Monday, September 30, 2002

Let's kick a$$!!
Just a question... ever felt so furious that it ruins your whole day? Ever felt so angry that your heart beats faster just to think about the cause? Ever felt so mad that you just can't say anything about it? Ever felt so pissed that you could just strangle someone??!
Urgghhhh!!! How could you?!!!!!

English can be funnn!!
Heyy, don't diss me for this but English CAN be fun!! At least my class is.. Hihhihi.. Well, it gets a bit boring when we had to start working on some essay stuff..
It started off with a discussion about what we want to do.. That cause and effects stuff or compare and contrast.. So then Majin and I were into some sort of debate coz we wanted to do the different things.. So anyway.. ends up Majin won.. then we started doing the cause and effects.. Bluerghhh! So anyways.. the silly part is since Gabe kept on making the topics ended with 'deaths'.. Like... greed.. they became greedy for a wish to be rich.. and when they get rich.. they're unhappy.. they feel the need to take care of their money.. paranoia.. and they get insane.. which leads to - SUICIDE! Now.. that's the sort of things we talk about in class.. Even from the last trimester.. Death and all that has become the favourite topic in class.. the weird thing is.. all of the members in the class are all the happy type! Not at all the depressed.. Hehhe!
Then.. when we had to start making the outlines for our essays.. I get sleepy! Nyeh nyehh.. good ole Juvita, Aisha and Rina get to finish the work and our group became the first to get out from the classroom.. Weeee! Thank you loads gurls!! ^_^
Oh well.. I'm hungry right now.. But hey! Gotta wait for my friends to get back here.. Eating time became more fun when you're with the people you care! Hehhehe!! Ohana means family and family doesn't left anyone behind! AHHAHHAHHA!!

What would you say if I change my path.. away from you?
Because I'm a girl..
OooOoo yeahh..! A new week! Funny enough.. the three occupants of this room were late this morning.. Ana and I woke up pretty much late than we would usually wake.. While Fina wasn't even around by 8:30!! Hahhahha!! She only got to the room when me, Ana, Bahijah and Sheeya were walking towards the E-Theatre.
Lecture was normally boring.. hummm.. what more can I say? So now I'm wasting my time while waiting the clock ticks by for my class at 4.. Bluerrgh! Owh! I forgot to mention... that I got Ms Zaiha back for the trimester!! Hihhihik! We were all cheering when she informed us last week.. ^_^
Wokehh.. so anyways.. I'm kinda sleepy right now, but I guess it's too late to get a nap at this hour.. Sheesh! Soo.. what else can I say?
Owhh.. last night was weird..! Seriously.. Got extremely sleepy while we were doing Fundamental.. (Probably 'coz I got a bit fed up 'coz my color won't 'flatten'!) And people have been asking me weird questions.. And my dreams were all jumbled up while I was sleeping.. I don't know!!! Urgghh!! Everything just seemed weird.
Probably 'coz I got tired from running back and forth from my room to Sheeya and Bahijah's room.. hehhe! 'Coz we were all excited with that application Fariz gave.. so I had to run around to help the two get their thingy to work. Hehhe..! It was tiring, really.. Even got myself confused, trying to figure out their IP addresses..
And then there's this one time when Sheeya entered my pc.. and gosh, I hate to lose control of things!! Urgghh! I was pretty pissed really.. But finally.. I solved it all.. by switching off her pc!! Wahahhaha!! Neat stuff, really.. if you're willing to let people take over the pc.. Hihhihik..
Wokehh.. gotta run! An errand to do.. Aisha asked me to wake her up!

And I do get tired from waiting..

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Just a thought..
Another week gone by.. a new day is arriving..
My heart beats faster when I think about tomorrow..
Will I change for the good? Will people treat me differently?
These are the things I wonder, when I think about tomorrow..
Had a pleasant dream this morning..
But I can't say if it'll happen for real..
I wish that it would.. for that means I'll have a brighter future..
It's a long way ahead.. but everytime I get to think about it,
I get scared..
Do I have enough will to go through it?
Or will I run away like I always did?
The things I regret keep bashing in my head..
It's my fault, no one else to be blamed..
Why should I go away? I could not say..
Maybe I'm just too afraid of what people might say..
I don't want to regret anymore.. but why is it everywhere I turn,
I'll always find it in front of my face again? And why do I feel like I'm going to run again?
I don't know when.. I don't know how..
But if the time comes, forgive me for what I've done..
Remember me like you do care..
But don't keep thinking about me in your days..
For I am not worthy to hang around in your thoughts..

Friday, September 27, 2002

Three girls in one room.. Hihhihik!
Wokehh.. goin' home some minutes from now..
Slept at Sheeya's last night. Honestly, Ana and I left our room around two in the morning.. but we stayed talking until about FIVE! Ahhahha!! Talked about so many stuff! Mostly about the things that has been bothering our minds... ^_^
Today's a bit silly really... Me and Ana only woke up when Sheeya got BACK from her class.. hihhihi! And Sheeya said that Ana did some weird thing in the morning which made me laugh so hard! Hihhihih!
It rained again today.. spent the day mostly in front of the window.. the air seemed cool!! Hihhihi.. Well of course me, Ana and Sheeya also used the chance to see who passes by the building.. Hihhihik! Very pleased to know that Ana seemed happier today.. at last.. at the end of the week... Kan Ana.. kan??
Eyyhh!! I need to pack my bags!! Maybe if I can still remember what happened today.. I'll tell you about it sometime later...
Well.. have a nice weekend!!
Probably I'll get back here on Monday.. Rase malas nak balek awal... Hihhihik!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

