Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stop. Shop.

Clinique Chubby Sticks.
LaSenza 50% Off.
Clarks Warehouse Sale.

Year-End Sales are hell scary.
Dear God, guide me away from things that I don't need.
I guess we are certain that I'm getting the Clinique Chubby Stick Christmas gift set. I am telling myself not to buy it if it costs more that RM150. I'll try to remind myself that as much as I can. Even if I call it as my birthday present. I'll try to be strong.
Please let it be less than RM150!
I think I spent RM120 on last year's set.

I can never say no to things from Typo.

I haven't bought anything from LaSenza for MONTHS! It's time, really..

Then there's Clarks warehouse sale happening somewhere in Damansara that ends this Sunday! Really wanted to see what's there.. But I'm afraid that I might not be able to go! Grrr..

Y-E-S are scaryyyyy!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay, so Bestie said something to me last night that kinda bothered me. It wasn't his intention, but honestly it just opened my eyes a bit.

I know how cynical and unhappy I sound in my blog.. but it's not really as if I'm incapable of happiness. Funny how I am more eloquent when I'm expressing unhappiness. To be honest, I am just scared.
It always feels like happiness just loves to run around in my presence, so I simply don't talk about it for fear of spooking it.

Dida and I had a conversation the other day. I told her that I've recently realized that my psychological trait were really based on the environment I grew up in. (Yes, very Freudian.) Being the youngest, I feel small and timid to a point where I feel unimportant sometimes. That I don't matter.
That's the usual case with me and Encem honestly.
When he didn't let me in on his plans.. when he didn't call or text..
Feels like I'm so easily forgotten.

To be honest though, I don't really need someone to call me every hour. I don't need someone who feels the need to tell me that he's going to take a piss. I am not the kind of girl who needs to text her partner that she's going to turn off her phone for work. (A very typical case among the cabin crew, believe it or not!)
I honestly love the freedom that I have, being with Encem.

Things just gets ugly when I am particularly missing him.
Or I'm exceptionally hormonal.
Or I'm troubled..
Bestie is probably tired of hearing me complain and saying that I need to be apart from Encem.

It's not like he doesn't love me. Honestly I can feel it every single time I'm with him. I honestly hope that I am giving off the same feeling too. If so happens that we do not end up together.. it won't be for the lack of love. I did told Dida that.
She asked if that is enough for me -- if love is enough.
All I could say is that most times, it is.

Don't you find it odd that I am talking about love, but somehow I managed to sound so cynical?
I really am a hopeful cynic. Depending on the day that you get to talk to me. Just so happens that I am more cynical than hopeful today. heehee.

Friday, November 09, 2012

I hate doctors.

The nerve of them sometimes.

So it's flu season. Pretty typical in the monsoon, I guess. Really hot during the day, followed by heavy rain in the evening. Good thing we weren't made of stone or we would've crumbled into sands..
Okay, I'm crapping.

Been having the flu for five days now. I guess it's getting better. Ever so slightly.
Took medical leave on my HYD flight on Wednesday. Not too happy with that since I appreciate all the flights I can get but my nose were completely blocked!
When I asked for leave, the doctor totally pissed me off when he said, "okay what, take the meds and in two hours you'll be fine."
I didn't really mean to raise my voice, (that's a lie) when I said, "manaaa.. tak pernah.. Never happen!"
Honestly, kang aku kata tak gi skolah, marah.. But sometimes these panel doctors are just too dumb to be doctors!

I think I know my body better than some doctor I've only met twice, thank you very much.
As far as flu meds goes.. NONE of them ever make me sleep.
The flu meds that my dad swears on; he takes a half of it and he'd be sleeping in half an hour. I took it whole, and it does NOTHING on me!
My sleep-troubles are that bad, I guess.
So yeah, two hours.. MY ASS!

I took my meds before I got into my pick up for my RGN flight this morning, and my nose were runny the whole day!
And all the way I was wishing having that bloody doctor all tied up at the last row of the aircraft with a runny nose.. Dua jam, TOK MU!

Anyway, times like these I am glad I'll be at the lounge come Monday. I finished my flight four hours ago and I still can't hear a thing coming in from my left ear. Really, flu and flight just don't mix! They're murder. Just thinking about the pulsing headache during the descent is giving me the shivers.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Lelah hati.

Came home feeling feverish.. excited to finally try out the digital thermometre I bought a while back.. only to find that the big plastic bag that it was in has gone.

Just as I blogged about spending money that I barely had..

I am so SO tired of life right now.
Can't I just be HAPPY, for God's sake?!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Money matters.

Spent the little money that I barely have on a skirt earlier.
I am the worst person to talk to about saving money!
In my defence, I think of it as therapy. I do feel good after buying it. I've been wanting a decent, nowhere-near-hoochie denim skirt for a while.
Just a little guilty knowing that I don't really have to buy it now NOW..
Oh well..

Have I told you that I don't like pants?
Long ones especially. I don't even like wearing jeans. I even have a personal grudge towards Levi's for making me feel fat everytime I tried on their jeans.
And even when my pajamas comes with a long bottom, I always end up folding it up to my knees.
Yeah, I don't like pants.

So I'm glad that I bought the skirt. My shorts needs a rest. So does my VS maxi skirts.
Now I just have to figure out how to survive the rest of the month..

I hate having to work at the lounge for this.
I remember complaining about the lack of livelihood after I had spend so much on Lomo cameras, La Senza lingeries, Clinique chubby sticks.. VS clothes and other things I got online.
Now I complain after getting ONE little skirt!

It sucks..
I want to go back to flying full time again. Where there is no apparent office politics.. where I don't have to miss an overnight in some place because I'd just been there.. Where I could bump into awesome colleagues that I'd still want to go out with even when I'm sick!
(That's what happened last night, by the way.)

I'm feeling worse now, in case you're wondering. The flu meds I've been taking didn't seem to be working at all! I reckon the cigarettes and karaoke last night wasn't helping either.
Suppose I should get to bed early tonight. Call time is at 0520, and I sure hope that my boogers would stop running down my nose by then.
I'm happy that I'll be going home tomorrow.. can't wait to hide under the covers of my own bed!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Kick me when I'm down.

Today is the first of my three days trip in BKI, and I've been sneezing like hell!
Suppose I am due for some kind of sickness. The last time I was sick enough to have to see a doctor was in May. (The one in August was faking sickness, I have to admit.)
Not loving the partially blocked nose.
Serves me for having such lousy sleep lately.

I'm not in the greatest mood.
Feeling lonely mostly. Bestie has been hanging out with his girl and his new friends. Encem's too busy with what ever that he's been doing.. while I stuck around for who knows what.
Feels like all Encem has is just enough time to have a fight with me.
It's getting really old.

Apparently all that I've been feeling were feelings alone.
Encem actually SAID that I should use my head instead.
I think I should kick his balls for just saying that.
Thank you for belittling my bloody feelings, B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D!!
Honestly I hate blogging about this like a friggin' teenager. I should have used my brain a long long time ago. It's been a while since I last felt that we were good for each other.
If only my heart would just stop...

It's sad that I'm rooting for doomsday at the end of this year.
Sure, there's a bunch of things I'd like to do first before I die. Places to be.. to see.
Make my existence count.
But at what cost? My heart getting trampled every other day??
I couldn't take it.
And I don't hate my life THAT much to actually take it away myself. So... Armageddon, come on!

Yeah, I know I'm dark.
I really should seek professional's help.

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