Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Simple thoughts.

Was I wrong, or Steven Gerrard is really using a different number on his jersey? I thought he's using number 4. Tonight he's wearing number 9!

I like watching sports on BBC. Main reason is of course; I understand every word the commentator said. Saturday, I saw this really cool football match, England vs. ROW - which stands for the Rest Of the World. The game was for Soccer Aid and there's a bunch of artists and veteran football players on each teams. Maradona played for ROW while Robbie Williams scored for England! heehee. I don't remember the scores, but England had won. Ooh! The referee was that bald French dude who used to do Nike's commercial. What's his name? Dida's asleep and I don't feel like waking her up.

Alright. Kind of sleepy. Woke up pretty early this morning 'cause I didn't want the cleaning lady catches me off guard again. It's been twice that they came while I was having my shower. I'm starting to think that they just like seeing me in my towel. ahhahahahahaha!!

Sweet dreams, world!

Monday, May 29, 2006

"Salad, darling?"

heehee. An older kebab store fella said that to me and I just can't help liking the sound of it! Such a nice ring when people added "-love" or "-darling" to something really typical! "5 Pound, love."

My weekend in London...
I was grinning the whole time. It was not at all as I had hoped; what I had hoped.. was a fairytale, so never mind that! What it was, was tiring.. but I was happy! Extremely happy that I was there.

We had some problems with the travelling agency - which I'd settle with tomorrow - but people around London were really really nice!! Not as scary as the ones on telly.
It feels odd to be in some place where you can understand every single word conversed around you. All of a sudden you're listening to EVERY SINGLE WORD conversed around you. I'm a real eavesdropper while I was there. Listening to every conversation at the hotel or in the tube.. My sister kept asking me, "what are you smiling at?" heehee.

Our first day, a guy asked where I was from while we were in the tube and for what ever reason I was cold to him! I surprised myself. I'm usually quite friendly to strangers - too friendly even. Dida must have gotten to me. She told me off at the Schiphol Airport last week when we were heading to Barcelona. She said I was being too friendly to a creepy old guy. heehee. My bad. I can't pass a chance to have a candid conversation with a stranger!!
Anyways, I feel bad about the one in the tube. When we got off at Piccadily Circus Dida asked, "why didn't you chat with him?" Geez! Make up your mind, woman!
Then we got to Trafalgar Square.. where another man asked where I was from. So I say to myself.. "better be me, then!" I was feeling sorry for the guy earlier.

Med, the guy at the Trafalgar Square was really nice! He asked if we had any plans on what we're going to see since we have such short time. We said that our "plan" was to just walk around and stop where there's something to see! He then said, "oh, so you're following your nose then," - and my sister, for what ever reason rubbed her nose! ahhahahah!! That was funny. Med ended up walking with us, showing us routes to take if we'd like to head down to the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben or the London Eye.
He was really nice - and keen too! He noticed that Dida was quiet so he decided to leave us two to enjoy the walk. I laughed, o'course! Said, "yeah.. she's not too fond of strangers." heehee. Good man!

One thing I noticed about Londoners, they ARE keen to other people. And very polite. VERY polite. For instance,
A: "I'd like a cheese burger, and perhaps a large fries, please."
B: "Would you like salt and vinegar with your chips?"
A: "Yes, please"
B: "Would you like ketchup or mayonaise?"
A: "Ketchup, please"
B: "Anything else?"
A: "No, thank you."
heehee! And I thought you could only hear things like that when you read out of a text book!

We went to every tourists attraction, I think! Don't think we had left anything out. So.. three days in London is quite enough to see everything. It just depends on what everything is to you. I say it's enough to see everything, but it wasn't enough to really see them. Am I talking in circles? heehee.

I'm afraid I can't tell you every single detail that had happened in London - What happens in London stays in London!! ahhahha! naah~ I'm just tired from the travelling. Very much glad that we didn't plan for anything next weekend or me and Dida will never get our rest!

