Thursday, July 31, 2003


wahhh~!! okay.. trying to type this all out in 15 minutes.
morning.. denga bebelan che mat.. bebelbebelbebel yadda yadda yaddaa~ apparently he was disappointed with us all.. since only two works can be submitted this morning.. bongok je.. paling tak ske.. dia gi angkat my work to show to the whole class.. heyy! tau laa takde "story" kann.. but, WHY ME??!! amek la orang lain nyer! ekkekek.. tapi takde pon tension.. gelakgelak ngan ana ade laa.. let's quote from che mat; "MAKE IT HAPPEN" ye laa ye laa.. kalo sunset dull, kene laa make the sillhouette interesting, ekk? BAIKLAH~!
then.. ape kite buat? pegi mimi's exhibition kat ngan mph.. ana had to play her guitar tadik!! klaka jek.. duk lepak situ.. main gita.. pastu berangan angan laie.. yaddaaa~ then, joined by pak long.. wahh!! pak long puji website aaa~!! bangge nyerrr!! budak MI tuhhh!! and then the three of us kept talking about fcm works yaddaaa~ besh gak borak ngan pak long! lama lak tuuh~!!
then.. pegi e-gallery lak!! besh woo tengok keje budak DM!! impressive!! masuk masuk je, kak yan grabbed me to her photo.. which was neat!!! dapat nombo 3 tuhh!! IMPRESSIVE!! then met shahnon lakk.. tengok photo dia amek.. neat jugaak! then he took a pic of me and kak yan on his digital camera.. :p besh gile tengok photos!!!! jumpe majin.. dia cite bebudak petang pon yang lepas dua orang je.. hohoho!
hari yang seronok!! tapi tipu laa takde ape disappointment kan.. just, laie banyak yang besh dari tak besh!! woo~hoo!!
okielaa! if i left out anything, maybe i'll tell it later.. sori kalo ade mis-spells.. tak sempat nak check!! nak balek dah nieee!!!
hohoho~ manyak keje nak kene buat after the weekend! hope i'll get it done on time!! yosh~!!

enamored.. my favorite word..

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Supo si solamente usted (?)

Wohh~! Penyalahgunaan bahasa!! ekkeke!! Came across today.. So I've been translating some major silly lines I thought of.. ekekekek!!
Had a pretty boring day.. Just sitting around in my room with nothing much to do.. So, I eventually searched for the song Dida told me to look for her.. and that's La Intrusa's theme song! chett~ So alang alang, I searched for Solo A Tu Lado Quiero Vivir.. that's the theme song for Juana's Miracle.. (love the song!!) The guy's voice is SO neat!! VERY pleasant to listen to.. adohh~ sangat beshhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll absolutely adore a guy that can play the guitar.. and can sing.. (with a really neat voice!!) and doesn't mind to wear baju Melayu! ekkeke!! angau~~ (ekK.. angau ape lak nie?) I think guys that wear baju Melayu is simply SMASHING!! Tapi.. tak snonoh la kan, kalo dia pakai baju Melayu sambil main gita.. ekkeke!! Adohh~!! DREAMYNYERHH!! Guess that's what I've been doing today.. dreaming.. heehee~ aaAAaAAa!! RindunyerrRhhh!!! (errRr.. rindu ape nihh?)

Luka Lama; Cokelat
Oh, haruskah kubenamkan diri meratapi
Tenggelam sesali yang terjadi
Tersiksa bersama hampa asa..
Kini kuhanya ingin lupakan semua
Mengenangmu menyesakkan jiwa
Kan ku hapus airmata
Hingga ku dapat sembuhkan luka...

Really love this song! Really love Cokelat!! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

You're All Heart!

Love at first sight, karma and happy endings? You, you, Your friends envy your romantic, optimistic streak. A great relationship is like a soft, comfortable blanket for you to curl up with. You like taking care of others as much as you like being taken care of!

But while you can be charmingly innocent, friendly and outgoing, you're by NO means a pushover. Passionate and emotional, you also have a moodier side, with sensual and sensitive needs that are fed by your environment. So while you can be a ray of sunshine, you can also be a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Use your gifts to your advantage. When faced with a sticky situation, try to use your sensitivity and optimism to get to the bottom of it and find a balanced solution.

True or false?

