Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ohh snap!

(just thought I'd use a kinder version of my usual "ohh crap!")

I think I've finally found one thing that I miss while my stay here, and it's "not caring how long I'm on the internet and let the laptop on - as long as I get my House downloaded". Honestly, this dial up thing SUX!! The NetPumper is slowing everything down and I can't afford to stay too long online!!
- At least, I can't take another nag from Dida about the bills! ahhahhaha!!
To be truth, I have no problem not checking my emails.. I-just-have-to-know-what-happens-on-House!! &%##@*!!!

I'm honestly raging here. grrrrr.

A fair attempt to change the subject:
Dida brought me to Antwerp (or Atwerpen) today. She had mentioned the place as "somewhat 'nothing' except for the Belgian waffles and the big Zara store". So I didn't bring any spare films for my SLR, thinking that I won't be needing it. Guess what??
I was wrong - natuurlijk. Dida didn't give enough credit to the place 'coz I had liked it!! I think it was nicer that Amsterdam, and that should say something.

Anyways, we end up going shopping after a couple of hours walking around, sight seeing. heehee. There were mid-season sales on most stores. Korting everywhere!!

So we're going to catch a movie morgen! Kinda excited on that one! Although we had to force a laugh when we bought the tickets yesterday. If we had to convert the Euro to Ringgit Malaysia... haiyyoooh!

Dutch 101
natuurlijk - naturally/of course
korting - discount
morgen - tomorrow

See! I'm picking up some Dutch living here. ekkekke! Little, yeah.. but it's something!!


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