The rest of the good photos that we took in London will be uploaded on Fotopage when I feel like it.
yeayyy! Got four stamps in my passport now!

ooh! I didn't have a conclusion to my entry!

Okay, so I love London. It was bloody brilliant! I wish I could make the city my boyfriend! Okay not really. I wish it could be my blood brother! Then I couldn't possibly dump him, right? It's just.. weird how right I felt, being there. haha! Macam balek kampung of some sort.
I wish I had more time to see everything and go everywhere that I had wanted to. If only we had more time and our feet didn't hurt as bad as it did!! Man! I SO want to go there again!
Then maybe I'd have enough time to find a bloke for Muz and myself! ekkekeke!

Madame Tussauds; I think it's over-rated! It was amusing.. but it wasn't exactly amazing. So if you're thinking of going to London, you can skip that. I'd say, to see it is a novelty but I really believe you won't miss much. The Will Smith definitely needs more work! heehee.

By the way, when we were back in our building in Rotterdam, I managed to get this one fella almost hit the glass door with one look! ahhahaha!! I could be such a successful geisha! ahahhahahahhahaha!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Me.. ecstatic!!

Emy Rothenberger is an angel!!
Everyone, if you know someone with that name, treat her kindly.. She's.. awesome!!

Okie. Not much time to explain all that.. gotta get ready!!
I'm going to visit the number one city that I've always wanted to go to!! Can't count the times I've sworn to myself that I'd go there before I die..

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I just made one wicked pasta sauce!

Of course, I'm the only one to be the judge of that since my sister had been asleep since she got back from work earlier. Wish I had more spices in this house. Would love the idea of throwing in some oregano or basil! heeheee.

It's a bit late for a meal.. but I was bored. I just gotta eat when I'm bored or I'd start getting rather cranky. Could've just made myself a bowl of instant noodle but there are only 8 or 7 packets left so we gotta save them for real emergencies.

I'm dragging out, I know.

I called Muz earlier. She didn't say much, but that's just the way it is. I'll do the babbling, she'll listen, and then tell me things like, "mesti Dida tak layan kau kan? You're babbling way more than usual,"; which was.. true! ahhahaha! Well, I just don't have anything to babble to her. Plus, I always babble to Muz. That's my thing.

Then she came up with this theory; I'd only babble for three things which are movies, books and boys. That doesn't sound too good, does it? If it weren't for movies and boys I'd be a real geek. If it weren't for the movies and books, I'd be.. well, someone who keeps on talking about boys! Either way, it's bad!

Then she asked if I missed home, which then I laughed. She reckons that I can get dumped into any country 'cause I'm so detached from anything or anyone at home.

I actually WISH that I'd get dump into some other country in the future. I like this travelling thing. Works great for me.

I don't sound like I'm running away from something, am I? 'Cause I'm not! I don't think I am.. Wish it would've been easier to understand your own psychology rather than having someone telling you what you could've guessed yourself.

I want coffee.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"You just couldn't love me."

Last week I did this Tickle quiz, What's Your Love Story. Nothing exciting, really but today I got an email from Tickle that two of my friends had done the quiz and that I can see what they've got!

So my girl friend got Romantic Rescue and that just means that the perfect love story she could have is one where "love" gives a better meaning and significance to her life. "Some people put themselves in the role of hero in this love story — nursing an ailing partner back to health, saving him from a string of previously destructive relationships, maybe even saving him from a physical danger. Other people with whom you share this story cast themselves as those in need of rescue - relying on their partners to swoop in and save them from whatever ill-fate's been visited upon them, either real or imagined."
heehee. I never thought of her to be anything like that. But it's not exactly surprising.. I think she likes a bit of a challenge, although I don't know what will happen once she's done her "saving".. or "being saved".

I scored a 2 on that. Shocking. I thought saving or being saved was kind of my thing since I crave for those stuff on every show I see on the telly. Oh well.

