Thursday, March 31, 2005

things i gotta stop:

1. cursing
2. fool/play around too much; and not study
3. read too many story books; and not the ones i'm supposed to study
4. paining myself thinking, who's going to die in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
5. download too many McFLY when i'm left with only 4gig of hard disc
6. let danny get into my dreams too much at night *lol!*
7. entertain myself too much when i'm alone ('coz i'd smile foolishly and it might look scary to other people!)
8. put myself down more than i healthily should.
9. sing when i have my headphone on. hahha!!
10. envious of british people when i ought to be a proud- and thankful malaysian!!
11. wanting to learn guitar playing just because everyone else is good at it.
12. thoughts of "what if" i was in a different major than the one i'm in now.
'coz i was thinking just now if i was in psychology, i'd probably propose the title "Boredom is a Mental Disease" for my thesis. i mean, what's with the idea of "needing" something to always happen and excite you? honestly!
i know i should ace that paper 'coz talking about myself could probably be the thing i'm best at. hehe!

13. blogging. CONSTANT blogging even when i have nothing smart to say!

wish i was smart..

-and funny, and witty, and charming, and simply brilliant! *sigh* do you think if i could give up my looks, i could get some of those?
well, i think if i could make the exchange, i wouldn't be as witty or smart as i hope i would since i'm not really pretty to begin with and i don't exactly wish to be ugly instead!! *lol!!*
now i'm rambling! gaahhh!!

don't know why i've been having weird dreams lately. must be something i ate - or didn't eat! well honestly, since when did i ever had a normal dream?....
anyways!!!! last night it was something unpleasant. i don't exactly remember what was unpleasant, ahhaha!! but i remember running through a crowd shouting, "i'm cursing!!" ahhahaha!! how idiotic was that? i mean, if i was cursing, why wouldn't i just say the words instead of exclaiming that i was? ahhahaha! idiot.
maybe my dreams screen and cencors those inproper words, yeah? *lol!*

then later i found myself in a different crowd, in some sort of a bar or club listening to a gig! hahha! that was cool! of course, since i'm addicted to a certain band, (not saying their name!! *lol!*) it was them who i saw and "fortunately" meet!! ahhahaha!!
how pathetic is it to actually dream of meeting them?
o well, it was amusing all the same! not going to say that i prefer the life in my dreams - and you'll never hear/read me say that, but i will admit that my dreams were more exciting than my real life. but i still love my real life!! ..however typical and mundane it actually is. =D (take note that i'll eventually get pissed and curse a bit at 'life' but still! better to live than not, yeah?)

so i've been thinking lately.. how if i let my brain tell myself how i feel, it'd be telling me how i actually should be SAD! *sigh* idiotic brain, this is! good thing that i am 87% sagittarius (according to a quiz i did yesterday! *lol*) and take things as they go. and by that, i feel considerably HAPPY! heehee~!
(current thoughts : how danny makes harmonica looked so cooool!!! ahhahha!!)

live, love life!! yeah?
somehow that line seemed to be stuck with me.

okay! gotta take my shower and run along to campus for a bit of errand. later!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

just a quick post.

okay, maybe not so quick.

i notice that this week's hits increased quite a load and i'm guessing it's because of the changing images at the top left corner there! so here, i'm feeding your curiosity - the pictures that you would see in random anytime you refreshes this page. (when i mean random, it will come out randomly and might repeat a bit before changing to another random pic)
might add a bit more pics later when my lousy-but-beneficial-pc would let me open up photoshop.
little pictures
any of which you haven't seen yet? keep on refreshing then!!
ps: this could just be a cheap trick for me to get more hits on the site, yeah? *lol!*

(whatd'ya know.. it's quite a quick post after all!)

i, Fiona O'Keefe; am such a keen blogger, aren't i?

hehhe! of course, that isn't my real name!
came across some weird quizzes and there's this irish name generator that changed my name to fiona!! thank god i'm not irish! no offense to people named fiona o'course, but i thought me and fiona wouldn't get along too well.

slept like a log last night. straight 10 hours, no interruption at all! that did good to my head, though my eyes felt a bit puffy when i woke up. still, the sleep did good!! now i'm in a such better mood than yesterday that i'm even thinking of studying for next week's papers! ahhaha!!
though i'm not in THAT good of a mood to accept a date from a certain helpful person. *sigh* i thought my "excuse" was a bit weak, but he accepted it in the end. good thing too! don't think i'd be a nice company anytime soon. maybe i actually handled it well. hehh!

ohh right, a big thanks is in due here; THANK YOU SO SOOO MUCH INCIK FENDI!!! hihi! he just helped me out from one sticky life-death situation. he might not realize how much he's helped me but he did LOADSS!!! tengkiutengkiutengkiuuuu!!

and now i'm going to post the quiz result that i did earlier today;
What Age Do You Act?
You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

it pleases me that i'm acting pretty much like an 18 year old. means that i was born about 1986, and that's the year when good ole danny was born!! WAHHAHHAHAHA!!! *mad laugh - REALLY mad laugh*
boy, aren't i just silly and lame when i'm crushing. just the perfect reason why i shouldn't start anything with someone reachable around this time. *stupid smile here!*

people said love makes you do stupid things. me, i just get stupid - fullstop.
(another day of philosphical and psychological for me!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

looping crazy

All About McFLY these days, sorry!
been looping their songs over and over again, and somehow when i get my winamp on shuffle, any other song wouldn't make me as pleased as McFLY's songs does. hahaha!! addicted, indeed.
my favourite people at the moment!
Not Alone by McFLY

Life is gettin' harder day by day,
And I don't know what to do or what to say, yeah,
And my mind is growing weak every step I take,
It's uncontrollable now they think I'm fake, yeah

'Cos I'm not alone, no, no, no,
But I'm not alone, no, no, no,
I'm not alone

And I, I get on the train on my own,
And my tired radio keeps playin' tired songs,
And I know that there's not long to go,
Oh, and all I wanna do is just go home

'Cos I'm not alone, no, no, no,
But I'm not alone, no, no, no,

People rip me for the clothes I wear,
Every day seems to be the same,
They just swear,
They just don't care,
They just don't care,
They just don't care

'Cos I'm not alone, no, no, no,
But I'm not alone, no, no, no,
I'm not alone,
Na na na na na na na...
La la la la la, yeah
I'm not alone

and it doesn't help, watching to a video of tom and danny teaching how to play Room On The 3rd Floor on the guitar when i own no guitar! roawr!
*shriek* just gotta love those boys!!! heehee!

