Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The things I held back..
Ola! Still feeling slow... had a bit of a nap just now.. A very bit to tell you. And the funny thing is, when I woke up.. I asked myself.. "why did I wake up??" Hihhihi...
Gosh, I wonder why I've been having weird dreams.. like.. I don't know! It's kinda hard to explain 'coz it doesn't make any sense at all! Blueerrgghh!
Anyways.. feeling... kinda empty tonight.. why? Beats me! Heyy.. how often do you get that feeling.. when you think that you should just say the things you really wanted to say.. but something just holds you back?? Urghh! That's how I feel tonight, to be honest! There's this 'thing' that has been hanging in my thoughts.. but.. I just can't let it out!! Why?? 'Coz I'm just too demm ego about it.. Urrghh!! But honestly.. the thing is actually a clash of ego and shame.. AHHAHA!! I guess that's just why I can't let it out... as much as I want to..
Know what? Somehow I wish I could just ask the things I wanted to ask, when I want to ask it! Instead of holding it back.. and keep on wondering why.. Blueerrgh!! Know what?? Who knows... maybe one of these days I'll just let it out..!! Though.. I believe that it could be the most foolish day of my life history.. well.. maybe I could throw it all away.. entahlaa! How much I tried to brave myself to brought it up.. something will just turn out weird! Bluerrghh!! Papelahh Wanie ni ngarut!

Current song : Perfect by Simple Plan
~ I'm sorry I can't be perfect ~


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