Monday, December 29, 2003


would you if you could?

curse this stupid keyboard.. i still can't press the shift button so i'll be typing this whole out with the help of on-screen keyboard. maaan, i hate doing things like this..! (restricted!) bodo btol!

okehh! gonna tell 'bout my neat errr.. well, quite a happy weekend with a slight of stupidity.
the one ringHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
happy part: so proud of this particular object right now.. (humm.. picture tak clear sangat!) i know i know.. this is what we all call as bragging but heyyy! i'm really loving thissss! thanks mamaa~! this was mama's birthday present for me.. ekekeke! unpractical, yess! my birthday presents all these years have been very unpractical but i love them very very muchh!! it was so funny how everyone 'reacted' around it. prisca, drogo, lily and rosie were all acting like smeagol when i showed it to them. hahahaha!! kelakar sungguh! at home, belba went poyo 'coz the ring fitted perfectly on her fingers, so she kept asking stupid questions like; "ehh, can you see me? can you see meee??" hahahahha! love those peeps very much!
the stupidity part: came as i was too afraid to sleep alone in the bedroom 'coz i keep having my thoughts on ghosts!! urrghh! ape kene ntaaah! benci btol! i kept getting afraid to close my eyes 'coz i was afraid that they'll be there when i open my eyes! bodo kann? sometimes i just hate my imaginations 'coz it can get verrrry wild! bluerghhhh! :(
rakan rakan bucukk kesayanganbeen spending the whole day outside and it was funn!!
got onto the erl with prisc, lil and rp and went to klcc. konon konon amek gamba but i actually mostly wanted to see hanis and dayat who was there to catch lotr:rotk. heehee~! funny how they mentioned that they kept remembering me while they were in the cinema. 'coz when they didn't understood some parts, they'd say to each other; "takpe.. jumpe wanie nanti boleh tanye" ekekekeke! (oh! they acted like smeagol when they saw the ring, too~!) hahahaha!!
missing those girlsss.. haiyyooo!!
and i miss my *grrr* evil-twin even more!! lamanye tak jumpeeeeeeeeee! i just hated the fact that we all have different holiday breaks. :((
tadi puasa, berbuka with starbucks' rhumba!! terok kann? tapi rase hebat laa! i didn't sahur in the morning.. and even went out jalan jalan in the sun (did took some pics in klcc park!) but i was strong laahh! siap dua kali duduk tengok orang lunch.. kuatnyeee! ahahhaha!! tak malu betul, puji diri sendiri.. ekekke! (kes takde orang lain nak puji)
ehh! siang tadi wanie pegi kelas kejap pakai baju kuruuung! sape nampak sape nampaak?? kiut kaan! ahahhahahha!! hadooi.. apelaa tak tau malu aje ni.. ekkeke!!
anyways! the day ended with nothing new but i kept my starbucks container for some project thing for myself.. hahahaha! and siang tadi showed prisca the lyrics i did and she said it was err.. "bagus juga" ?? (did she said that?) hahahha! but she did some weird faces.. hadoii~! takpelaah! changes can be made later.. :D heard the tune she did with drogo and it sounded neaaaaaaaat!! maaan, we should try and get the song right, prisc! heehee~! musti best nantiiii! (iyeee, perasan laie la saye)
sorry anna, terlupa tadi patut ade meeting! adohh~! too carried away, i guess... isyk!
humm.. my song is playing.. A Thousand Miles :D :p
my bed is soooo messy! will have to clear it up.. :(

psst.. bebudak mmu busuk, but me dikecualikan sebab i got back here this morning.. pagi tadi mandi kat umah! hahahha! (sebok nak tiru shahnon sebab takmo dikatekan busuk.. hahahha!)

oh ohhh~! get well soon prisc!! she sprained her ankle 'coz she got toooo excited at the stairs near my room! ekkekeke! lain kali ingatkan wanie teman turuun.. haish! baru ni sekali wanie tak teman, bole lak terseliuh, ekk! ekekkeke!! get well soon taaau! nanti kang takleh terkinja kinja cam kitorang tadi laie.. hahahhaha! (silly punye alasan!)

wish that you would, 'coz i know that you could..


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