okay, having a nasty headache since earlier today. really have to get more sleep tonight!! good night world!! hehh!
hopefully tonight i'll dream of something useful.. (doubt it, though!)

we will keep wanting what we don't have.

just another day when i get all philosophical and psychological about myself. *sigh*

pardon me for any grammatical disorder, my head's a bit woozy after waking up in a shock. my dream was a bit too dramatic for me to keep it there, and instead my motor muscle had to react in real life as it did in my dream. gaaah!

couldn't really put it down
most precious.. prized posession at the time being! hihi. this pic is on my friendster as well! (sorry!) couldn't help it. just really.. REALLY pleased that i have it now. but i owe rm30 to dida for it! hihi! (and yet i'm just thinking about getting rm40 for another CD - instead of paying her back first! ahhahaha!! what a great sister i am..)
ohh, this CD is actually the 4th CD i ever bought! ekekke! never been a keen CD-buyer. and what i'd just noticed, was that the other three CD i bought were chinese and japanese!! ahhahaha!! McFLY should be proud! *rofl*

dida is supposed to go to china with her boss this weekend for work! *sigh* i'm getting reaaaaally envious now that she's started travelling around - even if it's for work!! dida's great, though; she deserves everything she gets these days. =) but i'm SO gonna kick her if she gets to go to the UK!! roawr!!

hermione, ron and harry
new pictures from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on mugglenet! hehe.

my shoulders are starting to tingle in a bad way again. and i should get my shower anytime soon. so, later!

talk about "exciting"

8.2 8.7 richter earthquake at north sumatera, 3 months after the disasterous tsunami in acheh. you can't help feeling the fear for their fate.

12:09 am (or 11:09 pm, different time from different news source!) - the earthquake.
a few minutes afterwards..
i find myself a bit woozy and my desk were shaking a bit more than normal. the floor seemed to rumble a bit, but i couldn't connect it to anything worse than the neighbours putting up some loud music.. until i saw the towel hung on ana's chair sway.

walked towards asha's room; wanted to ask her if she had felt it - and she did!
somehow we got panicked at that very moment and went straight to the door - i grabbed my keys, she grabbed her mobile. hehe!

anyways, the authorities kept us out of our apartment building for about 3 hours. and that was horrible! they meant well though; afraid if there'll be more shakes after that. everyone living in cyberia were there around the carpark. meanwhile, i tagged asha, dzayed and their friends to putrajaya and we hung a bit at the mamak and watched ntv7's live reports.

more news on CNN.

Monday, March 28, 2005

hanis cute, muSzang gile - wanie lagi best.

*giggle* silly title courtesy of 2 of by bestest girlfriends.

Question: How to get rm40 as soon as possible?
Answer: ..err, i was asking the question, couldn't find a better answer than well, refrain eating?

oh, first.. i am currently at HANIS' PLACE!! along with musz of course! (sebok? maybe! AHHAHA!!) we're really just hanging around, eating to love letters as i hijacked hanis' pc and musz learning nihongo through hanis' digital dictionary. hihi!

anyways! yesterday me and the girls went to midvalley and simply spend a lil' bit of time with ourselves. watched movie, catching up a bit, bad mouthing, blablablaa..
hands united!!
midway, we were introduced to musz' friend Achong! hohhohoho!! and hanis' boyfriend stopped by to bug us as well! AHAHHAHA!! (i'm quite certain he'd be a bit sad if he heard me say that! ekkeke!!)

dayat treat us pizzas and FREE FOOD ROCKS!! ahhahaha!! while we were making our rounds the mall, i actually found McFLY's album in Tower Records and Carrefour!! roawr!! and there were none last week when i had wanted it!! anyways, now i'm just thinking of ways to get rm40! ahahhah!!

okay. probably will write more later. ngee~

Friday, March 25, 2005

very achy indeed.

last night when i said about sitting 4 hours straight rambling through the internet, well, add another 3 hours to that.
should've gotten to bed earlier, but i couldn't help looping and looping my playlist. *giggle*
Room On The 3rd Floor

i guess it bothered me that no one outside of the UK know much about these fellas, when they make really good music!! (biased? maybe!) well, if you like 60's/70's pop, you'll totally love this album! i don't think i am much of a fan of those period's pop music, but i do love McFly's music! *more giggle*

i mean, i can go listing down all their songs now! (don't worry, i'll spare you! but HERE's a page where they talk about every track on their album.) listen to Room On The 3rd Floor, Surfer Babe, Broccoli and Not Alone if you please. (i'm probably a bit attached to Not Alone though since Danny wrote that one! AHHAHAHA!! well, i thought it sounded a bit Lifehouse-ish, so it's GOOD! roawr!) and Broccoli has this really cute/probably funny part that i couldn't help, but adore!! well, if you get to listen to this one, keep an ear for the part with "i knew she cares.. she cares!" my FAVOURITE PART!! *giggle*

oh well, i'm plainly in love with this album. i have no problem listening to the whole lot of it! so if you don't mind listening to pop, LISTEN TO THIS ONE!!

okay. done promoting! but wait, i found this silly page! thought it's a bit funny so i'm putting it here; CLICK!

okay! should get dressed and walk off to class now!! heeheee!
have a fantastic weekend people!! (ican'twaittogetaholdofmyCDathome!!!)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

happy as Pig.

(Pigwidgeon, mind.)

what's useless?
- sitting in front of the pc, staring at the progress bar of the file you're downloading and surfing around for McFly for exactly 4 hours straight until you realize that you've only had an apple since daybreak.

well, not my fault really, to be as enthusiastic as i am about the song i was waiting on since yesterday! hihi! finally i got the good copy instead of some stupid repeated lines!! grrr.
anyways, today i finally moved on to the rest of my playlist on my player. (i've been looping on Michael Buble's Home, Damien Rice's Cheers Darlin' and McFly since the past week!!) but well, i didn't move too far though 'coz i went back to them when i had enough dose of Good Charlotte! kikkiki! ANYWAYS!! my point really is, i've just realised i had this song, and only listened to it earlier today; it sounds like a weird, early 90's song i wouldn't like, but i actually did! hihi. maybe 'coz it gives a bit of a sad vibe but not too much.

