Monday, May 08, 2006

Awful news from home.

Dida called home yesterday around noon. After a bit of catching up Papa asked her to pass the phone to me as it's been two weeks (maybe more) since we last talked. I think I finally came to "myself" when I talked to him yesterday. Didn't feel like staying "mean" for too long. At the end of our chat, he said "see you soon", which actually made me feel a little down since I like not being back home in Malaysia. huhuuu. (I'm still mean, apparently) But I didn't told him that, of course! (I'm secretly being mean)

Then he passed the phone to Mama and I complaint to her about the rash I've been having since I got here. I remembered that Mama had wanted a perfume so I passed the phone to Dida so she could say to Mama, "Which perfume do you want? It's nearing Moederdag and korting's everywhere."
We laughed, as expected Mama hadn't had any idea on what Dida had just said.

Mama being typical Mama, having trouble putting words after another and not finishing her sentences (nothing medical there.. she's just silly!) and Dida got tired of waiting so she passed the phone back to me. I asked her again the perfume she'd wanted and then we said our goodbyes.

After a while Dida called home again to speak to Mama 'cause she didn't feel right ending their conversation on that term.

Around 8pm we left the house to catch a movie. (The cinema we went to was called Pathé and their mascot of some sort was a chicken!) Saw a really neat M&M's commercial!! "M&M. For Friends and Fun" heehee! And some trailers (me.. like.. trailers!) The Break-Up, Last Holiday and of course, Da Vinci Code!
Anyways, we saw Failure To Launch and absolutely loved it! There weren't too many people in the cinema (it's an old movie, being the fact that it was released in late March or early April) but I think they'd enjoyed it too. We were all roaring with laughter on the funny parts of the film.

We got back home around 11pm and was ready to go to bed around 1am (after watching the Dutch's Temptation Island that we absolutely didn't understand a word they're saying!)
Then the phone rang.
It was Papa.
He sounded grave and all I can think of at the moment was packing and airplanes.

Papa: Mama got robbed.
Me: And..?
Papa: Dida's ATM is in her purse.. along with her pin number.
(by this time I relaxed a bit but also ticked that my silly mother had kept my sister's pin number in the purse! Relaxed, because Mama's silliness was the main topic of Papa's call.)
The robbery took place at the bus station, (shiver.. thinking of the times I've waited there all by myself.) Mama wasn't alone though so I wasn't too worried when Papa said there were four men with knives. Sakai tak tau malu, sia sia jadi laki. Takde keje lain, merompak! Baik takyah jadi laki!!

Sorry.. Just couldn't help it. It's just the way I feel.. If you're not capable of being a MAN - supposedly a leader, might as well you just DIE and spare everyone else of the shame. Really. Just die.. please.
(thus, the reason why I'm still single. hehhe!)

Mama was traumatized, but fine.
That's all I need to know, really.
As much as I love staying here, so far from home. I'd love more to come home to something rather than nothing.. or no one.

Sorry about the long, dragging intro of this entry. Just wanted you to experience the same dramatic effect of the end of my day.


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