It's mind-boggling but I'm enjoying every moment of it! Hihhihik!
Hello lovely people! Hihhi.. In a pretty good mood today, but I have to say that I'm still feeling sleepy.. Urgh!! Oh yeahh.. woke up this morning with a bit of a cramp on my left arm and few hours later.. I find it swollen!! Sheesh! Seems like my arm was bitten by something.. amazingly it even causes cramps! Well, what can I say.. I'm just simply irresistable! Even for bugs.. ahhahha!!
Got to go to Fundamental this morning.. Well, nothing much really.. Got to mix some colors.. got myself bored.. (coz I kept getting the wrong tones and I just can't seem to 'flatten' the color!) But anyways.. the day can still be considered as okay.. ^_^ I skipped my English today.. just decided not to go and hang out with the gurls around HB1 and our room.. Hehh.. Then at 2 I went to their session of Fundamental.. Hihhihi! Really.. I just felt like making myself bored all over again.. Hihhihi..! I'd have to say that I enjoyed my own Fundamental session better.. Hihhi..! Plus.. the gurls said that they might come over to my session next time.. Yaayyyyy!!
So anyways.. I'm tired of course.. just got back from Street Mall for an early dinner.. caught a glimpse of Winter Sonata.. Hihhi.. Sent silly messages to Alitt.. all five of us.. Sheeya, Bahijah, Ana, Azura and myself.. sent Alitt messages like - 'Alitt, jom kapel! Ekonomi meleset ni.. dating pon jadik ahh!' and 'Alitt, jom dating.. buat isteri pon ok gak!' and some more silly silly SMS that contains the words 'ekonomi meleset' and 'couple'.. Hahhaha!!
Anyways.. gonna sleep at Sheeya and Bahijah's room tonight.. Hihhi..! Though.. BJ won't be around 'coz she's going home!! Talking about home... hummm... I feel hessitated to go back.. urghh!! My dad's gonna ask about the Maths paper.. and I really don't know what more could I say... I really hate that when it happens!
Wokie... going to Sheeya's room in some moments.. if any of you guys need to contact me.. Just message her on Y! M, asking for this reaaaaaaaaaaally cute-but-a-little-shy lil' witch wokie! Hihhihik! Or.. well.. try again tomorrow lahhh!! AHHAHHA!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

What a dayy..
Heyy.. I do believe that I'm kinda sick in a way.. my body is malfunctioning!! Seriously.. I can't understand how it works anymore! Seriously.. I'd get sleepy anytime of the day! Even after I just had a good nap!! Something's not right is going on!! So.. forgive me if my mood changes drastically.. I'm sure it's not PMS.. it's.. something that even I cannot explain! Urgghhh! HELLLLLPPP! Every moment of the day.. I'm like forcing myself to keep awake! Urrghh!!
Anyways.. Maths paper was a nightmare!! Err.. almost cried at the end of it 'coz I was really upset.. And Dani didn't help in any way.. he actually said.. 'It can't be that bad..' URGHHH!! He seemed to be able to do it.. of course he'd say that!!!!! I just hate those too-positive-thinking-people!! Bluekk bluekk blueeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!! 'At least we die trying'.. ya lahh!! I'm about to jump off the window and commit suicide!! So anyways.. I haven't spoke to my dad yet.. just messaged him before and after the test.. he must've been really upset.. Apelaa nak jadik ngan Wanie ni??!! Sampaaahhhh!! HUWAAAAA!!
So when I got back to my room.. I burried my face into the pillow.. and then it rained! So I went down my bed and shoved the monitor of my pc away and sat on the table and just stared blankly at the rain drops.. Ehehhe.. somehow I didn't get pissed when Fina, Ana and Bahijah gets positive... And when the rain gets heavier.. we went to HB1!! Got ourselves some hot drinks to warm ourselves.. Hihhi.. Catch up on each other's news.. Since we're not in the same class.. Hihhi.. Truly cheered me up.. Even talked about our moms! AHHAHHAH!! Then had a bit of a walk around MMU.. ehhehe! Got back in our room around 8.. and had a bit of a Magee party.. Hihhihi.. while Azura was getting ready for a DATE!! Wah wahhhh..!! Tak aci.. tak aci.. apa lagi BJ.. jomm kite!! Guys-hunting! AHHAHHA!! Tengah tak sehat ni ade hati plak nak usha orang.. Yeeheehee!
So.. it's night.. And I'm feeling really sick! Really don't know what's happening... Heyy fellas!! If I won't get up by midnight.. errr... well, make me!!!
Oh my.. just realized that the star on my wrist won't come off!! Ayayyaya!

Current song : Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne
~ Is it enough to die, somebody save my life ~
OH... MY...!!!!!!!!!!
I am feeling extremely pleased!! And I'm shocked with it!! OH MY!!! MY.. my.. my!!!
Even with the fact I'm having my supplementary test in a few hours.. I'm extremely happy!! Ihhihihik!
Why.. I managed to get the two songs that touched my heart in this couple of months! Hihhihik..
One of them is that song from Winter Sonata.. Well, yeahh.. I don't really understand it.. but I do know some parts of it!!
- sorry if I love you too much but I can't control it - AHHAHHA!! Neat! But the song is really sad to be the truth.. that's why it touches me! Ihhihihik!
And the other song.. is from that Greese movie.. Ahhahha!!
What's up with me and slow songs these days?!
Anyways.. class this morning was pretty fun!! We were making silly jokes with that Adobe Photoshop.. been messing around with some fruits and veggies! It felt fun again with Aisha and Majin in the same class.. we were pretty noisy 'coz we kept laughing! Hihhi.. and I was kept being interrupted with my Y!M that one of the tutors actually came to my desk and gave me a 'look'.. so what did I do?? I smiled at him!!! AHHAHHA!! Typically me... Anyways.. and somehow that tutor.. Dr. Hew (was it??) kept coming back to our (me, Aisha and Majin's) desk! Hihhihi.. why.. feelin' a bit magnetic, do we?? Ahhahha!!
Oh well.. gotta stop getting silly and check on some more notes! Bob pon messaged suruh stadi.. Hihhihik
Wish me luck!!

