Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another piece of Wanie's thoughts.

British people are really.. something aren't they?
I mean, all this time I only got British-made movies and series on the telly. I'm afraid I haven't met a real real British person before, but I think I've seen enough reality shows on BBC One and Two to make out that British people are VERY much different from what I usually see in the films.

I haven't decided yet if the "something" is a good thing or bad, but they are definitely.. something! Sorry.. I keep saying that don't I?

Between The Apprentice, Britain's Next Top Model and The Weakest Link.. my o my! Why do they have to be so.. nasty? Okay, maybe not literally "nasty", but they're scary! For what ever reason I get the feeling that most of them simply feels that they're really superior, somehow. I guess Sir Alan has the right to be (superior) but man! He's really scary! - and rude! Really! He's so superior up to the point that he's started to sound really rude!

I hope no one gets me the wrong way 'cause honestly, I ADORE Brits! I *secretly* wish to marry a British lad, for God's sake! So I just had to wonder, WHHYYYYYY????
Why do they have to look so mean sometimes? Other than the fact that they really are superior in the case of current money exchange, they don't need to be that scary do they?
ahhahha!! Listen to me. I've successfully made myself sound like a pathetic weakling. Scared of the people I saw on telly.
(But really.. British people are brutal!)
I will get back to you on this subject when I meet one. (A Brit, I mean.)

Plus, I've never read anything nasty about Brits on Aisyah's or Eileen's blog and they should know better on this subject.
I'm merely pointing out my silly thoughts, of course.

Anyways, I found a really cool thing to do in this house!
- Feeding dish into the dishwasher!
What a cool machine!! When they came out all warm and squeaky.. wow! Pure saticfaction. *glee*

Alright, nothing more to update. Gotta go to the loo and wash the glasses. Would've loved to feed them into the dishwasher but Dida said the glasses felt sandy after I put them in, the first time. Bah! Mengade.


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