It Wasn't Enough by Good Charlotte

It wasn’t enough

I would try to believe
In the things I cannot see
But my faith is shaken now
Like it’s never been before
When I call and you don’t come
I don’t know what I should do
Should I call?
Should I even count on you?

I’ve given all I can
It wasn’t enough
To keep you in my hands
Should I give up?
I try to understand
Was it ever enough?
I don’t understand

So here I am once again
With my back against the wall
Afraid to show you
Afraid to tell you
That I don’t know you like I did
I’ve never been so alone
I’ve never felt so insecure
And now I don’t know where I’m going
In my life I’m not so sure

I’ve given all I can
It wasn’t enough
To keep you in my hands
Should I give up?
I try to understand
Was it ever enough?
I don’t understand

Giving up tonight
I won't let go, won’t let go of you
Giving up tonight
I wanna show you, wanna show you
Giving up tonight
I won't let go, won’t let go of you
Giving up tonight
Am I giving up, giving up?
I don’t wanna give this up, I won't

I’ve given all I can
It wasn’t enough
To keep you in my hands
Should I give up?
I try to understand
Was it ever enough?
I don’t understand

Everything you want from me
I've fought so hard for everything
Everything you want from me
I've tried so hard, could never be
Anything you want from me
Anything you want from me
Anything you want from me
I've given up

the song i waited on the whole today was McFly of course! would've put it over here if i hadn't promised last week not to post too much of them anymore. hihi! maybe next week, yeah? GC's song was as good after all!

**since i'm not posting any HP news these days, i'd just express myself as HP-mannerly as possible; eg. happy as Pig, produce the most brilliant patronus, blablaa. so when you come upon some weird words or phrases, it might be wise to assume that it's originated from anything Harry Potter, yeah? hihi!**

scripts are AMAZING!!

okay. done editing for today. kinda tiring to work on this for 6-8 hours since yesterday.
so i've edited some bits around the layout! noticed it?? if not, try refreshing the page a few times and see if you'd notice it then. hihhik!

okie. lifehouse's album's out!!

seems like mr wade has a new do! hihi!
wonder what their new album sounds like. have only heard you and me and it's not exactly ear-catching is it? well, maybe because i'm not too much in love as i used to, so somehow their songs doesn't seem to effect as much. *sigh*
o well! gotta listen to the album soon!!

just a bit to promote, heh! : Chat live with Lifehouse on MSN Celebrity Chats Wednesday, March 30 at 4pm PT/7pm ET on MSN Chat!


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

still. still tired.

i could just sleep on the keyboard right now, but it's dusk. if i sleep now, later i'd wake up and my whole sleeping time will be all messed up again. bluerghh!

had to wake up early this morning. promised to meet up fendi 'coz i was asking him for help on my maya. so it'd be.. polite to see him in person, yeah?
then i had a lecture; which i only half-listened as i always do. *sigh* couldn't help it! that particular class is the best time i have to catch up on my diary/scrapbook-writing. sat around yoges, majin, ablen and dar during class so that was a bit nice - catching up a bit and bad-mouthing! AHHAHAHAHA!!

anyways, later me and yoges went to that Digital Media final year exhibition (which shahnon had invited me to earlier) and i have to say it was MIGHTY IMPRESSIVE!! if i were so thick; not to feel embarassed at all, i would've gape at most of the works displayed there!
shahnon did this thing about wayang kulit (can't help thinking how traditional that guy is. wayang kulit.. silat.. hehe!) and there's this interactive thing that moves the character by waving anything white in front of the webcam. entah hape laa care nak describe ni.. since i have NO idea how he did that, i have to say that it's just IMPRESSIVE!!
then saw kak yan's topophobia (is it??) which i didn't get to play since someone else was on it. same as that popo game which really reminds me of super mario brothers. SANGAT IMPRESSIVE!! if i have to describe all i saw in that room, i'm certain that it'll be a horrible jumble of malay-english in here, so i better stop now. oh wait, kak yan sangat smart tadi! kikkiki!
i had NO idea that the final year's had to do works such as i'd seen today. very cool indeed!!

after that i started walking back cyberia when ablen called and asked if i want to tag along for lunch with him and dar. DUH!
so we went to alamanda and ate at the foodcourt. dar made a moronic joke, i almost spat my drink onto the floor but i ended up coughing it down. blablablaa~
really, we just ate there and talked so there's nothing much to mention in here.
thanks fellas for letting me come with. =)

so now i'm just done editing the layout, and quite bored to be honest.
wondering if i ought to go out tommorrow like i always do..
but i probably shouldn't. *sigh* reasoning sux.

really. really tired.

two nights in a row, i worked on something pretty less-important until very late. i slept around 5 am yesterday, and now; 2:30 am, i'm still awake!
pleased to say that i'm done with what i've been working on the rest of today! =)
(if only i am as enthusiatic as this when i'm working on assignments!!)

new layout! a bit earlier than i had planned, but i'm ecstatic(spelling?) to show off my wishlist!! hihi.
the album cover
well, i don't really have it right now, it's with dida!! weeeeeee~!! her boss went to london for business and i almost scream at her if she could ask her boss to buy the CD for me. ahhahahhaha!! and at 2:09pm yesterday, dida called and said that her boss had bought it!! WAHHAHHAHAHA!!!
I AM SO SOOO HAPPY!!! so happy that if i were a real witch, i could've produced the most brilliant patronus ever seen!
just can't wait to get my hands on it, now!!! woooooooooot~!!!
it's just... very fortunate of me. =)

okay. the new layout is pretty stinky, i noticed. i suppose maturity is simply something i don't have. hahhahah!! i always end up doing something as childish as this. *sigh* baaah~ who cares!!

**patronus - it's the 'guardian' that fights off dementors. (refer to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; and yes, they've made that one to movie last year. heh!)

okay!! better go to sleep now or i'd wake up around noon like yesterday! ahhahaha!!
gudnite gudnite dear world~!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

*lol* Which McFly member would sleep with you?

