Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dubai or Istanbul...

Can't I do both?


I really can't help pushing my luck to the very edge.
(and Dida's nerve, I might add! heehee!)

ps: Lain topik.. Sebab menyampah, I had to blog this even though I said I wouldn't blog-angry this year. Okay, tatau ape yang bongok, mungkin juge Wanie.. tapi setting fon ni asyik tak betuuul aje untuk send email!! Konon nak best laa blog gune fon, tapi ape dapat?? Baru je reload, dah tinggal RM28.49! Tak guneee!! Ini tidak adil! Gue tertekann! Malasnye nak gi kedai Celcom suh dia set kan.. tak berjaya menjadi MacGyver.. Hmm.. takdelaa marah sangat pon. "Angry" is not the word. Frustrated is.

Update: Jan 31st/9:51pm
Istanbul is fully booked. How crazy is that??

Monday, January 29, 2007

You know you're obsessed--


when you imagine there were numbers on the tiles of your bathroom floor while you were peeing.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Excuse me John, can you be any more hotter?

This isn't the enlightening entry that I wish I would've written but I just can't help myself. I'm just in dire NEED of writing this;
Of all the things I've ever heard in my entire life, Azraai has the funniest philosophy about love. hahhahahhahaha!! Seriously Pet, that made my day. That water baloon theme will keep me amused for days!! ahahhaha!! That really was.. amazing.

Moving on, for the record.. if I can't have Danny, John would be just as wonderful.
Scratch that. I think I want John more than I want Danny. (For now at least!) hahhaha!! I'm fickle.. can't make up my mind. But then again, I'm only imagining things..
Although, I believe.. things should be even more perfect in your dreams! Soo.. I think I'll take a moment before I decide. kikkiki

Man.. The Office is so wonderful! It's become my number one comedy right now. Of course, I love those easy-favourites like Friends, Seinfeld and The Simpsons but The Office is just different!
Mockumentary is.. cool! There isn't that "laughing track" at the background so you either get the joke, or you don't! --which sounds a bit snobbish actually, but all the more reason to watch it from the beginning!

And when you've seen them, try watching their bloopers - which you can find on YouTube. I laughed 'til I cried one night (something crazy Dwight had said; not too different from what Azraai shared with me earlier) and for the umpteenth time, my mom thought I was losing my mind.

Okay.. I don't have a weird sense of humour (well fine, we could probably argue on that) but this is way funnier than you think.. and on a whole new level of sweet, actually! I just can't stop smiling to this!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

People change. (?)

How far do you believe in that?
Because I don't really..
Rarely anyone could or would change for anything. If it had seemed as if they had changed.. it's mostly because it has always been there in them on the first place. Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean that they have changed.
You just got to know them a little better.. looked at them a little closer..

A leopard does not change its spots.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh.. my.. God!

Have you seen the new season of American Idol??
Good God!!

That's all I'm going to say.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Liar, liar.. pants on fire.

Aaah.. for the record, I am not angry. More disappointed than angry. And a bit sorry to say that I've been expecting it. So pardon me for practically saying that I don't have faith in my friends.. that I can't tell you that I consider every one of them are reliable. So happens that somebody promised me something and it's been two weeks and the person haven't said a word about it.

If there is anything that bugged me the most, it'd probably be a broken promise. So truthfully, when somebody promises me something.. I rarely take them seriously. But of course, it's in my nature to give the benefit of a doubt.. but two weeks is too much, my friend.

I honestly don't deserve to blog today.. but my hands were itching.. and twitching for me to type out some words. (URL adresses doesn't cut it!)
For the record, when I say that I don't deserve it, it's a lingo saying that I haven't written a single, worthy paragraph in my Moleskine today so I shouldn't treat myself by blogging.
Yes.. Blogging is a treat.

I'm working on the cat story by the way. (Haven't got the perfect title yet, so I'll call it that for now.) I'm only sure of the first chapter anyway. Probably will let Nina read it.. She'd probably hate the entire thing (and left me with nothing to work with - at all!) but at least I know she'll be appropriately.. critical.

