Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A quick peak peek into the future.

Fact: I shouldn't become a full-time mom in the future.

It's either I love being at home too much that I'd just spend my time immovable in front of the telly and completely forgetting my chores while I find myself drawn to soap operas that never seem to end, or I'd love all the time I have to spend outside and coming back home to realize that I had accidentally spent all my money.

- and that's the case with me these days.
Usually I'm the one with the lazy-bum but today.. I went out this morning, around 10 with €45 in bills in my wallet. After a trip to Wah Nam Hong (the groceries store for Asian stuff), Albert Heijn (the supermarket for other stuff), the market, De Tuinen (I think I shall call it the hippie store 'cause they sell organic sort of things and teas, inscence and relaxing soaps for shower and baths), and Pipoos (a work of the Devil; a shop-ful of paper stuff for scrap books!) - I came home at almost 1pm with COINS in my pocket.
Unless I'd be married to an extremely wealthy bloke, I should never NEVER be left alone at home for too long. NEVERRRR!!
Dida is SO not going to be pleased with me.

Moving on,
you know.. two years ago - no - if you'd asked me yesterday what would I say to a man who gives me a bunch of flowers, I think I'd say thanks.. and adds mercilessly that he'd just wasted his money on a mere thanks. But today, as I carried a bouquet of flowers around town - that I bought 'cause Dida thought it'd cheer up the house a bit - I couldn't help myself from feeling giddy! Such an odd, odd effect!

Flowers do make some girls happy-er then.

Enough rambling. I ought to get on with my scrapbook. After all that I had spend.. I better make it really good looking!


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