The more people you know, the harder it'll be for you to fall in love. See the relevance of that statement there? Here goes.. the more people you know, the more choices you'll have to choose from. And when you meet new people, you can compare them from the ones you already knew. I mean, surely you'll consider the ones who are better (better- dressed, looking, etc.) right? Even if you knew just 5 people, surely there'd be one that you like better than the rest.. And there'd be a reason for that, true? So, the more people you know, the harder for you to choose! Unless, you've chosen already.. But I think it'll be an immature act to pick something when you don't even consider the options. It's like.. you're falling in love with the first person you set eyes on!! There's a whole world of people to meet and get to know, but you chose to hold yourself back. Someone might be in front of you, but there's a better person at your right. Wouldn't it be a mistake if you didn't even have a look at the person at your right? Just because he/she is a stranger, doesn't mean that you can't have a look.. doesn't mean that they'll be a stranger forever, right?
So.. have I just babbled some crap just now, or have I said something that make some sense? The more people you know, the harder it'll be for you to fall in love.. But the more people you know, the easier it'll be for you to see with whom you wanna be with.. heehee~ get that?

Monday, July 28, 2003

mereng.. whooppee~!

Okay.. dah tak mereng dahh.. stuff.. crap! bluekk!!
I practically had a week's worth of weekend!! 5 dayss!! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.. just got back here la~!
Spent the Thursday and Friday boringly.. watced the telly aje laa.. Saturday, went to get great food.. and then saw Tomb Raider! I think it's not as great as I expected.. But I have to say that I love the whole girl-kick-a$$ thingy.. ekkeke! Girl powerrRr!! But as typical things that a girl has to go through.. she fell in love.. yadda yadda yaddaa~
Anyways!! Sunday was rainy.. thought I'd NEVER get to finish my assignment on time..! But then.. my dad kinda dragged me to Tanjung Harapan in Klang.. and amazingly, there was a sunset!! Even saw some MMU peeps around there.. huhuu~
Anyways, tadi sebenarnye cam mereng sket over something, but now I'm more to pissed a bit over something that's way over my control.. yadda yadda yaddaa~


Wednesday, July 23, 2003

whisper to a scream..

Damaged; Plumb
Dreaming comes so easily
'Cause it's all that I've known
True love is a fairy tale
I'm damaged, so how would I know

I'm scared and I'm alone
I'm ashamed and I need for you to know

I didn't say all the things that I dont want to say
And you can't take back what you've taken away
'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me

Healing comes so painfully
And it chills to the bone
Will anyone get close to me?
I'm damaged, as I'm sure you know

Im scared and I'm alone
I'm ashamed and I need for you to know

I didn't say all the things that I dont want to say
And you can't take back what you've taken away
'Cause I feel you, I feel you near me

There's mending for my soul
An ending to this fear
Forgiveness for a man who was stronger
I was just a little girl, but I can't go back

Well, going back home in some minutes.. So soon, yess I know. But I'm totally broke!! That *demm* robber stole my every cent!!
Ikutkan ati, rase takmo balek laie.. for certain reasons.. that I'm not even sure of! But apelaah~!! I think I'm getting myself confused and dizzy again..!! Typically me, yess.. but udah udah laaaaaaa!!!!!
Okie.. LOADS of things to do..! Photography of the sunset.. Storyboard for MCP (Hilmy didn't critisize my flowchart!! woohoo~!!).. and some 3D modelling that I'm bound to be very bad at!! Arrghhh!!
reminder to self: stop wasting up so much timeee!!! when will I learn?? and to think that I've thought of getting a job or something.. how IMMATURE!! marahmarahmarahh
Okie!! That's all I've got to say for today, and the rest of the week-lah~! Slamat membuat asenmen, korang smerr!!

rindunyerRr ......... ..... .... ...

How Passionate Are You?


Mighty Magenta

Well, super girl, there's no containing you and your
almighty passion. With your extra-strong drive, there's no holding back when
something's important to you — whether it's matters of the heart or matters
of the head.