Current song : Hopelessly Devoted by.. (what's her name??)
~ I'm out of my head.. hopelessly devoted to you ~

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The things I held back..
Ola! Still feeling slow... had a bit of a nap just now.. A very bit to tell you. And the funny thing is, when I woke up.. I asked myself.. "why did I wake up??" Hihhihi...
Gosh, I wonder why I've been having weird dreams.. like.. I don't know! It's kinda hard to explain 'coz it doesn't make any sense at all! Blueerrgghh!
Anyways.. feeling... kinda empty tonight.. why? Beats me! Heyy.. how often do you get that feeling.. when you think that you should just say the things you really wanted to say.. but something just holds you back?? Urghh! That's how I feel tonight, to be honest! There's this 'thing' that has been hanging in my thoughts.. but.. I just can't let it out!! Why?? 'Coz I'm just too demm ego about it.. Urrghh!! But honestly.. the thing is actually a clash of ego and shame.. AHHAHA!! I guess that's just why I can't let it out... as much as I want to..
Know what? Somehow I wish I could just ask the things I wanted to ask, when I want to ask it! Instead of holding it back.. and keep on wondering why.. Blueerrgh!! Know what?? Who knows... maybe one of these days I'll just let it out..!! Though.. I believe that it could be the most foolish day of my life history.. well.. maybe I could throw it all away.. entahlaa! How much I tried to brave myself to brought it up.. something will just turn out weird! Bluerrghh!! Papelahh Wanie ni ngarut!

Current song : Perfect by Simple Plan
~ I'm sorry I can't be perfect ~

Monday, September 23, 2002

Crazy feeling..
I have a very nasty feeling 'bout how this thing is going on... urrghh!!
Gonna go crazy about this..!

Current song : Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne
~ Is it enough to love, is it enough to breathe.. somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed ~
How Should Guys Confess : Part Two
Hihhihi... the final part of this cheeky topic! I guess I'd have to say that these are the quite 'casual' part of the topic..

As Juvita would say, you guys should at least make sure that she likes you.. even a little bit so the confession won't be such a shock to her.. You should take her someplace nice.. but act casually. So, no matter how the responses be.. you can still stay as friends. And she said that you should 'tell' her through actions, but not too drastic. 'Coz words can go wrong and gifts might gave the wrong hints..

My sister, Nina said you guys won't have to wait or create a special occasion to get it out your chest. I mean, save it all for the proposal, okie! So that strikes out candle-light dinner and that large bouquet of flowers.. wokehh! As Nina said, better make it a private conversation.. that strikes out while you're hanging out with loads of friends or the cafeteria.. Hihhi..! And, you really gotta SAY it! Make it short and simple.. Make it CLEAR, that's important!
Let me tell you how her fiance confessed.. well, not exactly confess.. but I'll explain that a bit later! Okehh!! Her fiance really like the number 19.. and so.. he actually planned of doing 19 special things in 19 days! Flowers on one day.. letter on a day.. chocolate on another.. but then somewhere around the 14th day.. my sister actually asked him.. "Awak ade ape-ape nak cakap kat saye ke?" Hoping that he'd tell how he feels for her ('coz she likes him).. And guess what?? He blurted it out! Hihhi.. Well, it's a pretty kamikaze thing Nina did.. I mean, by actually asking the guy, means that the girl has this feeling.. but she didn't want to waste it on the guy if he didn't want her. Get me? That's why she asked! ^_^ Oh yeahh.. like she said, you don't have to create an occasion, but your efforts counts, y'know! 19 stuff.. that's pretty sweet! ^_^

Hope all these is helping guys out there understand a bit 'bout girls! Hihhi.. I have to say that.. even if you have a bit of the feeling, you gotta tell her! Nanti melarat.. I mean, just imagine if you waited until that feeling grow.. and by the time you got the guts to spill it out, she doesn't feel the way you do.. hihhi..! Can you just move on with your life?? ^_^ Wokehh.. it's easy to dedicate songs to the girl.. (or guy, for those gurls who's brave enough to make the first move!) But be SPECIFIC! I mean, which part of the songs expresses your feelings. ^_^ Unless it's the whole song-lah! And letters are pretty good too! If you can write-lah! Hahhaha!! If you choose to write.. please oh please.. DON'T RHYME!! You might go from sweet to downright hilarious.. you don't really want her to laugh at your efforts, do you? Well.. just... avoid from rhymes.. just.. PLEASE!! I had such a funny experience about that one.. Can't stop crying when I remember about it.. (hihhi! 'coz I can't stop laughing!) ^o^ But... the thing about songs and letters is that, you'd still have to SAY how you feel.. 'Coz she'll need confirmation.. HAHHA! I mean.. if you talk face to face.. she can ask you if you're serious.. if it's just a letter, she might think it's just one of your pranks! ^_^ Crystal? oOooO yeahh.. YOU'RE CUTE is not exactly a confession.. since plenty of guys might've said that to her.. And you might want to repeat that you do like her.. 'coz there's plenty of like.. there's the 'just' like.. and LIKE LIKE.. Heehee!! Just ask me if you need to know more about the 'likes'.. hehhehe!!
Well.. just remember not to go too slow, nor too fast! If you act too slow.. some other guy might get her!! Or.. if she has the same feeling.. she'll wonder what took you so long to just say it?.. and ended with her running off with another guy who's brave enough to let it out! Hahhaha!! Too fast as in.. you went up to her and said I LOVE YOU.. that's just freakish! She might freak out and you'll never get to see her again! LIKE is much much better word, wokehh? *winks!* Oh yeahh.. I have a story about being too fast though. Actually a cousin of mine.. well, there's this guy.. He probably has been looking at her (my cousin) for so long.. and one day, he went up to her and actually said.. "One day I'll make you my wife" She freaked out, of course... but guess what? They're now happily married! Yeeheehee!!
Well.. just.. let it out, will ya'! It MIGHT hurt a bit (to your ego!.. or if she rejects you).. but it MIGHT also be the starting point of a beautiful story!! Yeeheehee!! Seriously.. until the moment you confess.. you'll forever be 'nothing'.. ^_^