You scored as Danny. Danny, the whore-ish one, would of course sleep with you. He lyk WaNtZ yOuR BaBiEz!!!1£$^*£(%>









Which McFly member would sleep with you?
created with

ahhahha!! anytime danny!! *rofl now*
ohh, this ISN'T what i'm feeling lucky about. *lol!*


i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! so lucky!! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky!!!!

will tell later about this. hahhahahahhha!!

i'm so lucky! i'm so lucky! so luckyyyyy!!!!
wishlist down to 19. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!

had a nice weekend?

my F1 ticket!mine was excellent!! F1 for two years in a row!!! don't know what it was if not lucky - lucky that mama and nina works for Tourism Malaysia, that is!! hehhe!! so me and dida went to see the race with the tickets THEY got (for free).

we got really good seats this year. much better than last year! it was near the big screen, and the seats allowed us to see probably 60% of the circuit! couldn't help feeling all excited about it. only wished that i had rm150 lying around so i could've bought the commentary headphone! grr. that'd be super! but anyways, with what i had last sunday, i was already content. =D

Ferrari didn't win on this circuit again this year. *sigh* i think it's really unfair that they're being just lousy for not replacing to their new engines since Australian GP. can't wait for the Bahrain circuit now! really wanna see what their new engines are capabale of. heh!

we went straight out when it ended. didn't feel like partying to the concert after that. hahhaha! we got on the bus to nilai, which i slept on "embarrassingly" as dida thought. (as if i care; being among a bunch of people i don't even know!) then we got on the commuter and headed to seremban and rested a bit at nina's (and family!) place.
the green dot was where we were this year while the yellow one was our seat last year!
anyways, sunday had just been fantastic!! (even though my period came without me being prepared; which i don't think it'd actually interests you, ahahha!!) the weather wasn't excrutiatingly hot, quite breezy even! and i had real fun being amongst the crowd of reds. heh! i think i got myself a bit of a tan though, but i'm fine with it!! just felt lucky to have such great weekend! =)

just hope that i'll get luckier and manage to get all the things on my wishlist that now compromise of 20 things! ahhaha! (maybe i'd put it over here next time i change the layout.) o yeah, if you haven't seen it, i think the video clip for McFly - Room On The 3rd Floor was mightyly cool!! sempat nak promote lagik.

fotopage updated! (with pictures that most probably wouldn't interest you lot)

ohh! my thoughts on equinox; nothing much happened, did it? it even rained a bit later in the afternoon in shah alam! well, as expected. the news said that it's because we're already on the.. err.. garisan khatulistiwa. we're used to the hot temperature so we couldn't feel if there's any change. (what's garisan khatulistiwa in english, eh? can't think of what line it is! *sigh* sometimes i can't help feeling like i don't belong. i speak lousy Malay and even worse English! grrr!)

Friday, March 18, 2005

here's another weekend..

just 3 more weeks to school break!! how awesome is that??

nothing much to say really. i'm rather tired and sleepy but i thought i should leave soon if i want to see nina in her office, yeah?
so here's another McFly song. my second favorite, i think. hehe! i should stop posting their pictures by next week, i promise!
RND 05!! woooh~!!
Big Hair & Beyond!!
Room On The 3rd Floor by McFly

Room on the third floor,
Not what we asked for.
I'm not tired enough to sleep.
One bed is broken,
Next room is smokin',
Air conditioning's stuck on heat.

And outside it's rainin',
Hear the guest upstairs complainin'
'Bout the room that's got their TV too loud.
Cos the times like these remind me
That I've got to keep my feet on the ground.

Wake up early,
Round seven thirty,
House keeping knockin' on my door.
Do not disturb sign,
The back of her mind.
I must have left it on the floor. (yeah)

My eyes are hurting,
Cos the cheap nylon curtains.
Let's the sunlight creep in through from the clouds.
Cos the times like these remind me
That I've got to keep my feet on the ground.

Na na na na
Na na na naaah
Na na na na
Na na na naaah

I gues the times like these remind me,
I gues the times like these remind me,
I guess the times like these remind me,
That I've got to keep my feet on the ground.

** i realize i've been talking in codes lately so here, to those who has a rather un-curious mind (to look up on it for themselves):
RND 05 - Red Nose Day (2005), held by the UK charity organization; Comic Relief every OTHER year
Big Hair & Beyond - was the tagline for this year's RND
the little toy thingy those McFly are with - it's the.. logo? mascot? thingy for RND!

the sudden craze for Mcfly - that's because i just found out that they have some good songs! good thing i tuned in to MTV when i did, and saw the video clip for All About You, which i have told earlier, the official song for RND 05!

i'll get crazy for Potterverse again next week! =)
by the way kids, next monday the 21st is the equinox!(spelling?) that's when day-time and night-time is just as long! i doubt if it'll make any much difference, but i wonder if it'll show. (yeah, i'll keep my eyes on the sun and see if they're equally long)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Big Head & ...Big Foot?

so i promised an update to my find. humm..
i found that i can actually get quite depressed when the CD i was looking for was not in tower records.. nor speedy.. nor even music valley! there's Busted CDs in jusco, but no McFly All About You anywhere. pretty depressing indeed.
i suppose i've been putting too much hope for that record to be on sale here when it was only released on march 7th in the UK. baaaahh!

other than that, i also found out that humming to the tune that is practically embedded to my mind while enjoying a 20 ringgit worth of lunch was not really enjoyable. =( i suppose i should look around for the price online now and if it's not perposterously(spelling?) expensive i'd ask nina if she could lend me her card. *sigh* or i'll just wait for some months, hoping that it WILL get here. baaaaaahhh!! this waiting thing.. i'm not good at.
so who would've thought that a single CD could've lead me to depression? i wouldn't.

but at the end of the day, today hasn't been exactly a total waste.
i did get to buy the refill for my black pilot pen. heh! not exactly important, but i only write in my diary/scrapbook thing with black inked pen and if there isn't any around, i prefer not writing at all; which will leave out quite a huge gap of time in it, and i don't like that at all.
i also get to eat a rather.. high carb lunch from probably my 3rd favorite place on earth - Dave's Deli! (first and second place goes to Kinokuniya and MPH; just to show how much geeky i actually am.) i don't go to Kinokuniya much though. why does it have to be inside KLCC? i'm really not a fan of KLCC, in fact if dayat isn't in UIA and Kinokuniya is not there, i wouldn't even bother stepping my feet on those ground. (AHHAHHAHA! that was a bit dramatic, don't you think?) anyways, MPH is the next best thing after Kinokuniya.
humm.. now that i have my thoughts on this, fourth place would probably be Mugglenet! AHHAHAH!!
oh btw, my weight is now 51kilos! woooh~!! maybe by the end of this year i'd manage to hit my ideal BMI! woooh~!