A mistake-free life is hardly worth living, and you'd surely rather be led
by your all-consuming convictions than wait backstage for life to happen.
Patience may be a virtue, but unbridled enthusiasm is your true ticket to
happiness. Whatever your dream, your powerful passion is sure to put you in
the fast lane.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Where are youuu?? :(

What a tiring daaayy~!!
Fina woke me up in the morning for Database lecture, which I spent talking/listening amongst the girls.. (BJ, Ana and Fina) and also doodling! Memang berpaedah btol~ After spending a while in HB4 after lecture (which ended early than it should've) me and Ana decided... Jomm jalan jalan! - Nak ke? - Wanie kebosanan la Anaa.. - Ana pon cam nak kuar gak! - Jom jomm! - Joommmm~! ekkekke!! Memang tak snonoh sungguh.. So after a short visit to my room, and asked Kak Mai how to get to The Mines.. we set off to the bus stop!! heehee~ reminder to self: The Mines is such a boring plaaacee!!! (Takmo pegi lagi!!)
When we were on the bus back to Cyberjaya.. BJ called and told us that she was going to Mid-Valley and we should stop somewhere if we wanted to come along!! WAHHH~!! Terharu gile sebab she didn't mind to pick us up!! Cayang BJ!!! So, after we got picked up in Putrajaya.. meeting up Rain and Shad.. bermulalah perjalanan ke pusat membeli-belah tersebut..
Did nothing much over there.. but we got to meet the-famous AINE!! ekkeke!! One of BJ's best buddies.. hehhe~
Balek lak.. got a pretty complete tour of UNITEN by encik Rain.. (thank youuu~!!) and had dinner at Malee.. (gile bodo aa jalan gi situ skarang!!) The road was soOoOO dangerous!!! Dahlaa bengkang bengkok!! Gelap lak tuuu!! BAHAYE!!!!
So anyways.. when I finally got back to MMU.. felt SO tired.. gosh!! Felt like sleeping right this second!! (tapi taak~ entah mengape..)

Advise of the day: Hunns, you know what I'd like you to do.. as a matter of fact, you know what ALL of us think you should do.. But you're the one who's in the position to make the choice, so I'm gonna let you.. But please make the right one! I can't stand seeing you like that any longer. It hurts badly, knowing that you're letting yourself to be fooled that way by someone who's not worth your feelings... okay? Mmuahhx! :X
Y! M message of the day: Suatu hari di Fakulti Sains sebuah Universiti Tempatan..sedang berlangsung ujian berkaitan serangga.. Ujian kali ini sungguh susah... Mahasiswa mesti mampu menentukan jenis dan nama serangga dari potongan-potongan kaki yang diberikan oleh Pensyarah... Dua jam sudah berlalu. Tidak ada seorangpun pun yang boleh menjawab soalan ujian. Seorang mahasiswa yang amat kecewa.. memutuskan untuk keluar dewan Ujian... dia menghempas daun pintu dengan kuat... "Dummmm!!!!" Melihat keadaan itu... pensyarah didalam dewan marah dengan berkata.. "Hey! suka hati mak bapak hang je hempas pintu tu ye?! Siapa nama kau???!!!" Mahasiswa yang sudah terlanjur berada di luar segera menjulurkan kakinya ke pintu sambil berkata.. "Nie kaki saya... encik... Cuba encik teka.. siapa nama saye.."
Y! Mail of the day: Fwd: (^_^) Zodiac vs Kissing...which one r u? (ekkeke!! bengong~)
Song of the day: Can't Help Falling In Love
Wise men say, only fools rush in
But I can't help, falling in love with you..
Shall I stay, would it be a sin?
If I can't help, falling in love with you..

ps: 10:40 pm Someone stole my moneyyy!! Sial laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I'm feeling stupid.. and there's nothing I can do!! HELPLESS!!! Sial nyerrrrrR!!! ArrgHHH!! I wish you rot in HELL, you robber YOU!!!!!! SiaaaaaaaaLL!!!!! Huwaaaaa!!!!!! cursecursecurse
And time macam ni plak.. time I needed someone to pour my heart out.. mase tu laa smer takde!!!!! Nak menghilang tu bagitau la dulu kalo ye ponn!! But heyy.. that's what friends are for.. ekk?

I'm bitter.. so sue me!!!

Monday, July 21, 2003

Truth and lies..