My guy friend got Loving Too Much, which I thought was funny!! A little too lovey-dovey for a guy. heehee! But it's very true. You know it is.. This is the love story when someone just loves someone too much for their own good. "The people you're most attracted to are usually just out of reach and all the more alluring for it — like those early crushes on teen idols. The less available your partner is, emotionally and physically, the more desirable he becomes. People who share your story have plenty to offer, but they tend to put too much love into someone they shouldn't. Some people also interpret their partner's actions as they want to, not necessarily as they were intended. Sometimes this happens because they spend more time focusing on the fantasy of a relationship rather than the reality of one."

Very tragic.. and yet that is my secondary love story. (according to this complete report I'm reading.) ahhaha!! Go figure. Sounds very much like me.

But my Love Story is actually Love Conquers All.. Just the sound of it makes me shiver. ahhahah!! Too "fairy-tale". It's just silly. "At its core, the Love Conquers All story is very romantic, triumphant, and full of courage to face yourself with honesty. The catalyst for change in your love story is usually a pivotal event, circumstance, or reevaluation of yourself. Even if fate doesn't throw obstacles in your way, it's possible that you do. Do you shy away from romantic commitments? Do you make excuses for not dating? Do you wish your relationships never progressed passed the lovey-dovey stage? Are the people you date "all wrong" for you? There's a reason you're holding back from pursuing a good thing. You may put excuses between you and another person, or you may intentionally pick the wrong person to give you an out, an alternative to getting serious. The real courage in your love story comes from taking a good look at yourself, and questioning your motivations."

ha-ha. This report has successfully made me feel like...
But I still like Tickle! I think they have the best quizzes online.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Got back from Barcelona a couple of hours ago. Really enjoyed it there.. it was warm. No. It was actually HOT!!
Me and Dida are a little tanned from the two days spent over there! It's almost unbelievable, I know, but that's what it is!!

Here's a tip; DO NOT fly on Vueling! ahhaha!! The flight might be cheap, but God it's horribly untrustworthy!! We kept being delayed.. for hours!! It's just wasn't fun.

Since we're just weekend-travellers (I'd like to call myself a weekend gypsy, if I may) we took the tour bus; might not be ideal for those with a tight budget, but if that isn't a problem.. it's a MUST!! There are three routes to take, the North, South and Forum.

The North Route took us to places where Gaudi had his works most. La Sagrada Familia.. was magnificent!! Okay, it's a cathedral and I probably shouldn't admire it but it's hard not to! A shame that Gaudi hadn't had enough time to finish his work. (He's the architect I mentioned, who died after being hit by a tram.)

South Route goes around the higher ground of Barcelona; Monjuik, while the Forum goes along the beach.
The tour bus is simply thorough!! They even go to the football stadium. heehee.

Conclusion: It's simply isn't enough to see the entire of Barcelona in two days! Ooh! I have to say this. Catalans/Spanish knew VERY LITTLE English. They're even worse than French. Well.. no. We didn't have any problems in Paris but in Barcelona... it'd be wise to know the basics; "left".. "right".. claro?

Bring eye-drops! The roads are dusty, probably from the numerous palm trees along the city. They're a murder.
Even then, I still *heart* (AHHAHAHAHA!!!) Barcelona! There are cute guys in every corner you look!! Okay, maybe that's just because they're more like my type but they're awfully friendly! - and very flirtatious, which I have no problem with! AHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Paris and Barcelona.. they're tied as the best city I've been to. Just thinking about it struck me emotionally.. (shameful, I know!)

Will update my fotopage once I shake off the sore muscles.
G'nite everyone! Gonna tire myself out working on my journal.

Friday, May 19, 2006


do dishes - check
do laundry - check
press Dida's tudung - check
throw away the trash - will check when we leave the house later

undies - check
enough clothes - check
hotel stuff - check
travel book - check
passport - check
journal - check
cameras - check
extra films - check

complete excitement and openness to a change of scenery and new culture - check!!!

Now off I go to meet some Catalans!
Be back on Sunday.

Da Vinci Dud?

- So had many reviewers said.
As for me, I've never been any good at reviewing since I am very much biased and tend to be short-sighted.
But if there is any reason that you should believe every word I'm about to say (or write), then this amatur-ish review might do you some good.