Well... enjoy your experiments! Heehee.. hope one of those works for you!
Gosh, I need sleep badly!!
How Should Guys Confess : Part One
Hahha!! Now, before I get serious with my Maths.. I should get this topic done.. ^_^
Yeeheehee... ain't it cheeky?? Well, I've talked about crush.. I've talked about hints.. so I better just go through with the whole subject! ^_^ Anyways, this time I'm asking all around the girls so you guys out there could choose which ways are more compatible with you! Yeeheehee! And so this is what they said... ^_^

Azura said.. Hehhehe.. Eye contact is very important! So don't wear any tinted glasses when you say it.. 'coz she needs to see the sincerity in your eyes.. And.. probably you should say it in whispers. So it'll be like a real 'secret' between you two. Ahha! And probably, you also might want to sing her a very nice song.. Hihhihik! Just.. pick a nice place to say it... and tell her that she looks good. Hihhi...

Fina agrees that you should confess at a special place. Somewhere special, meaningful and memorable for either the guy or girl.. And cards would be nice too! Fina also agrees that the guys should say nice things about the girl. All that really matters is that you say all the right words and you're very sincere about your feelings..

Mya said she's prefer those romantic things like flowers. And as a guy, you should be sweet! And you should know how to play with your eyes... Hehhe.. And dress smartly! You don't really want her to go out with a scruffy looking guy, do you?? Aaaannnddd... Mya also said that you probably want to say it in public.. as in.. all the people around you are the witness of your feelings for her!

Now, Sheeya said.. before you confess anything, you should date her first! Take her somewhere nice to dine in.. and do dress nicely! And to make it all more special, get someone to play some song for the both of you!

Ana thinks that anyway anyhow.. you should get her to see the hints.. Make her see that you have some sort of feelings for her.. Y'know.. look at her and those stuff! Aaaannnddd... well, for Ana.. she'd really like it if the guy confesses under a tree.. (note: it's supposed to be romantic) And heyy! Just to make that hint obvious, the next time you have to do that public speaking.. talk about her!!

Honestly.. this is what they all said..! So if any of you guys like any of these gurls.. do take note! Wokehh!! Though.. I have to say.. this ways doesn't work for every girl, okie! Anyways... Part Two is from my point of view and my sister's and some experiences-lahh! So... probably it'll be up sometime tonight! Wokehh!! I need to get some shut eye now or I'll faint! Later~
Mak aihh sejuknyer!! My teeth is chattering!!
Dah berkurun tak mandi sepagi nihh!!
HUWAAA!! My chest hurts sebab jantung laju giler!!

And now I'm glad I'm not sleeping when I really should..
'Coz now I get to listen to this one catchy song I first heard from Miss Teen.. Yeeheehee!!
Well.. I guess even with my eyes are puffy and my back aches like mad.. I'm still enjoying my time.. AHHAHHA!!
You don't really get to hear that everyday, do you? Hihhihi..
Anyways, this song.. it's a bubble pop - sorta though.. And the talking part is pretty stupid I have to say.. But heck! I think the song's pretty neat! Yeeheehee!
They're pretty cool in Miss Teen.. the boy I mean.. He's pretty good at making the moves 'manly'.. Nyehh nyehh! They were dancing to girls' moves but he somehow managed to make it guy-ish! AHHAHA!! I was pretty impressed, really... But sheesh! They're just kids...

Current song : I'm Gonna Make You Love Me by Play feat. Chris Trousdale
~ Yes I will.. yes I will.. ~
What sleep??
I can't get any sleep!! URGHH!! It frustrates me!
It frustrates me that there's too much stuff in my head and it frustrates me that I just can't get my eyes shut!! Isyk!
Tak tido la gamaknye...

Current song : Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse
~ I'm standing here until you make me move, I'm hanging by a moment here with you ~
Aaaahhh... Jason Wade!!!
Guess what, guess what??
I accidentally hit the bruise I got!! Gosh, it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!! HUWAAAAAAA!!
Can't my day go better.. not worse?! Sedeyynyerrrr...
Camner laa bole terpukul luka nihh..

Anyways, it's the bruise I got on Saturday... I posted something just some minutes after I got 'hit'. It's a stupid story really.. how I got the cut.. But anyways.. if you're curious where the bruise is.. it's actually on my forehead.. YEPP!! As if there's nowhere else to get a cut!!! Urggh!! Accident prone!
Did you know that through out the time I've been in MMU.. I've fell on ground level twice, fell at the stairs twice.. bumped my leg plenty of times, and bruised my forehead twice??! AHHAHHA!! Silly me.. the ground level ones are pretty funny, but the forehead ones are just too painful! Bluerrgh! Tolonglaa takde parut! Isyk!
Oh well.. gotta sleep! My eyes are getting puffy...

Sometimes I give myself the creeps..
Flop Poppy - Kau Dan Aku
Kau masih cantik seperti dulu
Saat pertamaku jumpa denganmu
Terasa inginku bersamamu
Tapi aku tidak seperti dulu

Kau senyum mesra
Mungkin entah mengapa
Tapi ku tak bisa
Pasti ada yang kan terluka

Jangan ditunggu
Pasti takkan berlaku
Walau ku cinta kamu
Biar disimpan adakan sempadan
Aku dan juga dirimu

Kini aku telah berdua
Masa depan yang tak kita duga
Ku tahu kau masih mengharap jua
Tapi ku tak bisa meninggalkannya

Kau senyum mesra
Mungkin entah mengapa
Tapi ku tak bisa
Pasti ada yang kan terluka

Jangan ditunggu
Pasti takkan berlaku
Walau ku cinta kamu
Biar disimpan adakan sempadan
Aku dan juga dirimu

Yeah.. somehow I like this song! Heeheee!! .. After all those hours, I finally managed to get it!! Yeah yeahhh! Hanging around with my dad through out the break.. dah disogokkan with Malay songs! Heehee!! Maybe in these few days I'll post the other two Malay songs I like.. hihhihik!
Stupid connection!
Gosh! Now I'm getting pissed again!
I've been trying to download this song and the connection is not helping... AT ALL!! Urrghh!!
Sheesh!! Good thing I need to get on with the study anyways!!
But.... urrghhhh!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS AGAIN!!