I'm boring you. (Myself, honestly!)
Have been downloading The Office (US version) lately! It's just hilarious, I can't believe I'd only started to watch it a couple of episodes ago! I absolutely adore Jim and Pam. They're funniest together. Ohh, and the latest with Jim and Dwight. So cute! sigh. John Krasinski. *giggling like a school girl* And he's not even that old! (and I only say this to debunk Dida's theory about how I only like older men!) Maybe because of "Jim", everytime I see him in other films I just start to crack up!

I'm really boring myself. Maybe I'm just tired and so mood-less from seeing the crappy side of some friends lately. Sure, I can be crappy too if not crappier.. but you don't see me walking around and making promises I won't keep. sigh. This is getting so old.

Anyways, just so you know.. I cheat sometimes, about the hiatus. When I don't blog here, I'd blog at my LL! *manic laugh*

For entertainment purposes that also works as a quick change of subject.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

When the night is dead.

I believe, when people shared a ride and decided to chat, most people would talk about things that are light. The weather.. traffic.. or that new sign board at the side of the road. Although that is what I would talk about, everytime I get in the car with my dad, we'd always find a heavier topic somehow.
We'd talk about our believes, philosophy.. "would you want to be kept alive if you're a vegetable and had to be put on a machine?". I've at least cried twice in that friggin' car because we touched a certain topic too close to the heart.

The other day my dad told me that Nina had wondered about when I'll be getting married. I scoffed at the end of his sentence, and extremely curious at what he had said to Nina. He too, scoffed at the idea, saying that by the looks of things, he reckoned that I'd still be unmarried when I'm 27. I laughed. I know he wasn't trying to offend me in any way - he was entertaining me.

He said that I had never seemed to be the "lovey-dovey" type, and mentioned something about how he hoped that he hasn't screwed me up too much with everything he had told me.
Well, too late for that, I said. Because when it comes to love, I think I'm a cynic. But you know what they say.. Every cynic (in love) is in truth, a romantic at heart. I don't know about the other cynics but I admit that it is quite true on my behalf. Because it's so hard for me to believe in love, I have to really see and feel how earth-rumbling it is before I'd yield to it.
So tell me that that is not a romantic thought - that until my world isn't turned upside down and I became unbalanced because of it.. love is simply an idea.
Possibly overrated.

Now I wonder.. can you possibly be an idealist but also a cynic??
Pretty contradicting, eh? Pardon me but I don't think that my thoughts (or heart, for that matter) were ever plain - or straight.

ps: I realize that not a lot of people can relate to what I had said. If you have found love, good for you. But save your breath if you're intending to send me hate-messages or tell me how great the love that you're experiencing. No words can change my views; doesn't matter how brilliantly it's constructed, thanks!
pps: On a lighter note.. I am so head over heels with my can't-be-considered-as-new-any-longer phone that it must be way waaay uncool! (I'm having too much fun with the themes that I can't stick to one for as long as a week! It's making my mom jealous.. she kept asking if we could switch phones. HAH! No way, Jose!)
ppps: In case you're wondering, today's entry was originally written in my Moleskine a couple of nights ago. It was dead quiet at that time.

Friday, January 05, 2007


As I said, this is a semi-hiatus, thus here I am.
I had nothing better to do so instead of extending the milage of my Moleskine, I decided to play Caesar III (because I missed it, and I haven't got a copy of the new one,) and only when that bored me.. I logged onto Blogger.

I honestly don't know why I'm explaining myself to this square box, but anyway..

Saw Night At The Museum earlier this week and I loved it! Brilliantly funny. Dum dum, give me a gum gum. That stonehead was so cute! Ohh, and I saw The Holiday at Nina's house earliar today and that was just as brilliant! Especially love Iris' opening lines; "--We are the victims of the one sided affair. We are the cursed of the loved ones. We are the unloved ones, the walking wounded. The handicapped without the advantage of a great parking space!" (and the speech she made to Miles, of course. Basically all her lines were wonderful!)