now i wonder if the life of a writer could actually suit me since i wrote this entry on my book while having lunch, and now just transferring them into the blog. *ponder ponder*
no HP update today. been too depressed to get excited over it.
3rd pic of McFly this week!
Obviously by McFly

Recently I've been
Hopelessly reachin
Out for this girl
Who's out of this world
Believe me

She's got a boyfriend
He drives her round the bend
Cause he's 23
He's in the marines
He'd kill me

For so many nights now
I find myself thinkin about her now ohhh

Cause obviously she's out of my league
But how can I win
She keeps draggin me in
And I know I
Never will be good enough for her
No no
I never will be good enough for her

Gotta escape now
Get on a plane now
Off to LA
And that's where i'll stay
For two years

Put her behind me
(Put her behind me)
And go to a place where she can't find me ohhh

Cause obviously she's out of my league
I'm wastin my time
Cause she'll never be mine
And I know I
never will be good enough for her
No no
I never will be good enough for her

She's out of my hands
And I never know where I stand
Cause I'm not good enough for her
Good enough for her x6

Cause obviously she's out of my league
I'm wastin my time
Cause she'll never be mine
And I know I
never will be good enough for her

Cause obviously she's out of my league
But how can I win
She keeps draggin me in
And I know I
never will be good enough for her

an ulser is the worst thing to have after a runny nose. and mine is near the wisdom tooth and it hurts to even smile. grrr.

Big Hair & Beyond

wish i could get my hands on the RND 05 shirt! grr.

i'll be off to tower records in a bit, half hoping that i won't find the thing i intend to find. huu~ (but i do want to find it!!)
conscience sux, don't they?

will update later and tell about my find. =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

all about you!

mind, i'm not over the whole Potterverse yet. i'm just expanding my ability to have multiple interests at the same time!
busted! mcfly!
Build Me Up Buttercup by Busted feat. McFly

Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down (let me down)and mess me around
And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin'
You know that I have from the start
So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart

"I'll be over at ten", you told me time and again
But you're late, I wait around and then
I run to the door, I can't take any more
It's not you, you let me down again

(Hey, hey, hey!) Baby, baby, try to find
(Hey, hey, hey!) A little time, and I'll make you mine
(Hey, hey, hey!) I'll be home
I'll be beside the phone waiting for you

Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around
And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin'
You know that I have from the start
So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart

You are my toy but I could be the boy you adore
If you'd just let me know (bah-dah-dah)
Although you're untrue, I'm attracted to you all the more
Why do I need you so?

(Hey, hey, hey!) Baby, baby, try to find
(Hey, hey, hey!) A little time and I'll make you mine
(Hey, hey, hey!) I'll be home
I'll be beside the phone waiting for you

Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around
And then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, baby
When you say you will (say you will) but I love you still
I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin'
You know that I have from the start
So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart

(yeah, i'm pretty much acting like a groupie right now)
grrr rase gatal nak beli the All About You album. sick of the copy of that song i have. seems like noone was sharing the album version! =(

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bogies Grand Finale.

i just watched it and it's hilarious!!! still catching my breath right now.
i am officially loving Comic Relief UK and Red Nose Day! (March 11th)

the final pro celebrities bogies challenge was between dick (i don't know) and dominic wood (also don't know, but he was funny!) with sarah cox (she looks familiar, but i don't know her as well) and rupert grint!! (aha!)
dick and dom were surely nutters!! ahahhahahah!!!
(and so was i 'coz i was laughing all by myself!) ahahhaha!!

i am SO not going to delete these videos. love~ loooovveee~!

by the way, this is dick and dom. ngeee~
dick and dom!

build me up buttercup!

i'm having this sudden likeness for McFly! heehee~
Image hosted by

just because i saw their video clip during the weekends. and now that when i listen to it, i keep thinking to myself how it suits as a wedding song. AHHAHAHAH!! i thought the song was really sweet and i like the part about the "kitchen tiles". just can't help feeling rather fluttery for this song.. listen to it if you haven't!
i like danny's voice the most! hihi. danny yang comel~ gagaaa~ but this neat song was written by tom, so i gotta love him for that! (it's quite worrying to think that i've been having crushes on younger people these days!)

All About You by McFly

It’s all about you, it’s all about you baby
It’s all about you, it’s all about you

Yesterday you asked me something I thought you knew
So I told you with a smile
It’s all about you

Then you whispered in my ear and you told me to
Said you make my life worth while
It’s all about you

And I would answer all your wishes
If you ask me to
But if you deny me one of your kisses
Don’t know what I’d do

So hold me close and say three words like you used to do
Dancing on the kitchen tiles it’s all about you

And I would answer all your wishes if you asked me to
But if you deny me one of your kisses don’t know what I’d do

So hold me close and say three words like you used to do
Dancing on the kitchen tiles
Yes you make my life worth while
So I told you with a smile

It’s all about you

this song is the official song for Comic Relief 2005!! (yeayy for Comic Relief!!)
Comic Relief U.K is one of Britain's most successful charities. they raise money by using laughter; to fight poverty, injustice and disaster for children in need throughout the world.
(so that probably made sense to the silliness in McFly's video, Rowling's Quidditch Through The Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and yes.. ice cream man and bogies!!)

and i also rather like their version of build me up buttercup with busted! makes me wanna get up from my seat and just jump around like a maniac. hohoho!
okay. err.. nothing else to say.
3000 - achieved!! hoyeahh~!

Monday, March 14, 2005


render me silly.
just got back here to realize that i've practically just created a ritual. okay well, "routine" should've sound better.

1- put away all my things.
2- sit in front of pc.
3- surf mugglenet.
4- open a new window and see blog.
5- log on to blogger as the other window opens to portkey.

i seriously need july to come quickly..

Friday, March 11, 2005

humm.. *rubs chin out of habit*

read this one neat fic which introduced me to this highly DEPRESSING song - which i come to love! ahhahaha! i don't usually love tunes like this, (the song is super slow!) but obviously this song is an exception.

Cheers Darlin' by Damien Rice

Cheers darlin'
Here's to you and your lover boy
Cheers darlin'
I got years to wait around for you
Cheers darlin'
I've got your wedding bells in my ear
Cheers darlin'
You give me three cigarettes
To smoke my tears away

And I die when you mention his name
And I lied, I should have kissed you
When we were running in the rains

What am I, darlin'?
A whisper in your ear?
A piece of your cake?
What am I, darlin?
The boy you can fear?
Or your biggest mistake?

