Monday, July 07, 2003

Supercab 172~!!

wahh~!! The driver of that cab number was sooOoOO friendly!!
This is SUCH a tiring daaay!! It was fun.. but waaay too tiring at the end of the day. I am HORRIBLY exhausted right now.. Guess I'll go to sleep after writing this whole entry.. Tak larat nak mandi ni haa~ Kalau mandi lepas makan, buncit! Tido lepas makan, tembam! Cute sikit kot.. ekkekek!
Okay, started off the day with going to bed at 5 am! It's just SO tiring when you didn't even get enough sleep, ek? Then, me and Ana went to our MCC class.. and so it happens, the class ended at 10:10!! SO! To kill the boredom we're about to go through.. we went to STAD to get our offer letters only to be told to come by again in the evening. So, we decided to walk our way towards Street Mall! Then, entah macam mane, bole terhenti kat bus stop lak, and sat down. "Nak pegi KL tak?" - "KL nak pegi maneee?" - "Entah! Manee..? Sungai Wang?"
We were like.. sitting there for 30 minutes before getting a conclusion ~ that's when Cityliner 868 came! And what did we do?? Hop onto it!!! AHHAHAHA!! Haritu pegi KLCC decide satu malam je.. yang ni decide 30 minutes. Adohaai~ Thank God I haven't got a driver's license. Agaknye kalo ade, musti dok kuaaar je memanjang! No wonder Papa never bothered to talk about driving license to me. huhuu~
Speaking about Papa.. skang ni Papa cam malas nak layan Wanie laaa!! Sedih sikit, but probably there's a reason for it. Nina said probably he didn't want to get so attached to me that he'll miss me now that I've gone back to MMU! AHHAHAHA!! While my theory is, he doesn't want me to get so attached to him that I'll depend on him for every single thing! ekkeke!! Ade adeee aje la Wanie nie!!
Okehh!! Berbalek kepada Sungai Wang. When we got there.. we kinda lost ourselves sebab tak nampak mane satu Sungai Wang. Bongok gak laa.. but it was fun!! Now we know how MANY shopping malls there are! hehhe!! Nak kate buat ape sangat kat Sungai Wang, takdelaa gakk! Just window-shopped and bought ourselves one neat t-shirt! ekkeke!! BESH~! Nak collect!!
So.. kire went off from MMU at 10:40 am, and back again at 2:40 pm! Kejap je kannn?? But it was soOoO neatt!!!
Kul 4 lak pegi Database.. which I got so tired and a wee cranky at the end of it!! huhuu~ Tak tahan nyerr~
Then Papa and Nina came for a while to give me that PTPTN envelope. hehhe! Bole lak tertinggal.. huhuu~
So now I'm back in my room after having dinner with dear Ana.. now I think I should get some REST!!

Stay that way and don't you grow~


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