Current song : A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
~ It's always times like this when I think of you and I wonder if you ever think of me ~

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Yeah yeahh!!
I am feeling amazingly quite happy right now! Coz finally.. I found the song I've been looking for agesssss!! Well, actually 'coz I just forgot to find it.. but anyways!! I GOT IT!! I swear I could start a jig right now..! Yeeheehee!!
Wokie... gotta STUDY!! Hyuckks!

Current song : Halfway Around The World by A*Teens
~ Halfway around the world, I'd still be feeling the way I do ~
This sux!!
Gosh!! I believe I can really kill something right this moment!! Everything's just.... felt wrong!! Urgghhhh!! I HATE THIS!!!
Anyways.. I'll be having my supplementary Maths test on this Wednesday.. So I'm wondering.. how about my Fundamental class? AIYYAAKKK!!
Stupid.. stupid.. stupid..!!! Now I have another extra entry for the things I regret! Stupid!!!!

I just hate this feeling.......

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Yeah yeahhhh!!
Papa beshh! Papa beshh!! Tak saba nak peluk Papa lagi!! Yeaaaahhh!!
Anyways.. seems that I'm going back home tonight 'coz I'm alone tonight! Ahhahha!! And the fact that I actually left some things at home.. HAHHAHAH!!
Papa is so great!!
O yeah anyway.. there MAY be a great topic coming when the new trimester starts.. Hihhi! I have this reaaaaaaaaally cheeky topic but it'll be better if I get together with my friends to talk over the topic! The topic I'm thinking of.... HOW SHOULD GUYS..... ahhahaha!! You didn't think that I was going to spoil all the anticipation, did you?! Ihhihihik!! Can't wait to discuss about this!! Yeeheehee!!
Oh yeah, that promise thing I wrote.. well, it's not about me okie! So don't wonder so much if *someone* did wrong to me.. I was only writing it because it's something that related to my sist, Nina and her fiance! Ahaahhaha!! Hamek kau! Yeeheehee!!
Oh and... there is somewhat a connection to my last messages at the end of every posts.. Hihhihi! See?
Love is overrated >> ego attack!! AHHAHA!! Just.... something..!
Oihh... ape laa mood change ganas sangat nihh.. PMS kot? AHHAHHA!! Things that guys just can't understand... Yeeheehee!!

Yeah yeahh EGO attack!! Bitchy bitchy bitchy!!
Promises are meant to be kept!
You know.. there are somethings people ought to know about promises.. hehhe! Just thought I should talk about this since *something* happened through the break.. Ehheh..
See.. you really shouldn't make them if you cannot fulfil it. Do take this seriously.. Just imagine the heart break you'll cost when you can't fulfil your promise to someone..
Humm.. now, not that I'm saying NOT TO make promises. Honestly, you should be brave to make a promise.. that shows your confidence in yourself and your will to actually make them happen. But you do have to remember it in detail. I mean, the people you gave your promise to.. they'd probably get their hopes real high. They may trust you with all their heart and they may rely on you to make your words HAPPEN! But please, no sweet talks! It'll only cost more and more heart ache if you make one bit mistake. ^_^ To be on a safe side.. make your promises short and simple..!
Wokeyy.. if you're not that confident about yourself. SAY IT! I mean like.. humm... how should I say this. For instance, if you promised to see someone on a certain day.. but you can't really confirm the time, CONFIRM that you're really going to see that person! Get it? I mean.. if that someone truly care about you.. they may wait for you no matter what time you're going to get there! Crystal?
Woraitt... enough said! I think you peeps ought to get the idea already! Can you believe that I actually take notes before I typed this out? Hihhi..! Just for safety precautions that I won't forget my main points.. ^_^

emotion sickness.. oh my! I'M going a bit ego over here.. why?!
I am feeling a bit that way right now.. so I might act differently for these few days ok? Don't get upset/angry if I said or did something to you guys... Just... I've got loads of things in my head right now that I might just ignore your feelings.. Hummm... just... to be safe... stay away from me!!

love is overrated, isn't it??
I've just got here for some minutes and I've already got my first accident!!!!!
God, I hope it won't bleed too bad... it hurts like mad though!!