Aisyk! Geram btol kat anak didikan gue, si Ablen nihh~ Ade dia kate orang tipu dalam blog! Chett~! "tak silap aku la kan.. dier ader kate.. bukan sume lam tu real.. ader yg palsu.." That night when I told you and Dar that I lied.. itulaa penipuan yang sebenar! I only said that so you guys would stop making fun of me.. You guys dok repeat repeat pasal suka jalan tuu.. aisyk! Terase sungguh.. (sebab betul.. ekkeke!!)
I think I never really lied in here.. (bukan nak puji diri sendri, okaay~!!) But if ever I lied in here.. means that I'm lying to myself. As far as I'm concerned, I never purposedly lie in this blog. I think it's the only thing I have right now that I can really hold on to.. Something real.. my feelings. They're as real as I can feel it.. The only thing that kept me believing that I'm not a soul-less body.
WAHHAHA!! Cam over lak, the way I'm telling it.. but sometimes I do feel that way.. as I said, thinking too much is a curse.. And sometimes I get numb from thinking about certain stuff.. that it got me like a walking zombie.. I HATE!! But I can't stop it from happening every once in a while.. Kekadang rase tak tertanggung semuanye, tapi tak tau camne nak lepaskan. Felt like screaming.. but I don't want to be heard!
Wanie rase.. lagi pusing pusing Wanie cerita pasal something.. lagi dekat dengan truth menda tu.. Entahlaa! Rasenye, telling the truth are harder than telling lies, 'aight? And it's harder to find the words to express the very feelings you have right then.. Hehhe.. but I do remember how sometimes I took such a loooong time to finish an entry sebab susah nak express the things I'd like to say. Benci gak aa.. By the time I finished, I felt stupid and all I wanted to do next is just clear it out.. tapi cam, buat penat je plak! So.. I hit the Post & Publish button!
Dahlaa.. penat sebenanye nie... Went to Cyberpark.. dengan harapan bole dapatkan shot shot sunset yang menarik.. but the clouds were covering the sun.. So, me and Ana walked along the park.. taking silly pictures as Fina, BJ and Nana set up their cameras.. just in case~! (Amal was there as well... he drove us there~! Thanks encik Amal!!)
Owh owh!! That bj baik hati..!!!! entry was posted by BJ herself!!! Tak tau malu btol~ Adekee hijack comp orang pastu mempergunakan blogger orang!! Go mess around in your own~! Oh ye.. BJ.. remember what I keep telling you these days?? SAVE UP, HONEY!!

yadda yadda yaddaaa~
bj baik hati..!!!!

Thinking too much is a curse..

Fuuh~ Tiring!!
Got back to MMU this morning.. Tak tahan sungguh kesejukan di pagi harii~!!
Peningpening.. I hate the fact that I think too much.. (adoi~ sampai a couple of people already mentioned it!) and I also hate the fact that I just DO things.. without thinking!! And I also hate the fact that I can't seem to hold a grudge! wahhahha!! I know that it should be good, but sometimes I feel like I'm being a hypocrite (spelling?) to myself.. The things I do is usually different than the things I told myself to do. Bluerrghhh! Skali skala teringin gak nak mogok lama lama.. majuk ke ape kee.. But I always end up talking again, or said that I was sorry (though I only meant it half-heartedly!) huhuu~! I HATE THATT!! I hate saying that I was sorry when I was still thinking what I was supposed to do.. Slalu cam gini!! Tengah pikir je nak mintak maap ke.. nak stay quiet ke.. tau tau dah mintak maap lak! Bluerrghh!! And then, came all these thoughts 'coz I think too much!! Dah jadi tu biar ajelaa jadi!! Nak analize lagi buat ape? Ye dakk? Tak ke buat penat namenye??!! Let it go, Wanie...
Could be the thing I did was the right thing to do, pun~
Lagipon.. it's unhealthy to hold a grudge for too long~
(I'm telling myself those..)
ps: yosh~! thanks to mz kaoru! finally decided to get that imood thingy.. sukaaa~!!!

So you try and get it right,
but you don't know what to do,
when the answers won't find you,
look for them instead..
If there ever is a chance,
that you'll be a reformed man,
you could be the one to choose,
or this could be the end..

~*I Can't Stand Another Minute; Vroom

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Completely incomplete..