Now I was just going to keep my ticket stub with the rest of those old stubs that I still have, and here's the list of all the movies I saw in the cinema last year; (told ya' I was bored!)
Pride & Prejudice, Prime, Casanova, Just My Luck, Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest, The Lake House, Click, Snakes On A Plane, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, You, Me & Dupree, Heart, The Banquet, World Trade Center, Devil Wears Prada and Casino Royale.
And that's without seeing any films on April, May, June and November, but with most films seen on September since that was when Pet was around! (boo!)
Dude.. were you looking for me? Just to remind you, there's a higher chance for me to reply an email than an IM.

I've also been following that Korean drama, Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang and I find myself addicted to the songs on the soundtrack.
Especially this one. Despite the fact that I have absolutely no idea what he was singing about, I'd somehow imagine that this fella was trying to be fine with everything but the pain of his heartbreak was too apparent to hide. sigh. Well, it's just my thoughts. Might be my brain tuning itself to a morbid channel again.

That's it from me on the first week of the new year. Thanks for stopping by even though I've told you I'm on a hiatus (as "semi" as it is.) Might I add that typing this entry is a good exercise to the fingers!

Best of luck, readers!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Christopher Columbus.

Happy New Year, everybody!!

I had an extremely tiring day on the 31st but it was fun, spending it with family. The parents and I had went to Seremban to see the kiddies since they're having chicken pox! So Mama had prepared the usual Eid-dishes to bring over to their house so Nina wouldn't have to do too much work, apart from looking after the kids.

At mid-day we head back to Bukit Kapar to celebrate the Eid with the rest of the (extended) family. Plus, there was tahlil and more discussion about Cik Mi's wedding plans.

Cik Alia had passed me an invitation from Idris about a new year's barbeque and I was looking forward to spending the new year's eve with my favourite friends but my dad hadn't seem like making any move to come back to Shah Alam.
As the clock struck 10, Cik Agus asked us (Hannah, Sarah and myself) if we wanted to celebrate new year's somewhere -- and we did!

I went to Sarah and Hannah's house so I could borrow some of their clothes, (Sarah's shirt that Hannah usually wore and Cik Yam's jeans! hahha! I was wearing a baju kurung before the change) and somehow by the time we were ready, there were Anis, Alisa, Sufina and Nadia that had wanted to come with. The boys; Zaid, Ariff, Amin and Adib was in the other car with my dad's sister, Cik Fuah, who is also Cik Agus' wife. (Confused yet?)

Blablablaa.. After watching the fireworks we got take aways from A&W (to my horror, I had to memorize all of our orders.. kept repeating to myself how many burgers and drinks I needed to order.. Obsessing about how many drinks we should get!) and Cik Agus sent me home around half past two.
(Surely you wouldn't want to know every detail!)

2007.. Things to look forward to;
1. The return of my favourite shows so I could start to download them again.. and Heroes on Star World!
2. F1 in Sepang.. hopefully I wouldn't have to miss it this time!
3. Movies; Harry Potter, Fantastic 4.. this can go on for days..
4. My favourite friends coming back for their summer holidays.
5. Dida coming home, of course!

And so begins a new year.. which means a new beginning to some semi-silly resolutions to achieve. (I'm aiming for the moon, as always!) And here are my resolutions for this year!
1. Not to blog angry -- unless it's absolutely necessary for me to let the person I'm pissed at know just what I was thinking of them.
2. Finish a manuscript by mid-year. (Of course, that'd require me to actually pick one of the several works-in-progress I have!)
3. Keep a look out for a job that I can like and not simply one that I can do. (And stay with that job for a minimum of 3 months, of course!)
4. Work harder to achieve these resolutions!!

So have a good one, everybody!
-- and semi-hiatus starts now! --

Let me not be confused forever.

ps: Can you imagine Christopher Columbus saying that? Just imagine him on his ship, looking at the stars and trying to figure out which was North and said, "let me not be confused forever." I wouldn't know if I was supposed to panic or laugh if I were on that ship!

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