Cheers darlin'
Here's to you and your lover man
Cheers darlin'
I just hang around and eat from a can
Cheers darlin'
I got a ribbon of green on my guitar
Cheers darlin'
I got a beauty queen
To sit not very far from here

I die when he comes around
To take you home
I'm too shy, I should have kissed you
When we were alone

What am I, darlin'?
A whisper in your ear?
A piece of your cake?
What am I, darlin?
The boy you can fear?
Or your biggest mistake?

What am I?
What am I, darlin'?
I got years to wait around for you

can't stop listening to this song over and over again since i got it.
so, have a fabulous weekend people! i gotta go and pack my things now, wish i could control time!! (wouldn't that be wonderful?) heh!

achieving 3000

*sigh* i hate posting a day late. guess i was just too preoccupied to type sooner. =( but i believe it's still 10th march in england, so..

happy birthday professor lupin!!
*sigh* i do realize that he is no longer a professor and that he's the second inexistent person that i wished upon this month!
but that's not a reason not to celebrate all the same, is it? heehee~
(blame rowling for everything! blame it all on her!!!!)

today yesterday i had lunch with mama and nina in KL. i suppose that is quite far to get lunch but hey! it's either KL or nowhere at all.. (i find myself not to bother going out at all if it's only 10 minutes away, somehow) (and yes, my classes are 10 minutes away if i walk. hahhaha!!)
i sat with nina after lunch, and that was really... bad? really?
well, it's bad because we were seperated by an internet-connected pc and well, as if on auto-pilot, i hogged her pc and start "introducing" her to mugglenet and! wahhahhaha!! and nina was a great sport 'coz she laughed at all the right places when i told her about the ice-cream man and bogies! heehee!
anyways, i only got back here at half past 8, with half a dozen muffins! (weeeee!!) mama's AWESOME!

ohh, before we left pwtc, i saw a group of people who seemed rather familiar. hihi! surprisingly, i was only half interested when i saw ruffedge and- zahid!! *mad laugh* i was laughing because i used to think that i'd be jumping about if i get to see him in person but the truth is, when i saw him, i could only hear myself reciting the old entries i've blogged about him! (and think; "ohh~ how lame!") yes, LAME! and fariz was right!!! zahid was rather.. well, no other way to say it.. but, short! ahhahahhah!!! *mad laugh again* this is embarassing. i mean, if you're crushing on someone, that person should probably be 'perfect' yeah? well, he's obviously NOT and now i'm left feeling utterly EMBARASSED by my old old posts. honestly! mimpi kejar kejar hamster.. LAMELAMELAME!!!! (yes, i do feel the heat radiating from my face) SO LAME!!!

just now i came by an interesting line in the many fics i've been following on portkey! (DON'T CLICK if you're not a H/Hr, Ron/Luna, Draco/Ginny, James/Lily shipper) it goes on about this girl who just broke up with her boy, and though they both know it was coming, she couldn't help herself from missing him. she made it clear that she doesn't want him back, but missing him was inevitable all the same. and to console her, her friend said, "good guys will do that to you"
hehhe. hear hear! that is.. wickedly true. =)

okay! i really need to get some rest now or i won't be able to get up for class tomorrow! well, today!! but before that!
quoting from arthur levine; an editor at scholastic, "HBP will be an intense book, but with light-hearted moments."
yeah. *scream here as much as you please*

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


that ice-cream man was definitely humorous.
good things come in three. =)
so many things can go right when it's meant to go wrong..

i.. i'll be running along to my room now so i'll shut up before i even start!

humm, i might just be talking in codes.

tears in my eyes.

(not necessarily a bad thing.)

kids version adult version
news: mugglenet > leaky-cauldron > bloomsbury
*screaaammm!!* obviously harry will be doing some sort of spell alongside dumbledore, yeah? and i wonder what that old book is all about. (it reads advanced potion making by the way) always liked the cover for the adult version, but i'll be buying the kid's again this time since i started collecting with it. wouldn't look nice if suddenly the pattern changes when i stack them together later! heeeee~
ohh, and scholastic has released their version for cover as well!
scholastic's cover version
aaaaaaaa!!! i think i have a slight idea about advanced potion making!!!!! *scream* *tears in eyes again* harry's **O.W.Ls!!! he's going to pass his potions!! must be!! so, assuming he'll live through book 7, he could become an **auror now, couldn't he?? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! brilliant!!! i love rowling!!!!
(will write more later!) 2:20am

okay. i realize that saying anything that could happen after book 7 is much too soon. i guess i was just too excited about the covers! i mean, the adult version always portrays what's really in the storyline! advanced potion making.. harry must've got at least an **E for his O.W.L then since snape wouldn't let anyone getting anything less to take the subject for **N.E.W.T! ooh~ can't wait to read how snape would react on that! ahhahaha!! JULY!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! 1:07pm

** HP For Dummies
O.W.Ls - Ordinary Wizarding Level; a major exam taken by the 5th year students in Hogwarts School. consists of writing and practical tests for subjects such as Transfiguration, Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms etc.
N.E.W.T - Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test; a major exam taken by the 7th year students in Hogwarts School. (7th year is the final year and their N.E.W.T results will determine which career path they could take)
auror - possibly the most dangerous job offered by the ministry of magic. they're like **muggle police but since they deal with magic (or dark magic!), and bad wizards tends to be more dangerous than muggle bad people, their job are obviously more dangerous! becoming an auror requires 3 years of training and then a test should be taken.
muggle - non magical people.
grading system in Hogwarts School - O; Outstanding, E; Exceeds Expectation, A; Acceptable, P; Poor, D; Dreadful.

the Harry Potter books really are fun to read!!! go on and start reading so next time you read my blog, you wouldn't think that i'm plain crazy! heeee~

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

shopping therapy.

i haven't yet found a female that hates shopping. honestly, the more they shop, the happier they get!