Me and Dida went to see The Da Vinci Code. Directed by Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou.
Warning : Very honest opinion ahead;

Dida hadn't read the book; she's completely satisfied by the film. A good two and a half hours spent in the cinema.
Too bad for me, I adored the book.
Here's an important key.. Enter the cinema, expect the worst, as I did tonight. The moment that screen turns black and Ron Howard's name comes out, you shall say to yourself, "that wasn't too bad!"

Now, if I had expected the movie to be as good as I thought the book was, I'd come out of the cinema in rage cries about how it didn't do justice to the book. Really.
I was expecting the worst. All those comments made during the CNN News at the preview for the medias had prepped me to expect the most awful movie made in mankind history. I say THANKS.

To set it straight, it wasn't "the most awful movie made in mankind history". I say it was okay to me. Just.. a simple, plain "OKAY".
At this very moment, I am thankful to God that I was born with a natural interest in READING.

But go see The Da Vinci Code anyways! I didn't like Tom Hanks as Langdon, but maybe you would! He was nowhere near awful, but the movie-Langdon was just.. ohh I don't know. What I feel for the movie-Langdon is just.. that he's just "another face of another character in a movie." He should've been Robert Langdon, a dashing Harvard-scholar who specialize in the amazing subject of symbols! He should intrigue my thoughts on every symbol I've seen today but all he was.. was just a GUY. It's sad, really.

Okay, what else can I tell you today...
Ooh! I bought something rather expensive today. Don't think I should tell Dida about it 'cause I bought it for someone! Well, a pressie. Ooooh, I just love it but I can't possibly keep it for myself. Wouldn't do me any good 'coz I'd love it too much to use it. But my feelings towards this "thing" I had bought.. Well, if someone had bought it for me, I wouldn't hold myself back to kiss that person.. heck, I might just lick his (or her!) face! ahhahahhaha! Really.

Humm.. maybe I should write this now so I could avoid any inconvenience on my behalf in the future;
In case you have any issue that I use "he" and "him" as singular pronouns identifying any general person rather than "she", "her", "he/she", "him/her", "he or she" or "they" and "them". It's a stylistic choice, motivated by literary convention and the desire to speed up communication, and implies no gender inequities. You may substitute any of the above pronoun options where appropriate.

Now I shall be free to use "him" and only "him" for as much as I want when I write of no one specific!!
(I actually care to be politically correct.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stupid.. stupid Nick!

I wonder why writers just LOVE creating characters who's a border-line egomaniacal arse. And I wonder why I just LOVE getting myself all worked up over these things. grr.

Nick, a character from one of the shows I've recently watch religiously; McLeod's Daughters. It's on Hallmark Channel of Astro but I never really followed it until I got here. It has smartly sucked me into gluing myself to the telly every 12:30 and 6:00 pm. (12:30 is the repeat of the episode on the day before.)
Obsessive.. my second middle name - if that's possible!

Dida woke me up really early today. Just to tell me to look over the other side of the river where a HUGE ship kinda just sat. It was a cruise ship. Calling my name to be jumped onto. Around 5pm it sailed away and left me thinking why I hadn't gone to it. humm..

O yeahh! I made an apple pie earlier today!! It amazes me how a recipe I copied from the internet worked wonderfully. I - actually - baked - a - pie!!! ME!

A shout out to Ms. Fox who according to little Mimi, "went to the shop with her friend", when I tried calling her earlier. Amazed.. Mimi is already in that age where she can answer the phone.. Boy, time flies!
Anyways, then I called Dayat who unsurprisingly got me laughing and shout about. heehee. Okay. Malas nak call Azraai!!!

This song's stuck in the head. Seen too much of tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy's ad.

