Tuesday, March 29, 2005

we will keep wanting what we don't have.

just another day when i get all philosophical and psychological about myself. *sigh*

pardon me for any grammatical disorder, my head's a bit woozy after waking up in a shock. my dream was a bit too dramatic for me to keep it there, and instead my motor muscle had to react in real life as it did in my dream. gaaah!

couldn't really put it down
most precious.. prized posession at the time being! hihi. this pic is on my friendster as well! (sorry!) couldn't help it. just really.. REALLY pleased that i have it now. but i owe rm30 to dida for it! hihi! (and yet i'm just thinking about getting rm40 for another CD - instead of paying her back first! ahhahaha!! what a great sister i am..)
ohh, this CD is actually the 4th CD i ever bought! ekekke! never been a keen CD-buyer. and what i'd just noticed, was that the other three CD i bought were chinese and japanese!! ahhahaha!! McFLY should be proud! *rofl*

dida is supposed to go to china with her boss this weekend for work! *sigh* i'm getting reaaaaally envious now that she's started travelling around - even if it's for work!! dida's great, though; she deserves everything she gets these days. =) but i'm SO gonna kick her if she gets to go to the UK!! roawr!!

hermione, ron and harry
new pictures from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on mugglenet! hehe.

my shoulders are starting to tingle in a bad way again. and i should get my shower anytime soon. so, later!


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