I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you
I'm living for the only thing I know
I'm running and not quite sure where to go
And I don't know what I'm diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

~*Hanging By A Moment; Lifehouse

Seems like forever I'll be loving this song, no matter how many times I've heard it over and over again.. I still love the lyrics so much!
Having quite a crappy feeling.. (honestly, I don't know what I feel.. that's why it's so crappy!) Been getting those these days.. Apsal aa? I'm feeling like.. constantly on the verge of bursting off something rather dear to me. But I can't!! yeech~! Come to think.. "wani" means brave in Java.. Then, I'm SO unlike my own name.. can't even risk something that's so small and chose to live in my own confusion.. You're so lame, Wanie...
Anyways! Yesterday went around with dear BJ and Ana. It was pretty neat, considering in a way.. I got away from this whole.. serious-world I'm supposed to be in. Apsal ye? Whenever I'm over in Cyberjaya, I'd feel like.. cut-off somehow. Aaaanyways, BJ honey, you need to SAVE UP~!! How many reminders do you need? Save up la budak! heehee~
Humm.. my everyday life is getting so boring. No point of telling about it, really. I just lost my thoughts to something quite useless these days.. so I tend to let time just pass me through. I'm getting late for everything.. bluerghhh!

Need to get hold of myself!!

Monday, July 14, 2003

I wanna be lost..

All my life, I always thought how bad it'd be if I were ever lost.. Lost in place.. lost in space.. lost at heart.. lost apart.. But come to think of it.. getting lost every once in a while is not so bad after all.. Getting lost every now and then could probably give me some peace of mind. Coz the way things are right now.. I should get myself lost somehow... someway..
The things I wish to say.. the things I need to say.. are kept away once again 'coz I just can't bring myself to it. Once again I hide myself behind an act.. and I have to find a way to let it out. Either way, I need to let it out!!

Things I rather not..

Hèlas, Je me suis Transfigurè Les Pieds

Hehhe! G'day everyone!! Seems like it's been such a long time since I last posted. Rase cam sikit rindu pon ade. SIKIT ajelaa.. Not much, 'coz I don't have much things to make me itch to tell ya'! hehhe~
Just spent the morning's class with Ablen since Ana wasn't around. grRrRrR! Thanks Ablen, temankan orang!
Not a really good weekend. I was awoken every morning with disturbing dreams. Three times in a row, I woke up, finding myself sleep-talking. The first one was rather funny. I woke up after I elbowed my own bed 'coz in my dream, I was actually elbowing this guy behind me 'coz he was bullying me. huhuu~ Then on Saturday, I dreamt that I had a row with Nina and she said mean things to me and I kept saying "shut up" in my dream and in moments, I find myself actually saying "shut up" and there were tears in my eyes. On Sunday it was about something that was out of the reallity so I'm not going into detail. Just in my dream, I was crying my eyes out over something helplessly on the floor and yeah.. I was crying for real..
Adohai laa~ I'm so tired! Demam dah takde.. but semput yang amat! Feels like I just run a mile or something.. but I feel that way constantly!! A real weight over my chest! Lenguh btol laa~
Okaylaa.. I guess I better continue on my study.. Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. ekkekeke!! No matter how many times I read it and Quidditch Through The Ages, I still find myself glued to it. huhuu~
Later~ getting a headache pon..

"Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have."

Thursday, July 10, 2003

106 fahrenheit~!!