My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow

I woke up and called this morning
The tone of your voice was a warning
That you don't care for me anymore

I made up the bed we sleep in
I looked at the clock when you creep in
6 AM and I'm alone

Did you know when you go it's the perfect ending
To the bad day, i was just beginning
When you go all i know is
You're my favorite mistake

Now your friends are sorry for me
They watch you pretend to adore me
But I'm no fool to this game

Now here comes your secret lover
She'll be unlike any other
Until your guilt goes up in flames

Did you know when you go it's the perfect ending
To the bad day i've gotten used to spending
When you go all I know is
You're my favorite mistake
you're my favorite mistake

Maybe nothing lasts forever
Even when you stay together
I don't need forever after
It's your laughter
Won't let me go so I'm holding on this way

Well did you know
Could you tell
You were the only one
That I ever loved
When everything's so wrong

Did you see me walking by
Did it ever make you cry
You're my favorite mistake

Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is interesting.

For those who knew me well, would surely know how caught up I can get with horoscopes and tarots and all those silly stuff you should never believe. But anyways, as the typical sucker that I am, I can never say no when I get an email from telling me to try their new Da Vinci deck of tarot cards.
Of course.. tarot cards on the internet?? Puhh-lease! But that doesn't stop me from clicking away, does it? *grins*

Since it's free, I can only reveal the first two cards of the eight cards spread. Still, I thought it was interesting.
Don't bother reading this entry if it doesn't mean shit to you. I know how it feels when I come across blogs with boring entries that don't make sense to me.

My first card : Previous Experience
The WorldThe World
In this position (reversed) suggests that you may have come out of a work-related or career situation or event prematurely. Your business may not have been finished, but stubbornness, unwanted restrictions, or apathy may have led you or forced you to walk away. You may have been told in the past that you have the potential for success, but you just don't apply yourself.
The World serves to remind you that "As Above, so Below." It is both a "graduation" and an "initiation" earned through mastery and integration of previous lessons learned and applied through experience. It takes on almost sacred quality, and reversed, can suggest that more still needs to be done in order to achieve this status. The World and its freedoms can be yours, but you must earn it and accept responsibility for them.

Second card : Personal Experience
Knave of PentaclesThe Knave of Pentacles
Reversed, suggests that this Knave may feel enthusiastic or hopeful about a possible oppurtunity for further study, training, or progress. He may be weighing his options carefully so that he can decide which course of action will result in the best possible outcome financially, materially, or physically. This Knave probably has pretty high self-esteem, and is rather independent or able to discern for himself what is in his best interest. This Knave is being reminded however, of a possible tendency to overlook the obvious or feel moody, lazy, unmotivated or unethical whenever he feels overwhelmed as well as the possibility of using material or physical "objects" as a means of boosting his ego or showing off. For a smart person, he might sometimes display a lack of common sense.

Doesn't sound too good, does it? But I swear, the freakin' bot is telling my story!!

Liverpool was brilliant!!

Now don't get me wrong, I haven't converted or anything. I am still.. pathetically very much attached to Manchester United (just don't know why..) but Liverpool was brilliant!! Mostly it was Steven Gerrard who had been brilliant, of course! (too bad he's enganged and everything or I would actually consider to turn myself into a Liverpool fan. Too bad..)

I was definitely impressed by their keeper, Jose Reina. All that saves.. he was excellent!

Liverpool won their second consecutive FA Cup; both by penalty shoot-out.
I think Dida preferred West Ham to win it but I was glad that they didn't. They were good, having a lead on Liverpool by 3 to 2.. but they didn't have Gerrard. ahhahaha!! Gerrard actually scored Liverpool's 3rd goal at 90+1 minute!
Absolutely deserved "The Man of the Match".

A bit of fact, Liverpool have had ten penalty shoot-outs and they have won nine of them.
Poor Rio Ferdinand's brother - Anton Ferdinand. He seemed devastated.

Well, that was a brilliant game.

We're staying home this weekend, so you won't read anything remotely exciting I'm afraid.
Thinking about the Da Vinci Code, opening next week! eeeek!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Today I was woken up by the sounds of the mowing of grass. heehee. I think it's funny 'cause it reminds me so much of Shah Alam; I'm always waken up by the sound of the motors. Annoying. But it was after all eleven o'clock and these days it's already bright outside by 6am.

