song you listened to = You And I Both by Jason Mraz :x
song that was stuck in your head = Perfect by Simple Plan (Prisc put it there!)
thing you've downloaded = song, The Sign by Ace of Base.
cd you bought = whoaa~ such a long time ago.. err.. Sixpence, Divine Discontent.
cd you listened to = does fully downloaded album counts? Vertical Horizon, Go.
person you've called = err.. miscalled Prisca just this morn! :D No credit to call for real! huhuu~
person that called you = Prisca! she called me back after I miscalled her.. heehee! :x
tv show you've watched = err.. a korean drama on TV3. The Story of a Bright Girl was it called? Kak Mai turned it on and I just saw some bits of it.. that was the day before yesterday, though!
thinking of = humm.. Rosie

you have a bf or gf = nope.
you have a crush on someone = yeah.
you wish you could live somewhere else = definitely.
you think about suicide = sometimes.. but I'll stay discontent that way, so I won't do anything my stupid inner-voice suggested.
you believe in online dating = ekkeke! Dar-ling, were we dating?? ekkeke!
you want more piercings = yesss!! but Papa won't let me.. (but I might do it secretly one day, though.. shhhh~)
you want more tattoos = haram weihh.. haraammm! heehee!
you drink = non-alcaholic drinks? yesss..!
you do drugs = ubat batuk when I'm coughing real baad! heehee!
you smoke = seesha doesn't count, does it?
you like cleaning = bluerghh~!! my sisters had to do it for me! :x
you like roller coasters = yeahh!! I love screaming my head off. (even when it's not that scary)
you write in cursive or print = both.. depends on the mood
you carry a donor card = umm.. nope

For or Against..
teenage smoking = against.
doing drugs = against.
premarital sex = err.. mostly against..
driving drunk = reaaaaally against.
soap operas = hahah! for, if it's not lame. (that Pangako Sa Yo's okaay)

tv show = umm.. reality tv's okay (not quite bored of Survivor yet!) CSI and Gilmore Girls.
thing in the world = music music music.
thing to collect = true friends.
colors of all time = red!!.. sometimes blue or purple though.
thing to do on a rainy day = have shower in it with someone you care :D
feeling in the world = to love, being loved and appreciated.

Have you...
ever cried over a guy = heehee.. :"> yeahh..
ever lied to someone = sure! :))
ever been in a fist fight = umm.. somewhat like it.. huhuu~

Perfume do you use = Ketiak Masamm by CK. hahhaha~!! I don't use perfume.. selalu terlupa nak pakai, so I don't bother anymore.. :p
shoes do you wear = red Converse. kinda stuck with it for the moment. just waiting for it to fall apart! :D
are you scared of = total-black darkness, heights, loneliness, not having enough time.

of continents I have lived in? = just Asia..
of drugs taken illegally? = none.
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = just 2. and I haven't seen them for months!!!
of people I consider my enemies? = heehee~ I get jealous of people easily and I hate them sometimes but they're not my enemy.. :p
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = just once.. heehee~ was on the Malaysian Flag of 92's Flora Fest.
of scars on my body? = agak banyak, I think! I'm accident prone.. I can even fall on clear ground.. or bump my head for no reasons at all.. :(

Have you ever...
Fallen for your best friend? = ekkeke! guy bestfriend or gurl?? guy yes, gurl no..
Made out with JUST a friend? = no no no no.
Been in love? = maybe.. but I always thought of it as the "illusion" of love. agak sipi sipi.. cheating ni kot! ekekeke!
Cheated on someone? = erkk! umm.. not cheated, but I had a crush on someone while I was in a relationship.. :p

Who was the last person...
You touched? = Prisca!! can't get enough of her.. arrRrrRr (horny sound!) AHHAHAHA!!
You talked to? = Lily.. said goodbye to her at the stairs.
You hugged? = Papaaa!! in his visit last Sunday.. :x

Have you/are you/do you....
Considered a life of crime? = hahha! yeah..
Considered being a hooker? = no waaaaaaaayyy!!
Considered being a pimp? = hahahhahah!! no noo..
Are you psycho? = at some points, yess!
Split personalities? = just when I talk against my head and heart.. huhuu~
Schizophrenic? = I think not.
Obsessive compulsive? = some bit. some things NEED to be just the way I wanted it to be.. :p
Panic? = only when really unexpected incident/accidents happen
Anxiety? = yesss
Depressed? = somewhat.. :p
Obsessed with hate? = I'm just angry.. but I can't hate.. (I just don't.. oh! except with things like maths! hahha!) :)
Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? = death.. a few times.. I don't like that!
Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? = what those things? But yeah, I have.. whatever that those things means. :D