Holiday Summary... some flashbacks banging into my head
Ola!! Yeeheehee! Anyways, as promised, I'm going to do a bit of a summary about the school break I had.
Honestly, as my dad was driving me towards this place... I dunno.. it felt strange again! usually I'd go like.. "Yeahh!! Cendawan!!" But this time, the sight of the water tank was like a stab in my heart! -_-
Let's just say.. that the break wasn't so bad after all! (Surprisingly!) I mean, with the so many free time in hand, I get to do a bit of self-discovery! Truly... something! ^_^ Y'know, by lying in my bed.. with my diary/scrapbook in front of me.. I can say that I've found out what I am afraid of.. I've learn to appreciate the things people had done to me.. and I realize about the things that I regret the most.. (which I really have to make up for it if I ever get the chance!) So.. hanging around wasn't bad at all! ^_^ Though.. through all the self-discovery 'sessions' still cannot explain what I truly want! Urghh! My biggest problem in life! Sheesh!
And telly wasn't too bad as well if I manage to get up from my bed early.. Hihhi.. And amazingly, I CAN get up by 9 am.. and straight towards the telly I go.. to see if there's any new vids on ntv7! Hihhi...! And I have to say that I am VERRY satisfied 'coz they got new vids!! Yeeheehee!! And surprisingly, they listed the videos the way I listed it in my playlist! Yeeheehee!! ^_^ There's this one time, I even shriecked 'coz after Hoobastank's Running Away.. Silverchair's Without You was on!!!! Ayayyayyaya!! Such a happy morning it was... ^o^
So other than that, I got to bully my cats as usual.. Hihhik! Well.. it costed me some blood to be honest! Got scratches on my arm and believe it or not, on my right ear too!! Ahhahha!! Dumb. One of my cats scratch my ear.. but all I feel was this sting on it so I ran my fingers on my ear.. and guess what I found? BLOOD! Ahhahha!! Dumb again for me! Well, I have to say that for an ear.. there was quite a lot of blood! ^.^
Oh.. ohh! If anyone have ever said to you that they got cramps from using the computer but you didn't believe it.. BELIEVE IT!! 'Coz other than lying in my bed.. and do some silly stuff around the house, I keep on coming back in front of the pc, and it made an aching pain to my shoulders, kaki kebas, cramps on my right arm (twice!) and of course.. neck pain. Uhhuhu! Dumb! Well of course, that's just one of the silly things I've done.. ^_^ Honestly, what I did in front of the pc was just trying to complete my website.. listen to music.. play solitaire and hearts.. and of course, MELALAK!! Yeahh!! Of course it's more enjoyable when I'm alone in the house.. which is almost every morning!! YEAHH!! Without my dad around, I get to sing like $hit who doesn't care about anything at all.. Yeeheehee! I have to say that the best songs were I'm Just A Kid ('coz it said fu*k which I can sing freely!), Complicated ('coz I can get angry like the way Avril sings it!), Love Left For Me ('coz I REALLY don't know the lyrics.. AKA I got to ruin the song!!) and all the other songs which requires me to sing in high pitch.. AHHAHHA!! Totally horrible! Honestly, there's this one day when I was left alone 'til the evening.. hihhik! I had to keet quiet for a few hours afterwards 'coz my voice cords were too strained that my voice became hoarse! Ahhahha!! Had soar throat for a whole night.. Yeeheehee! O yeah, I also got to find out that if I stay tooooooooooo long in front of the pc, I feel like throwing up. Hihhi..!
And anyways, yesterday was a pretty interesting day.. (no, I'm not talking about when I found out my results!!) I sorta saw Wanita Hari Ini on telly and they're actually discussing about Internet Love! AHHAHA!! I know I smacked my forehead the moment I saw the topic and I was like.. giggling like mad. AHHAHHA!! Me and the internet..... it's a curse I'm telling you!! Years passed by and still.. AHHAHHA!! (If you don't get this part, don't bother!) So anyway, expect me not to chat so much after this.. I need to study on my Maths anyways.. Oh, then I went to my mom's office and there's this one guy actually said.. "Perempuan ni kalau baru bangun tido teruk ek?" AHHAHHA!! And I remembered all the times my friends phoned me while I was sleeping. I must've sounded horrible.. yeech! Well.. it's like.. err.. I have a tendency to sleep-talk so I had to talk real slow to make sure that I won't go talking all crap that you won't understand! Yeeheehee! Though... I have to say thanks to all who continued on talking to me even though they knew they just woke me up! Hihhi.. it's not like I can get back to sleep, anyways! ^_^ DOMO!
Wokehh.. I also found out that my dad actually trusts me enough to let me go to KL all alone. Hihhik! We were in the car heading towards the commuter station and I just suddenly asked, "Aren't you afraid of letting your daughter going to KL alone?" Ehheh! It was a bit of a pleasant shock to me.. memandangkan Papa sebenanye cadang cume kasi Wanie kuar bile dah Form 4. And in just two years he trusts me to go out alone. A funny story really... about my tween-life. I like to ask my dad silly/stupid questions like.. what age would you let me go out.. outside Shah Alam with my friends - which he at first said Form Three and when I got to Form Three he said Form Four! (Though.. of course, I seldom listen to anyone, so why start then? ihhhihik!) O yeahh, I also once asked him when will he let me to have a boyfriend - which I can still remember the answer and my reaction, but you may not want to know about it! Hihhi..silly! Anyways, I didn't went out with my friends only when I got F3 of F4.. nu-uhh..! Hihhik.. I remembered the first time I went out.. secretly with Nani and Zeida. I was in Standard Six back then! Yeeheehee! Then.. another secret one while I was in Form One.. I went out with Musz and my dad found it out from her dad!! Ahhaha!! Kantoi giler mase tu.. Papa tanye, rase cam kecut nak jawab! Terkejut giloss.. rupenye ayah Musz bagitau.. ampehh!! But anyway, Papa only found that out when I was in Form Two.. Yeeheehee!!
Oh well, sorry for a bit of de-tour from the main subject! So anyway, the point is.. PAPA TRUSTS ME ENOUGH! Hihhihik! Know what? What surprises me is the fact that there's this time in the car when I did some silly/stupid jokes, Papa asked Nina if she would believe that I'm actually in a university if she didn't knew me. Well anyways, Papa said that if he didn't knew me.. he'd thought that I look more alike a Form Three student! Wahhahha!! So.. does that mean he actually trusts me since I was in F3?? Hihhihik! Gosh! Now I'm thinking about that year!! Aaaaahhh.. F3, besshhnyeeerrr!! Rase cam nak patah balek, tapi takdelaa sangat.. But F3 memang beshh!! Tahun paling mengarut but paling besh! Takleh kira brape banyak kali Wanie memalukan diri.. dan dengan bantuan Azraai!! Ahhahha!! Lawaknyer bile ingat balek.. Tahun BA kan tu.. BARAI?! Ahhahha!! I can't help smiling when I think about 1999.. Hihhihik! The best year of my tween-life!!
Oh well.. I should stop.. or I'd talk more about Form Three.. I have to admit that I might not stop if I really started! ^o^

Current song : Quizzical by Juliet de Orange
~ Is this what you truly want for a girlfriend or am I just someone you find pretty cute for a good time.. ~

Friday, September 20, 2002




Tuesday, September 17, 2002


Just something you might want to do if you're bored.. ^_^

Take my Quiz on!