That was my tempreature (spelling?) when I saw the doctor on Tuesday. Even the nurse and the doctor herself was surprised. "Get two paracetamols, stat!" she said to the nurse, as she rose from her seat to get me wet cottons so I can put it on my forehead. "You're pregnant, right?" the nurse asked Nina and she said yes, "don't get too close to her, okay?" huhuu~ and then it struck me!! Takutnyer kalau Nina demam~ huhuuu~ ...Pliss pliss jangan la dia demam. pliss pliss jangan la anything bad happen to her. pliss pliss or I'll regret the life that's been given to me... Then the doctor told me to eat the medicine I was going to be prescribed right then. And an antibiotic which I was allergic to!!! It was something like CEPOREX, and I was blurred enough not to mention to the doctor!! Actually, it wasn't even the clinic I usually go to.. it's my mom's and sister's clinic (in the same building of their offices) If I was in my usual clinic, there'd be record of my allergies.. So anyways, then I have extra pills to take to counter-attack the first antibiotic! Bongok kan???!!
When I got out from the doctor's room, even she followed me to the waiting room.. advising me things to do.. and there's some people in there heard it all.. how high my temperature was.. and so I cried right then.. Rase nak jerit je!!!!!! They were looking at me as if I'm about to fall off and die right there!!!! I HATE!!! Tolonglaa.. if ever I am supposed to die.. let me repay all the things my family did for me first! Arrghhhh!!! HARI YANG SANGAT TENSIONNN!!!
And when we finally got home, Papa had to hold me all the time (mind you, we're living in a flat/apartment ~whichever you'd like to call it) And Papa told me to forget about going to the Database test that night. I don't think I can go either.. tak laraatt~! So I rested.. meracau racau.. mumbled.. ngigau pon ade.. Nina gelakkan sebab all my words were jumbled up. She was by my side all the way trying to cool me down, lap badan ngan air sejuk brrRrrrRr!!.. so I told her to go away.. but she refused. I cried yet again.. I was reminded of an old friend of mine who lost her dad because of a high fever. "Takut.." I kept saying that.. And Nina asked "of what?" But I just repeated it again. Rase segan nak bagitau. "Wanie takut mati..!" Cam klakar kan? Drama swasta betul!! So I said, "some people died of high-fever..." and she said; "we'll never let that happen to you.. " (nangis lagi, of course!) Pastu I kept falling to sleep, sedar sedar Mama dah take over Nina's job. She was up all night by my side. Everytime I woke up, she was still holding a damp towel. Papa kept checking my temperature.. smer pon risau 'coz by 1 am, my tempreature only decreased by 3 fahrenheit. Maseh high~ (mind you, suhu badan normal is 98 and slalu demam 102, yang agak ganas pon 104.. so, 106 mmg bole mengejutkan orang kot.. TAPI TAKYAH LA PANDANG CAM ORANG DAH NAK MATIIII!!!!)
My fever only got down around noon of Wednesday. Though, I'm still left with dizziness. Humm.. pening pening, loya, muntah.. PREGNANT?? ekkekekke!! Bongok la Wanie.. menda camni pon buat lawak.. hisy!! So, dengan KONON kuat laa kan, I told my dad to send me off to MMU so I can finish up my work, so I can submit my highly-rejectable MDP work on Thursday morning. Masok masok bilek.. letak letak barang.. semput!! pening gilerRr!!! ARGHHH!! Nak baleeeeeeeekk!! Tapi menyusahkannyer Wanie nieeeeee!! Kos tanggungan Wanie sangat tinggi!!! I have a huge debt to my family!! ARRGHHHH!! Sedihhhhhhhh!! I picked such a horrible time to get sick!! I HATE!!! But I HAD to call home! I called up Papa, and he'll pick me up in the morning (Papa was tired... sorry Papa!! sorrysorrysorrysorry!! I've never been a good daughter kan? Dari Wanie lahir rasenye takde ape yang Wanie buat menyenangkan Papa kan? I always hung on to you. sorrysorrysorry.. I wish I did something that you're proud of.. I hope you never thought of me as a burden.. I hope I'll grow out of my spoilt-ness one day. sorrysorrysorry...) Nangis lagi, of course!! ARRGHHH!! Sungguh ciwekk!! (java word for suka nangis..)
TANAK KAWENNNN!!! (dalam mase terdekat ni laa..) EKKEKEKE!! Majlis perkahwinan memerlukan kos yang tinggi! Tak sanggup Wanie untuk orang kuar duit banyak banyak untuk Wanie lagi. So, patut.. takmo pakwe skali la kan? Sebab kalo ade pakwe musti menggatal nak kawen! AHHAHAHHA!!!
Dahlaa~ I should get to sleep!! Even typing this whole out is making me leak yet again.. bluerghhh!!

I shut down~

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Really.. what's going on over here???

