Thursday, July 10, 2003

106 fahrenheit~!!

That was my tempreature (spelling?) when I saw the doctor on Tuesday. Even the nurse and the doctor herself was surprised. "Get two paracetamols, stat!" she said to the nurse, as she rose from her seat to get me wet cottons so I can put it on my forehead. "You're pregnant, right?" the nurse asked Nina and she said yes, "don't get too close to her, okay?" huhuu~ and then it struck me!! Takutnyer kalau Nina demam~ huhuuu~ ...Pliss pliss jangan la dia demam. pliss pliss jangan la anything bad happen to her. pliss pliss or I'll regret the life that's been given to me... Then the doctor told me to eat the medicine I was going to be prescribed right then. And an antibiotic which I was allergic to!!! It was something like CEPOREX, and I was blurred enough not to mention to the doctor!! Actually, it wasn't even the clinic I usually go to.. it's my mom's and sister's clinic (in the same building of their offices) If I was in my usual clinic, there'd be record of my allergies.. So anyways, then I have extra pills to take to counter-attack the first antibiotic! Bongok kan???!!
When I got out from the doctor's room, even she followed me to the waiting room.. advising me things to do.. and there's some people in there heard it all.. how high my temperature was.. and so I cried right then.. Rase nak jerit je!!!!!! They were looking at me as if I'm about to fall off and die right there!!!! I HATE!!! Tolonglaa.. if ever I am supposed to die.. let me repay all the things my family did for me first! Arrghhhh!!! HARI YANG SANGAT TENSIONNN!!!
And when we finally got home, Papa had to hold me all the time (mind you, we're living in a flat/apartment ~whichever you'd like to call it) And Papa told me to forget about going to the Database test that night. I don't think I can go either.. tak laraatt~! So I rested.. meracau racau.. mumbled.. ngigau pon ade.. Nina gelakkan sebab all my words were jumbled up. She was by my side all the way trying to cool me down, lap badan ngan air sejuk brrRrrrRr!!.. so I told her to go away.. but she refused. I cried yet again.. I was reminded of an old friend of mine who lost her dad because of a high fever. "Takut.." I kept saying that.. And Nina asked "of what?" But I just repeated it again. Rase segan nak bagitau. "Wanie takut mati..!" Cam klakar kan? Drama swasta betul!! So I said, "some people died of high-fever..." and she said; "we'll never let that happen to you.. " (nangis lagi, of course!) Pastu I kept falling to sleep, sedar sedar Mama dah take over Nina's job. She was up all night by my side. Everytime I woke up, she was still holding a damp towel. Papa kept checking my temperature.. smer pon risau 'coz by 1 am, my tempreature only decreased by 3 fahrenheit. Maseh high~ (mind you, suhu badan normal is 98 and slalu demam 102, yang agak ganas pon 104.. so, 106 mmg bole mengejutkan orang kot.. TAPI TAKYAH LA PANDANG CAM ORANG DAH NAK MATIIII!!!!)
My fever only got down around noon of Wednesday. Though, I'm still left with dizziness. Humm.. pening pening, loya, muntah.. PREGNANT?? ekkekekke!! Bongok la Wanie.. menda camni pon buat lawak.. hisy!! So, dengan KONON kuat laa kan, I told my dad to send me off to MMU so I can finish up my work, so I can submit my highly-rejectable MDP work on Thursday morning. Masok masok bilek.. letak letak barang.. semput!! pening gilerRr!!! ARGHHH!! Nak baleeeeeeeekk!! Tapi menyusahkannyer Wanie nieeeeee!! Kos tanggungan Wanie sangat tinggi!!! I have a huge debt to my family!! ARRGHHHH!! Sedihhhhhhhh!! I picked such a horrible time to get sick!! I HATE!!! But I HAD to call home! I called up Papa, and he'll pick me up in the morning (Papa was tired... sorry Papa!! sorrysorrysorrysorry!! I've never been a good daughter kan? Dari Wanie lahir rasenye takde ape yang Wanie buat menyenangkan Papa kan? I always hung on to you. sorrysorrysorry.. I wish I did something that you're proud of.. I hope you never thought of me as a burden.. I hope I'll grow out of my spoilt-ness one day. sorrysorrysorry...) Nangis lagi, of course!! ARRGHHH!! Sungguh ciwekk!! (java word for suka nangis..)
TANAK KAWENNNN!!! (dalam mase terdekat ni laa..) EKKEKEKE!! Majlis perkahwinan memerlukan kos yang tinggi! Tak sanggup Wanie untuk orang kuar duit banyak banyak untuk Wanie lagi. So, patut.. takmo pakwe skali la kan? Sebab kalo ade pakwe musti menggatal nak kawen! AHHAHAHHA!!!
Dahlaa~ I should get to sleep!! Even typing this whole out is making me leak yet again.. bluerghhh!!

I shut down~


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