Hey heyyy!! What's up peeps? Hihhik.. anyways, I'm at my mom's office again.. Have some things to do.. ^.^
So have you guys verified your 2nd trimester registration? Bluerrghh! I hate the fact that there's no free-day anymore!! I have classes on Monday 'til Friday!! Bluergh! And... like Ms Zaiha said, my group will be getting a new English lecturer.. and I got Ms Farihan! So.. anyone have any information about her? How she teaches?? Oh well.. gonna meet her on Monday anyways!
Well.. wokie, nothing much to say! I'll give you guys a long summary of my school break when I get back to MMU.. Hihhi! I promise it'll be BORING! Nyeh nyehhh...

She's not really THAT cute! Sheesh!

Friday, September 06, 2002

A very cool article indeed..
Hey heyy!! Anyways, I'm at my mom's office right now. Actually I had some business with the bank downstairs, but heck! So I came up to her office and hijacks her pc for some while.. Nyeh nyeh..! ^.^ Pardon me if this entry is going to be looong! I just have this urge to tell you everything that have happened to me since the last entry! Hihhihik!
Such a *busy* week I had.. I'm out the house everyday and I feel greaaaat about it! At least I don't spend the whole break just staying inside!
So anyways, yesterday I went out with Niez. Walked around Subang Parade with full stupidity. I mean, we were really wasting our time there, but I have to say that I might be coming back there before this break ends! Hihhi.. there are some 'interesting' things I can get from there.. Hihhihik!
So anyway, afterwards we hopped on the commuter and get ourselves to The Mall.. which was all the same.. BORING!.. since the fact that I've been hanging round there since I was in.. what? Form 1? Hyuckkk!! But anyways, so we went around looking for cards and shoes (Hanis' business of course!) while I kept tugging her into places with make-ups booth! AHHAHAHA!! Can you believe it?! AHHAHA! And.. we even get to met up Fariz 'coz he had some thingy at the PWTC.. ^.^ The second MMU guy I saw throughout the break. The first? HAIKAL!! Can you imagine?? Of all the people in MMU.. I actually saw HIM near the Asia Jaya Putra station just the day before! AHHAHHA!! <-- don't ask much about this part, wokehh! ^.^ So anyway, we walked around a while in three and got ourselves bored.. AHHAHAH!! And then Fariz had to went back to the expo in PWTC.
So me and Hanis walked around some more.. and got ourselves some ICE CREAAAMM!! *Yee hee hee!* Good ole trusty McDonald's.. ^.^ I just can't resist the temptation of a chocolate sundae! ^o^ Bile laa nak gemok sikit nih? Then my mom left her office and met us up at The Mall. (And we had to tag her along while she looks around the handphone booths around the lobby! Blueerrgh!)
The jourmey back was pretty.. DUMB! Well, that's the way I see it anyways. It's not really dumb.. but URRGHH!! Such a tiring journey! First, we got to the LRT.. stopped at Masjid Jamek station. Got off, and we got into the PUTRA train.. had to stand up throughout the jourmey until Asia Jaya station.. and waited 'til my dad picks us up before picking Nina up from her office.. Blueerrghhh! Though, it was pretty amusing.. The 'scenery' kept me entertained and I can't help smiling to myself.. Hihhihik! *Crazy!* But I just HAVE to show you this simple equation.. seriously, 5:25 pm + PUTRA = SUCKY!!
Okayy, anyway! Just wanna tell you people that I actually broke that nose thingy on my specs last night. I seriously don't know how it happened, but it just seemed to fall off while I was twiddling around the somputer. Sheesh! But no worries.. ehhehe! Got it repaired earlier today! ^_^ Pretty much happy yesterday! Hihhihik! So many cool things happened.. I called Ana.. Sheeya SMSed me.. Whee! I'm not really alone in this world.. AHHAHA!! (Whoops, getting sillier!) Good thing there wasn't any 'freakish' messages yesterday...........
Wokehh! Now, if you realise about the title of this entry, I actually mentioned about an article right? So anyways.. just wanna tell you people that September's CLEO magazine is pretty much interesting! AHHAAHAHA! Why? Because there's this article which read.. 30 Secrets Women Wish Men Discovered!! AHHAHAHA!! And I have to say that I strongly agree on numbers 6, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 26! AHHAHA!! Do you want me to type it down? Well.. maybe I should.. ^.^
# 6 Avoid the "I'm just a guy" defence. We'd rather you be creative and say something like "I realise I'm weak and pathetic and a slave to my monster. I'm sorry. I can't help it."
# 18 When taking her to a party with your friends, don't make it a test to see how adaptable she is. Introduce her around and pave the way. When she takes you home to her family or to a party of her friends, make an effort to win them over - it's just smart business practice.
# 20 *Niez' favorite!* Don't be petty. Arguments are about gaining better mutual understanding, not humiliating the other into silence. Theoretically, they're not about winning. That said, she is always right! *^_^*
# 21 *my favorite!* Don't blatanly check out other women. It's bad form and anxiety-producing and may force her to go off with another man. *AHHAHHA!!*
# 22 *my other favorite!* Instead of leaving voice mail or email, consider sending something via an archaic form known as a letter. *Hihhihik! Typically... kepada siapa yang tahu.. ^_^*
# 24 *most girls' favorite!* Get jealous. Not stalker-crazy jealous, but a little miffed on occasion.. *Hmmm..?*
# 26 Shut up and listen. Don't try to solve her problems; she just wants you to let her vent. On the other hand, she might also want your input and reaction, so it's up to you to figure out which applies. Remember details, the kind of small details that make a story special to her and meaningless to everybody else. Bonus points: Later slip one of those memories into conversation. *As I would always say... it's plainly SWEET! ^_^*

Yee hee hee!! Pretty much sorry for the loooong entry! Hihhihik! Not sure when I'm gonna update this blog again, to be honest! Hihhihik! Hopefully I won't leave it for long.. ^_^ And so, until next time.. TAKE CARE PEEPS! Hihhihihik!