This is SO crappy!! I went to sleep around 9 last night 'coz I'm feeling waaaaay to sick.. woken up at 11 with a terrible pain in my head! My cough is getting worse, my voice is practically fading, and my eyes are getting ugly! Cam sebulan tak tido! Puffy!! Kesejukkan tadi.. and so I SMSed home, and no one replied.. sangat mengecewakan.. huhuu~ Seb baik later Papa called! hehhe!! Adohh~ spoiled nyer saye.. I'm getting tired of reading myself talking 'bout my dad so often. hisy!! ENOUGH!!
Thanks Ana for getting me the Panadols.. Dah okay sikit for the time being. At least I can walk normally.. tadi I kept swaying from side to side. Klaka la sikit, macam mabuk!
Hopefully my condition will get better by the morning. Tak tahan nyerr~ Just couple weeks ago dah demam.. and now I'm having it again. What's up with me???! I don't usually get sick so often like this!! Rase macam ade something yang tak kene... hummmm~
But of course.. there's always something that doesn't go right in my life.. and it'll never change..
Haa~ going to thank Shahnon for somehow notifying Kaoru about this site! hehhe! I was clicking around her archive when I saw this.. So I happen to be someone who's very strong, somewhat self-willed, independent (iyee ke ekk? humm...), does not allow contradiction or arguments, loves life, it's family, children (wohhh~!!) and animals.. a bit of a butterfly, has a good sense of humor, likes idleness and laziness (without any doubt!!) and of practical talent and intelligence. Tatau la betul ke idak.. what do you think? hehhe~ A bit of a butterfly.. What does it mean, though? So, with full interest, I looked butterfly up on and here's what it said, "A person interested principally in frivolous pleasure".. huhuu~ And then I looked up for frivolous, and the results were; "unworthy of serious attention" or "inappropriately silly" WAHHAHAHA!! Sangat besh!! Come to think about it, I am most of what was stated in there.. heehee~!
Anyways, so it's 2 am and I REALLY should get more rest.. My head's starting to spin all over again... I HATE!!!

you are SO stone-aged! I'm over that! yakeng!!~

Monday, July 07, 2003

Supercab 172~!!

wahh~!! The driver of that cab number was sooOoOO friendly!!
This is SUCH a tiring daaay!! It was fun.. but waaay too tiring at the end of the day. I am HORRIBLY exhausted right now.. Guess I'll go to sleep after writing this whole entry.. Tak larat nak mandi ni haa~ Kalau mandi lepas makan, buncit! Tido lepas makan, tembam! Cute sikit kot.. ekkekek!
Okay, started off the day with going to bed at 5 am! It's just SO tiring when you didn't even get enough sleep, ek? Then, me and Ana went to our MCC class.. and so it happens, the class ended at 10:10!! SO! To kill the boredom we're about to go through.. we went to STAD to get our offer letters only to be told to come by again in the evening. So, we decided to walk our way towards Street Mall! Then, entah macam mane, bole terhenti kat bus stop lak, and sat down. "Nak pegi KL tak?" - "KL nak pegi maneee?" - "Entah! Manee..? Sungai Wang?"
We were like.. sitting there for 30 minutes before getting a conclusion ~ that's when Cityliner 868 came! And what did we do?? Hop onto it!!! AHHAHAHA!! Haritu pegi KLCC decide satu malam je.. yang ni decide 30 minutes. Adohaai~ Thank God I haven't got a driver's license. Agaknye kalo ade, musti dok kuaaar je memanjang! No wonder Papa never bothered to talk about driving license to me. huhuu~
Speaking about Papa.. skang ni Papa cam malas nak layan Wanie laaa!! Sedih sikit, but probably there's a reason for it. Nina said probably he didn't want to get so attached to me that he'll miss me now that I've gone back to MMU! AHHAHAHA!! While my theory is, he doesn't want me to get so attached to him that I'll depend on him for every single thing! ekkeke!! Ade adeee aje la Wanie nie!!
Okehh!! Berbalek kepada Sungai Wang. When we got there.. we kinda lost ourselves sebab tak nampak mane satu Sungai Wang. Bongok gak laa.. but it was fun!! Now we know how MANY shopping malls there are! hehhe!! Nak kate buat ape sangat kat Sungai Wang, takdelaa gakk! Just window-shopped and bought ourselves one neat t-shirt! ekkeke!! BESH~! Nak collect!!
So.. kire went off from MMU at 10:40 am, and back again at 2:40 pm! Kejap je kannn?? But it was soOoO neatt!!!
Kul 4 lak pegi Database.. which I got so tired and a wee cranky at the end of it!! huhuu~ Tak tahan nyerr~
Then Papa and Nina came for a while to give me that PTPTN envelope. hehhe! Bole lak tertinggal.. huhuu~
So now I'm back in my room after having dinner with dear Ana.. now I think I should get some REST!!

Stay that way and don't you grow~

"borders, Wanie.. BORDERS!"