been spending the rest of today with cik ila around KL and now my feet are threatening to fall off if i decide to go on for a walk anytime soon. =(
so we went to the central market, sungai wang, bentley music, lot10 and also times square - practically going on every public transport offered in KL. (bus, star lrt, putra and monorail)

mind, i wasn't the one who requires to shop for therapy. plus, i am still poor. (unlike some people!!) by the way, THANKS FOR LUNCH, CIK ILAA!!! tagging along to cik ila shop was really interesting. she's really.. easy! i mean, she sees what she likes, and she grabs it straight. (i'd usually walk around and ponder if i should buy the things i like) but of course, that concludes to her buying soo many clothes, (in my opinion, at least) that if she decides to wear them all at the same day, she could change her clothes every 4 hours! HAHHAHA!! but most of them were black in color (except one, which i totally approve!) so she can still head on to being as "metal" as she wants. (despite the fact that she shops crazy like a GIRL! wahhahha!!) and she also got herself a new black jeans for a more metal effect! AHHAHAHHA!! good thing i have no money to spare really. cik ila is really a bad influence for shopping. she's a true.. what'chacallit? impulsive buyer? compulsive buyer?? (sorry, i'm trying to add on some vocab(-ulary) around here but i might just have failed miserably)
my leg hurts but the day was amusing all the same. =)

later the day we went to get some ice-blended coffee at STARBUCKS!! *cheer!* my first visit to starbucks this year. and the guy was SO NICE!! he transferred my collective stamps from last year to this year's card!! and i thought those 5 stamps were just going to waste. hihi.
and today i got myself remembering about what i thought on sunday, about gary oldman. huhuuu. (potter-manic starts here!)
i suppose he's good at being dead, isn't he? i mean, harrison ford killed him in air force one, and since he's acting sirius black in the third HP movie, suppose he'll get killed in the fifth movie! poor gary. and daniel too, 'coz he adores that man...
ahahhaha!! let me rant about HP and i'll never stop.

going to get myself some rest now (if the coffees would let me).
to nur bahijah a. wahid, EPPY 21st!!! =)


What sort of a person that goes on writing about what he or she is going to blog next?
- obviously, my sort.
i swear if you ever get the chance to go through my notebooks, you'd find one or two (probably several!) little notes on things that you can also find from this blog. honestly, writing is a curse - in some ways.

currently loving my new room! (no offence to my old room) but i thought being in a room with another 'quiet' person is just dandy! and i can't stop smiling all through last night everytime i get a wift from the fan.
though i can't say the same for my bed and speaking english with my new roomie. i think my new bed needs getting a hang of, and english.. well.. i am a considerably better writer than conversationalist. you should've listen to me when i talk about the room key with her - HORRIBLE!

anyways, weekend was.. nice. somehow me and dida couldn't stop talking and i thought it was funny. but yesterday when we were on our way here, everytime she starts talking about her office, i'd pass her some fries so she'll shut up. hahha! not intentionally, though. it was some sort of a motor reaction, she starts talking, i pass her some fries. it was weird all the same.

ohh, and yesterday was the end of me and papa's feud. hahhah!! i KNEW he couldn't take the fact that i don't need him for everything. (yeah, i'm not exactly sorry to say that. it kills me to say sorry, and with what had happened, i'm not at all sorry) the feud kinda stop very slowly. very. 'coz it kind of started to mellow on friday. i was chattering madly with dida while we were in the car, and i suppose he listened closely 'coz when i asked her about HMS, he was the one who answered. kohkohkoh!! on saturday and sunday we were back on non-speaking term again, but by monday he couldn't stop being nice to me. so when i was leaving i thought, 'humm, i guess i should say goodbye to him now' and i did, and he pulled me into a hug. kekkeke! i can't stop feeling bad when i remember the look on his face. (i told mama and dida about this and dida kept saying "ooh~ papa's favorite girl!!" yeech!)

i doubt i'm papa's favorite girl though. if you ask him, he'd approve the fact that i create the most trouble among my siblings. honestly, if i were papa, i'd favor the most helpful one of us three and i'm practically useless at home. (anywhere, really!)
baaah~ papa never really learn so i expect this sort of thing will happen again. i suppose he has that bit of ego since he's the man of the house, but i guess he keeps forgetting that i can play along to his games. (dida did say that i'm somewhat alike papa. padan muka!)

ps: i do realize that i posted somewhile ago that it depresses me to be a horrible daughter to my parents, but i believe in fair-game so admitting that i was wrong when i wasn't is really not an option in my book. (yeah, i am very much stubborn, hot headed and short tempered. mind.)
i am sorry that i can't stop talking about it in here though. fighting usually makes me.. rather bitter. *sigh* this whole psychology thing tires me out.

and now, i'm about to off and make myself even more of a horrible person that i already am. cheerio~

Friday, March 04, 2005

hey... love!

get well soon! =)

you remember when i said i'll slow down on the enthusiasm for H/Hr??
well, that's a major failure!!
i.. i hope.. right now i can just hope that rowling will do a bloody good job when she pairs up her characters or i'd surely be pissed!! (if it ends up R/Hr and H/G or whatsoevercausei'malreadygoingnutters!)

blaaaaahhh! i want to stop rambling!!!!!
have a good weekend people!!
now if you please, i'd like to get some law stuff in my head for the midterm i'll be having in less than 30 minutes.

i'm immobile..

i definitely need july to come over quickly.
this passion for potter is getting rather out of hand. i've been spending my entire time here reading upon those little updates and those fanfics. it's horrible!
i wish i could get a sabbatical and lay around like a real bumm and do nothing so i wouldn't have this slight guilt for making a measly promise at the start of term. i know i've then said that i shouldn't make any promise to myself, but when i promised to get my grades up, it's really horrible to let myself down on that, isn't it?

i mean, it's OBVIOUSLY for my own good!
gaaaahhh!!! i wish i hadn't picked creative multimedia on the first place!! don't know what i was thinking. o yeah, i thought that i was destined to be here since i was in form four. don't know where i got that idea. horrible, really!
well, i know somewhere inside me believes that i do have a knack for design.. but right now there's something else thumping inside my brain, wanting out!
i honestly hate when times like this surfaces.

so here's a thought. do i look like capable of writing a good, brilliant story? hahhaha! somehow i'm afraid to know the answer.
i was thinking about doing something else after getting my degree, but being the sagittarius that i am, i'm rather certain that adding another year for studying already seem quite unappealing. plus, planning isn't exactly my strong point.

humm.. what i need really is one super rich funny husband who adores me undividingly and only wants to keep me in the house for himself and takes me out travelling around the globe once every few months! hahhahah!! now that's the one thing i'm sure i wouldn't have doubts after, rather than thinking if i've made the right choices that got me here, now.
1. money
2. a humourous guy who's idiotic enough to see me through
3. that same guy who doesn't mind me being stupid 'coz i'm SO lazy to go to class
4. not being stuck in one place all the time. (i know i'd LOVE europe!!!)

