Thursday, September 26, 2002

It's mind-boggling but I'm enjoying every moment of it! Hihhihik!
Hello lovely people! Hihhi.. In a pretty good mood today, but I have to say that I'm still feeling sleepy.. Urgh!! Oh yeahh.. woke up this morning with a bit of a cramp on my left arm and few hours later.. I find it swollen!! Sheesh! Seems like my arm was bitten by something.. amazingly it even causes cramps! Well, what can I say.. I'm just simply irresistable! Even for bugs.. ahhahha!!
Got to go to Fundamental this morning.. Well, nothing much really.. Got to mix some colors.. got myself bored.. (coz I kept getting the wrong tones and I just can't seem to 'flatten' the color!) But anyways.. the day can still be considered as okay.. ^_^ I skipped my English today.. just decided not to go and hang out with the gurls around HB1 and our room.. Hehh.. Then at 2 I went to their session of Fundamental.. Hihhihi! Really.. I just felt like making myself bored all over again.. Hihhihi..! I'd have to say that I enjoyed my own Fundamental session better.. Hihhi..! Plus.. the gurls said that they might come over to my session next time.. Yaayyyyy!!
So anyways.. I'm tired of course.. just got back from Street Mall for an early dinner.. caught a glimpse of Winter Sonata.. Hihhi.. Sent silly messages to Alitt.. all five of us.. Sheeya, Bahijah, Ana, Azura and myself.. sent Alitt messages like - 'Alitt, jom kapel! Ekonomi meleset ni.. dating pon jadik ahh!' and 'Alitt, jom dating.. buat isteri pon ok gak!' and some more silly silly SMS that contains the words 'ekonomi meleset' and 'couple'.. Hahhaha!!
Anyways.. gonna sleep at Sheeya and Bahijah's room tonight.. Hihhi..! Though.. BJ won't be around 'coz she's going home!! Talking about home... hummm... I feel hessitated to go back.. urghh!! My dad's gonna ask about the Maths paper.. and I really don't know what more could I say... I really hate that when it happens!
Wokie... going to Sheeya's room in some moments.. if any of you guys need to contact me.. Just message her on Y! M, asking for this reaaaaaaaaaaally cute-but-a-little-shy lil' witch wokie! Hihhihik! Or.. well.. try again tomorrow lahhh!! AHHAHHA!!


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