...are you wishing the time would past faster too?

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

So bored at this cc!! Urghhh!
Ehh? Phone! Someone SMSed me!!
Hihhihi.. so.. current update : Dani's sitting on a chair, singing to an Incubus song!
Chitt! I guess he's really enjoying his break!
HANISSSSSS... moh kite blah! Wanie kesangapan disini kebosanan lalu kesedihan.. Ehhe!

This is the starting point.... when.... I.....
Those mixed signals
Anyways.. I'm at a cyber cafe in Section 2 honestly.. Just went to visit some of my teachers with my dear friend, Hanis.
I am feeling much better now.. I mean, I really think that the break is not so bad, until now. I mean, I do have another 2 weeks to go through! (Sadly) But to be reaaaally honest, I do think that I need the time off. So many things have been bugging my mind lately! Ayyayaya!
SO! This two days have been quite fun. Went to Niez' home yesterday. We talked and talked for about SIX hours! Even managed to hijack her PC for a bit while but seriously.. something's very wrong with that computer so it sux a bit! (Pardon me.. hihhi!)
Even got to chat with Fariz! Congrats for the contract! So I guess from now on, you're a very busy young man, aren't you? Hihhi.. Too bad.. no more playing around for you! ^.^
Anyway, my phone's pretty quiet today and yesterday. Blueerrghh!! No point of having a phone by the looks of it! -_- But to be really honest, I am happy with its presence! Hihhihik! I mean, I get to know when will my mates be coming back from their school.. hihhik!
Oh yeah.. someone's having such a great holiday right now! Dani told me that he's in Terengganu yesterday. Bluekk!! He actually SMSed me that he was sitting at a beach! Bleuurrgh! But I'm truly happy that someone's enjoying the break! In his call last Monday he said he's going to Thailand as well.. so.. contact him if you need something from there!! Ahhahhaha!! ^.^
Oh well.. good thing that the phone rings everyday even though not constantly... ^.^
Hihhihi... really not sure when me and Niez are going offline.. we're going someplace else after this, though I don't know where.. all depends on Niez! Hihhi.. Can't wait for my evil twin to come home! *Musz!!* She said she might be back for the weekend before her finals starting on 15th. Gosh.. when I think about it, I realize how much I miss the old times more and more.. When us three.. rampaged the school.. with nobody can really put us down! Ahhahaha!! How poetic can I be??! ^o^
So anyway.. I'm gonna leave this entry with a bit of a question for all of you.. If you were given the power to go back time, would you do it? Even if you knew that you will change the present... you won't get to know the people you just met.. and those recent memories you had with them. Would you push that away and get back to your PRECIOUS past?? making me feel unsure again!

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Nak kena ada tajuk ke?
Gomen ne, Wanie-chan! Dah terbiasa, lagipon Wanie bole blaja sekali! Hikhikhik!
Ape lagi nak tulis ni ek?
Boring la takde benda nak buat kat rumah.. kan Wanie kan??
Wanie : ha ahhh!!!

Ape nih Hanis! Dok campo campo Malay English Jepun!! Ayayayaya!! (Mare-go Ei-go Nihon-go!)
Yappari desyo! Naseb baik orang reti sikit tau! :Þ
Hontoni tsumaranai!! Yappari!! Ahhahha!! Orang reti gak tau!! :Þ
Wakatta desuga Nihon-jin janai! Ahhahaha!! I am so proud of myself!! ^.^
*please take note that the English after the Japanese is NOT the translation.. wokie?!*

Hihhihi!! Anyways, I'm at Niez' right now.. belasah pc dia sat! So it'll be short, wokie! Just a summary of my holiday until now.. Hihhihik!
So what have I done in this.. 7 days back from MMU..?
Absolutely nothing useful at all!! Wahhaha!! How pathetic can I be? Anyways.. I did went back to kampung in Bukit Kapar (Klang) 'coz there was a bit of kenduri. Ahhah!! Felt pretty much silly about it really, 'coz I was absolutely useless there.. Me and one of my cousins Sarah (who's in Form 2 right now) was like.. lounging around, chatting.. avoiding ourselves from getting any work! Akkaka!! Lazy girls! ^o^
And on Sunday, I did went to Kerteh to send away my 'perfectionist' sister - Dida for her practical. She's a Petronas scholar so she'll be there for about a year. Yee~ha!! ^.^ Well, I know one of these days I'm gonna miss her but for now.. It'll be better with just me and Nina at home! Ahhahha!! I know my dad's gonna miss her 'coz she's the only one who can drive the car other than him! Ikkikiki!! So I guess.. I won't be coming home as much as I would later in 2nd Semester. I'd hate to burden my dad.. ^_^
Anyway.. back from Kerteh on Monday.. I am feeling soooo TIRED!! A bit feverish to tell the truth. +_+ But heck!! I just gotta see Hanis!! Hihhihik!
And I'm officially starting to miss MMU. Why? 'Coz I've complained twice about the ice lemon teas I've bought through the 7 days! Ahhaha!
So anyways, going back to school tomorrow with Niez and... joli kite Khamis nih? Hihhihik!
Oh well.. I leave you guys with a line from a song I'm humming in my head right now.. Try and guess where it's from.. What if I don't wanna hear the things you say, where were you when I was needy yesterday? Hihhihik! This song is so COOL! Or should I say.. KEWWL? Ihhihik!

Falling.. so catch me if you would..

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