Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"You just couldn't love me."

Last week I did this Tickle quiz, What's Your Love Story. Nothing exciting, really but today I got an email from Tickle that two of my friends had done the quiz and that I can see what they've got!

So my girl friend got Romantic Rescue and that just means that the perfect love story she could have is one where "love" gives a better meaning and significance to her life. "Some people put themselves in the role of hero in this love story — nursing an ailing partner back to health, saving him from a string of previously destructive relationships, maybe even saving him from a physical danger. Other people with whom you share this story cast themselves as those in need of rescue - relying on their partners to swoop in and save them from whatever ill-fate's been visited upon them, either real or imagined."
heehee. I never thought of her to be anything like that. But it's not exactly surprising.. I think she likes a bit of a challenge, although I don't know what will happen once she's done her "saving".. or "being saved".

I scored a 2 on that. Shocking. I thought saving or being saved was kind of my thing since I crave for those stuff on every show I see on the telly. Oh well.

My guy friend got Loving Too Much, which I thought was funny!! A little too lovey-dovey for a guy. heehee! But it's very true. You know it is.. This is the love story when someone just loves someone too much for their own good. "The people you're most attracted to are usually just out of reach and all the more alluring for it — like those early crushes on teen idols. The less available your partner is, emotionally and physically, the more desirable he becomes. People who share your story have plenty to offer, but they tend to put too much love into someone they shouldn't. Some people also interpret their partner's actions as they want to, not necessarily as they were intended. Sometimes this happens because they spend more time focusing on the fantasy of a relationship rather than the reality of one."

Very tragic.. and yet that is my secondary love story. (according to this complete report I'm reading.) ahhaha!! Go figure. Sounds very much like me.

But my Love Story is actually Love Conquers All.. Just the sound of it makes me shiver. ahhahah!! Too "fairy-tale". It's just silly. "At its core, the Love Conquers All story is very romantic, triumphant, and full of courage to face yourself with honesty. The catalyst for change in your love story is usually a pivotal event, circumstance, or reevaluation of yourself. Even if fate doesn't throw obstacles in your way, it's possible that you do. Do you shy away from romantic commitments? Do you make excuses for not dating? Do you wish your relationships never progressed passed the lovey-dovey stage? Are the people you date "all wrong" for you? There's a reason you're holding back from pursuing a good thing. You may put excuses between you and another person, or you may intentionally pick the wrong person to give you an out, an alternative to getting serious. The real courage in your love story comes from taking a good look at yourself, and questioning your motivations."

ha-ha. This report has successfully made me feel like...
But I still like Tickle! I think they have the best quizzes online.


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