Dida told me that her officemates right here said that next week is going to be cold. heehee. I think it's funny 'cause it doesn't seem to be making any sense at all! How can spring turn cold?? I take it's possible if it was cold at the beginnng of spring, but in the middle of it? Of course, yesterday I saw BBC's weather program and it said something about a cold wind to hit London and bring down the temperature to 17°C. A bit cool for spring, eh?

Yesterday I went to D-reizen as Dida had asked me to. Discussed about the prospect of travelling to Germany on the 3rd of June. (It's the only available weekend we have before my return back home.) So I talked to this really nice lady. Pretty too! I think she's a bit of a mix since she doesn't look purely omputeh.. (Caucasian.. that's the word for white people, right?) So.. 3rd June to 5th June;
München for 2 by flight = €704.50
Berlin for 2 by flight = €618.50
Köln for 2 by train = €276.50
(take note, I'm pretty certain that if I had made the enquiry even 2 weeks earlier, I would've gotten a better price, for a cheaper hotel. This is what you get.. last minute.)

Then last night after I showed Dida the print outs the pretty lady had given me, she said "if we'd spend too much since we got here.. the trip's off," and went to all the receipts and started calculating. ahhahaha!! It's.. odd. And slightly disappointing. I slept in a huff when Dida finally said, "we've spent a LOT! Thousands.. Not including the amount I've paid for our coming trips.."
I suppose she didn't exactly say, "the trip to German's off!" but I'll take that's what she'd meant. I huffed of course. Dida made it like I'M the only person who shops around here! She buys more clothes than I do!! Okay, so I spend a bit on photos and Pipoos, but still!! And of course I use a little more money since I'M the one who keeps going out to stock the refregirator.. refrigerator.. ahhh! How ever you spell it; it's a cooling piece of box!
She really didn't have to make it as if it's MY fault. grrr.
Now I'm plain ticked. And disappointed. grrr.
But I guess, "as the philosopher Jagger once said, you can't always get what you want." (I've been trying to get a link so you could listen to Jagger but apparently the connection sucks too much to even have the song uploaded! grr.)

Update on 10:55pm;
Dida had said it.. "I don't think we should go to Berlin.. we don't know how much we'll spend during the trips we've already made.."
And I.. being typically me.. had the nerve of asking, "Köln?"
ahhahahha! I - am - pathetic.
By the way Azraai, I still need your address!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


email me your address, okeh?

(bagus betul ade blog untuk kasi important message camnih.)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Awful news from home.

Dida called home yesterday around noon. After a bit of catching up Papa asked her to pass the phone to me as it's been two weeks (maybe more) since we last talked. I think I finally came to "myself" when I talked to him yesterday. Didn't feel like staying "mean" for too long. At the end of our chat, he said "see you soon", which actually made me feel a little down since I like not being back home in Malaysia. huhuuu. (I'm still mean, apparently) But I didn't told him that, of course! (I'm secretly being mean)

Then he passed the phone to Mama and I complaint to her about the rash I've been having since I got here. I remembered that Mama had wanted a perfume so I passed the phone to Dida so she could say to Mama, "Which perfume do you want? It's nearing Moederdag and korting's everywhere."
We laughed, as expected Mama hadn't had any idea on what Dida had just said.

Mama being typical Mama, having trouble putting words after another and not finishing her sentences (nothing medical there.. she's just silly!) and Dida got tired of waiting so she passed the phone back to me. I asked her again the perfume she'd wanted and then we said our goodbyes.

After a while Dida called home again to speak to Mama 'cause she didn't feel right ending their conversation on that term.

Around 8pm we left the house to catch a movie. (The cinema we went to was called Pathé and their mascot of some sort was a chicken!) Saw a really neat M&M's commercial!! "M&M. For Friends and Fun" heehee! And some trailers (me.. like.. trailers!) The Break-Up, Last Holiday and of course, Da Vinci Code!
Anyways, we saw Failure To Launch and absolutely loved it! There weren't too many people in the cinema (it's an old movie, being the fact that it was released in late March or early April) but I think they'd enjoyed it too. We were all roaring with laughter on the funny parts of the film.