Are you...
Understanding: only when people doesn't talk in too many hints.
Open-minded: I consider myself that.
Interesting: maybe not.. but I hope I am to some people! :|
Hungry: nope.
Friendly: not so, but trying to be. :D
Childish: super!! :))
Healthy: nope. I have a sickness. :-S
Difficult: not surprised if I am to some.. :p
Thirsty: VERY!!
Responsible: when needed, I can be.
Sad: somewhat.. :|
Happy: kinda numb right now.. :|
Trusting: VERY! Lill thinks it's lame but I can't help it! huhuu~
Talkative: just to my dearests~!!! :x
Lonely: err.. right now.. I feel like it. just a bit though!
Own a webcam? : nope!
Current Clothes: small tee of green-yellow-blue and jeans. (blom tuka dari pagi tadik!)
Current Mood: wishful.. always and always.. :(
Current Taste: umm.. my mouth is dry right now. (forgot to have a drink right before imsak!!)
Current Hair: hanging.. bushy a bit.. can't quite bother about it!
Current Annoyance: my shoulders hurt from sitting in front of the computer too long.. :p and my lips too 'coz I accidentally bit it last night at breakfast. bluerghh~!
Current Smell: lime from my shampoo.. huhuu~
Current thing you ought to be doing: GET MORE SLEEP! or maybe study for tomorrow's Malaysian Studies paper.
Current Book: haven't read one for monthhhssss!
Current DVD In Player: none.
Current Refreshment: none-available.
Current Worry: if I'll be losing my favorite game.. ekk!! should be worrying about my typography, should I? (but I'm not!)
Current Crush: hahahha!! busy-body betul! :p

On Dating....
Long or short hair? = short!! guys are meant to have short hair! case closed..!
Dark or blond hair? = dark dark dark!!
Tall or short? = taller than me, please!
Ms. Sensitive or Ms. Funny? = somewhere in between.. :x
Good boy or bad boy? = not good. ahahhah!! but not bad either. Just that good is usually dull.. :p If he's right in the middle.. he'd be SUPER!
Dark or light eyes? = dark dark dark!
Pierced or no? = no no no no no no no!!!!!

On preferences....
Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? = hot chocolate
McDonalds or Burger King? = umm.. umm.. both? okay okay.. umm.. burger king! 'coz I'm so used of McD.. :p
Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? = both if possible.. if not, the perfect friend.. :)
Sweet or sour? = sweet.
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? = root beer root beer!
Sappy/action/comedy/horror? = all! ekeke! more to sappy I think.. I like the ones that touches the heart.. :p
Ocean or Pool? = ocean.. always!
With or without ice-cubes? = with!
Shine or rain? = umm.. rain.. but not for long!
Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? = autumn, maybe!
Vanilla or Chocolate? = both.. but if I REALLY have to choose, vanilla!
Gloves or mittens? = mittens are cuter. :))
Eyes open or closed? = one open, one closed! hahha! :p
Fly or breathe under water? = fly!!
Bunk-bed or waterbed? = it doesn't matter much.. but water maybe..
Chewing gum or hard candy? = toffee~! I don't care! I still prefer toffees!! :p
Motor boat or sailboat? = sailboat.

10 people you want to meet(in random order)
1. papa
2. izzati
3. crush crush
4. prisca & lill!! (oops! 2 ppl, but I really wanna hang out 'coz I'm bored!!)
5. avril so I can throw her with something.. (I can be punk as well laa~)
6. orlando bloom!! :x
7. jason behr too~! :x
8. my evil twin - Musz
9. Hanis as well!!
10. Bella and Belladonna~!
so that actually makes 12 people! huhuu~

9 things you wear everyday
1. undies!! hahaha! :p
2. specs.
3. the gold ring and necklace Mama gave me
4. earrings
5. something comfy and breathable.. :D
humm.. I don't wear up to 9 stuffs laa~! Less is more.. ;;) ekekkeke!!

8 of your favorite foods
1. mac and cheese
2. pizza
3. Bella's cooking (just gimme anything and I'll finish it!!!)
4. ice cream!! (I scream for ice cream!)
5. junk foods
6. does starbucks' rhumba counts? ekekke!
7. otak otak (crazy for it these days!)
8. tau foo far (tatau apsal crazy for this since last Ramadhan! hahha~!)

7 of your closest friends (at random)
1. Musz
2. Hanis
3. Prisca
4. Lily
5. Beastmaster.. ekkeke! :p
6. RP
7. my sisters; Belba and Belladonna
so that's actually 8! :D

6 of your favorite shows
1. CSI
2. survivor
3. charmed
4. roswell
just can think of this 4 right now..!

5 things in your room
1. my bed
2. my computer
3. my unwashed clothes (all over the place!)
4. my assignments stuff (also all over the place!)
5. pix of my friends (yeah.. all over again!)

4 things you ate today
since I'm fasting (I think! hahha~!) there's just one..
1. nasik goreng daging merah @ Malee

3 things you could not live without
1. my heart for those I care.. :p
2. music music music!!
3. guys.. :-* hahahha!! Papa laa.. Papaaa! :p

2 books you recently read
1. erkk! umm.. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (for the 2nd/3rd time!)
2. blablaa.. introduction to Operating System.. hahha!! Just read some bits on Kernel.. (Colenel Sanders!)

1 thing you said today
1. boncit btol~!!

woww!! I'm finally done! And you've finally finished reading it! Well done! *taps on shoulder* :p

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