*sigh* i wish i'd GROW UP and stop wishing!!!!
off to sleep now!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

hey daniel!

i'd say you have a rather interesting taste in music, haven't you? it's a bit.. too british yeah? of course, i do notice that you are british yourself! hahha! when i said it's too british, i haven't decided yet if it's good or bad.
i still think it's interesting, so that is most probably isn't bad. i've taken a liking to this song too!

Week In Week Out by The Ordinary Boys

Is there something more?
Surely there must be.
You can't lose everything,
So you're quite happy,
To live with nothing more,
Than a life-long shopping list,
You tick it off on credit
Well you'll pay for it.

Week in and week out,
Your lucky charms
will always let you down,
Maybe next week
we'll see, maybe,
You stand in line completely still,
Feel truly unfulfilled,
Week in week out.

Where are you going to turn,
When all ambition fails?
Why try anymore,
If human nature's stale?
Invite the hand of God,
To touch the lucky few,
But there's no such thing as God,
Nor easy money too.

Week in and week out,
Your lucky charms
will always let you down,
Maybe next week
we'll see, maybe,
You stand in line completely still,
Feel truly unfulfilled,
Week in week out.

and for some reasons, i need to get to sleep more than ever right now.
HMS Pumpkin Pie sails on! hahhaha!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

bad move, wanie.

next time you see me on the verge of wolfing down 4 slices of pizza when i've already ate a piece of lasagna and 3 slices of pizza earlier, STOP ME! don't make me say about not wanting it to get ruined the next day, just STOP ME! hit me if you have to. 'coz my night's sleep was really restless since i had a bad case of tummy ache as i slept. hahhaha!!
i knowww.. it's really stupid to eat as much as i did and expect that i'll be totally fine with it, physically. mentally, i did myself proud! hahahha!! seriously bad move there.

today has been immensely slow. i should catch up on some sleep but i'm stupidly still googling on any harry potter related things. hohhohok! can't help it since they keep posting some new photos on the upcoming movie. the latest were the pictures of the stadium for quidditch world cup! =) and yesterday there were pictures of the norwedgian norwegian ridgeback. err.. was it the ridgeback? ohh! sorry. pictures of the hungarian horntail! hehe. =) the ridgeback was baby norbert from philosopher's stone. =P (sorry if you couldn't care less about HP 'coz i care loads and LOADS. o wait, i'm not really sorry. hahha! i did warn you about pausing the visit to this blog!)

hummph. and now i'm bored. and should get my shower. and should go to the atm later for money to pay for rent. bluerghh.
wish an owl would swoop down with some funny news. (of course, if a real owl would swoop down into the room i'd really think it'd be funny)

spell of the day: obliviate!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

*cheer cheer*

happy birthday ron weasley!!
hihi. of course, he's not really an actual person, is he?

i can't quite let it rest - shipping, the thing about ron and hermione, they are undoubtedly a "something should happen". and they do have that classic "love/hate relationship" going on. honestly, the last time i fought so much with a single person, i ended up having a secret crush on him! (but that's a different story, and it was such a long time ago!) but really.. i can't see ron and hermione ever stop shouting at each other! it's not a way to communicate, and they hardly ever speak in a normal tone without harry being furious at them, or too worried about harry to start bickering. but of course, the books just revolved around harry. i wonder though if they're any different when harry's not with them. humm..

i think i've read enough fanfiction to get me to slow down the enthusiasm about H/Hr. so i'm coming to accept if it'll be R/Hr later in the two books, though i still can't imagine how they'd end up together. i tried reading the R/Hr fanfictions, but it felt too weird to continue reading after the moment it describes how 'suddenly ron realize how lucky he was to have met hermione..' hyuck! it's so not ron! it's LAME! LAMELAMELAME!! hate it when they made ron that way! if rowling really decide to get ron and hermione together, i hope she has a really good way of getting them there. i like ron just the way he is, and he wouldn't be ron if he stopped arguing with hermione.
bluerghh. i feel my life being sucked away by the books now.

anyways! today i got to see dearest oneechan. and i finally saw constantine! would've went to see it earlier by myself if i could ensure myself to be quite brave in the cinema alone for a film like that. hohho! i thought it was an interesting watch! got to see shia!! hahahhaha!! though it's a bit weird seeing him driving a cab, knowing how young he really is. and i couldn't help feeling upset to see his character end the way it did. hee~
today is a good day to get fat, really. me and hanis ate lasagna at 1pm, and later when her boyfriend came to join us around 5 we ate pizza! hahahha!! *mad laugh* and then i got to brought back the doggie bag! hahhahaha!! domo arigatou ne oneechan!!! wish the other girls were around too. musz haven't even met zul yet!
ne oneechan, zul is really not a bugger. just liked calling him that. do you really think i'd mind having him around? it just bugs me when you two decided to get cranky with each other and i'm stuck somewhere in the middle with nothing nice to say. =P

ohh, while the three of us wandered around, hanis decided to get her watches repaired and i suddenly found myself in front of a display.. one of the displayed item was the same model of the watch i got for my birthday from err.. someone. and i found out the price, of course!! and it brought me a new wave of rage somehow. rase nak sepuk budak yang pandai sangat spent so much on me. honestly! i would've prefered if he bought me a book. well, i'm really a geek so i really wouldn't mind a book. rm30 punye buku pun cukup la! and i have a long list of books i want to read too! i'd be grateful for a book!! instead he gave me one expensive watch!! GRRRRRR!!!!
not that i don't appreciate it. i'm really REALLY thankful that someone would actually spend so much for me, while i actually forgot his birthday, but DO YOU EVEN REALIZE HOW MANY INEXPENSIVE THINGS YOU COULD BUY?? grrrr. hah~ geram, grateful, sad and confused in the same time.. you couldn't possibly know..
just as much as i don't know what you see in me...

okay. so after me and hanis waited around for zul to buy his very own digital camera (so jealous!!!), we parted ways, and that was almost 8pm. and right now i'm dead tired and wish nothing more than to plop down on my bed and sleep.
of course, i would do that if i didn't have three pieces of pizza waiting on me. hahhahaha!! *mad laugh*

loads of love, weazel weasel boy!! always. =)

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