We got back home around 11pm and was ready to go to bed around 1am (after watching the Dutch's Temptation Island that we absolutely didn't understand a word they're saying!)
Then the phone rang.
It was Papa.
He sounded grave and all I can think of at the moment was packing and airplanes.

Papa: Mama got robbed.
Me: And..?
Papa: Dida's ATM is in her purse.. along with her pin number.
(by this time I relaxed a bit but also ticked that my silly mother had kept my sister's pin number in the purse! Relaxed, because Mama's silliness was the main topic of Papa's call.)
The robbery took place at the bus station, (shiver.. thinking of the times I've waited there all by myself.) Mama wasn't alone though so I wasn't too worried when Papa said there were four men with knives. Sakai tak tau malu, sia sia jadi laki. Takde keje lain, merompak! Baik takyah jadi laki!!

Sorry.. Just couldn't help it. It's just the way I feel.. If you're not capable of being a MAN - supposedly a leader, might as well you just DIE and spare everyone else of the shame. Really. Just die.. please.
(thus, the reason why I'm still single. hehhe!)

Mama was traumatized, but fine.
That's all I need to know, really.
As much as I love staying here, so far from home. I'd love more to come home to something rather than nothing.. or no one.

Sorry about the long, dragging intro of this entry. Just wanted you to experience the same dramatic effect of the end of my day.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ohh snap!

(just thought I'd use a kinder version of my usual "ohh crap!")

I think I've finally found one thing that I miss while my stay here, and it's "not caring how long I'm on the internet and let the laptop on - as long as I get my House downloaded". Honestly, this dial up thing SUX!! The NetPumper is slowing everything down and I can't afford to stay too long online!!
- At least, I can't take another nag from Dida about the bills! ahhahhaha!!
To be truth, I have no problem not checking my emails.. I-just-have-to-know-what-happens-on-House!! &%##@*!!!

I'm honestly raging here. grrrrr.

A fair attempt to change the subject:
Dida brought me to Antwerp (or Atwerpen) today. She had mentioned the place as "somewhat 'nothing' except for the Belgian waffles and the big Zara store". So I didn't bring any spare films for my SLR, thinking that I won't be needing it. Guess what??
I was wrong - natuurlijk. Dida didn't give enough credit to the place 'coz I had liked it!! I think it was nicer that Amsterdam, and that should say something.

Anyways, we end up going shopping after a couple of hours walking around, sight seeing. heehee. There were mid-season sales on most stores. Korting everywhere!!

So we're going to catch a movie morgen! Kinda excited on that one! Although we had to force a laugh when we bought the tickets yesterday. If we had to convert the Euro to Ringgit Malaysia... haiyyoooh!

Dutch 101
natuurlijk - naturally/of course
korting - discount
morgen - tomorrow

See! I'm picking up some Dutch living here. ekkekke! Little, yeah.. but it's something!!

Friday, May 05, 2006


What-d'ya-know.. there's a "condition" when a person writes too much. When a person needs to write rather than simply wanting to.
Of course, that's actually a psychological problem and I believe people would actually suffer to have the condition. I mean.. just imagine! Needing to put your thoughts onto something no matter how lousy they actually are.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's hot outside!

- "As if we're back in Malaysia!"
heehee. My sister's idea of a joke.

Well, I'm not too sure if it's like Malaysia but it's definitely warm! We even slept with the windows open last night. The winds no longer bring chills to our bones. Today, I wore a little too much I guess. I think it's nothing more than what I'd usually wear in Malaysia.. a thin, teeny ¾ sleeved tee, and another piece of almost-sleeveless tee. Big mistake. I sweat like a pig. Okay, not exactly a pig, but almost! The point is, I broke a sweat!

I do like the warm weather. It's neat to play dress up here! No matter how you think that you've over-dressed, you'd be amazed at how other people dresses up. There's NO WAY you'd be the worst dressed person in town!
- At least not me! ekkeke!

