Wednesday, September 25, 2002

What a dayy..
Heyy.. I do believe that I'm kinda sick in a way.. my body is malfunctioning!! Seriously.. I can't understand how it works anymore! Seriously.. I'd get sleepy anytime of the day! Even after I just had a good nap!! Something's not right is going on!! So.. forgive me if my mood changes drastically.. I'm sure it's not PMS.. it's.. something that even I cannot explain! Urgghhh! HELLLLLPPP! Every moment of the day.. I'm like forcing myself to keep awake! Urrghh!!
Anyways.. Maths paper was a nightmare!! Err.. almost cried at the end of it 'coz I was really upset.. And Dani didn't help in any way.. he actually said.. 'It can't be that bad..' URGHHH!! He seemed to be able to do it.. of course he'd say that!!!!! I just hate those too-positive-thinking-people!! Bluekk bluekk blueeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!! 'At least we die trying'.. ya lahh!! I'm about to jump off the window and commit suicide!! So anyways.. I haven't spoke to my dad yet.. just messaged him before and after the test.. he must've been really upset.. Apelaa nak jadik ngan Wanie ni??!! Sampaaahhhh!! HUWAAAAA!!
So when I got back to my room.. I burried my face into the pillow.. and then it rained! So I went down my bed and shoved the monitor of my pc away and sat on the table and just stared blankly at the rain drops.. Ehehhe.. somehow I didn't get pissed when Fina, Ana and Bahijah gets positive... And when the rain gets heavier.. we went to HB1!! Got ourselves some hot drinks to warm ourselves.. Hihhi.. Catch up on each other's news.. Since we're not in the same class.. Hihhi.. Truly cheered me up.. Even talked about our moms! AHHAHHAH!! Then had a bit of a walk around MMU.. ehhehe! Got back in our room around 8.. and had a bit of a Magee party.. Hihhihi.. while Azura was getting ready for a DATE!! Wah wahhhh..!! Tak aci.. tak aci.. apa lagi BJ.. jomm kite!! Guys-hunting! AHHAHHA!! Tengah tak sehat ni ade hati plak nak usha orang.. Yeeheehee!
So.. it's night.. And I'm feeling really sick! Really don't know what's happening... Heyy fellas!! If I won't get up by midnight.. errr... well, make me!!!
Oh my.. just realized that the star on my wrist won't come off!! Ayayyaya!

Current song : Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne
~ Is it enough to die, somebody save my life ~


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