Having the night by my own thoughts.. So I wonder..
Kenape hati pompuan senang dilembutkan? huhuu~ SERIOUSLY! Bukan sebab diorang gatal.. but they're just so easy to be flattered. In some kind of way, I hate being myself - a girl, as you can see - and easily flattered by nice words that came from guys. APSAL aAaAA?? It makes me sick when I think about it. Come on la, words are just words and not all things should be taken seriously! But even when I don't take it seriously, I'll get flattered anyways! AHHAHAH! Klaka lak rase, telling this.. but honestly, that's the truth. Main-main cemane pon, gelak-gelak cemane pon.. some of those words will get stuck in my head for some reasons. Ape pape pon.. even truthfully I'm just so easy to be pleased.. I think I've drew the line where I'll let myself go. I got to sort out my heart and mind during the break.. So, I shouldn't really be making any mistakes anytime soon. hehhe~ A gurl pon ade ego juga taau!
Read Ablen's entry.. rase klaka pula, 'coz I was reading the pantun with Ana by my side so we kept on giggling. Kenape cakap pasal feelings je Ablen nih? Rase macam nak join pula..
Going to repeat again what Nina once said to me.. "Menda camni takleh tamak.." Remember that bus story? Whether you'd let it go or hop onto it when you see it.. The thing about feelings is, sometimes it's just unbearable to be kept inside. But when you let it out, things around you might change.. and you'll need to cope with that whether you like it or not. When you let it out.. the other person may not say the things you'd like to hear them to say.. and you'd have to listen whether you're ready or not. Letting out your feelings might not be a good move, come to think about it. But not moving is even worse.. at least, now you'd know how the other person think of you, and you can decide for yourself what you're going to do, now things are going to change.
Tak semestinye la menda akan berubah, but things usually does. If not to you (the one who confessed), the one you confessed to, now will start to think some things about you. Kene rijek memang tak besh, kan? But having the subject hanging is even worse. They didn't say either yes or no.. Things are not as easy as that, though.. YES and NO sangat general. If someone didn't say he/she feels the same way as you do.. it doesn't mean that they didn't like you. Ade banyak probabilities why they can't give you any straight answer. And things like this needs a real conversation. Until that time you decide to have a conversation about it, plenty of things might run through your mind; "was that somewhat like a greenlight? 'Coz he/she didn't say no!" - "should I wait for him/her or just move on?" yadda yadda yaddaaa~
I'm not going to act like I know everything 'coz I DON'T! But I'm going to say what I've experienced laa~ Though the things I went through are usually lame and stupid 'coz I usually don't know what I was doing.. hummph!
Ape pape pon, the best relationship is when you build it with someone you've been thinking about for so long! Someone that really connects to you.. Someone who knew you for what you are and pleased with it. Someone who won't change you for their own good but for your's! hehhe~ "Menda camni takleh tamak.." If you feel like you should wait, then wait! If you don't think they're worth the time, move on. You never know what you'll find when you just open your heart to others.
If you ask me, wait or move on? huhuu~ Y'know, how sometimes you said and chose one thing when the truth is, you'll do the other? So, I'd love to move on.. I mean, kenape nak tunggu something yang tak pasti when you can grab something that's certain?.. But I'd know that deep inside I'm still waiting for the person-lah! It hurts when you're trying to fool yourself when the truth is right there in front of you. So, kalau tak ade menda nak keja.. let time be!
heehee~ esok ade kelas pagiiiiiiii!!! Nak kene pegi ke aaAa? ekkeke!!

Current song: Motorcycle Drive By; Third Eye Blind
I've never been so alone and I've never been so alive~

Sunday, July 06, 2003

yeaayyy~!! WEBBY UPDATED!

Wokehh~ dah balekk!
I updated the layout yet again!! Disebabkan tak ske layout aritu nyer pasal.. hehhe~
So anyways, got some new pictures up.. and if you'd like to see what I've been up to for the last week.. you can check out the link archived blog down there.. huhuu~

Friday, July 04, 2003

semalam kuar ngan wanie gi klcc...bestt...walaupun ader kecewa sedikit...tapi bestt jugak....pusing2 klcc naik turun klcc...agak lamela jugak duduk kat klcc tu...tapi tak rase cam lame...rase cam kejapp je...pastu...mase balik....sedih rasanyer nak berpisah ngan wanie kat kl sentral...eheheh...nanti kite kuarr lagikk sungai wang plak ek ek ek ek ek...kalau keje kite tak kene rijekk la kann....untuk ulasan yg lebih lanjut...kite tunggu wanie balikk nantii..okeh...saje je menyibuk kat bblog waniee.....bye2

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