I do think women are funnily dressed most of the time. For instance, I love wearing my new pair of boots even though they hurt my feet - mostly because they're new. (They're feeling much better the more I put them on, I swear!) But in Beurs today, I saw this woman in a pair of white heals, and there were band-aids at the back of her ankles! Obviously she has been wearing some painful shoes.
It pains me to say this, but I do believe that most women wear what makes them feel good about themselves even though what they are wearing actually feels awful on them.
Sad, isn't it?

Another piece of Wanie's thoughts.

British people are really.. something aren't they?
I mean, all this time I only got British-made movies and series on the telly. I'm afraid I haven't met a real real British person before, but I think I've seen enough reality shows on BBC One and Two to make out that British people are VERY much different from what I usually see in the films.

I haven't decided yet if the "something" is a good thing or bad, but they are definitely.. something! Sorry.. I keep saying that don't I?

Between The Apprentice, Britain's Next Top Model and The Weakest Link.. my o my! Why do they have to be so.. nasty? Okay, maybe not literally "nasty", but they're scary! For what ever reason I get the feeling that most of them simply feels that they're really superior, somehow. I guess Sir Alan has the right to be (superior) but man! He's really scary! - and rude! Really! He's so superior up to the point that he's started to sound really rude!

I hope no one gets me the wrong way 'cause honestly, I ADORE Brits! I *secretly* wish to marry a British lad, for God's sake! So I just had to wonder, WHHYYYYYY????
Why do they have to look so mean sometimes? Other than the fact that they really are superior in the case of current money exchange, they don't need to be that scary do they?
ahhahha!! Listen to me. I've successfully made myself sound like a pathetic weakling. Scared of the people I saw on telly.
(But really.. British people are brutal!)
I will get back to you on this subject when I meet one. (A Brit, I mean.)

Plus, I've never read anything nasty about Brits on Aisyah's or Eileen's blog and they should know better on this subject.
I'm merely pointing out my silly thoughts, of course.

Anyways, I found a really cool thing to do in this house!
- Feeding dish into the dishwasher!
What a cool machine!! When they came out all warm and squeaky.. wow! Pure saticfaction. *glee*

Alright, nothing more to update. Gotta go to the loo and wash the glasses. Would've loved to feed them into the dishwasher but Dida said the glasses felt sandy after I put them in, the first time. Bah! Mengade.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A quick peak peek into the future.

Fact: I shouldn't become a full-time mom in the future.

It's either I love being at home too much that I'd just spend my time immovable in front of the telly and completely forgetting my chores while I find myself drawn to soap operas that never seem to end, or I'd love all the time I have to spend outside and coming back home to realize that I had accidentally spent all my money.

- and that's the case with me these days.
Usually I'm the one with the lazy-bum but today.. I went out this morning, around 10 with €45 in bills in my wallet. After a trip to Wah Nam Hong (the groceries store for Asian stuff), Albert Heijn (the supermarket for other stuff), the market, De Tuinen (I think I shall call it the hippie store 'cause they sell organic sort of things and teas, inscence and relaxing soaps for shower and baths), and Pipoos (a work of the Devil; a shop-ful of paper stuff for scrap books!) - I came home at almost 1pm with COINS in my pocket.
Unless I'd be married to an extremely wealthy bloke, I should never NEVER be left alone at home for too long. NEVERRRR!!
Dida is SO not going to be pleased with me.

Moving on,
you know.. two years ago - no - if you'd asked me yesterday what would I say to a man who gives me a bunch of flowers, I think I'd say thanks.. and adds mercilessly that he'd just wasted his money on a mere thanks. But today, as I carried a bouquet of flowers around town - that I bought 'cause Dida thought it'd cheer up the house a bit - I couldn't help myself from feeling giddy! Such an odd, odd effect!

Flowers do make some girls happy-er then.

Enough rambling. I ought to get on with my scrapbook. After all that I had spend.. I better make it really good looking!

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