Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I don't know..
I feel like I'm especially super spendy lately.
I mean, "feeling spendy" is pretty frequent for me but for the past few weeks I'd been SUPER spendy.
I blame the upcoming holidays and basically all my favourite brands came out with special edition stuff and "value for money" sets.
I wish I could go through a whole year without spending except for at this time of the year when I know that I'll definitely spend my money.

Suppose I don't feel too bad considering I don't just buy things for myself.
But I do buy a whole lot for myself! bahahahaha!!

I kinda blame my roster too for giving me the access to spend. heehee
I've been flying to Perth in the past few weeks and I LOVE Perth!
I can always find something to buy whenever I'm there. Terrible, but I can't hate it.

Let's start off with Lush Cosmetics.
I LOVE getting bubble baths. Even though I don't really have a bath at home, but a lot of the hotels that I'm staying in has a bath tub.
Naturally I had to stock up on my fave bubble bars and shower products for those times when I do get the chance to have a bath.

So I got myself two of the Christmas edition's bubble bars; Sunnyside which smelled really citrusy and completely covered in gold dust, and Magic Wand which smelled like candy and I honestly got because it looked cute and even has a little bell tied to the stick! hahaha

I also got a couple of Kinky hot oil treatment for hair because I was curious and I've never had any hot oil treatment what so ever. The idea sounded fun and easy enough to do, so yeah..
I repurchased the smallest size of The Olive Branch because it's tiny, good for travel and Encem and I have a holiday-ish coming up.

And last, I grabbed the Happy Daze gift box (and gifted it to MYSELF) because my favourites were in there! I had set my heart on a different gift box before I got to the store but I don't know.. the wrapper for the Happy Daze set looked really fun, I guess. hahahha! I am such a sucker for packaging, I know.

So I've used Sunnyside while I was in Narita the other day, and I was worried that the gold dust might stick to my skin and would be too hard to remove but I had no trouble at all. It made my tiny bathroom smelled really sweet and fresh and the water an almost ethereal orange colour with the gold specks floating around.

I tried out Kinky, but I don't have any real thoughts on it yet. Perhaps I put too much hot water in it or something but it didn't make my really curly hair any less kinked. It felt quite nourished without feeling oily, made my hair kinda heavy.. maybe a little less frizzy, but they were just as easily tangled.
So I don't know.. Not too sure how my hair was supposed to feel anyway, but I do plan on doing the treatment again and then decide whether I actually like the product or not.

Alright, my next purchase was from David Jones. David Jones and Myer is basically equivalent to Parkson or Metrojaya here in Malaysia.
I love going into these stores to look at their home stuff. Appliances, utensils, servingware..  I know, mak-mak sangat, but I especially love checking out the home bits by Kate Spade New York.
fun fact! I love checking out Kate Spade for their homewares and stationeries instead for what they're better know for; bags and clothes, but we don't get much of those in KL..

I did get the yellow journal from the store in MidValley but what I was originally looking for was the one with the pink cover. I figured that it would probably run out of stock before I was able to look for it elsewhere, but lo and behold! It was right there in David Jones.
So I had to have it. Plus they're blank ruled journals. I'll find ways to use the one with the yellow cover somehow so I didn't think I was reckless for spending RM100 on a journal. I mean, all my Moleskines must've costed more than that. I mean.. who are we kidding, I ALWAYS splurge on my stationeries! hahahha

It irked me a little how 'spensive it is compared to the one I bought in KL. I find that American brands in Australia is normally more expensive than they are in KL. I do have a rule to not simply buy things anywhere outside of KL unless they're obviously cheaper and they're simply not available here. And thanks to modern technology, I would normally browse the internet for the prices so I can compare.

So yeah, even if you see me write about all these posts about shopping and stuff, most of them are well planned ahead and calculated. Also, most times I have a shopping list that I carry in my back pocket.

Back onto the Kate Spade journal though, I had a specific idea, a writing project that I want to start with the one with the pink cover. I've been going in and out of Kate Spade stores here for months hoping to find it. Getting it online, paying for shipping just for the one thing would be reckless so when I actually saw it on display -- HAD to have it.

I didn't have to get the Initial Card Set though.. that was a splurge. heeheee
I'm also a sucker for personalised shit, as you should figure out by now.

Then my final shopping spree happened once I got back to KL. Origins had came out with their holiday gift sets so I was basically stocking up on my faves and setting myself up for the year. I've tried a bunch of skincare products from a bunch of brands but I always come back to Origins.

The first one I got was the Radiance Ready set (RM200) which has a scrub cleanser and moisturiser from the Ginzing range, and a serum and mask from the Original Skin range. I've tried and loved three of the products so I am looking forward to trying out the scrub which is the only product I've never tried before.
The second set that I got was the Moisturize and Be Merry gift set (RM280) which includes a serum, moisturiser, treatment lotion and cleansing milk from the Make A Difference Plus+ range, which is another line that my skin loves.Now, if you've never tried Origins products before, the GinZing line is catered for normal skin while the Make A Difference Plus+ is for dryer skin. They do have a bunch of lines targeting specific skin concerns but I just mostly need hydration so these two lines are what I usually go after.The last set I got was the Prep & Mask set (RM 165) because I've been meaning to try the Maskimizer which was advertised to make your masks works better. May be gimmicky but it's basically a deluxe sample size so at least I'm not spending too much money on a bottle of spray water. It also has the Clear Improvement mask which is a standard charcoal mask, Original Skin mask that I've mentioned, I LOVE and don't mind having back ups of, and the Drink Up intensive overnight mask which is one that I currently have in my travel toiletries bag.I now just basically use that as my night cream instead of an actual night cream whenever I'm on a night stop somewhere. Smells delicious and really hydrates the skin. Pretty perfect after spending the day in an aircraft, really.So that's it! Everything that I've bought recently in an almost carefree manner. hahahha! I'm especially excited on the skincare because I'm close to finishing the day cream that I am currently using, and it's not by Origins so I've been missing my usual favourites.I did go back to Sephora last week to get some bits of things that weren't available during the sales. Also got a small present for Mama's birthday that is coming up this weekend. Also some bits and bobs I might need for our holiday-ish.Honestly.. just.. super spendy somehow.


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